Wednesday, May 22, 2024

UPND launches presidential bid, assures major policy and Government changes


Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema arrives to attend a court case at the magistrate's court complex in Lusaka
Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema

The UPND has launched its campaign for the January 20 Presidential elections, announcing far reaching policies and changes to its Government once elected, to eliminate poverty and uniting the country.

The party is also this afternoon holding its first public campaign rally at Twashuka grounds in Kanyama in Lusaka.

Among the immediate changes, the UPND will have a cabinet in which every province will be represented, to ensure peace and stability in the nation.

In the Public service, the UPND will allow a professional civil service to flourish, and every qualified Zambian regardless of tribe or region they come from, will be given an opportunity to serve the country.

Announcing the launch of campaigns and the party’s policy objectives at Golden Bridge Hotel in Lusaka this morning, Party President Hakainde Hichilema said the UPND will give Zambians a people driven constitution before the 2016 tripartite elections.

Mr Hichilema says the new constitution has been long overdue and has cost the country huge sums of money which could have been used to develop other sectors.

On the stand off between Government and the Bemba Royal Establishment, Mr Hichilema says if elected President, his Government will without delay recognize Henry Sosala as paramount chief Chitimukulu on 25th February 2015, and has promised that the UPND will not interfere in the selection of traditional leaders as it has been a recipe for confusion and division in the country.Henry-Sosala

Mr Hichilema says the UPND will work with any selfless political party, groupings or individuals committed to ensuring that the country develops.

The UPND leader says his party will lower the cost mealie meal and food in general, to ensure every Zambian affords decent meals and become productive.

The Party will also lower the high cost of fuel to ensure that benefits trickle down to the agriculture sector, to allow farmers produce more food.

As a matter of urgency, Mr Hichilema says the UPND Government will lower the cost of fertilizer to ensure that farmers afford buy inputs, and in turn improve the sector.

In the health sector, the UPND will ensure affordable and quality health services to all Zambians, and will ensure that education sector is adequately funded.

Mr Hichilema also says the party will provide affordable loans to youths, marketers, bus and taxi drivers, and vulnerable women and children.

The party has also committed itself to creating decent and sustainable jobs for all Zambians, provision of conducive business policies for both small and big companies, and will promote dialogue in the sector to ensure harmony.

But Mr Hichilema says the UPND will favour local companies more in the supply of goods and service as a way of empowering Zambians.

And Mr Hichilemas has promised Zambians that if he is elected President of Zambia on January 20 next year, his government will be open to advice and listen to constructive criticism.

Among the prominet people that attended the launch of the UPND campaigns today are; former minister of information in the MMD government Dr Vernon Johnson Mwaanga, former MMD Chairman Dr Micheal Mabenga, former first lady Dr Maureen Mwanawasa, and former Secretary to Cabinet Sketchley Sachika and others


    • I note Maurreen Mwanawasa there,,, yes indeed your mourning period is over, 6yrs is overdue,,,,, please pass some lession notes to Dr kaseba
      Seems like UPND have it together,,, `no suspensions with immediate effect`! am waiting to hear from Nawakwi and chipimo to pop up

    • Its time to redeem our country from PF chaos. The consolidation of an opposition front is all we need for mother Zambia to drive the country under under an umbrella Government. I will consistently say it here that PF does not deserve another day of misruling this country. The curse lying into power is enough to leave with never to reign over Zambia again. As a country we have burred PF with Sata at Embassy park.

    • What else do we need apart from this man and his united party. If your house is not united how can you teach others to be united. Its time we Zambians woke up from our slumber and understand that tribal politics will not take us anywhere. God wants us to be liberated. Change is inevitable in this time of leadership crisis. Let them slice and chop themselves if they like only to find all supporters have defected. I am a strong supporter but i have realized the party is going nowhere. Lets see personal credibility in the caliber of a person who can propel this nation to greater heights.

    • Vote HH and UPND to stop confusion from controlling our hard earned resources and our government.

      If you vote MMD you are voting for confusion and corruption.

      If you vote PF you are voting for chaos, violence and corruption.

      Ni HH chabe zoona. MMD and PF ni bo funta.

      Viva HH and UPND.

    • Many problems that Zambia is facing require a high degree of commonsense, innovative and entrepreneurial approach. And what HH has highlighted can be realized with a smart national leadership. At the moment the guy who fits the profile of the kind of leadership that Zambia desperately needs now is HH.

    • best option?? I would rather vote for drunken master, this is why (Privatisation needs to be explained properly and in detail, no lies, Zambians are more educated now, we can see right through you). Scenario I am a Zambian citizen by birth working for a company that is negotiating state assets on behalf of my country (Zambia), the first thing I would do is try and negotiate for the best deal for my country, even if some deals are being done by other firms I would confront them and inform my government not to take the deal (in secret of course why would I risk being fired). Our minds are awake, who ever was looting the country during or after the privatisation era is going to be caged soon (hence the current situation of people instigating for a weak leader).

    • Ok how is he going to finance all these ‘freebies’? What’s his strategy to raise funds and support all these things?

      The problem in Zambia is we have a gullible and naive populace who are just blinded by ‘cadreisim’ (if that’s even a word). We have heard these promises before by every successive govt only to end up same selfish, corrupt and incompetent bunch. Look at the same jobseekers courting him (Mabenga).

      It’s about time we challenged our politicians to explain things that don’t make sense… he needs to balance the equation (expenditure needs to be balanced by revenue).

      Yes he may be the better option for now but he’s untested. Constitution before 2016? How? He has no numbers in Parliament and where is the money? Please explain.

      Yes I’m a ‘maverick’.

    • But Mazoka’s death from kidney complications in May came as a huge setback. The wrangles in the UPND over Mazoka’s succession are not helping matters. Some factions from the Tonga ethnic group from the south of the country where Mazoka hailed from, are insisting that his successor should only be a Tonga. They argue that the party in the past adopted a tradition that if a member of its supreme decision-making body resigned or died, someone from his or her ethnic group would fill the vacancy. They are wondering why goalposts should now shift.

      Interestingly, some southerners are asking Mazoka’s widow, Mutinta, to succeed her husband. The only touch of politics she has was accompanying her husband to campaign rallies. So heated is Mazoka’s succession debate that a day after his death…

    • Don’t be deceived. First he will give MPS loans to buy new cars. The he will continue selling companies. For the rest of you, you’ll continue street vending.

    • @ right then

      As usual, pick and choose. My knowledge of economics is minimal. It is limited to paying decent salary to more than 200 people, paying corporate tax, VAT, Excise Duty, Import Duty, more than 60 by-law council taxes and to add insult to injury, paying 35% tax on staff canteen cost and 35% on depreciation.
      Shall I also mention having electricity supply interrupted 10-15 times per day, no water, ever increasing fuel cost, spare parts cost going through roof and then effing pepper-clip pushers with doctorate in economics telling me that inflation is below 8%.
      Nevertheless, never heard before of country increasing long term borrowing by 100% to finance corruption, nepotism, family employment at the expense of education, basic health care and financial future.

    • Better and simple language for me from the street to understand. Now go to all parts of Zambia and explain to the voters.

    • Hijackers should be watched. While their support is welcome, HH should not forget those who withstood the stones, teargas and insults from MMD and PF leaders and cadres alike. These include many more: Hon Kakoma, Mweetwa, Jack Mwiimbu and many others who are not even MPs. Ministerial positions should not be given to chancers.

      As for PF, 2011 was a necessary accident to prevent their thugs throwing the country into chaos. God gave them power in 2011 to prevent chaos as PF thugs would not have accepted defeat.

      It is time for UPND. As for street vending, let us find a better alternative. Street vending must go.

  1. Way to go HH, your election Agenda is clear so haters have nothing to talk about. Viva Flight HH2015 your are the only credible person to rescue our country Zambia. Viva UPND and HH

    • I think he has a winning message. That is what should be in that ad he did, instead of that bland philosophical shtick. I recommend changing it over right away to include these promises.

      Errr, put some life in it too, while you are at it!

    • guys, what is new about this list? sounds obvious to me. perhaps what he should be telling us is the HOW and not the WHAT of this! However Good luck to him and zambia.

    • @aleshaday…

      You are asking @jst to read before commenting? Reading is alien to most of the blind PF supporters. They have no time for reading and have respect a written word but a stone hurtling towards an innocent Zambian. Stone throwing and insulting is their method of communication – and of course, drinking Chibuku. UPND and HH should brace for harder times during campaigns. Hope the Police will just try to behave as police. We need more investment in education, including night school.

  2. lol – sounds like father Xmas gift list! All these things will be dropped down the big chimney – magic! Things cost – show us how you will finance this Xmas shopping list please.

    • Of course ID.IOTS like you can argue that it costs K50 billion to recognise Sosala as paramount chief of the Bemba!! It costs nothing my friend. Use your head NOT your!

    • So the only not to be an I.diot in Zambia is agree with everything HH says without question? And you wonder why you keep getting crap leaders? I am not accustomed to this insulting each other – it is not the life I have lived.

    • Simple,
      Cut cabinet to 30 max. make various untouchables pay tax, reorganize civil service, eliminate useless replications as ACC or DEC or RATSA or RDA, stop borrowing locally and externally, eliminate politically induced by-elections, keep foreign medical check-ups, streamline diplomatic service, lover excise duty on fuel, increase tax on luxury goods, increase taxation on alcohol and tobacco, recover all outstanding impresits loans, impose higher taxation band on banks, strengthen budgetary control, eliminate tax avoidance, eliminate nuisance taxes, encourage direct local and foreign investments by creating conductive legal protections………….

      It is time for Zambian Government and Zambians to learn harsh economical reality and start living within its own means.

    • @Aleshaday – I am not sure what your level of economic understanding you have but what you have laid out here if anything to go by is rather dismay. e.g. “stop borrowing locally and externally…” – can you state which country on in the capitalist world which does not borrow in the way you stated? Quick lesson for you, governments do not have all the money they need to run government programs at the start of the financial year. Budgets are based on projections of Tax collection over the financial year. They therefore have to issue bonds/treasury bills to have liquidity. You stopping borrowing locally & externally would mean shutting the government which is simply an economic suicide. Stop lying please, that won’t happen!

    • @Aleshaday, you realise some of the things you list above have direand unintended consequences on the very things HH wants to achieve? E.g. when you raise tax on the banks the banks will simply pass on that tax to the consumers, thus the loans to that HH wants to give out will be expensive to finance. It’s only in Zambia where a politician can stand on a podium and promise everyone that Santa Claus is coming to town and get away with it… the sleepy media won’t even take them to task and the electorates will just get excited and prepare a shopping list.

      Yes PF is a bunch of incompetents but that doesn’t mean we should let HH get away with the l!es. Sooner we will be singing the same song (you know the one with a bad chorus).

    • PF have lost their heads; why not just suspend the whole party and rebuild from scratch; our country has become a circus and these characters from PF, MMD, UPND are making it worse every day; they can all surely suck my chilcala from left to right and also up and down then swallow my cum; i will also plunder the bottom of each presidential candidate after stuffing some mayonnaise and chamba into them, then smoke the bottoms out with my ‘big black pipe’like a jack hammer slams concrete ; Evans Mfula at Evaduco reporting live from lusaka fish market toilets

    • Did you ask the late Sata in 2011 how he was going to achieve all the things that he had promised in a 90-day period? What HH has stated are the long-term and short-term plans. This is different from the 90-day fantasy of the clueless PF leaders.

  3. But is this all? Sounds like giving sweets to children whose mother denied them! What elese can we get apart from what seems to be the “failures of PF?” Somehow I dont trust this, too short and very enticing, gotta be very cautious people these politicians play mind games and know that Zambians are naive!

    • That’s great since we were not even getting those promised sweets from your MOTHER! It’s fresh start to get them without those lies we had got used to!

      Yes, the constitution before 2016 which we never got from your MOTHER within 90 days would be a BONUS! No more lies is another bonus extra!!

  4. HH is an illusionszt just like nevas mumba. He does not esonate with the masses. He does not give a heart beat. The money he keeps boasting about was obtained in breach of moral and proffesional ethics. This times he comes around to have a second goal because in his head he thinks we are all fulls.

    • Wisi Nono let’s be more mature in our criticism for a change. This talk about HH’s wealth has been discussed and exhausted before. If you have proof why not take him to court? Do you really think Sata would have let HH off if he had proof. Sorry mate this time your cheap talk won’t work. The wind of real change is too strong and unstoppable. Viva flight HH 2015.

    • i agree with you, this hh guy thinks zambians can be manipulated just because he wants votes. he is just saying he lower this and that. zambians becarefull he cant say how he will lower them. this chancer will destroy this country. this under five chap has never had any vision for zambia. lets not be cheated. a while he condemed street vendors now today he says they stay and you believe him???? never trust this under five.

    • @wisi nono
      seems like you are choking with the reality of PF confusion…. only the organised and united can move Zambia forwand,,, so eat your hate for HH and face it PF is a 3yr rule party

  5. It is home ground for UPND and HH. As long as it doesn’t get to their heads, they can carry the day, come January 2015.

    • I think the celestial bodies are aligned in favor of UPND. Any one who expects HH to explain everything in detail is new to elections. People for a candidate who makes sense during campaign time.

      That does not mean the candidate did not say/do anything out of whack, but had less gaffes than his/her opponents. Right now HH stands head over shoulders in the arena.

    • @fact man…

      PF made so many promises. The late Sata even declared membership of the outlawed “Linyungandambo” only to change to ordering Zambia Army “when they say “kaufela” just fire”.

      If you voted for PF because of what have now become lies, why should Zambians not listen to other politicians making promises. Let UPND and HH go to Northern and Luapula and campaign there. He is Zambian first, before being a Tonga. What is wrong with being Tongas? They are peaceful hardworking people feeding the country. They hate insults, dishonesty, stealing and trickery.

    • @chimbwi…

      You do not have to be UPND or PF, just make the right choice. None of us were born PF, UPND, MMD or NAREP. We make choices on the basis of what we see and hear. You can vote policies (i.e. Party vote) and vote for character (i.e. vote for a candidate regardless of what Party s/he belongs to). That is how some of us voted in 2011.

  6. Indeed it is tempting. The best PF can do at this eleventh hour is to team up with MMD and other smaller ‘splinter’ parties otherwise, we have lost it. Once power swings to the south, that’s it, we shall never recover and that will be the end of the Bemba dominated Governments the last 50 years.

    So far so good for the UPND, they seem to have a fantastic manifesto befitting the state of affairs in zambia today. That is democracy for you…

    • Come on man you can do better than that. Has he explained how he will raise the funds to finance all his promises?its nothing but political rhetoric or is it the case of the one eyed man being king and the issue of Sosala,seriously?. Am not buying this crap until he breaks it down for me. Tubeko practical.

      Nsakyo mwane.

    • @ LP Mansa

      Wait for the Budget for details. Just imagine how much hard Dollars can be saved without going with delegation of 40 to New York and then getting lost and missing UN building?
      What is the current size of cabinet? How many deputy ministers are deputizing for other deputy ministers………….

    • @ LP Mansa

      Shame you did not made same questions three years ago. Did you believe promises of more money in your pocket in 90 days? You did. And you ended with worthless coins instead.
      Do you still believe in “legacy and vision”, “peace and prosperity”?
      If you do, tell us why?
      I do not believe any politician. This time, day of reckoning is just around corner. Let see what he can do before 2016.
      RB had 3 years and he failed due to his greed, PF had three years and what is the result?
      I can trust anybody for next 18 months. Let see if he deliver.

    • @ Aleshaday

      You mean the 2016 budget will cater for all that.Don’t get me wrong it all sounds good on paper and we all know that we can walk on water on paper,I just want him to be practical and or/real.Even a layman can see that most of the things he is promising can not be achieved in a single year which will be an election year. Recognizing Sosala yes but others nay.So let him tell me the truth rather than being rhetoric.

      Nsakyo mwane.

    • @ fact man

      Talk is cheep, actions speak for themselves.
      I am employer and tax payer. I do not care who is the President.
      What I expect from next occupant of the State House is to arrest economic decline which started in 2008 and accelerated after 2011.
      I want return for my tax money in the form of rule of law, security, medical care, education, low inflation, accountability.
      It is to much to ask?
      MMD under RB, in three short years disregarded all small and medium industries. As a matter of FACT, he went to the extent to use Government revenue to finance Pepsico because Pepsi with global revenue of 67 Billion USD had cash-flow problem???
      Then come PF with 90 days promise. Another three years of improved corruption, nepotism, lies upon lies. Government of deceivers.

  7. Fellow country men your chance to restore sanity in Zambia and put our country on the economic development pathway is now. All well meaning Zambians should not waste time but support HH and the UPND in this campaign in any way possible. If you are a musician please compose a song to educate Zambians as to why they should vote HH. If you are a lecture explain why HH is best candidate for 2015,If you are a UNZA ,MU or CBU student explain to youths as to why HH is the best person to create employment for them.If you are a famer then HH is your fellow famer his knows how to improve agriculture tell all the famers that our fellow famer wants to improve farming. One Zambia one Nation. Go HH . Haleisa haleisa nombaline.

    • And who is to be blamed for that? Colonialists? Chinese? Boers? Capitalists? Bush? Clinton? Whites? Yellows? Half-Casts? Indians?

    • People like Aleshaday,Matungu,Mulenga lacks foresight do you guys really think HH can pull through on this by Election ,people can never change like that ,more aspecially some of us working in the mine its hard to change because when the came into power ,positions such as managers,supretendent have been given to Zambian which allows our Zambian people to be part of decision making which never happened during the MMD regime its a plus for the current Government & every miner here is saying that,they can never vote HH ,because he is still premature in terms of politics which is very encouraging.

  8. In whatever way you take it HH is a loser. He opposed every thing sata did and if he says change it means he will reverse all PF programs including new districts. can we risky all these good developmental activities in the name of change? lastly i feel for Bembas who he hates with passion.

    • Monde, he will form a balanced government how fair can one be? You are only worried because the Bemba forest will be dismantled. Sorry mate it’s one Zambia one nation. Viva flight HH2015, I have just bought my ticket. Washala washala

    • @Monde…

      You are lying. HH never opposed everything Sata did. If only you had time to listen to HH’s TV and Radio interviews, you would have known that HH was always making suggestions. But since you hate the man, you probably switched off your TV or Radio whenever the man was on. Hate is terrible. It makes us blind and deaf.

      As for Mazabuka man, you must accept that your model leader, the late President is gone. PF will never be a one-man party again. Even after the wrangles, it will be a different party. Most likely they will stick to the manifesto Given Lubinda carried with him from UPND.

    • Not like the way your Sata hated non-Bembas with passion. Time for change has come. At least HH has at least five assured votes from my family. In 2011 the five votes were given to MMD. 2014 is for HH.

    • The Paramount Group (arms manufacturing company), Malawi, Joyce Banda, Presidential Jet, does that ring any bells? All I see is CHO CHISE………what a shame, even though you have being giving us the impression that you are some of the most educated Zambians (what a lot of jokes you are no different from Crying Lungu, you all same). What Zambia needs is Law, Order, wealth and a mixture of democracy and socialism. Will He give us that with his questionable corrupt past????? Lets be real for once and look at the bigger picture. Being one dimension wont solve our problems as Zambians. The way things stand, I seriously doubt anyone in the opposition can even beat Hon Kambwilli, just saying (the smart ones are now asking where he is going to get the money to fund what he has highlighted).

    • Susanoo,,,you expect LT to present UPND manifesto in its entirety?
      In political races, broad statements are made and then details begin to flow. Something will remain with a high level of granularity to attract attention and debate. It’s an opportunity to engage detail oriented people like yourself.

  9. Don’t be deceieved. HH is trying to use the tactics PF used. He is not original. How can he be perfect when he doesn’t know the colours of a suit that show power. Finishd man. Everythin he touches fails. That’s why we see that all the companies he privatised have collapsed. Only him has com out stronger and richer

    • @other side

      You are exhibiting a lot of ignorance. HH was not in government to privatise government companies or parastatals. HH worked for just one of many public accounting firms that was contracted by government to be a receiver on behalf of the shareholders and creditors (Zanaco being one of them). If anyone was to complain about the receivers, it should be government and creditors. The problem with most Zambians like @other side is choosing ignorance to base their opinions and judgement on, i.e. lack of objectivity. This is why labeling and profiling of tribes is very common. Sad, really, that such are the people who decide our destiny. Zambia is rich. We just need to reorganise our laws and revenue collection.

  10. It will be catastrophic and utter madness for Zambians to vote for either PF or MMD in the forth coming election. There are too many red flags already in taking either of those directions.

    • Iwe bambuli take it easy ,under 5 is just given you false hope he knows deep down his heart is heading for another defeat & the question you should ask yourselves is which provinces is going to vote for him ,apart fr Southern ,Western & part of north west then you will come to your sense,us in Copperbelt ne pabwato zambia yose yalishima.

    • @ Mazabuka fan

      I wish that there are more under 5 with his financial acumen in Zambia.
      By the way, in 2008 he was also under 5 and “computer boy”, in 2011 again he was under 5 and now he is still under 5?
      Do you know Constitutional age limit for President or you can count only to 5?

    • @ Mazabuka fan

      You are losing this one right in your own backyard. Zambians are sensible and are able to see how morally bankrupt your party has become.

    • Totally agree with you! MMD and PF should be no go areas in the forthcoming by-election. Zambians will regret if someone from PF or MMD were to win. Let us try UPND for a change.

  11. He is promising to lower this and that but where is he going to get the funds from….is he also going to bring back subsidies as he was against their removal.
    Please can someone advise this man on how to dress…if you’re going to wear a suit jacket at least match it with your trousers. You are running for the highest public office in the land look the part and button up….the guy in the photo behind him looks more presentable than him.

    • Easy! No one will have the RDA till box in their house! SataN kept the RDA Contracts in Kaseba’s bedroom so that he and Nsanda could still wothout interuption!!

      That money to be saved from theft will be used for development and fuel subsidies! And UPND will do just that – no lies like those we had from PF!!

    • Jay jay have you at any time asked yourself where funds for supplementary government budget comes from? Leave HH to dress the way he feels comfortable Zambia has no national dress code.

    • And late JFK was sharp dresser. One million Pounds per year of tax-payers money for midget. Thanks to God that was only 5ft 2″ tall.

      Who cares how it dress. I do not care if it walks naked as far he delivers what is promising.

    • Jay Jay, Jay Jay, Jay Jay! How many times did I call your name? Use your tongue to count ya teet.

      Ever saw Sata campaigning? He never wore a jacket until he was elected. Oh, except for one time when he humiliated Zambians in UK. Shm.

  12. From what HH has said. What do find particulary outstanding. He is just copyinng what sata used to say. I wll eat my heart if Hh gets 30% votes. In the days of pf at its pick you saw the resonance with masses and yet they couldnot get a 40%

    • he will be lucky to get over 20% of the votes….Update us on the pf situation ba lusaka times that is where all the drama is.

    • Wisi Nono,,,Post your picture so I can come and witness your self inflicted demise. That would be something, wouldn’t it? We’ll put it on pay per view and donate the proceeds to your immediate relations.

  13. Listing of items to the reduced in terms of cost is not good enough but explaining to the nation on how your government will achieved this better than the current GRZ could have gained you my vote.

    • @ Lifupa – Can you tell us how Sata explained to the nation how he was going to achieve the things in 90 days. I don’t remember that, yet people voted for him. To date, no constitution, nurses fired, wage freezes for everyone except himself and his friends. The railway is a mess. By the way did he explain how he was going to pay for the Euro bond?

  14. politicians have surely hearts of a lion! can HH, kambwili,GBM and Dr Scott compete against anointed Edgar lungu who is suported by Tongas, lozis, fr Bwalya, nsanda and Bembas the most notorious pipo in zambia. its like zambia playing Brazil

    • Who has anointed Lungu? Is it the confused PF supporters? Who has told you that Bembas, Lozis and Tongas are supporting Lungu? Every candidate will have supporters from all the tribes in Zambia. But the winner will be the who will go past the post first. HH has a better chance of getting it this time around.

  15. Can all those with honorary doctorates stop calling themselves doctors please! Can we also stop encouraging them by calling them doctors. They were only conferred on you!

    I like HH,s stance on working with all irregardless of political affiliation. Let’s have appointments based on merit in Zambia.

    I welcome the implementation of a professional civil service. Please stick to it because I think that you will win HH.

  16. Now UPND is starting to get it right. Good start and thumbs up to the chorographical and communications team. Nice pictures.

  17. Each province will have a representative in the cabinet! What does it mean? Can supporters of HH explain to me please?

    About Sosala that guy is not eligible to rule the bemba establishment. So be careful on that point. It can cost you dearly.

    • No one has say on who is to be a Chitimukulu more than ba ShiLubemba. Government has no business poking its ugly nose in issues of paramountcy in Bembaland.

    • If you one who failed to foresee a failing PF government, and you are the one that can’t see trouble even now, then you are equally a contributor to failure. You should tune your mind to support UPND and HH, and see what they shall do for Zambia. Do not use your limited minds to think just because RB failed due to corruption, just because Lungu shamefully failed becos of his violent team full of bloody hungry thugs & dozing on duty, then even others will do the same, Please NO. It is your ugly choice & voting for tribe & hate other tribes, that made you vote wrongly all this time. Learn to know that Zambia ya bonse ma Zambians, who are capable of driving this country forward & liberate Zambians from collapsing. VIVA UPND, VIVA HH, VIVA ZAMBIA. ZAMBIA FORWARD!!!!!

  18. ensure ensure ensure and ensure but how?are you going to use your own fraudulently gotten money to fulfil all that you are promising?If you ask me, its nothing but political rhetoric.He can’t show me how he is going to achieve all that. Tubeko practical,and Chief Chitimukulu’s wrangles can’t be a campaign agenda for a serious person vying for the top job,that’s a bedroom issue.

    nSakyo mwane!

  19. Given a platform any one can say what dabo h has said…we need more than that,if you think that will buy votes then you cheating yourself.image builders need to be fired they are not their job,how can you let your president dress like a headman going to the market.

  20. Take a drive across the country. While PF set thes huge road projects, the opposition was told to shut up. They were not allowed to compaign . Villagers understand the value of road infrastracture especially a tarred road and rural electricity. They is fight in pf becauset anyone in pf knows that anyone that stands goes through. This is a painful reality for the oppostion. Bye!

  21. Ba jay jay aimwe.This is a file picture and does not potray the way he was dressed at Golden bridge.Go to ZWD and see how the incoming president was dressed..i think you will love it.

  22. Its not about bemba. Lungu is favorite yet he is not bemba. Thats the more reason i cant vote for your man that gets 100% from one trbe.

  23. Yesterday a old man from Luapula told me that the confusion in PF is a result of witchcraft. PF has been under a difficult spell. The Party leadership need prayers – overnight prayers by all well meaning Zambians. This spell has been cast on PF by a group of Wizards a former senior person and presidential rival contracted. The main charcaters targeted are the acting President, Chairperson, EL and Sata Family. He siad that this is serious. Loud mouths like Kambwili, Benson Chali, Malozo Sichone etc. are being used as they are weakiest. He said this vying of presidency by four people from one family is abnormal. Urgent prayers are required. These people will be moving in circles and until the party splits. Thats how these two people want.

  24. i saw the pics on ZWD of HH,he looked presidential but am still waitin for what happens in pf to decide who to give my if u don’t adopt jubille E lungu am going with my brother HHs upnd full stop…

  25. Whether mountains or hills,this man will never win elections facts whether you like it or not,since rupiah is contesting definetly eastern will give him 50% ,PF will also be given 40% ,copperbelt everybody knows its as usuall PF stronghold 79% for PF,lusaka they really know how to vote 81% for PF, central 55% for PF,muchinga 73% for PF,northern 82% for PF,luapula they dont even joke everybody knows,its 95% for PF, then you HH we give north west 45% ,PF 30%,southern 92% for HH,western 65% for HH,so i see no reason for a normal person to say its HH’s time.

    • #Kafue Based.
      Baba you are day dreaming, who tells you that Lusaka and CB are still PF stronghold, with all this chaos in the Party? Stop living in past glory!! With HH’s coming out to install Sosala if elected, PF will be lucky to get even 30% in Bemba’s heartland Kasama-mark my words!!

      Mbuya, if you are one of those under the Sata’s forestry tree getting free money at the Zambian Embasy in Toronto, then I would advise you start parking your kandundu because you are indeed coming back home soon-I only hope you did some night school while there because life is hard without formal qualifications pa Zed!!

  26. Chapwa, Flight HH2015 nasenda icalo. Congrats HH and UPND for the victory. You have waited for too long. Maureen Mwanawasa is a well cultured former first lady not aba bambi ba Kaseba. She has mourned her husband for 6 years now while Kaseba joined politics after barely 6 days.

  27. We are voting for HH this time. Too much confusion in pf. Everyone wants to become president. This is the end of pf. And my advise to HH when elected is that, people like Willie Nsanda, Chishimba Kambwili, Edgar Lungu and many others must be arrested for various crimes they have committed whilst in office. They are very useless people.

  28. Voting should be based on sound thinking given the national outlook Policy shift drastically will not happen 3 to 4 yrs. in time

    Though certain comments are good but being factual honest and seeing the horizon giving solid alternatives on the above in a way of a small write up debating and showing the alternative to the current national outlook snario will help

    HH is second most preferred and will confirm if he will win if the patriotic front bombs on the choice of candidate given the current in fighting only lungu is

    He will need to campaign heavily country wide to convince people though

    Avoid also taking on finished and known for nothing politicians It will just negate…

    • Indeed, bane, we shall vote for HH in 2 We only missed it by an inch and you could see that almost equal number of Zambians were ready to have HH rule this country. So let us still continue praying to God Almighty to liberate Zambia by voting UPND, HH in 2016 & President of the Republic of Zambia. Ba Edgar bakatushe after completing the term for the late Sata. PF must close for heaven’s sake. This country is not supposed to be subjected to pangas, machettes and any other form of violence and regional insults just to scare others from leading Zambia. What’s wrong with that? Baletuka, balelwa all in the hope of scaring others. No matter what happens, our earnest Prayers are that God Almighty appoints HH. The Jan 20 By elections, were what God placed as eye opener to all.

  29. There is no need to waste time hoping the PF is still relevant. We all must work hard to send PF to the archives and in shelves older than those keeping UNIP and MMD. We don’t have the money in our pockets as PF ‘had promised, in fact by God’s act PF came to power because of die hards who could not see the mockery in PF election promises even when the cheating was written all over Sata’s face. Now even God cudnt wait for 2016. He saw that the Panga wilding PF, a chaos ridden party, had done enough to make the die hards see a little deeper… that there was nothing for anyone in PF except Sata”s family and relatives. And what God has decided to put ASURNDER let no one think s/he can put it together. PF has been seperated from the pipo period. Lets move forward, lets go UPND, lets…

  30. UPND can now afford to be meticulous and give the politicians in the other parties a run for their money. It may turn-out to be a bruising finish. But UPND have a distinct edge.

  31. iwe……. not any one who will stand in pf will win,last night i was speaking with my brother who is UPND in southern province,they know that if pf field the peoples choice EDGAR LUNGU upnd don’t have a chance of winning the election on the 20th january,so they are praying that either kaseba or GBM pulls through so that it can be an easy battle for them to unseat pf from the way am a consultant on political strateges.

  32. @Wisi Nono and Kafue based,
    you can talk the way u want, WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT HH is the man of the moment.
    Sonda uzalema.

    • Ba Anderson do not be fooled ,tell us then which people is going to vote for HH apart from those three provinces we know.

    • @Mazabuka Fan you are so dull .Under the current electoral laws in Zambia a presidential candidate can win if he gets 95% of votes in large constuances like Lusaka,southern,eastern ,Nothern and copperbelt.All he needs is about 23% of the national vote.That can give you about 1,300,000 votes.It is possible for HH to win with 30%.He is likely able to double the votes from what he got in 2011.Mark my words HH will pull a surprise in Kasama because Sata mistreated the people of Nothern ,by fovouring Muchinga with two universities while northern none.the issue of chitimukulu is also another thorn in PF’s flesh.

    • There is someone who still thinks that other Provinces cannot vote for HH. But the truth is that all Provinces voted for HH and all Provinces voted for Lungu in the Jan be-elections. But what differed are the figures, one got more somewhere while the other less somewhere. This a voting pattern all over the world. Finally there is a winner. This does not mean you start beating, neglecting and insulting those where you got less, yet there is no one insulting, fighting and neglecting those who gave you more votes. It is all common sense. People like Chama, Kambwili, Kapata, kwati ma foreigners. Let them seal their mouths than embarrass this country more. This Zambia, this a One Zambia, One Nation country. Please God help Zambia to be delivered from a dull team of leaders full of hate.

  33. UPND stands to gunner in a bumper harvest, reaping even where they never sowed. Thanks to the amateurish and blatant stupidity we are seeing in both PF and MMD. It is the way democracy punishes the unruly.

  34. UPND can afford to fine-tune their game and aim for an over-kill. There is no need to play to the gallery. PF needs an early retirement and MMD an extended stay in exile.

  35. The haters have no room in God’s sight. Consider it ripe time for HH to unite the country where everyone is free to mix with anyone from everywhere. The cabinet which cuts across regionalism. A president that give directions to the nation through press conference other than just a time when nobody can ask a question or clarification

  36. but i have to wait what happens in pf in one week tym,if nothing changes HH you are assured of my 7 votes in my family but only if edgar lungu is not adopted, if not then HH my bro ur assured at least a vote from me i have got no problems with u…..

  37. Its also a premature rally for HH He could have waited a little bit Time is also an advantage to use well because people will be waiting for the second thought also

    Its poor timing though

  38. Once beaten twice shy. UPND has been beaten more than once and must be more than twice shy. They now must be having the right mix of things in their campaign strategy to be able to impress even the most skeptical voter. The situation favors them greatly.

  39. Somewhere people are busy fighting beause we have a mother, a son, a cousin, an uncle and even a sebele to stand as a president aspirant? All the best

  40. Many problems that Zambia is facing require a high degree of commonsense, innovative and entrepreneurial approach. And what HH has highlighted can be realized with a smart leader. At the moment the guy who fits the profile of the kind of leadership that Zambia desperately needs now is HH.

  41. I expect a national leader to speak intelligently having in mind the correlation of his policy design and speech looking at the current economic outlook as he provides the alternative framework

    For instance taking on what Hon Yaluma said on fuel reduction and relating that to all asset classes in the economy, may help to see the impact of well thought after policy design and thinking

    Airline sector is and has not always been the best to benefit from falling oil prices comparable to REITS and other sectors, its a proven research analysis

    In a nut shell, we concur with minister Yalumas, but the point to HH is to be more thorough and rational in thinking if he has to win my vote

  42. When all is said and done , more is always said than done! Never in the history of politics has any candidate achieved everything they set out to do. What we hope for is that the people that end up in power are resolute, genuine, honest and deligent with purpose. Though born out of tragedy by the death of our president Zambia has been given an opportunity to reset the direction the country is headed. We all agree that the current economic, social and political situation is not acceptable. Leaders need to resonate with the hopes of the masses. Their duty is to guide the nation. Achievement is for the people. Ultimately we the people are responsible for the destiny of the country. What HH and the UNDP are outlining are the general road map to fulfill the aspirations of a nation in crisis.

  43. This feels tempting indeed, my toes are aleady stepping on the letter U soon they will be on P then N and latsly D meaning; I’m in.

  44. HH you have my vote so that you can please bring sanity to mpongwe and we beg you not to accept Namulambe who likes jumping from one party to another like a money in a maize field , (we shall see Namulambe who treated his fellows Lamba’s like shit when he defected to PF , locked up Ezekiel, the cook at mpongwe hospital with his chola boy Tukiya )

  45. The die is cast. The race is on. Both MMD and PF have missed their bearings and are heading wrong way. UPND is racing toward the finishing line. What a race! How preponderance its ramifications!

  46. I will do x,y,z in 90 days, we’ve heard this before. Please explain how you will lower these prices. Give us your manifesto so we can hold you accountable. What is your strategy on the mines, health sector, law and order and agriculture? Tell us how you plan to bring sanity to an economy thriving on government payroll. Explain to us why you stand out from the rest and we will vote for you. The HH campaign team need to step up their game. Polish him up and make him appear human so he can connect with people. This is your chance, if you blow it then forget 2016.

  47. The die is cast. The race is on. Both MMD and PF have missed their bearings and are heading the wrong way. UPND, on the other hand, is racing toward the finishing line. What a race! How preponderance its ramifications! And how devastating, possibly, its consequences!

  48. HH can cheat u people from the south and not us wise men and those from the north!u’ll prove it when results start coming from Luapula,Northen,Muchinga,Central,copperbelt,Lusaka and eastern!HH and the team has a mountain to climp!voters world over rarely change too fast as HH wants to make us believe!PF is too strong and all its lovers cant just hate it so fast,never!so for me,my family and close friends we shall still vote for our beloved party PF!Viva PF and Viva Edgar Lungu!


  50. And the trumpet is sounding……

    I am seeing my country becoming the Zambia I ve been craving for.
    Its HH chabe….Zonda uzalema.




  52. We need to kick out of office these PF vultures and hyenas that are working tirelessly to protect their jobs and are causing confusion. Its one thing for HH to promise us this and that but he needs to tell us and its our job to quiz him about how he hopes to fulfill his election promises and that applies to any presidential aspirant. A promise of loans will sound good to anybody but giving loans to people with no means of ever paying back the loans does not make sense and we’ll be bankrupt before we know it. I don’t want another “Donchi Kubeba”.

  53. The message is hollow and lacks specifics. it is easier said than done. The leader of the party has no experience in government. It will take him not less than three years to get to grips with the way government operates. It is different ftom running a farm. He says he will create jobs by reducing the retirement age from 55 years to 45? Please, be serious! He is a joker.During his campaigns in 2011 general elections, he promised to award hefty salaries and making K5,000 as the minimun wage with free education up to the university. Let the economist leader say it again and even offer a better package. BUFI.

  54. Lets put tribalism aside and give HH and his UPND as fighting chance.You’ll have to painfully either pick between tribal pride or Zambia’s best interests-either one of which has an inherent cost my countrymen.

    Vote wisely my Zambian countrymen.

    • I don’t believe these Zambians, man. They accuse HH/UPND of tribalism and they don’t want to vote for him because he is Tonga. Isn’t that counter intuitive?

  55. A teacher becomes President, has to quit his job.
    A doctor becomes President, has to quit his job.
    A lawyer becomes President, has to quit his job.
    Why is it that businessmen become President and continue to be businessmen?
    HH must quit his directorships and ownership of his companies if he becomes President otherwise we will have the same situation that prevailed in Madagascar where a businessman Andry Nirina Rajoelina became even richer after a very short stint as interim President.

  56. @33 Mulenga

    KeKeKeKekikikikikiki, ‘ati nasenda icalo HH’.
    Iti isi true, thieves had stolen it, HH has really redeemed it from pompwes. Just vote for HH for a better Zambia.


  58. His message is simple and straight forward. Now he needs to sell it to the rest of the country where he has not made much of a dent. I am not his supporter BUT I do believe that his chances in this election are much much better than ever. My wish if he does take the presidency is for him to prove everyone wrong about the tribal tags attached to UPND. Give the country a new constitution within 2015 and you have definitely won yourself another term in 2016. By then, even non-supporters like myself would feel that you truly deserve it. All the best in the coming election and God Bless Mother Zambia.

    • @Olympia Extension Chick!

      What about PF is not a tribal party? You just have to visit a Zambian embassy abroad you will find 99% of the staff are Bembas.

    • @MMH, PF as a party has more representation across the country than UPND, you just have to look at the parley representation, its a fact. Having said that, Sata did not play his role in ensuring that that kind of representation filtered through all key positions. HH and UPND largely represent the South, part of the West and North-West, beyond that, not much if little representation elsewhere (I am only talking about parley representation), another fact. His chances are good given the confusion in the country but he does need to make inroads into the unchartered territories of the North, Luapula, Copperbelt and Eastern because that is where the voting numbers are and claiming representation for all provinces is a good start for him as that could potentially earn him votes.



  61. The UPND president looked very suave in a dark suit and red tie. LT it would have been nice to see those pictures for a change. You always publish the pictures where he’s casual and not as presidential-looking as today.

    Just saying……

  62. Sounds liker KK in the 80’s. Is he up to date with trends? If he had explained how I would have looked at possibilities of that. By recognising Sosala, you are already interfering. You can not be the judge of the 2 fighting clans.

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