Thursday, May 30, 2024

Manyuchi gets over-hyped after easy win


After subjecting boxing fans to two farcical title bouts last Saturday, boxing promoter Chris Malunga has made a very cheeky statement that Charles Manyuchi was ready to fight Floyd Mayweather.

Malunga said he will lobby the WBC for Manyuchi to fight the unbeaten World welterweight champion.

“We have Floyd mayweather who is on top then we have Amir Khan who is the WBC silver champion then Charles Manyuchi who is WBC international champion, which is a bronze,” Malunga said.

“Now my bid is go to the (WBC) convention and to try to convince the WBC to see if Africa can be given a chance to have a crack at the main belt.”

It is very hard to comprehend how Manyuchi fits the criteria as a main contender to unbeaten Mayweather when he is not anyway near the top 20.

Despite holding a WBC International welterweight the Zimbabwean, who has 14 wins, two losses and one draw, is 51st on the welterweight rankings after beating a horde of jouneymen along the way.

Futhermore, Manyuchi has yet to fight any boxer above him inside the top 50 or even call out South African Chris van Heerden who is 15th in the World.

Van Heerden has won 21, lost one and drawn one fight.

A fight against the highly ranked South African would be a more reasonable target than to the ambitious post-Saturday hype that we have been subjected to.

Meanwhile, Manyuchi’s opponent last Saturday Devis Caceres of Colombia is ranked 140 and barely gave any semblence of class after stopping the South American in the third round.


  1. Manyuchi qualifies because he is also ABU Champion.Let him get a shot and make money for himself after all in boxing you negotiate your pay before the fight.

  2. Lets be very sincere i was been a boxer , a trainer at higher ranks i was ben following all world boxers .Manuchy cnt fight Mayweather vry very far . they need to expose manuch may 20 fights maybe but all the same its impossible who cn nogotiate that fight . then wy picking no 140 contender ? isntead of no 49 wy lets not cheat pipo a about mayweather jr his world champion for five weight category .

  3. I guess today you would say David can’t kill Goliath. All it takes is believe and training. Mayweather Was One TIME Like Manyichi.

  4. Manyuchi is a good boxer like him or not the man is very talented but not in the league of the likes of Mayweather, he needs more international fights abroad with opponents that are not hand picked.

  5. Its not just about fighting a boxer of mayweathers calibre but also finances! Mayweather cannot climb into the ring for less than $5 million and if Manyuchi’s handlers have in the past struggled to raise K500,000 how will they manage to raise about $3 million. This is a non starter, don’t cheat people!

  6. Lets be realistic…. ama vwapa kuli Floyd? Manu needs more time, skill development, more money etc to reach Floyds standards. Saturdays matches were all nonsense, nothing celebrate about

  7. @john james, that is very correct. Whoever you send to negotiate will be insulted, you know the nigger language over there. They are worse than your kaponyas here when it comes to coarse language. Malunga, they will ask you how much bread you are willing to spread on the table. If you cant cough the kind of boodle to match Floyd’s class, they will insult your mother. Manyuchi needs to climb the ladder to reach at least inside the 20 circle. A couple of years ago, South Africa sent their top boxer to fight Floyd. The ‘bombshell’ as they called him was badly beaten and yet this guy was rated within 10 best fighters in the division. People, follow boxing carefully. It is not like football where today you are beating top teams at the world cup, tomorrow you fail to qualify to the Africa…

  8. These boxers they bring for Catherine and Manyuchi are just street boxers who are paid to come and watch the victoria falls, am yet to see a real boxer, let us be serious people

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