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Nevers Mumba vows not to step aside for RB


Nevers Mumba (L) with former president Rupiah Banda
FLASHBACK Nevers Mumba (L) with former president Rupiah Banda

Embattled Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba has vowed not to step aside for former President Rupiah Banda to contest the January 20 Presidential by-election.

Dr Mumba also said his suspension from the former ruling party is illegal, untenable and utopian because he was duly elected as party president in 2012.

The MMD president said this on MUVI TV last night during an interview on the assignment programme dubbed “MMD, what way forward”.

Dr Mumba said as a dully duly elected party president, he was not going to succumb to manoeuvres by Mr Banda and his team to hound him from his position.

He stated that there is, there is no provision in the MMD constitution to remove a sitting president dully elected by party members.

Dr Mumba lamented that those advocating for Mr Banda’s return risk making the party unpopular ahead of the presidential by election.

The opposition leader noted that the move to unseat him is detrimental to Zambia’s growing democracy especially when Zambians are calling for a crop of young leaders to manage the affairs of the country.
He declared himself ready to contest the presidential by-elections and urged party members across the country to start campaigning.

Dr Mumba also revealed that his party is in talks with the Untied Party for National Development (UPND) for an alliance ahead of the January 20, 2014, elections.

Meanwhile, former President Rupiah Banda has not yet fully decided to contest the presidential election on MMD, ticket.

His assistant Kennedy Limwanya confirmed this in an interview with Breeze News monitored in Chipata yesterday that Mr Banda was out in South Africa attending to his wife Thandiwe Banda who was currently undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

He said that Mr Banda was expected back in Zambia by yesterday and that he would make his position known during the course of the week.


  1. “Dr Mumba said as a dully elected party president…”

    Um. LT. Please give the guy a break. It is DULY not DULLY…

  2. Dr Mumba is very right. Why should Dinosaurs be resurrected only to come and confuse a party that Nevers has been trying to resuscitate for three years. Even his own son has said it all plain- RB cannot win the January by-election. Not on earth. Dr Mumba is to now continue talks with UPND to form a strong coalition. After all Nevers will make a good vice president given his oratory capabilities. Viva Nevers! Viva coalition with UPND!

    • You are dreaming. Your tribal merchant of genocide can never accept to work with Mumba in a coalition. Within weeks the Hairy Hippo (HH) will deny any connections to talks of a pact with MMD because by nature he (HH) is a proud blubber mouth. Thinking “his time has come”, he (HH) will shamelessly disregard Mumba and the doggone MMD, choosing to stand on his own. Yet again the Hungry Hippo will drown in his own feaces.

  3. Keep on fighting MMD, keep on fighting PF and make sure you give campaign advantage to UPND kaili eilemonekako stable and its like they know what they are doing unlike the other parties fighting each other in the name of becoming the president of this country.

  4. We need Nevers Mumba to rule us when the righteous rule people rejoice i always have reservation for HH i dont know where he pays his allegiance otherwise he is a good man too but it can be better if he works as VP to Dr Mumba

  5. This is what will be happening even at state house. Tax payers money will now be used to settle Tandiwe’s ( Katumbuwa’s) bill in south Africa and else where outside Zambia.

    I encourage Lupiya to go to Ndola and campaign from there especially in Chufubu and see if he will come back. This old man is indeed sick. Is it the desperation to end his court cases and help his son on the run which is making him act so stupid.

    We have not forgotten how quickly he started erasing laws like abuse of office from our statutes. Come and see what will do to you.

  6. Lets go RB,we know that once you stand eastern province were HH has small hope of gaining popularity will shut his day dreams ,ah the rest of provinces its walk over as the massive projects our late beloved president Mr Sata may his soul rest in peace, speaks volume .

  7. Ok Mumba , you are confirming that you have teamed up with HH to sell Zambia to the so called mining investors?? We will see you with HH if you will scoop the by elections. We will not vote for your MMD-UPND pact ,…. never. You guys are working with foreigners to sell this country. We are watching you closely.

  8. MMD is currently a part with behavior of a headless Chicken. one wonders if the party is ready to win the elections. Honestly with what we saw of the distraction done to the country during RB’s rule one would still want to call upon him to come and do a repeat of the distraction? i am doubting the seriousness of this party to rule this country again.
    if MMD has run out of ideas they should encourage each other to support a candidate of another party.

  9. For sure RB is retreating. The signs of where the wind is blowing are clear for any intelligent political scholar to see. Nevers, just move quickly to bring what you have on your plate and be part of the winning team. Since you are also a gentleman, maybe the country will have democratic show piece for Africa.

  10. truth hates, u are watching with who, peoples fault is going with its faults forever just like UNIP& MMD.
    Its time HH we can trust him take our Nation Foward.

  11. IT will be a mistake if UPND joins MMD. that will bring total confusion to a stable party which has no leadership crisis. let HH fight alone without involving disturbed people who have no plans for they nation all the care about is the luxury that comes with the presidency. they ruled us for 20 years and did nothing. they have nothing to offer that’s why the are busy fighting for leadership instead of telling us what they will offer once voted back in power. same for our ruling party the focus is presidency, it is divided and divided they shall fall. HH don’t join hands with the weak force they will just suck all the energy you have got

  12. Though I know this is MMD’s last strall, I can excuse RB as a useless opportunist. But what i never saw coming was Muhabi Lungu’s involvement! Imwe sure … is it a case of a knowlegeable fool? Truly wisdom and knowledge are two different and sometimes, as in this case, mutually exclusive quantities!

  13. A test for Mumba to be above board in politics and to be accountable to people who invest their trust in you. MMD was getting broke while Mumba was renting/buying expensive house from donations for the party. Money was donated by known donors and yet cadres could not campaign effectively during parliamentary by elections because money was not available- what has happened to donated party funds Dr Mumba? MMD party has lost confidence in Mumba.

  14. THE BIGGEST ELEPHANT in the room. Zambia has only had two elderly Presidents.
    The youngest was Kenneth Kaunda at 40 years of age. The oldest was Michael Sata at 74. Chiluba was 48 and Mwanawasa 56. Banda interposed between Mwanawasa and Sata at 69.
    If all these are OLD men, then we need to have a 30 year old President.
    The problem with that is that such younger Presidents will live so long after retirement that if we had them since 1964, by this time we would have built 5 Presidents’ houses, paying 5 retired Presidents benefits and funding their servants, cars, international travels and secretarial and security detail!
    Older Presidents will die sooner and this is better for the economy.

    NO JOBS,


  16. That’s what happens when people are bought. There is nothing wrong with RB coming back and the way he was adopted. Only those who are scared of him are crying foul and they are certainly not MMD. These are the people pretending to support Nevers because he is a weaker candidate

  17. It’s just a matter of time. RB will be on the ballot paper and scoop the polls. Age has got absolutely nothing to do with it. Sata was also 77 and if he didn’t die, he would have been president till 2016. Age is brought up by people that don’t have anything tangible to contribute to the debate

  18. Nevers resisted addressing even one rally. When party members including NEC members go campaigning during by elections, Nevers would stay in the nearest town and never with the people. Nevers was only there to milk MMD, never to build it. Indeed most donations were used to travel abroad for programs completely unrelated to the party. If the party became as petty as he is becoming, they will reveal just how much he owes the party in millions

  19. RB will be remembered for starting all infrastructural development projects which Sata hijacked, renamed and later claimed. Remember, Sata condemned these projects as an opposition leader and insisted that what was important was ‘more jobs, lower taxes and more money in people’s pockets’. Once these promises failed, he jumped on infrastructural projects which he earlier condemned. We call it playing on people’s minds, especially simple minds
    RB is the Man for the Job. He has no reason to manipulate because this will be his final term. RB will deliver a people driven constitution. RB for President!!!!!!

  20. RB is coming to prepare the country for the 2016 general elections.
    He has nothing to lose or gain. He will give Zambians their constitution

    He will give Zambians a presidential running mate and 50%+1 clauses among others

    He will not be seeking re election in 2016 so he is the right person to rule during this short period

    RB will unite Zambians from all regions in the midst of heavy tribal divisions

    He will repair the country’s battered image among international community.

    RB for Presido.

  21. They may not agree openly but The name RB sends shivers among politicians in Zambia because they know he is far ahead.

    RB as great potential, which also makes him not just the Best, but the greatest and Fit candidate for Presidency

  22. RB is the way forward besides he is the likely favourite in the villages.this is no time for experiments people wanted change and voted for PF evidently things failed people all over zambia complained about high prices and so on, it was not long ago have you forgoten already? indeed the devil you know is better than the angel you dont know, vote wisely,vote RB. 2016 will come and you will vote for your experimental president, fresh blood as you term it.

  23. MMD members including Mumba must support HH as individuals just as Moureen, VJ etc have done to avoid cancer being transfered from MMD to UPND!

  24. Nevers should be left to contest the presidency of Zambia. Seriously speaking he is the better option now. He can articulate issues better than any presidential candidate, he will attract better investment in the country. Amidst this chaos in the MMD and PF a leader for Zambia will emerge. That Leader is Dr Nevers and not any other.

  25. When you are in Rome do as the Romans. Mumba needs to realize that he is in MMD and not in PF. Therefore, he is obligated to abide by the policies and procedures of MMD which the NEC invoked. Such arrogance on his part leaves much to be desired. If he is hurt, let him seek redress in a court of law.

  26. There are reports that RB is a hired spoiler. After meeting the South African `cartel’ of businessmen, he is reported to be after mudding the waters for MMD so that HH gets an easier route. Edgar Lungu is also apparently playing a similar role in PF. There’s apparently a secret pact to get HH in and then EL becomes his VP. Watch this space. There are further rumours that Zambia Railways will be reprivatised, most likely to a company owned by the cartel. I will tend to believe this, given the hangers-on like VJ, Maureen Mwanawasa and co. These are known members of the BBT group. Sadly I see HH getting hurt by their presence and his cartel links. These rumours spell trouble.

  27. Most prominent members of MMD have endorsed HH and UPND…. what is Mumba going to bring…. its not necessary, all that UPND can do is to get other influential MPs… and other member and bring them on board……… HH…. to state house…. bye… bye… PF…… bwa…bwa….MMD yasila…

  28. HH must work hard to win this elections. Otherwise he should forget being a politician and contribute to economic growth of this nation through business. USA and other developed countries have become developed not because their intelligent and industrious people became presidents – Look at Bill Gates! The records of HH last elections are there to show how well he has performed. Always performs well in the social media.

    Nevers should never ever think of a pact with HH – Where is UDA?Where is UPND/PF pact? On paper and on tribal social media UPND had won the 2011 But they came third. They had won 2008 on paper but they came third. You two should fight for who becomes number two. PF will win the election whether they a frog or hyena stands. HH and NM should use this as practice game.

  29. RB is the way forward besides he is the likely
    favourite in the villages.this is no time for
    experiments people wanted change and voted for
    PF evidently things failed people all over zambia
    complained about high prices and so on, it was
    not long ago have you forgoten already? indeed
    the devil you know is better than the angel you
    dont know, vote wisely,vote RB. 2016 will come
    and you will vote for your experimental
    president, fresh blood as you term it.

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