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Acting President Guy Scott has limited authority -Nawakwi

General News Acting President Guy Scott has limited authority -Nawakwi

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi addressing the press
FDD leader Edith Nawakwi addressing the press

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi says Acting President Guy Scott has limited authority in the execution of his job and that he should be concentrating on issues related to the elections of the next president.

And Ms. Nawakwi says the move by Dr. Scott to sign the Statutory Instrument to increase the retirement age from 55 years to 65years presupposes that young people are not graduating to take up positions being left by those retiring.

Speaking in an interview the opposition leader said she expected the Acting President to concentrate on transitional issues and resolving the problems in his party as opposed to him being preoccupied with signing SIs when he has limited authority as an Acting President.

Ms. Nawakwi said it is illogical for Government to increase the retirement age when more than half of the country’s population is below the age of 35 adding that the idea is best suited for countries such as Japan which has more old people than young ones.

And in a statement released by party Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza, the FDD says it will repeal the Statutory Instrument recently signed by Acting President Guy Scott once voted into office.

Mr. Mwanza said the move by the PF government to increase retirement age is irrational as it does not put into consideration the social and economic realities obtaining in the country’s labour industry.

He said it beats common sense to put 65 years as retirement age when life expectancy in the country is 48years adding that there is need to allow for fresh ideas and innovation from young people something he observes can only happen if young people are infused into the labour system.

Mr. Mwanza further observed that workers through their respective unions rejected the proposal to increase retirement age hence effectively making the move a unilateral decision made without regard of the workers who deserve to be given an opportunity to retire while they still have the energy to enjoy their benefits.

He also said the move is meant to defer the responsibility of Government of paying retirees as it has no money to them.

Mr. Mwanza has since advised the PF Government to be more inclusive before making major changes saying “good governance requires inclusiveness therefore unilateral decision must be avoided as much as possible.”


  1. Guy is excited at this opportunity that has eluded him for years,if he had his way,he would want the elections to come in 2016.

    • He the authority to perform presidential duties, what he cant do is fire Ministers or disolve parliament. Anything in between he has the authority. Leave him, he is doing a good job. Cant you see RB wants to come back.

    • Guy Scott is the future; black people cannot run a country; give us your companies; we shall hire u; pay u peanuts and make a killing of a profit when exporting

  2. so goes the word pf is gone confusion all other let him postpone their convention so that they go start thinking properly

  3. G.Scot did the right thing. The country has run out of money and a lot of people in the civil service have reached or are reaching retirement age so in order to postpone paying them huge benefits the clever thing is to extended the retirement age. BRAVO president Scott.

  4. He is just doing his work just continue mr G Scot and now appoint ur Vice President time is out Rb appointed Kunda so pls do it for Pf and the country it is only God who know how long we wil leave we can be in more problems if we remain without a Vice president now

  5. They are doing so to protect their jobs considering that they are already too old. No one is ready for this SI, more reason to boot them out.

  6. Job creation is the answer. Create new jobs to absorb new entrants. The economy needs stable labor. At 55 the average worker is still active and productive. More importantly, the stability is maximal at that age. This is a win-win situation. The kids also do not necessary want to be bothered by retired but still active parents asking for pocket money. You see? It is better to continue working. This is not a new policy. It is an old achievement of the PF government. No worker is being forced to continue working. Any worker can decide to take a well deserved early retirement.

  7. Why isn’t Elias Chipimo commenting on such issues which he probably fully understands and can articulate?

    President Chipimo your silence at crucial times on issues such as these sends the message that perhaps you are not fully alive to the issues which upset the young Zambians who see you together with HH, Charles Milupi as accomplished younger Zambian leaders who need to ascend to public service. Mr. President, I am getting disillusioned with your deafening silence. You gave a moving speeching when you laid your case why you were entering politics but I have not seen that spark since then, why why why the silence sir? You need to fully enter the trenches of political welfare and shot decisive and strong bullets at nonsense such as this. What about Scott appointing Judges when he is…

  8. If you have been in active job for 55years and you have done nothing to prepare yourself then even when you are given 10years extra I doubt you Dr Makasa how you could manage your settlement . Personal development should begin soon as you get into employment. Do not wait for extra time.

  9. On different note,it seems LT you have only one picture for Edith Nawakwi could you please use recent ones so that we can judge properly.

  10. 55 iliche, but where the expertise is required from thaose that are above 55, let them be retained! This BS of saying that people end up being destitues when retired early is neither here nor there!

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