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Guy Scott writes to Chief Justice to ‘block’ Edgar Lungu’s nomination


Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia 12-11-2014
Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia 12-11-2014

Acting President Dr Guy Scott, writing as PF Vice President has advised Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda not to entertain anyone that would show up as a PF candidate before the party’s presidential nomination wrangles are resolved by the courts of law.

In a letter dated 16 December 2014, Dr Scott informed the Chief Justice that he was committed to ensuring the party followed its procedures as outlined by the PF constitution.

Dr Scott reiterated that Justice Chibesakunda must not entertain anyone that would show up to file for the 20 January 2015 Presidential bye-Election.

The High Court is yet to set the date for the hearing of the matter as instructed by the Supreme Court.

High Court Judges Mulenga and Isaac Chali had dismissed Matero MP Miles Sampa application but the Supreme Court full bench ruled that the matter be heard in the High Court.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sampa has filed for a stay of execution of the Consent Judgment in the Lusaka High Court.

Judge Mungeni Mulenga has not granted the Stay.

Edgar Lungu’s lawyer have also filed an affidavit in opposition of Mr. Sampa’s application contending that Mr. Sampa cannot set aside a Consent Order which declared Mr Lungu PF President that he is not part to.

They also contend that Mr. Sampa should comply with the Supreme Court Judgment that directed him to file a joinder to earn him any rights to contest the Consent Judgement.

Below is the full letter sent to the Chief Justice



  1. Ok Scott can you leave Zambia and go back to Scotland.? Who are you to be taking our hospitality for granted.? Who are to instruct the chief justice.? Believe me your schemes will not yield any fruits. Try next time if at all you will be in PF.

    • Both his roles are listed on the photo. It’s about time he took a stand. People in Zed are tired of the PF confusion. The only protests will be from the ones paid to do it, those ignorant of the machinations and the die hards. Everyone else in Zambia is not necessarily PF and is tired.

    • Mune Big L….ubwalwa wasasa. This is why Scotland is prosperous because they follow the law strictly. You must learn to follow the law of your organisation, and country at large. The way it is is that come saturday and you are still pointing fingers at each other….by monday morning you need to vacate offices coz your mandate to govern would expire!!!

    • A house decided can not stand. A canoe with opposing paddlers goes in circles. If PF is not careful, it will make political world history as a party in government that failed to raise a presidential candidate to contest an election. If you had any lingering doubts as to the confusion in PF, surely this must settle it.

    • @Big L

      There you go again. Spewing hate.

      Do you maybe have a job that you are unqualified for and are anxious that you may be unemployable if your candidate loses?

      Well, here’s my advice – I’m being very kind and giving it to you free:

      Go back and learn a trade. Carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing are a few suggestions. You will have a job regardless of who rules. About the hate, keep it to yourself, you look bad. That means don’t talk about anyone’s tribe or origin.

      You’ll be much happier. I look forward to reading more enlightned posts from you henceforth.

      You’re Welcome.


    • @Jessie just because am pro PF doesn’t mean am employed by the PF, do want to know the real me perhaps.? drop me your number and I will give you call, I am an employer thank God I call the shorts. Now tell me what law Scott is following here to instruct CJ.? Once you answer this question and also give your number so that you see I don’t kiss ass to make a living then we can talk.

    • Its really funny how HH supporters can sing praises for Scott now, I thot your leader and yourselves used to call Scott muzungu bopusa what has changed now.? Double standards. this just shows how scared HH is of Lungu. Remember Lungu has the backing of the people and God so Scott will still lose.

    • We are we goin ba G. Scott? what democracy do you want to achieve which we can not see but distractions. this too much of hatred man. leave the matter along and let the court decide since you have decided segregate yourself from the party issues.

    • @BIG L winter has formed rain ball party because he know that YOUR EL will not manage opposition PF after 20th January 2014. all of your including father frank bwalya of ABZ will go to rain ball party

    • @Big L

      Very good! You actually have people in your employ who look to you for guidance! Well, pass on my advice to them too. Tell them that there is no problem with supporting PF or any other party.

      But don’t forget to tell them that posting hate is not acceptable, and they should judge a candidate based on issues, integrity and performance indications.

      The law is not my expertise so I can’t help you there with Scott’s observance or lack thereof.

      I also don’t debate privately over the phone. I’m sure you’re a very nice person and would be engaging and interesting in a phone conversation. Pass my advice to your underlings, that should suffice.

    • Sata did not call you useless for nothing muzungu opusa.

      Sata knew how useless you were and never let you act even for a day.

    • @ Big L

      You may be calling the “shorts” with poor unfortunate people which work for you, but you do not call “shorts” by insulting all and every one on this site. In so far, your “contributions” have been offensive and well bellow minimum standards accepted by the civilized people.
      Clear your act or GO TO HELL.
      By the way, watch you step when you are offending institution of the Head of State you 5tupid uneducated moron.


      I would like to inform peace-loving Zambians that Guy Scott should be ignored because he lacks legal prudence, just like Miles Sampa. As Party Vice President he cannot openly ridicule the Party President through his partial conduct. He is Hon Lungu’s subordinate and must be told in his face to stop giving instructions to Acting Chief Justice. The Judiciary enjoys independence from the Executive arm of Government.

      Today, Scott has openly shown that he does not mean well and could be used by enemies of the state at this hour. He is not CEO of the Party and therefore has no procedural and legal right to abuse the party structure. This is pure abuse of office, and disrespect for the independence of the Judiciary.

      Zambians arise against this lunatic!

    • Abena Zambia, do not show your inferiority complex here. Scotland is prosperous because they are Muzungu Wanga aniikonde. They are cowards that didn’t want independence from Britain. My goodness even Portugal has more honor than Scotland. It is better to be free and eat chibwabwa than be controlled by another. They have no right to self determination. When England barks the wimper. We are Zambia, hungry but proud and free.

    • This is not about Guy Scott, but about respect for the law. And Vodiga Lungu has clearly demonstrated REPEATEDLY that he does not give a monkey’s.
      If Vodiga can flout the law when he is not yet in power,
      who can tell what else he can violate once he is ushered in, pangas and all???
      You have been warned.

    • @Jessie if you say that you don’t which law then squash, becoz Scott claims he follows the law and that we have seen his actions we are convinced he hates Lungu. By the HH supporters like Jessie don’t think this is a win for Scott against Lungu…if he can do what he is doing now to Lungu what do you he could do to your HH.? Scott will wake up and declare a state of emergency and what will you do.?

    • Guy Scott continues to earn my respect everyday. Miles Sampa is the rightful candidate for the PF. Lungu used undemocratic methods to usurp power in PF and he needs to be purnished. For God’s sake, why doesn’t Lungu just leave PF and stand on Priest Bwalya’s ABZ party. If he is as popular as he thinks, then he can win on any ticket. The reason he wants to cling to PF is because he knows he cannot beat HH in these elections and so his only hope is rigging. He can only rig while he in PF and with the help of Scott and the ECZ. Guy Scott is Zambia’s only hope against rigging.

    • Scot is right please Let these people resolve these wrangles which has left uncertainty in the minds of well meaning Zambians. Just from the beginning this issue has been biased because of the involvement of relatives in the courts of Law. How did Lungu become President of PF? Was the procedure followed? NO. The problem here is that Lungu is stubborn. He is just full of himself because for now Guy is senior to him so he could have just humbled himself and seek forgiveness and all these wrangles can end. Ni nkani ya which one has more powers than the other here!

    • @Once Bitten…am lost, who did I insult.? You truly have the balls boy…Lady Jessie handled the issue I raised well than you and you claim you are civilised.? watch it boy, you are not my friend to attack me I didn’t mention your name. By the way I pay my employees well and that’s why they are still with me. I can see they are all doing great things and I thank God for that. Now you only God knows what you do for living you can come on here and insult me.? May God forgive you for you do not know what you are doing just like Guy Scott. Mark my words boy we the Lungu team will win this war.

    • @BIG L. Yes Scott is following the law.

      If you followed the proceedings at Mulungshi Rock, there is no way Edgar can not claim that he was duly elected in accordance with the PF manifesto. He used intimidation, shortcuts and blocking due processes. That is pure anarchy.

      In addition, by declaring that Justices Mulenga and Chali erred, the supreme court effectively squashed the consent judgement passed and upheld by the duo. And since it is by this flawed judgment that Edgar is purporting to PF President, Guy Scott is right to correct the false impression – no one can claim to PF President yet neither Edgar nor Sampa until the courts decide.

    • Home of confusion is PF. Lungu was voted into presidency by show of hands, not spelled out in their own constitution. Sampa was voted by a conference deemed to be illegal. It is all but a lot to be desired.

    • The PF has been a party which all along flouted the supreme law of the land this is the more reason we are witnesses to the ongoing confusion. Zambians why do you write your laws then in the queen’s language which is foreign to your way of life and thinking? Leave Guy Scott alone for the laws he is following are in English and he understands them much better than most insulting him and he is not using emotions

    • Better not having a Presidential candidate by 20th than having Edgar Chakolwa Lungu on the ballot paper under PF. It’ll be extremely unfortunate if Edgar and his corrupt High court friends bulldoze his candidature through before the nominations. I’m sure decent people across the country will do him a ‘donchi kubebe’ and put things right for once. Those old enough will remember the 2006 elections, if you weren’t born by then ask Miyanda and FDD guys, remember Lusaka and Kitwe are not Zambia.

    • Problem is some of you never want to follow laws. Scott is trying to do so and it is so alien to you that now you are being insulting. Rule of Law!

    • You live in a foreign country yourself and use racist remarks against a person who was born and brought up in Zambia. He has never left Zambia for greener pastures like you are doing. It is right time somebody stands up and does the things right. Rule of law shall prevail, even if it means no PF candidate, let it be so. It shall be a lesson to all that there are no shortcuts in life.

    • Only people drunk with RDA money or with air miles from diplomatic trips , can’t see that we can’t have a drunkard for a President

      Big L (L) should get another name . Because his choice of nick name ,Is as bad as his choice of Presidents.

      Big L stands for Big loser Big Liarer . Big Lumpen, Big Lager

    • Dr. Scot is only performing his responsibilities entrusted on him as Vice President of the PF and should be commended for doing so. He is a Zambian and in many ways a better Zambian national than most of us. He has contributed immensely to the developed of this country and PF as a Party. He has a stake in the country he was born and a citizen of. He also has a stake in a party he helped to establish, make functional and win an election to become the current ruling party. His color and/or the origins of his parents do not make his less a Zambia and that we should as fully comprehend.

      We commend you Dr. Scott for upholding the your own party constitution and for your respect of the judicial system of our beloved Country. We salute you our Dearest President for the courage you have…

    • ZWD is the most credible online news publications. 99% of what it reported came to pass.

      It informed us of Sata ‘s illness, it came to pass. It informed us about the split in PF is has come to pass.

      It was the first to inform us about Kabimba forming rainbow party. It has come to pass.

      Now I am just waiting for the day it will assure us that HH is winning.

      Viva ZWD and LT

    • I’m sure Kaminamisa Lungu and his compromised judges would also be okay with a general election decided by a show of hands

    • The last time i check , guy scott was the remaining founder member of PF and the loud mouth dull Vodka…. was just brought in from his misery MMD suspension on his…..
      For Now all well meaning zambians please do not listen to this drunk.Kachasu has some seriouse illusional effects which most likely has even damaged EL s’ mental stability.
      HH is the way to save this country from further Panga hacking etc
      HH Forward chabe !

    • This unlearned @Big L is W. Nsanda

      With very little, if not none, education yet Board Chairman over seriously learned engineers! What a country!

      Muza ciona come 20 Jan 2015!


    • I’m really tired of hearing people say “go back to Scotland”

      Guy Scot was born in Zambia, if he was to go back to where he was born he’d have to travel to Livingstone, not Scotland 😛

    • @ Big L # 1.20

      Little turd, I am well over 60 and I have boys in their 40’s and grandchildren in university. Little turd, you calling me “boy”?

      Do you realize that contrary to your 5tupid logic, Scott is HEAD OF STATE and any insult against him is insult against Republic of Zambia?

      Reading and writing in English does not mean understanding English.

      By the way, when you call “shorts” at home, who answers? Nickers?

    • Please can you explain to us what wrong Dr Scott has done. The fact that he is of different color does not mean he is not Zambian. He probably is more Zambian than you are. Sometimes it suprizes me how learned people just follow ichimwela. You do not even know what u r voting for. U r following people blindly who are busy using cadres to mobilize EL support yet the same people r the ones that have plundered our money for this country. They want to use EL to cover their tracks… You have more to lose than Scott. All he is trying to do is help you safeguard your resources and you are busy making the loudest noise with no facts but busy talking campaigning for what you don’t know. Wake up and don’t follow blindly.

    • He is the president you dullard ati “who are you to direct” congratulations you have just won dullard of the week competition and its only Wednesday today!

      Stupid *****!

  2. then why is Edgar allowed to campaign if there is no president in pf? guy scott let miles sampa start campaign noko ichinyo tombanoko

    • Elo yawama nomba. Viva Hakainde Hichilema (HH). Zambia is not PF and PF is not Zambia. PF is a scam. It died and is buried at Embassy Park. HH and UPND be ready for state house.

    • The best is to wipe PF out of the surface of Zambia. Then sanity will be restored in Zambia. PF should be worse than UNIP.

  3. Scott anama chabe! It isn’t for the chief Justice to determine who registers on Saturday, it is down to the Electoral Commission!

    • Why did Lungu start campaigning even before the legality of his party presidency was determined? Of what use will be the continuation of Sampa’s court case, whose goal is to prevent Lungu from masquerading as PF president and enjoying the benefits that the position brings, if Lungu is allowed to file-in his nominations before the legality of his purported election as PF president is established? Until the matter is finally disposed of, no one from the PF should purport to be the ruling party’s president and presidential candidate and be allowed to file-in. lf this means the PF not having a candidate to sponsor for the presidential by election because of ongoing court cases, so be it! We should never have an unlawful candidate on the presidential ballot, be it Sampa or Lungu. Viva justice!

    • Actually, due to the late ID!OT we had in State House Zambia DOES NOT HAVE A CHIEF JUSTICE!

      This clown Chibesakunda is not even a proper “acting” Chief Justice as she does not fulfill the Constitutional requirement because of her AGE!

      She is sitting on the bench ILLEGALLY!

      Sata really fcuked Zambia up good and proper!

    • PF is worse than UNIP. I agree. Lungu and his judges are shameless. A lawyer who openly flaunts the laws of the land to become president is worrying. Zambia has become lawless. Hence the poor driving, lack of road etiquette. I blame PF. They are the leaders.

    • Guys, why are you getting agitated by the fools in PF. Is it the only party in Zambia? Even if you voted them, do you think they can govern this country when they are failing to run their party? US your vote wisely and I know you are all wiser than Lungu, Sampa and Koswe Scot

  4. Scott you will regret once Eddy becomes your president…I also don’t see CJ taking your advice here… Only time will tell.

    • Threats and intimidation and violence. That is all what PF is.

      PF (People Fighting, Paya Farmer, Panga Family, Poor Finishers etc)

    • Guy Scott is the future; black people cannot run a country; give us your companies; we shall hire u; pay u peanuts and make a killing of a profit when exporting minerals


      The lessons learnt by Miles and Scott from this comatose must be very clear.
      1. You cannot take the court for granted when you are just a “loose stone” in the air, without traceable source. Miles ignores the court and goes ahead with his forbidden conference in Kabwe- Contempt of Court

      2. Scott gives instructions to the Chief Justice on electoral procedure in his capacity as PF Vice President- Gross indiscipline

      Courts will never allow morons and lunatics to cajole them and meddle around with process.

      Scott and Miles will live to remember their mistakes. The “couple” are lost. Judiciary will soon show their muscle, independency, impartiality and honesty.

      I salute the Judiciary for their stance on this matter.


  5. What Scott should have done , is to obtain an order restraining EL from posing as PF candidate – without an order by Saturday, with no other person claiming to represent PF, EL will be registered!

    • @kapoli, you are right! It could Scott knows that such an order cannot be granted because Scott is not mentioned among the contending parties and those opposing Lungu openly in court have contempt case and have already been accused of abusing court procedures.

    • They did. The Post here is telling you Sampa applied for a Stay of Execution which has been denied. Scott is a nada man and thinks he can order The Law about.

  6. How can a Vice President issue an instruction to Block his President from nominations. This is unacceptable.Guy,we shall show you the exit soon after these elections.

    • Until Edgar Lungu can prove in Court that he was LEGALLY elected as PF president, HE IS NOT THE PF PARTY PRESIDENT. Therefore Guy Scott is His boss. Get that.

    • GUY is trying hard to help those in PF unfortunately advice is falling on deaf ears. PF is in a political intensive care unit and requires critical care. It’s a political coma and by the time they recover from their self inflicted stupidity they will wake to a rude shock of seeing a different political party in power.

  7. Presidential foot is firmly down. I remember the day the bulldozer trampled on sanity and they picked their fall ‘guy’. About time too. I can well imagine what it must be like behind the scenes. Chuckle.

  8. So Sampa wont even follow what the Supreme Court instructed him to.? By the way CJ doesn’t have the powers but ECZ and remember Lungu has the certificate as PF presidential candidate. Can the PF secretary general fire Scott please…it’s long overdue.

    • Yes, Impeach him for Conduct Unbecoming Of The Office Of The President. That’s all PF HAVE TO DO NOW. a Especially since he has made a serious gaff by writing to Her Honour Chief Justice in thus unprecedented way to interfere in an ongoing Court case. It is unseemingly, especially as Lungu was this morning saying Scott has nothing against him. This is appalling.

  9. I wonder if courts are dealt with in this way?! It is not what he thinks but what the law says as the two legal camps (one for Edgar and another for Miles) are battling it out. If by legal status based on obtaining circumstance Lungu is deemed a legitimate President,then he should be left alone to go and file the nomination papers. A letter cannot do because there are court procedures that should be followed. How many citizens are going to write letters to the Chief Justice to resolve their misunderstandings? The legal process we have become familiar with as lay people is an injunction but if that option and other channels identified with legal procedures are not available to Scott then he just have to accept that. So Scott expects Lungu to write a counter letter?

    • Exactly. There is nothing the Chief Justice can do about this.

      Effectively this Scott, Atanga presided over a process of election to select Sampa which us not accepted by the courts.

      The Supreme Court was clear, Sampa must now APPLY to be added to the ongoing case first. It was wrongly reported that he had been conjoined. He may very well be refused again and that IS most probable since it makes no sense to join him as he was not elected in a legally recognised process. It is a waste of time and detracting Lungu. Scott should be Impeached for conduct unbecoming The Office Of The President.

    • @Patriot Abroad and all his cohorts,

      Please note, there is a bold line between Scott’s role in PF and in White House. GS can only be impeached if he overstepped his presidential boundaries. As it is, he is the only legitimate top official in the PF and playing within the confines of that environment.

      This goes to show you that the concept of the Party and ts Government needs to be reevaluated. Matters of the party, viz management, need to confined to the party officials, SG and below. Let the prez focus on national issues. It will save us from buffoonery.

  10. Exactly the drama “all well meaning” political analysts would have hoped for. What drama, we shall be telling our children and grand children that in the year of Jubilee, the country was beset by unprecedented drama. Thanks to internet, these records will stored for future generations to read, unlike the Third Term drama that is almost completely wiped out of the history, with minimal records available

  11. These PF should just be barred from the political land scape. We can’t allow confused people anywhere near the instruments of power. How can an administration of a party fail to reason?
    HH this is your time. Zambia is surely going forward.

    • That is what the opposers of EL wants. They have failed to impose their leader now they want to destroy the party or make sure no PF on Jan 20 2015.. Too bad!!

    • let people debate and resolve issues in the best possible way. Come what may Edgar Lungu will be the 6th republican president of Zambia. Scot has run out of ideas to block Lungu and desperation is now creeping in has become clear that come 20th January Lungu will be in state house. Pa bwato forever.

    • Why are you scared of a few lawless cadres? This is the only way to bring sanity to Zambian politics. Every Zambian shud be free to participate in politics without any intimidation from anyone? E L camp is practicing ancient politics which has no place in today’s dispensation? You don’t elect a leader to an important position of party president by the show of hands. That’s very risky. This guy could become Zambias president? My foot. Hats off to acting president for putting his foot down. EL was fired because of what he said to the media after GS was made actin President, insubordination and perjury. Nervers Mumba was fired for a similar offence by Mwanawasa.

  12. Edgar must realise that time for shortcuts are running out .
    Sampa his voice need to be heard as well don’t 4get he is a blood nephew to the late that matters a lot in African society . Mr Lungu is from married aunt of Sampa therefore he must be careful the way he handles Sata family , he can bull doser Sata ‘s wives and children not original Sata family he is just married.
    Don’t just look at politics family is family no jokes otherwise they will split.

    • Guy Scott set a date for the convention but failed to show up with his allies, he opened the conference from the guest house and kept delegates waiting what does he want let him join Wynter and leave Zambia for Zambians. He participated in the illegal congress and we shall include him in the contempt case just a matter a time.

    • You must be the dumbest African to ever have used a computer my brother. PF is not a personal party. Let the people choose, there is no blood relations here. Only Jesus’s blood saves, even with Christ there is democracy, remember you have to choose him freely. Free will. Do not spout words before thinking them through.

    • ulifontini iwe, no data, atase!!!!! does Zambia belong to the Sata family. Zambia is for all. any one can aspire for high office, this is not a chiefdom where Miles should succeed his uncle. wechipubawe!!!!

    • @ Hu

      If that family splits it will be for the better of the country. I fact can they all be forced to have their reproductive organs prevented from reproduction. Snip the tubes of the entire family carrying those genes. This family is BAD SEED!

    • You must be UPND chaps..your real name Hichani Hakaswende… Scott cannot instruct courts of law…he claims he wants the things done by the book now him writing to CJ which law is he following.?

    • @ Banda ,we hope this action will not affect the rest of the contenders. Come 20th December the rest should file nominations, if PF will not be cleared by then, let them leave the race to the others and regroup in 2016. Enough of the confusion from these people.

  13. This man is fighting a losing battle. He failed to face Edgar at the
    conference. Edgar is now the President of PF, he can even suspend him.

    Why can`t he just join Rainbow party or Poor People`s Party?
    HH can`t accept him as far as i know.

    Zambians are waiting for HH or EL to go to State house and this is
    the fact without any hypocrisy. Go go HH Go go EL.

    I love these two sons of Zambia.

  14. is this muzungu normal mwebantu?
    i think something is wrong in his white dare is he to block edgar lungu.
    i think he has gone to far and it is time we real pf sorted him out.
    tomorow morning we shall gather to force him to resign if not we will fire him.

    • He wants to wreck havoc and then declare state of emergency and cancel elections then he will continue to act until 2016 for Rainbow Party to take over..

    • Yes he is far much normal than all of you put together. Honestly if Zambians vote EL it will be the end of the country as will know it, these are thugs waiting to rule the country we will be like Zaire or Liberia.

    • Bushe Mulilonshi Edgar alepitamo? Ala tachaba icayanguka ngawalitwa ukuba imfumu iwe iyo yo. Naba Sata bene pa first tacali easy but he never allowed distractors to disturb him. Mwebantu sorry nganalufyana forgive me, I think Guy Scott needs dangerous players. Ba PF we nid to FAST. Uyu muntu alefwaya ukuflila munsenga like what Hon Kambwili said. Iwe GUY SCOTT plz twakupapata bushe kanshi cinshi Edgar Lungu akucita? Twebe ngakukufuta twalakufuta. Nomba ine bane ba PF nafisenda personal noyu cikala guy scott. Our friends in UPND r busy campaigning and yet us we r just wasting time on useless things. Guy Scott since you said that you belong to the A team plz leave PF cikala cobe. God will bless and lift up Edgar Lungu. God will make Edgar a chief corner stone/President.

  15. What’s the logic in writing to the acting CJ, how does she even come into the picture, ba Guy Scott? I thought Guy should have obtained an injunction the issuing of the certificate to EL. Anyway, I fore see the fights within PF and MMD parties leading to disastrous results in the election. I just hope it won’t lead to violence in the country. There are many innocent people that want none of the nonsense in 2 fools parties

  16. Guy Scott should stop hiding in procedures when he knows he is held to ransom by his pay masters to destroy PF. What kind of nonsense is this where a subordinate raises to crucify his own boss. Scott is now insulting Zambians. I think it is time he thought of the much needed peace in the country not playing Politics even where it is not necessary. Why do you hate Edgar so much when clearly you are campaigning for a different party altogether. Don’t tempt the patience and down to earth character of Zambians. Please can someone somewhere speak to this man to put the interest of the nation first by not abusing the courts.

  17. SCOT IS RIGHT…The court should not enternain disputed candidents including SAMPA…

    So Lungu don’t cry foul. we told you not to use short cut. Ati raise your hands basi ati wawina…You now look foolish with your supporters.

  18. as soon as we enter plot 1. ediger should fire this muzungu as vice president. he does nt mean well for the party.

    EL. CHABE come january 2015.

  19. I wonder what Scott is up to. Assuming the matter does not get resolved by Saturday the 20th, then it will be elections without the PF. What will he have brought to our beloved Country? Scott nimbwa Sana!????

  20. Scott and Sampa has a lot under their carpets and only Lungu can expose the same. These schemes are not just. They will do anything to protect their interest. ALL WELL MEANING ZAMBIANS MUST VOTE FOR LUNGU.>>>>>>….

    • Never ever shall any normal person vote for person like lungu. It is a taboo and an abomination in my fathers land that a chakolwa can be voted into office. It just never happens. That anointment was from Lucifer himself. Nay in this land of our forefathers shall we allow chakolwas to rule. Mark my words. I say nay

  21. HH while u were away-Act. President executed his national duties with diligence. Although late MCS recognized potential in this man, he only used this potential in campaigns. If MCS had used this man wisely, MCS wud probably be living to this moment. Alas, even MCS was afraid of using this man fully. HH, plz ensure that the minority ethnic groups are also represented in yo cabinet? Let us have a white man & Asian person in yo cabinet. We also need all 10 provinces adequately represented. U also need to consider commercializing constituencies thru CDF so that jobs are created right where there are pipo. This will stem off rural migration. Also consider law where if an indigenous Zambian holds at least 20% stake in a coy with t/over of over K30m, income tax rate is 20%.

  22. I wonder what Scott is up to. Assuming the matter does not get resolved by Saturday the 20th, then it will be elections without the PF. What will he have brought to our beloved Country? Scott nimbwa Sana!????

  23. Scott is just being desperate as he backs the cartel all the way. If EL or HH forms the next government, please my leaders please, deal with these conniving sons of the devil and so called cartel, the liars. The white VP has become their charlatan too!
    Who gave him the audacity to be interferring with independent government institutions which are established by acts of parliament? Before he leaves that acting president nonsense that Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) caused, (excuse the critique of a man gone) he may experience some serious surprises from the Zambian society and institutions.
    God almighty will guide us not this scottish descendent!!!

  24. With all respect i have for Scot! i feel he is trying to kill PF, but if GOD has permitted it , he will always be a failure. Can some one help me understand, what is it that Scott is looking for? or what really has Ed done to him? What evil has Ed committed in this PF, or to Scott himself? And which law is he using to write to the CJ to stop any bady wanting to be the president of Zambia from PF ?

    Remember Justice works on its on, and is above him. All well meaning Zambians LETS stand against this man Scott his way of doing thing. I see nothing els in his eyes,but full of evil,against Ed, and to many more supporting Ed.
    To Scott, have been one your supporters since this PF was formed. To honest, i loved they way my beloved late President fight, fight full of meaning,MHSRIP.

    • God? God? I stopped reading this as soon as I saw ‘God’. When people rush to invoke the name of God to justify their personal leanings, it’s extremely off-putting and shows they lack an appreciation of every person’s right to believe or disbelieve in God.

    • Death of PF will be a huge favour to Zambia. They have brought confusion, worsened living conditions. They have rode on MMDs policies. PF (Policy Free).

  25. Muzungu ni Muzungu!!! I keep saying: Chawama can never produce a President. That will be the day I will renounce my Zed citizenship. Look, Lungus supporters are all komboni dwellers and bred. Drank and clueless chaps. I am sorry, but all the pipo who matter in this country wont allow Lungu to rule us. Lungu is an ugly thieving clown of a lawyer.He reminds me of an old magazine character call Fwanya.

    • I agree fully with you. read the comments full of insults and threats coming from EL supporters, tells what type of people you are dealing with. 14 million people and we come up with EL? what a shame. come on guys, we can do better. Sorry not you EL, you are not right man for this job.

    • Renounce your Zambia citizenship. Like Scott and Scotland. We know you are weak brave hearts lol. Zambia needs you not.

    • Agree with you most of his supporters follow him because he is from Chawama. Hence the violence and insults. Visionless lawyer. How is he regarded in legal circles?

    • JO! You say “Muzungu ni Muzungu” in 2014?
      Look yourself in the mirror, do you think you are less human than a white man?
      You might as well renounce your citizenship tomorrow, this country won’t miss you.




  27. A word to him, let black Zambians judge ourselves. We have power to stop any bady at any time if he is not doing right things for betterment of this our mother!
    If any evil, we the Zambians we know what to do with you. Open eyes now, and stay away from evil you trying to bring in this country,
    Remember God loves you too. Time for change is now, change to do good for all Zambians!
    If you do not, we watching you!

    • Mwana speak like a person who is educated and avoid rascist hate speach. Also speak for yourself not everyone agrees with your sentiments.

  28. Guy Scott was born in Zambia and is Zambian. This bs of saying he should go back to Scotland needs to stop. Argue on substance and not race. I think he is doing a great job as President and if it wasn’t for our constitution, I’d be ok voting for him but under the circumstances am hoping HH be the one to be in charge. The clause in our constitution that stipulates that your parents need to be born in Zambia for you to stand is *****ic. My mum was born in Zimbabwe but lived her entire life in Zambia and so did my dad and I was born in Zambia. So legally I can never be president like Guy Scott even though am Zambian. So why not go ahead and just say, I will denounce my Zambian citizenship and apply for US citizenship because like Guy Scott am treated like a foreigner in my own land.

  29. I support the decision the Act. President has taken. Lungu’s election was a sham from the word go. Mulongoti, Madyenkuku, so-called Father Bwalya and the likes also raised their hands when voting for Lungu. Remember if u use one disqualified football player even as a substitute and u win the game and the opponent petitions the result, the points are awarded to yo opponent. Remember Zambia vs Sudan case? Lungu as a lawyer shud be well versed in such matters. Alas, u can not tell any difference btwn him and a wheel barrow pusher at Masala mkt. I do not understand why he clouds himself in so many illegalities. He even claims he will investigate why we fail 2 amass wealth wen he comes into power & yet he is a member of cabinet and even holds 2 positions. What a joker!

  30. who does this guy think he is????
    please can we just expel this guy!!!!
    i cant stand hearing this guy…………..
    mwebantu plizzzzzz !!
    why does he hate LUNGU????

    • He doesn’t hate him. He just recognises that Lungu is a dull clueless visionless a$$hole and he knows Zambia deserves better. But seriously you people supporting Lungu need your heads checked because I can tell you that if I asked you to categorically give me reasons based on merit why you are supporting Lungu, giving me two will be a struggle. FCUK THE PF!!

    • @zulu
      Don’t use the royal name if you think like BigL. The PF thugs are crying foul here when they know that all this is because as a party, they have no managers.
      Even the so called presidential candidate drunk EL has to go for conflict resolving lessons. If the Muppet is blocked the better for Zambia and that includes BigL and all other PF d***heads.

  31. You poured insults to HH when he referred Scott as muzungu wopusa. This is your Scott bwana ,he could be right to write to CJ,as a returning officer. I neeed to educated here,who receives nominations for presidential candidates in Zambia?

  32. Ba scott. ba scott. ba scott. I have called you three times, Do you love Zambia. Kindly stay out of these otherwise at the end of the day you will regret staying in zambia.

    • Do not support under hand systems of governance. EL was elected illigally bcos even father Frank Bwalya and president Mulongoti raised their hands to vote for EL that day. Lelo! Lelo! wina azalila. HH full flightHH 2015 State House. This is actually the will of God.

  33. The PF has finally sunk. When HH was saying uyu muzungu niopusa, most PF members including Edgar Lungu attacted HH left right and center. Now the white man has dribbled them. Let the drama continues. I am HAPPY. VIVA HH. Come 20th January, 2014, HH will have no strong opponent. NI WHITE WASH CHABE

  34. Guy Scott’s hatred for Edgar Lungu is there for all to see!but which sin has EL done to Scott?i supported Scott at first,but not anymore!he is a pure PF spoiler!all Scott wants is civil war then run away to Scotland,too bad!huge numbers at EL recent rallies and peace on streets can tell that many PF lovers want Edgar and not Scott’s Miles Sampa!surely nobody in PF leadership can sort out Guy Scott?this is just too much!for sure Mugabe is right,its a big sin to allow a muzungu near power!i cry for mother Zambia,please God help us!

    • Who cares about who hates who in PF? What we the majority are eagerly waiting for is dawn of 20th January 2015 to usher HH into State House.

    • Ichintucintumwene, you forgot’

      4. very wealthy
      5. sharp business acumen
      6. Never beg because they always have food
      7. Not corrupt
      8. and most importantly, they have big d!cks.

  35. so all black zambians cant see what scott is trying to do? Let me explain in simple terms: he wants you returded morons to be equal before your own laws.

  36. A mere party functionary cannot and should not give directives to the chief Justice. Scott’s tantrums must be ignored with the disdain they deserve.

  37. Scott seems to have annoyed a bunch of ruthless cadres, but they don’t appreciate he is doing the correct thing. Besides Lungu has lots of obstacles to over come, for instance he is an alien from Malawi. This election has been nicely delivered hassle-free to HH.

  38. I feel sorry for my country when I look at some of the comments coming from our own educated brothers and sisters living abroad. E.L? Pleeeeease. Tubeko serious.

  39. Pig Scott,

    Please be informed that there are other political parties interested in theses elections. Don’t make stupid decisions which will disturb peace in this country. HH (and other candidates) have invested a lot of time and resources in the campaigns.

    Please please let the Zambians have peaciful, free and fair elections.

    We know you have another country. Leave our Zambia alone please!!!!!!

  40. Evidence that EL is really God’s anointed leader, facing so many temptations and obstacles from the devil in the form of Scott and Sampa. We shall overcome and come Jan 15, HE ECL shall rule.


  42. Jo you’re an ***** for insulting the pf majority of the pf are for el…that’s discrimination at its best!so pipo from komboni’s don’t vote?again I repeat you’re an ***** a clueless chap who has no clear foresite

  43. These are the last kicks of the dying horse (the Cartel). They have tried all possible means to remove Edgar from the helm of the PF but no LUCK.

    To add salt to the injury… the pronouncements by EL of them paying what they owe Zambias have shaken them hence this desperation of writting to the CJ. ULUSE!!!!

    • That is spot on! It is clear they are desperate. Edgar Lungu is good for Zambia. We can clean out all these people.

  44. Chibesakunda has destroyed the Zambian judiciary. Zambia`s judiciary is rotten with corruption and nepotism. Its really a shame.

    • Expelled from ZAMBIA. He must go where his father came from. Old people are supposed to act with wisdom, what is this hag doing, he does not care what happens to the party or the country. He will simply align himself with kabimba who he reveres. If it were up to me……

    • Too right! But they should try to impeach him before that, so we can restore dignity back into the office of the President.


  45. After return from bemba land it is clear that hh has no chance. Hh had a chance to see what pf has done in rural areas. The only thing hh can say for now is that he will finish what PF is doing . In short he has to carry out pf vission. HHH hope now lies in muzungu opusa

  46. Very very sad. With due respect Scott is doing all these as Ransom in the eyes of the international community. Time will tell and I will the last long laugh preferably at the peak of Ntumba chushi falls

  47. Scott what do you really want from Zambians? Please Scott behave before you set this great nation on fire. We thought you had listened but alas you have continued on this destructive path. Mind you us Zambians are watching you closely. If your intention is to set this great nation on fire , you will not succeed my man. Just own up and let it go, Lungu is filing in papers come 20th December. Scott you are a great disgrace.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  48. Come 21 st Jan the big man is going bak to look afta pigs.. And ka hh must give chance to others to lead upnd. Tribalism has not taken him anywhere

  49. Your Honour, Chief Justice please Impeach Guy Scott. The man is showing a belief he is above the law.

    Since Attorney General enforced Scott into the office of the president, we have witnessed gross miss-behaviour by Scott to his party and the nation at large.

    He has been insulting to his support offices; Central Committee and has made unilateral decisions without due course. Signing the Retirement Age changes without even consulting or national debate.

    His conduct to Edgar Lungu is neither professional nor befitting conduct of a President at national level. Allowing Guy Scott to Act as President has cost us our nationalist and international image.

    He says he wants a constitutionally elected candidate and yet he presided over a parallel convention injuncted by the courts.

    • His letter to Chief Justice shows flagrant abuse and the failure to bring himself under the rule of law.

      Guy Scott is now interfering in matters concerning ongoing Court Cases, openly.

      It is clear he is a grave distraction to the efforts of Edgar Lungu and the majority of MPs who have tried to proceed with the serious task of preparing for elections.

      This situation should not be allowed to continue nor to set a precedence of misconduct in office.

  50. I appreciate why Mmembe hates you, you made reference it at the rally in Lsk. He is scared indeed. Well I understand why HH and his supporters hate the sound of your name- it will be total whitewash. But man, like seriously, don’t act dumb – fill us in, what is the beef between you two for the chap scott to hate with evil passion? Thanks LT for exposing the whiteman’s under cover dealings.

  51. I have never been a fan of Miles Sampa but I am in full agreement with the stance taken by Guy Scott. You cant have shortcuts in whatever you do. You have a history of violence, and you want to be the President of Zambia. And even a history of embezzlement as a lawyer. We are lucky to have people like Guy Scott.

    • @katete

      You need to follow the case. Currently the law has decided, Edgar Lungu’s election is legal. No one can decide it us not until the court gas decided. To be clear that consent judgement will not be set aside.

  52. HH should come in faster and clear the mess. As for HH the priorities must be job creation, getting rid of pangas in township, and bring decency and dignity to our hospitals. We gave it to PF and failure is written all over, surprisingly they are still crying for it

  53. Guy Scott is bitter he feels PF belongs to him and late MCS. He feels he entirely worked and suffered for this part for over ten years. He does not want to give it away to Lung who just joined the party few years ago. He would rather PF dies with Sata then letting other people enjoy what they never suffered for. Awe umusungu alichulile ukwenda muma campaign mumishi.

  54. HH lets go! there is no political crisis in Zambia. Its just one disorganized political party called PF which has challenges of its own making- life has to move on !

  55. Ldt Zambians remember what TB Joshua fortold aboug Zambia though not by namr.. He saw asoughen African country in a crisice and blood shade. Whichever spirit works in him , most of his predictions have come to pass. It is now for Zambisns to act for peace becouse Scott soon fly to his counttry to join bis relatives.

  56. scot is one of the most usful *****s that i have known……

  57. Can Lungu let the nation know his position on Lombe Chibesakunda continuing to be chief justice. HH has commented on this before. We all know where LAZ stands on this issue. What does Lungu intend to do? Since he intends to continue Satas legacy will he also let us know if he will keep Libongani as IG? I will go off on a limb and say Musa Mwenye is probably out regardless of who wins. Will Lungu keep Chibesakunda and Libongani? Edgar Lungu CHECK!

  58. HH once called him Muzungu Opusa. …

    We are moving forward…as Zambians and these elections will be a contest between Edgar and HH….chapwa

    Muzungu Scott can go back to Scotland if he want to.

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • At last the Katondo boys know that HH is the man.
      Thanks for boarding flight HH2015.
      We still have space for Mushota and BigL. Please note that we have to take you for skills upgrading before we give you state responsibilities. No more Pangas and insults on this plane.

  59. exposed atlast Scott has written the chief justice as who? chibesa kunda how free will be your judgement from influence of Scott?

  60. @big L,

    Firstly you are a foolish character ,racist and an imbecile.

    Scot was born in Zambia and he is the current acting president.

    So get lost and keep writing whatever nonses you like ,because no one will ever listen to a moron like you.

  61. Maybe it’s time someone reminded Guy Scott to respect the rule of law? He is no longer Acting president of the PF! He should just shut up and let the courts adjudicate in the PF cases before them! This chap still suffers from the colonial hangover of his ancestors! He seems to have realized that he does not have the injunction at his disposal, and now wants to use extra-judicial means to circumvent the due process! Isn’t he the one who does not like short cuts? If he’s aggrieved, let him go to court, scumbag! Or better still, let him resign from PF and join his puppeteer in the newly launched Rainbow Party! His friends are waiting for him! Wynter is lonely! He needs his friends, all of them, including “Muzungu Opusa”, as one HH would say! Scott, zwa!

  62. I never liked Guy Scott since he came into the PF mainstream but now, pity maybe a bit late, I’m beginning to like the guy for his principles and stance on following the laid down rules & regulations. I pity those that are ignorant & have a mobile phone which allows them the power to show us their ignorance on issues beyond them. Justice always prevails.

  63. The actions by Scott are just making EL more popular. Actually pipo will now be compelled to give him a sympathy vote looking at what he has gone through. None the less, Scott deserves to be fired from the party and let PF filled Mulenga Sata in Lusaka central as the MP.

  64. Back to the drawing table. Oh my!
    Indeed the strong waves of democracy are rocking and tossing the PF boat.
    Is it Noah’s ark or Jonas boat we are in?

  65. I am personally shocked by bloggers supporting Guy Scott’s interference in the operations of judiciary and his insubordinate behavior towards the PF President. Do these bloggers know anything about separation of powers between the legislature, executive, and the judiciary? This is a subject taught in secondary school civic education classes! Scott is Vice President of the PF and this is evident on the letter he has written to the CJ. How can he bypass the PF President’s authority in doing this? Isn’t this gross insubordination? For UPND supporters who appear to be cheer leaders for Scott’s impunity, how would they feel if Canisius Banda or Kapita did this to HH?

  66. Scott is right.I salute him for that.HH might have called him Muzungo opusa then but now he has got this one correct.The supreme court,the highest legal body in our land has found it necessary to have this matter reviewed and judgement passed…if EL was dully elected,the learned judges wouldn’t have wasted time by referring the case back to the high court …meaning So far no one has been declared PF president …and Scott is spot on.All Those EL supporters,please for once use your brains and not your bones.

    • @Mwini ipumba SC do you know that PF central committee is currently meeting to expel Guy Scott and if he is expelled he will lose his seat in parliament and consequently his cabinet position WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE OF THE COUNTRY THEN?

      I am very afraid of what is about to happen in the next few days WE NEED PRAYERS SERIOUS PRAYERS FOR OUR DEAR ZAMBIA

  67. PF can really set up a stage for debate…WOW. …

    I JUST LOVE PF….BEEN A MEMBER SINCE 2005 and now I just love PF more than ever. …..

    Katondo boys and PF till death do us part. ……PF my partner for life….waufwa !!!!

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  68. What is wrong with what Dr Guy Scott said? Certainly, with this great confusion in the ruling party, the wisest thing would be for the PF to allow the courts of law to settle the matter once and for all. There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts all fear.

  69. Guy Scott is working with Wynter Kabimba, he wants Pf to be in confusion and turn people towards Wynter, see into his plan people

  70. Scott the pig you have gone too far! Don’t say you were not warned. You can enslave your UPND slaves but not us in PF. Not anymore. Enough is enough. You have mistreated our party president Edgar Lungu and the people of Zambia for too long.
    Let’s see who is now in charge!

  71. Even with this abuse of power and injustice by this alien called Scott, still Edgar Lungu will be elected President of Zambia on 20 January by landslide! The cartel is stripped and exposed. UPND has nothing to offer Zambians
    Viva Edgar Ifintu ni Edgar Lungu

  72. I still havent understood what Scott did wrong…. If a matter is in court, then the people have to wait for the court rulling before going round claimimg to be presidents…. or is it that we are too dull to understand this simple statement. Lets not jump to name calling for something we seem not to understand…. Edgar Lungu is again showing the nation why he cant make a sober president….

  73. Dr. Scott cannot instruct courts of law to block Mr. Lungu or anyone. There are court procedures that should be followed. He should know better given that he is a long serving Legislator. No wonder he presided over a flawed convention. It appears that Mr Scott will do anything to block Mr Lungu even if it will result in PF not participating in the forthcoming elections. Dr. Scott is an enemy of PF.

  74. Africans we far behind kubasungu, nshaumfwapo umwina zed uwafyalwa na uwakulila ku scotland olo ku UK ukuba Prime minister olo minister of any thing, ku saudia takwaba ukuba position iili yonse ati pantu wafyalilwa kusaudia, ufyalilwe kusaudia , ukulile huko, iwe kumwenu ni kumwenu nationality yobe ni iyo ine no changes, mwamona nomba ifyo chalashupa na ba guy scot…………..???????

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