PF Central Committee to meet over Guy Scott’s letter

Guy Scott
Guy Scott

Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee chairperson for Labour Davis Mwila says the Central Committee will tonight convene to discuss acting President Guy Scott’s letter to acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

In a letter dated 16th December 2014, Dr. Scott in his capacity as acting President and ruling PF vice president has asked Justice Lombe Chibesakunda not to entertain any attempt to bring forward the nomination of any candidate from his party before the end of the current legal processes.

Mr. Mwila has told Qfm News that by writing such a letter in his capacity as PF vice president, Dr Scott has exhibited acts of insubordination to party president Edgar Lungu.

And Foreign Affair Minister Harry Kalaba has warned that the fact that Dr. Scott has taken party members for granted, they will not only push for his expulsion from the party but from Cabinet as well.

And Traditional and Chief Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo who also shared the disappointed of Mr. Kalaba and Mwila says Dr. Scott’s action can be understood because he is not indigenous.

And Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata says the action by Dr. Scot is the reason why late President Michael Sata used to allegedly refer to him as a Whiteman with no proper brains.


  1. Does this confused party even have a reliable central committee? The worst party to have ever existed on the Zambian landscape. The economic indicators all point to failure. You need power to come and do what?

    • Guy Scot founder of PF is bringing another dimension to Zambian politics- sticking democratic governance. This is what scottish believe in but not Zambians. This shows that his brain is of superior quality as compared to most Zambian politicians. Why is El not ready to follow procedure?

    • hahahahaha Sata knew all this time…now Scott will only have Sampa on his side… CC please just agree to fire Guy Scott and all will be well… From what I read its clear CC members are upset Sikote…Kalaki would have made a better Acting Prez…

    • Bloggers are having a good time today…too much news more than they can handle. ..

      And that’s a good thing for PF..getting all the free media coverage when we really need it….

      HH is out of the spotlight. ..bamulya akafulo

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • When God says you will rule you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary because he causes your enemies to fight amongst themselves. Look at HH he has just continued doing and saying the same things he used to say but God has tuned our ears to hear him now than then. EL won’t win these elections and each day he is losing approximately 100 votes per province

    • The last time I heard about Kalaki he had just penned this ati ” Zambian presidents are buried at Embassy Park and Political parties are buried at Mulungushi Rock of Authority”. That can only come from the pen of Kalaki. PF was buried at the last convention at Mulungushi Rock.

    • From what I have observed Guy Scott can not just see himself reporting to Prez Lungu, reasons are:

      1. His Old White Ego wont let him.
      2.He could have benefited from the DBZ loan how else can he shielding the cartel like this.?
      3. Sata’s words – Scott doesn’t have a proper brain.

    • Who is of a higher authority? Acting President of Zambia or President of the party? Isn’t it Henry Kalaba who breached protocol by accompanying Edgar Lungu to see Mugabe. Isn’t that taking the PF for granted. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • Forget politics for a little while and let’s all pray for the Kabwe Road accident victims Changwe Kalale and Nyambe Mulenga plus the family that lost its beloved ones.

      God Bless Zambia

      I thank you

    • Luo ati because Scott is not indigenous…just say Becoz he is white..Namugala said it, I hace said it you can also do the same…say it…there you go.! Scott is White.

    • Zambia is where it is in the dumps because of not following the law. The law is there for a reason and if the law states that you are to hold a secret ballot to freely elect the preferred candidate, then that should be done so that the wishes of everyone are heard through the ballot.

      Instead you have a candidate who people may not want because of alleged corruption, drunkurdness and stealing clients money being forced onto the people by a small group of corrupt, compromised kaponyas like Nsanda, Luo and Kapata who are only looking out for their own interests. These individuals have control over the judiciary because of Chibesakunda’s PF connection.

      Zambians will still end up putting ichipuba in state house and then complain about it afterwards. All because of a few selfish…

    • “And Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata says the action by Dr. Scot is the reason why late President Michael Sata used to allegedly refer to him as a Whiteman with no proper brains.””

      Just wondering Ms. Kapata (MP), why late President Michael Sata used to refer to his ministers as “useless”?

  2. Confusion, violence, disorganization , lies. Have you ever heard of the word values? PF, I pity you and your followers. I promise never to be cheated by any one twice in life!

    • Guy Scott could not have written that letter without guidance from some of the finest lawyers, but the PF in Mr.Nkandu Luo, Kalaba and others in their usual emotive response are being irrational and I can bet you, none of them has checked the legality issues around this issue. Edgar could have help but as usual , he is very drunk and has no clue of what is going on

    • Scott is bold and while he is trying hard that procedure be respected he may yet pull one out of his sleeve then have a good laugh! Watch out!

    • But this Jean Kapata, wasn’t she the one who told Hon. Lucky Muntanga in Parliament that she was going to urinate on him?? I was just wondering how she was going to do it without ‘exposing’ herself??

  3. PF hooliganism at its best……….A minister labeling an acting president as not having brains??

    Who the F**K is Jean Kapata??

  4. Can Lungu let the nation know his position on Lombe Chibesakunda continuing to be chief justice. HH has commented on this before. We all know where LAZ stands on this issue. What does Lungu intend to do? Since he intends to continue Satas legacy will he also let us know if he will keep Libongani as IG? I will go off on a limb and say Musa Mwenye is probably out regardless of who wins. Will Lungu keep Chibesakunda and Libongani? Edgar Lungu CHECK!

    • @ wajimona

      “And Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata says the action by Dr. Scot is the reason why late President Michael Sata used to allegedly refer to him as a Whiteman with no proper brains.””

      Just wondering Ms. Kapata (MP), why late President Michael Sata used to refer to his ministers as “useless”?

  5. Let’s vote by hands to expel GS. We are 50 so by 2 hands and 2 legs. Announcement the PF committee has expelled GS after they voted 200 for and 0 against. Although the members were only 50, they voted with their hands and legs to show that they really wanted him out. Kikikiki

  6. So even Sata used to refer to him as a White man with no proper brains? Why does he walk like a robo-cop? Fire the former slave driver! Why did his relatives forget him behind at independence time?

    • Its a lie…..the late Sata never called GS that, these cowardly hyenas are just desperate and making wild statement, its them who are useless empty tins, as the late rightly called them. GS we are with you, stick to the rules, no short cuts, let these maza fakas burst with BP in frustration……..kuka mulilo GS! We refuse to be ruled by ‘imbaseoos’ when we have brain people in the likes of HH, Sampa, Maureen , Mutati, etc’!

  7. Have they got a police permit for the meeting? IG sort them out.
    This drunkard called Edgar should be locked up for thief of client’s money.
    We needed ISIS to clear these guys in their meeting room.

    • You should be locked up for murdering the queen’s language. “should be locked up for thief of client’s money.”


  8. Frankly speaking, the happenings in the PF are very disheartening and discouraging. Its the more reason why the in-fighting will continue. Disorganization and indiscipline at its peak! More popcorn please, am enjoying the movie!

  9. There we go again. Remember, we kept on talking about new constitution but what we were getting were just insults. U were saying we were just “yapping” or we shud produce ‘animal driven constitution’ before we could talk about people driven constitution. Here we are now; we are not only fighting amongst ourselves but we are also yet to spend collossal sums of money on this by-election that we could easily have avoided if we were given constitution in 90 days. Oh sorry let me update my President: HH, son of the soil, servant of all servants, labourer of all labourers, son of my motherland, son of Africa-whilst u were away Scott and Lungu were fighting over our country. Zambia Fwd, Zambia Unite, One nation one Zambia. HH2015 unless u want to continue with poverty. Wake up Zambians.


    • @Bishop, it is always prudent to read an article in full and comprehend before making a fool of yourself. The letter is written on the PF letter head, as such he was writing in the capacity as PF Vice President not as Acting President. These are simple details that any person in their right frame of mind would observe and comment objectively.

    • Why do you waste much of your time talking about Edgar Lungu and PF? According to your petty analysis you think hh is a well able leader and most liked by Zambians. If so, why has he failed to win and become president of Zambia? I still doubt your level of education you have attained which has rendered you useless with lack of principles. The fact is that hh can not win and will never become president of this country may through dreams.

  11. Guy Scott”s shakes must be rattling his brains nuts! He has simply lost his bearing and he is simply assisting the opposition in their campaigns. Let him make his shaking hands useful by masturbating himself instead of disturbing the party, enough is enough!

  12. There are times like this that I wish the dead could see. Confusion reigning. He had put him so much effort for almost a decade but look at what remains of his effort.

    • I feel you, imagine if the dead could come back to sort out issues such as these..Scott wouldn’t even be acting prez…But this will also pass..Viva EL

  13. The beginning of the end which was triggered by death of one founder without a vision has reached critical stage. Conclusion of the end is expected before February, 2015. A terrible and disastrous ending to a legacy of lies, false promises, intolerance, violence, anarchy, greed…….list is endless.

  14. guy scott is very much rght so he has done very well had it not been for him zambia could have been in flames already. these are really useless they dont deserve to be voted in. people of zambia open your eyes and vote wisely vote for one who can unite zambians

  15. What is going on? Advise me please. If Guy Scott is expelled from PF without him being held by the disciplinary committee by the PF CC; is he going to lose his Acting Presidency Capacity? But kwena ba PF.


    The lessons learnt by Miles and Scott from this comatose must be very clear.
    1. You cannot take the court for granted when you are just a “loose stone” in the air, without traceable source. Miles ignores the court and goes ahead with his forbidden conference in Kabwe- Contempt of Court

    2. Scott gives instructions to the Chief Justice on electoral procedure in his capacity as PF Vice President- Gross indiscipline

    Courts will never allow morons and lunatics to cajole them and meddle around with process.

    Scott and Miles will live to remember their mistakes. The “couple” are lost. Judiciary will soon show their muscle, independency, impartiality and honesty.

    I salute the Judiciary for their stance on this matter.


  17. Those insulting us the best you can do is to leav us alone and spend energy on your HH. PF isssue is our internal issue. your are just showing the world that lungu is sweeter than HH.

    • Then sort your f*****g issue privately and in a manner becoming to civilized society and not f*****g banana republic.

  18. Pf should spare us the drama. Personally am tired of these wrangles. Scott should know when the battle is lost. His fight was lost a couple of weeks back.

  19. Guy Scott has is nose diving. What a white man, full of jealous and hatred .we are currently under economic slavery and we risk landing ourselves into poLitical slavery.

    • If left unchecked this buffOON will pull a state of emmergency.
      It will mean no election until 2016 because his “rainballs ” party will participate in 2016.

    • @ Robin

      Again rubbish from you.
      Please read Constitution jerk.
      If President or Acting President declares “State of Emergency”, Parliament MUST endorse or decline such action within seven days.

      By the way, did you ever read Constitution?

  20. Lungu and his thugs are shocked. Doing things correctly, that’s the catch word. If the SUPREME COURT of the land is compromised what a disaster our country is. The snake is dead, who brought about this ugly state of affairs, it’s time to move forward and establish a rule of law. The next govt in office, UPND, should first, before anything else, make sure the country is liberated from brainless panga wielding thugs.

  21. PF has now moved into another gear, I keep saying they are a tribal party, now it seems they are a racist party as well. Why is it that every time they have a difference with someone they have to mention race or tribe. Tribalist-racist party (TRP). Change your name to TRP, Panga Family, Poor Finishing, Poor Family, Paya Farmer, Pa F. . . sounds too polite now.

  22. Sometimes just doing things right saves alot of time. That time spent on a convention in kabwe, had it been correctly used, it would have paid off for PF. Even extending that period by a week would have been rewarding for PF. Now ELs team had no interest to do things write. All eyes for them were on state house. Now state house is proving to be far away than they thought.

  23. Brilliant man Guy Scott.., Job well done for your acts which shall see you fade like sound from a distance..

    Rainbow in Winter

  24. please with all regards expel the last colonialist from zambia at the middle of confussions and tell all those house niggers to shut up. he dosent care what can happen he can still return to his natives, if possible deport him, no wander the late president never allowed him to act

  25. Bunch of hooligans and hules in Pf. Dr Guy Scott is right. I support him. In fact it wud have been better for him to continue until 2016.

  26. PF ministers please spare us the insults. If Dr. Scott called you foolish blacks, that would be racism. When your comments are racially charged what is it? PF is full of RACIST BLACKs. By reason of your utterances, you have shown us what you are made of. Be reasonable PF ministers in your comments. Dr. Scott is our Acting Republican President of Zambia. I repeat:

    • @ University of Paul Mushindo, how can you call upon ‘useless’ MPs to reason? Some PF female MPs, Jean Kapata and another useless one threatened to URINATE on Hon. Muntanga in Parliament. I wonder how they were going to do it without exposing where the Urine comes from! Kikikikikikiki……….

  27. What happens if Dr Guy Scott was expelled from the PF party, would he stop being the acting president of Zambia? Legal minds explain!!

    • He has been expelled before the Kabwe hands up convetion by the so called central committee but he is still PF vice president and Zambian Acting President.

  28. I’ve always said that Guy Scott is a spoiler!glad to see people like wise Harry Kalaba,Davis Mwila,Prof.Luo and Jean Kapata very upset on TV!hope this colonist Scott has seen them.we’re all very upset with Scott and dull Miles Sampa!their aim is only to kill PF!how i wish late Sata came back and sorted out these spoilers!one cant do what Scott is doing.for sure this white man ni “MUZUNGU OU PUSA”.please PF MCC expel that man before he sets zambia on fire!Edgar Lungu has been well received by mass PF lovers!TO HELL CHI SCOTT AND PLEASE ROBERT MUGABE HELP ZAMBIA TO DEAL WITH THIS LAST STANDING COLONIAL MASTER!

  29. Justice is all what is needed!! Scott maintain your integrity!! You are trying to be honesty and I hope it’s genuine!! keep it up!!justice and rule of law to govern. press then further!!

  30. Justice is all what is needed!! Scott maintain your integrity!! You are trying to be honesty and I hope it’s genuine!! keep it up!!justice and rule of law to govern. press them further!!

  31. has any of you loud mouths thought about what would happen if EL is barred from contesting the elections? what would be the security situation in the country?

  32. Am just so disappointed in people supporting Guy Scott, few months ago he was the biggest liar how he told the nation that Sata was in good heath. As for UNPD SUPPORER it was not long ago you were crying on how bad Guy was, he is still the same he has no national interest at heart. Let us how clean elections.

  33. The PF central committee members are a bunch of very emotional immature women And men.wAS THERE ANY NEED FOR kalaba TO POP OUT HIS EYES LIKE THAT ON ZNBC NEWS BECAUSE OF THE LETTER DR SCOT WROTE.How can the PF central committee discuss anything sensible in such an emotional state?They are behaving like a husband who threatens to divorce a wife each time there differences.Are they really cabinate ministers this Luo,Kalaba and Kapata.No wonder the late president said his ministers were USELESS.Scot is just being fair.They have to wait for court final decision.Infact he is helping Lungu but he can not see this because he never dreamed to be a president.I hear the late Sata acted him cos he looked like one who had no ambition of beign a president not because he was brillian.

  34. Correct me if am wrong, but is this not the same Kalaba who wanted to sell part of the lower Zambezi National Park to a miming company? And the same Luo with very interesting life stories! What a bunch of….

  35. I still maintain that these PF thugs have no room in Zambian politics. We shouldn’t allow people with drugged brains like EL to be on ballot paper.
    I think in all fairness, PF should be De-registered because of threatening the peace of the country. The Police should immediately move in to lock up one Kadasa Edga Lungu.

  36. Now Dr Chiluba (MHSRIEP) has been vindicated, how you will ask? Well it’s the political engineer Chiluba who inserted in the constitution the controversial citizenship clause. Now we see why. We cannot have a Zambian of foreign origin to look after our interests well. Why do you think the American constitution only allows third generation Americans to be President of their country? Even Their great compatriot Henry Kissinger did not qualify. The next government has a chance to correct this dilemma. I propose that the constitution is tightened even further like the Americans. Even though this constitution still has a loop hole for certain undesirables to infiltrate, FJT was a true patriot. May his soul live forever!!

  37. This Luo must be ringing her relative Chibesakunda to see what help they can get.
    This woman is as evil as her looks. I don’t know what blinded the handsome Dr Manda to go for such rubbish. This Luo man masquerading as a woman has messed up the Bemba establishment just as she messed up her marriage.
    She is the devil’s representative on earth. What do you expect from a meeting attended by this two men that are meant for visiting men?
    PF you can do better than this. Join Flight HH 2015 because Edga is already on board!

  38. PF are really over-exposing themselves negatively. The problem is they think they are still popular. Just wait. I know for sure one of them will run away after announcement of elections results. Or else they go to extremes and destabilise the country, the majority of the country who are non-PF will react – and they should ask Kaunda who knows what that feels like. Some of us are tired of this group of the dullest crop of leaders ever to be voted into office since independence.

  39. The only thing I can thank PF for is that their coming into government has helped me understand how backward some people are in Zambia. No wonder white people still call black people monkeys – you have to see it from their perspective. You have leaders behaving openly like this, and yet you have people cheering them on….and these are the same people who now can’t even afford a bag of mealie-meal from the same government??? How can you behave like that and not be called a monkey – which in all honesty you must be…….and I know now that REAL monkeys in the forest will come and sue me for comparing them go a group of degenerates who are worse than real monkeys! It is very, very shocking.

  40. Let us put things in perspective …
    It is highly likely that this infighting will not end in PF even if they form government in 2015. While Zambians have blind loyalty and would follow PF to the grave, this loyalty is also our downfall.
    We will forever remain poor until we put the nation’s interest at heart; that is what it means to be patriotic. (Surprise! It doesn’t mean to vote for PF).
    It is plain and clear that PF have completly failed! That is a fact and this article is further evidence. But, like a moth to a flame, we will again f0olishly vote them back just so we can continue to complain about the high cost of living, etc.


  41. Leadership is not for und 5 babies but for the strong ,u may say all is well with hh but not ,thats y his compain is not Sound to pipo coz the choosen one are those being criticised day in day out even zwd are not sleping coz Power is for gods greatness to those wo persevare tempetations of the devil viva el god is with u .

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