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Guy Scott given 7 days to exculpate himselfby PF SG

General NewsGuy Scott given 7 days to exculpate himselfby PF SG
Acting President Dr Guy Scott  shortly after  a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott shortly after a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davis Chama has given acting President Guy Scott seven days to exculpate himself and show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for writing a letter to acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda without authority of consent of the Central Committee or the party President.

In a letter to Dr Scott dated 17th December marked confidential obtained by QFM News, Mr Chama notes with sadness Dr Scott’s disloyalty to the ideals of the party as a member.
Mr Chama reminds Dr Scott that since the death of President Michael Sata his actions and acts to cause negative publicity in the media about the PF have continued.

He states that on several occasions before and after the PF General Conference held on 29th November during which Mr Edgar Lungu was elected president, Dr Scott’s deeds are designed to destabilize the unity of the ruling party and the nation.

Mr Chama remind Dr Scott that the letter he wrote to the acting Chief Justice asking her not to entertain any PF candidate during the filing of nominations until the pending legal processes are completed,was not only provocative but an act of gross indiscipline and created a sense of despondency in the minds of PF members and could result in the PF not having a presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential election.

He says this act alone has brought the name of the Patriotic Front in high disrepute.


  1. Dear Friends and Patriots.

    I take this opportunity to invite you all to the Nomination Ceremony of our party President, Honourable Edgar Chagwa Lungu at the Supreme Court in Lusaka, on Saturday the 20th December, 2014. Arrival is 08.00hrs.

    We need all of you with voters cards to carry them with your NRC as a requirement so that we can out-number the required 200 supporters. Come in thousands and let us send a clear message to Zambia and the World that we are THE PATRIOTIC FRONT, united more than ever.

    The next time we meet at the Supreme Court will be on 21st or 22nd January, 2015 for the swearing in ceremony of Hon. CHAGWA.

    I will be answering your comments on Facebook after attending Parliament, I just took few minutes to come and share this invitation with you all.


    • ulichipuba no wonder you are from katondo. who can vote for vodigar Lungu? he won the PF presidency using the back door

    • Bashi Charlotte Scott, just go and exculpate yourself before before another drunk Davies Chama. What is there to fear anyway? Just go with Libongani on your side.

    • Katondo boys we have won yet again, Zambia has defeated Scott and everyone on his side. Let us also remind those against us for God is on our side who can be against us.? We will carry the day on 20 Jan.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • According to the Zambian constitution an acting President is a caretaker with limited constitutional mandate of presiding over national state affairs with consensus of Cabinet. Constitutionally he cannot make unilateral decisions without consent of cabinet. Scott has tripped off many times. His latest matching orders on the Chief Justice is one dangerous breach of power and constitution that brings contempt. Not even in Scotland can the Chief Justice be given such matching orders by a politician except in world where he thinks he is everything. PF should ignore his ban on ministers not step out of Lusaka for campaigns. He is a rubber stamp without constitutional mandate to fire appointments of the late Executive President.

  2. Guy Scott is the future; black people cannot run a country; give us your companies; we shall hire u; pay u peanuts and make a killing of a profit when exporting minerals

  3. PF is not Zambia, the sooner these parrots realize that Zambia is bigger than their panga family the better. Suntwe no plan.

  4. Did I hear you say that Edgar was elected by showing hands?I was there comrades.We did it by raising pangas and machetes.

  5. Awe, the Zambian political set up urgently require surgery – Davies writing to the Presido just like that; the Acting clause should be bettered to give the acting presido some powers mwebantu. At the moment, he cannot do anything; just watching people insulting him without punishment, and just enjoying the personal previledges of the President, which he enjoys unfettered – security, etc. No powers to deal with subordinates at all! So they can hold a meeting without him, suspend him, etc, without recourse for him, as far as power is concerned. And you say: Acting President – awe!

    • GS might be the president of the country but he is vice president of his party. PF party has its on constitution which GS is aware of but which he chose to ignore(like he ignored a court order). Before GS wrote the said letter who within the party did he consult? How did the vice president take a unilateral decision to write to the CJ without consulting the president, the SG and the central committee of the party. GS claims he follows the rule of law but his action shows otherwise. both HH and GS are not democrats because they do not know what team work is.

  6. Zambia is better off without the PF in this election. I pray that for some reason, the PF candidate will still not file so that we have peace till election day. Zambians are fed up with PF. I am yet to meet a normal thinking Zambian supporting the PF.

    • Let him file his nomination. It will be disqualified because his mother is a Malawian!

      To late to give Zambia the NEW CONSTITUTION now!

      PF shot themselves in the foot!

  7. Confidential has lost its meaning… Agree with blogger above. If he’s fired then why bother? Please stay off the stage while sorting our your party issues. The childishness continues to astound me. 7 day deadline when you’re at a crucial period of your campaign/fiasco. Let Guy busy himself care taking and y’all get on with… whatever it is you do minus pangas in the air.

    • Thank you for telling us who this useless Katondo boys is, he is just looking for a job after being fired by MCS for reasons only known to the two of them.

    • @jjp
      Is that the *****’s name?? Am I right in imagining he’s Kambwili-like and spent a lot of time hawking fwaka and vegetables at Kamwala market when he was just a young ‘un? and he probably didn’t recognise his name Emmanuel when he first saw it in writing at the age of 25 because his compadres have always called him ‘umwina Katondoze’?
      I am so excited that someone may shed light on this oddity we have among us!!

  8. Thank you for unmasking this stupid Emmanuel Mwamba. He is an ***** who does not think before making his silly comments.

  9. “He says this act alone has brought the name of the Patriotic Front in high disrepute.”

    Maybe so, except that PF has been in disrepute for years.

  10. Yaba Katondo boys kanshi ni Emmanuel. .Thanks for unmasking the job seeker.Get a life boyi. The whole day just blogging..what time do you have to earn a decent living?You probably have put all your eggs in the EL basket and when he loses..lo and behold..kuchula icinecine. Brian is also gunning for the same ka job but sorry both of you are going nowhere.

  11. There is no need for him to exculpate himself. After all, he is retiring from active politics on 22nd January when the results start pouring in.

  12. Mmmmmm its amazin hw thinz change,imagine a small man who ws unheard of nw has the audacity to ask sum1 who ws there wen tha party had only 3 members? Interestin

  13. Iwe chama why always in medias we read or hear nosence on PANGA FAMILY (PF) why not these other parties.
    Is that lergas of late Head of Sate (SATA) left for you? even though we Zambian we used to see or hear ablt KABIMBA vs GBM or A team VS B team sure TWAPAPATA TWASEBANA PA FULA.
    “Mind you HH is UNITING THE COUNTRY”.

  14. Nonsense! Where were u iwe ka chama when was being formed? Ala atase. Mwalitumpa imwe ba kabalwe mu PF. Scott is doing a good job so far. After all he just has one month to go and he will leave u the nonsense. Ba baboon imwe.

  15. 7 days to exculpate himself AND he runs off to get an injunction.

    How can you be a PF Vice President that will not listen to the PF President? Not listen to your cabinet. Not listen to your Central Committee. Instead he asks the court to allow him this unreasonable conduct, and Orders the Chief Justice to prevent a legally elected Candidate from registering on Saturday. He can’t prevent it, as the consent judgement cannot be quashed. This is some kind of mess really. The High Court should throw Scott’s and Sampa’s cases out on Monday because they have clearly done everything to damage PF and they are getting nastier and dictator like by the minute.

    This is a constitutional crisis, which is asking for riots through the country.

  16. Ba Chama, i thought those were EL’s words???

    “was not only provocative but an act of gross indiscipline and created a sense of despondency in the minds of PF members and could result in the PF not having a presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential election.”

    Copy cut iwe Chama, you are not worthy as SG but its ok for a dying party

    20.01.2015 Vote HH

    Chumbu Mulolwa

  17. Waloba ilya uma!!

    You thought you would intimidate Guy Scot for your Chawama Party to siphon government resources. Go to hell with your Vodgar Lungu.

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