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RTSA chief executive officer Zindaba Soko arrested for assault

General News RTSA chief executive officer Zindaba Soko arrested for assault

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) chief executive officer Zindaba Soko for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Mr Soko, 38, of Libala house number. 153/45/m was arrested and is jointly charged with Samuel Soko, 30, of flat number 18, Sesheke Road in Emmasdale Township.

Deputy police public relations officer Rae Hamoonga said the duo, whilst acting together on December 13, 2014 at about 17:00 hours allegedly assaulted Mr Petro Phiri of house number 32, Mwembeshi Road, at Care for Business Hospital in Lusaka.

Mr Petro Phiri is an employee of a named funeral Palour.

Both accused persons have since been released on police bond and will appear in court on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.

Meanwhile, police in Lusaka have gunned down John Mulenga, 35, a dangerous criminal of Kuku Township.

Mulenga was intercepted and arrested on his way to stage a robbery at a named filling station around 03:00 hours yesterday. He was found with a bag containing an AK-47 rifle serial number 56-17168154 with two rounds of ammunition.

After being interrogated, Mulenga led the officers to a house where his other colleagues were and upon reaching the house, one of the occupants sensing police presence opened fire at the police officers and an exchange of fire ensued between the police and the criminals.

In the process, Mulenga attempted to escape and was gunned down after refusing to heed to several warning shots.

Mulenga is believed to be behind a spate of robberies, one of which he and his colleague attacked an officer at Ridgeway police post and got away with the firearm which was recovered in yesterday’s shooting.

In a related development, police have recovered a Mercedes Benz car after its occupants were attacked and abducted from a house in Northmead residential area around 02:00 hours and later dumped in Mikango Barracks area.

It is believed that Mulenga and his colleagues were also behind that carjack. The motor vehicle was later found by police in Palabana area after it was abandoned by the criminals when it ran out of fuel as police were pursuing them.

Police have, meanwhile, concluded investigations involving cadres of the Green Party who had questionable national registration cards during the filling of presidential nominations at Supreme Court on Wednesday.

“Our findings are that out of the six apprehended persons, five are the actual owners of the national registration cards. The controversy arose due to the fact that their facial appearances and the photos on their national registration cards had appeared to be different due to the lapse of time from when they acquired them,” Mr Hamoonga said.

It was only Loveness Tembo, 28, of Kanyama Township who was found with her elder sister’s national registration card and has since been charged with impersonation and will appear in court soon.

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  1. The last bit about NRCs, that is wrongful arrest. Kulya bebele.
    You are supposed to compensate them for all the damages you caused them. Too bad for Loveness.

  2. ..we all love our mothers very dearly that we would like them to live as long as we live….now acting in such a stup1d way when nature excises its power can not be condoned….especial coming from someone with that office…he would better to resign…
    ….in Zed, we also need a body to police the police….journalists are also supposed to do a professional job by giving us balanced information…while I do not mind criminals being ‘eliminated’…getting all what had happened from the police side only and considering it as a gospel truth is absurd..
    people are advised to renew their reg after a certain period of time because of what happened with the girls….all what the other girl needed to tell the police is that she was asked by her sister to meet her there with her reg..

  3. Just how many CEO’S does this country have and why should this particular one always be in the news for all the wrong reasons? This rogue should be fired.

    • In a normal country the RTSA Board would have sent this Soko guy on leave pending conclusion of the court case. But since they are all political appointees they will argue that this is a private matter.

    • @ Mop…
      …do you mean to ‘say’ normal govt…??….all countries are normal until a bunch of individual in the name of politicians come together in the name of govt pretending to have interest in governing a country and serve the interests of the ordinary citizens but end up doing exactly the opposite….mismanage the affairs and dubiously amass as much personal wealth as they could before they are voted out of office….
      …if Zindaba had any sense of responsibility, he would have resigned on moral grounds by himself…..without any push….

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