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PF has greater chances of scooping Eastern province-Katete District Chairman

General News PF has greater chances of scooping Eastern province-Katete District Chairman

Katete District Patriotic Front Chairperson, Joseph Duma Makukula, says the Patriotic Front (PF) party has greater chances of scooping Eastern province during the January 20, 2015 Presidential polls.

Mr Makukula told ZANIS in an interview that his party has proved beyond reasonable doubt its capacity to develop Zambia and uplift the lives of the people.

He boasted that in the three years the PF has been in power, it has done many projects aimed at uplifting living stands of people across the country.

In pointing out some of the major projects undertaken by the Patriotic Front government, Mr Makukula said Katete, despite being an old district, did not have a good water source but today the district has seen the construction of a dam and water treatment plant with various urban and rural roads being worked on.

He said because of this people have no reason to change government but to allow the PF to continue its developmental course.

Commenting on the defection of former Patriotic Front Provincial Chairperson, Lameck Managani, and Former Mkaika Member of Parliament, David Phiri, to the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), Mr Makukula said the two have done great justice to the PF as they were not a factor in any way.

Mr Makukula lamented that Mr Mangani and Mr Phiri were given a chance by the patriotic Front but failed to work for the people.

He said the two were in politics for personal gain and not serving the people of Zambia.

The PF district chairperson said people should not mind the two as they have proved to be inconsistent and undecided through their acts of changing political parties like clothes.

He noted that it was unfortunate that people like Mr Mangani and Mr Phiri have kept on using people in order to enrich themselves at the expense of voters.

Mr Makukula has since urged people in Katete district to vote for the Patriotic Front Candidate during the January 20 Presidential elections for continued development.

He added that changing government will affect the development that the Patriotic Front (PF) government has embarked on.

Yesterday, Katete Patriotic Front leaders held a meeting to intensify its campaigns ahead of the January, 2015 Presidential polls.

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  1. Have they not heard of the MP’s from Eastern province who will be working for HH? Keep dreaming Mr. Mukukula. Come January no one will remember your zero efforts.

    Campaign for the winning TeamHH and people will respect you 22/01/2015.

    Viva #FlightHH2015 & 2016.


      Sata died so tht we can correct the MISTAKE we made in 2011. Xaviour Chungu may TRY HIS level BEST but he cant FIGHT God.

      Iwe ka District something its you who IS NOT A FACTOR. PF will only LEAD in Muchinga Province. Eastern, Northern, CopperBelt have all become UPND’s strongholds they r in UPND’s pocket.

    • Zambia will continue to be led by able and responsible and responsive leadership steered by Edgar C. Lungu.

      January 20 2015…Vote Edgar C. lungu

      we will never allow our country to be sold for a few pieces of silver. PF deserve to continue taking development to the peripherals, opening them up for economic and social activities. No other govt has done this before.

      The Zambian wont betray themselves by picking on a bantustan party with myopic and untested leadership and no national character,

      bakabalwe will always be bakabalwe

    • The tide is against PF countrywide. It will not be smooth sailing for EL even in Eastern Province. Let him, instead think of invest his time more wisely in a bottle of kachasu.

    • The Majority of Zambians know exactly who is moving into the State house on January 23

      UPND can dream till they dream no more….

      HH thinks Zambians are f***

      HH is about to be sent into early retirement on January 20

      Thank you Kabwe thank you

      2015 Edgar has just won the elections

      I thank you


    • Eastern Province has hard working farmers, the same farmers PF and Mr. Lungu have neglected. When a Catholic Priest from Rwanda spoke for the poor farmers in Petauke (where Mr. Lungu is believed to come from), Mr. Lungu as Home Affairs Minister then deported the Catholic Priest. So why should the hard working people of Eastern Province love Mr. Lungu who doesn’t care for them?

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    • and

      Moreen Mwanawasa…………Deleted
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  3. Makukula, I disagree with you. The projects that PF embarked on were started by MMD under late Patrick Mwanawasa(MHSRIP) and Mr Lupiya Banda. That’s why there is what is called long term plans or strategic plan. May I remind you that PF is the worst Govt Zambia has ever seen. Farmers are not paid in good time, nurses at UTH were fired for no tangible reason. In developed countries Govts are crying for Medical personnel, high levels of unemployment. Sata never held any press conference to explain to the people that put him in Govt so he could explain what the Govt was doing to address the many challenges facing the poor people, refused to deliver a constitution they promised the people. Intimidating the opposition and anyone who dared challenged them. The list goes on. PF no more.

  4. Makukula weo, advocate for farmers’ payments before you claim victory for your PF. Ma politics ya njala(hunger), umbuli(ignorance) na utani(selfishness).

  5. Eastners please vote for your own son like our brothers in Southern province who have been voting for their own son since the Mazoka time ! You voted for RB and it’s high time you vote for a Nsenga in the name of Lungu. Don’t be used by other tribes to make them go to state House ! I would rather EL lose in other provinces but not in Eastern province

  6. whether you like it or not this time is el in eastern p. I don’t think my mukhondo Lungu or Isaac banda will support hh in lundazi.. so upnd & hhhhhh 4 get about eastern p. those five are just trying to drag other 32 into there personal gain….. mind u an mp is not a factor in eastern pro. so hh maybe in 2021 2015 no eddy che.

  7. Makukula, tomorrow HH is in Chipata. Now, imagine two rivals(Mutolo and Mangani) for Chipata Central Constituency have joined hand to support HH and will be amongest speakers. Tells you how deep you are dreaming. Tomorrow you will see a crowd never seen before in your Eastern Province. Edgar will loose in his own village of Petauke. Dora and Sebastian Zulu also hail from the same village and are busy campaigning for HH.

  8. . I just feel sorry for east mmd who think hh will give them jobs i n the cabinet .. He has clearly said he will cut cabinet meanin 90 % cabinet will come from southern province. Open your eyes . After winnin , hh will discard you like toilet tissue.

    • @ 9 Zabwino Palibe (ZP)

      Do you really feel sorry for MMD? Then, it is either you do not understand the current political dynamics in MMD or you are clueless as regards a democratic process.

  9. Pf was good product at inception, the prblem was having a tribalist leader. The same with upnd..today he sweet talkin bembers that stopped politics of trbalism and these simples souls belive

  10. Mr. Edgar Lungu will be too naïve to count on Eastern Province to take him anywhere in this forthcoming presidential election in 2015. PF needs to revisit the basics as to why they are a political party. So far, Mr. Lungu cannot even clearly articulate why he wants to be president. Such lack of direction cannot resonate with the people of Zambia, not even with the people of his own village in Eastern Province.

  11. Blogers stop raising pipo’s hopes UPND will just be closer to winning elections. Watch Odinga of kenya and Morgan of Zimbabwe and be wise.

    • @Monde you like dreaming. What worked for those country CANT WORK FOR ZAMBIA my friend. You think by going to Zimbabwe PF will win THIS ELECTION ? hahahaha continue dreaming.

      HH will win this election by 67%, Mark my words.
      Let Xavior Chungu DO WHAT HE WANTS but OUR GOD will FIGHT HIM.

      Sata didnt do any Press conference? God TOOK him for a REASON tht reason is too REMOVE PF frm Govt.

  12. @Zabwino Palibe, not everyone is like you, expecting something in return for a favour rendered. Most pipo do right things as principle. I for one after voting for PF in 2011 has decided to try HH because of what he’s saying and his vision for my lovely country. Edgar on the other hand, a good guy by the way, has nothing to offer. He’s got no vision so he tells the country. So why should any reasonable thinking person follow such a chap. The chap drinks all the time. His thinking is very basic for a head of state. And then, he has Nsanda and Jean Kapata as his buddies!!!

  13. Tonga mania u will die with hate try to get a life. wat has pf failed 4 ur hh to collect? do you think pf will keep quite? for wage freeze its OK just because you don’t understand wat impact the increasing of salaries have on common man we shed not suffer 4 da sake of pleasing ur hh.

    • @khila: you are a real jackass. How can a wave freeze be good when inflation is high, and subsidies on food and fuel have been removed? This election is not about Tongas. PFools failed in 3 years, including keeping their Satan alive. You don’t deserve to rule Zambia. It is time for somebody else with fresh ideas.

  14. PF has decided to reinstate the nurses they earlier fired. What do you think the nurses survived on during this whole time they had no jobs.
    I urge you nurses to fire PF by not giving them your vote. You are not fools.

    • Since the nurses have survived thus far without these PFoolish jobs, let them wait until 21 January when a genuine, honest, and sober leadership will move into State House. If Vodka Chakolwa Muhammad Lungu wins then the nurses should keep their jobs abroad.

  15. We don’t need your faux-prophesies Mr District chairman of Katete! In truth, you know jacksh!t.
    And stop calling out people that are simply exercising their democratic right to switch parties.
    Secretly, you envy the balls they have to do this (as does your good lady wife).

    Now let me enjoy my brunch without this pointless noise. Sha!

  16. PF vs MMD

    May the best team win

    HH over-promising

    HH false hope

    HH is a pathetic Liar




  17. Massive turn out in Kabwe. …..wow wow wow wow wow

    LT bring the images

    The big boys are doing what they know best in style. …

    HH now bleeding heavily

    Praise God…..

    2015 Edgar has just won the elections

    I thank you

    • If GS sees that PF is losing…..he will attempt to stop elections and go to 2016……mark my words.

      And then UPND, who were supporting GS will cry…!!

      I don’t trust GS anymore seeing how he wanted to impose Kilometre Sampa and dribble EL out of PF presidency.

    • @ZP: you have seen the light – Vodka Chakolwa Muhammad Lungu is losing this election big time. However there’s no provision in the laws of Zambia for your PFoolish idea.

  18. katondo you need to come to grip with reality not just making proclamations, EL won’t win with just proclamations, EL has work cut out for him, first he needs to build his image so people don’t just see the old image of chakolwa, second, he needs to get out there and campaign, meet people, third he badly needs to articulate, say wrong stuff and it stays in the voter’s mind until the ballot.
    That’s good advice. EL himself said members will have an input in his campaign, so Katondo give him advice instead of misleading the man about wining when in fact there two scenarios you lose or win. Lungu is ready for honesty advice like the people who advised him to reconcile instead of fake kiss $$ss people like you who will let someone walk into a ditch.

    • Kudos is Katondo Boys paid to blogg continuously……he could be reincarnation of the insulting Saulosi aka Mushota, Gen, Luapula Premier.

      He is an incorrigible., bitter..,abusive.., tribalist supremacist..,…scared,…, intemperate…,…panga culture…,….condescending..,,…insulting. an assassin.

  19. Obviously that PF cadre is thinking within his box. Of course as a cadre he does not know that given the same resources as Michael Sata inherited from RB’s government, other leaders could have built twice as many roads and schools as Sata achieved, and without even putting the country to unsustainable debt. This debt has effectively mortgaged our country to lenders for if PF continued in power a year longer

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