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Edgar Lungu, pledges loyalty to Acting President, Guy Scott

General News Edgar Lungu, pledges loyalty to Acting President, Guy Scott

PF team before the rally
PF team before the rally

PF presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu, pledged loyalty to Acting President, Guy Scott, during his discharge of duties as Defence and Justice Minister.

Mr Lungu said he will remain loyal to Dr Scott and will always consult him on matters pertaining to the discharge of his national and party duties.

And Acting President, Guy Scott, has asked the people of Kabwe to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate, Edgar Lungu, in the January 20, 2015 presidential by-elections.

Dr Scott urged the electorates to vote for Mr Lungu so that he can continue with vast developmental agenda that was started by the late President, Michael Sata.

He said the PF is the only party that has a clear developmental agenda for the people of Zambia, hence the need for Zambians to maintain the continuity of development.

Dr Scott said this at the official launch of the Central Province PF presidential by-elections campaign rally in Kabwe yesterday.

And former vice president in the Mwanawasa regime, Lupando Mwape, has urged the people of Zambia to vote for the PF candidate, Edgar Lungu, in the January 20, 2015 presidential by-elections.

Mr Mwape said Edgar Lungu is the right candidate who will no doubt steer the country to economic prosperity as enshrined in the PF manifesto.

Present at the rally were cabinet ministers Nkandu Luo, Emmanuel Chenda, Chishimba Kambwili, Jean Kapata, Joseph Katema, Inonge Wina, various deputy ministers, PF members of parliament and senior party officials.


  1. Abesu !! The man of the moment !! Lets go Lungu, you the man !! I am happy the internal conflicts are behind us. The opposition are now hurt by this.

    • Whaaaaat SAULOSI is alive?? Hello Saulosi….. please enjoy your temporary PF “reconciliation”. From a Kaunda to such a low class Edgar Lungu, what a Zambia it has become.

    • You pepoz,
      I only want access to government resources, not loyalty to dotty scotty. Besides, I have been the leader of a gang that has not once, but twice been threatened with treason.

      Loyalty my arse! Just let me get my alcohol drenched fingers of state coffers !

    • Kaminamisa Lungu, less than a week ago you and your cohorts had hurled all sorts of insults at Scott and considered him unfit to be acting president. NOW u pledge loyalty and promise to consult him on how to do your job, shame on you.

      HH 2015

    • I watched the speech Edgar Vodka Lungu (EVL) gave at the rally in Kabwe. EVL is a very selfish man, he used the platform to justify why he will not relinquish his ministerial positions, said something on homosexuality, HH’s billboards and nothing else. I am not even sure EVL knows he is running for the presidency. he is just uninspiring. No vision and clueless

    • Lungu is exemplified by Donchi Kubeba sickness and that’s what he’s doing to Scott, so are gullible visionless PF cadres!
      Loyalty my ? Lungu & Kalaba will never be loyal to anyone, they are liars who a fortnight ago absconded and went to “meet” Mugabe the dictator of Zimbabwe without officially informing the president, Dr Scott.
      Such behavior should be enough for any normal person to comprehend that, Lungu Chakolwa doesn’t mean well for the country.
      Lungu is inconsistent in following the vision of Sata~confusion &violence ~ and his visionless of reckoning Sosala!
      Lungu deported Banyangadora Bishop because of Judge Chikopa of Malawi, who is Lungu’s uncle, through Mulenga Sata’s mother, the sister happens to be Lungu’s mother.
      28 days left for PF to be kicked off!

  2. Yes, you will be loyal to him so you can abuse State resources in the remaining 30 days. But the handwriting is already on the wall. “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.” Ask HH to interpret this language for you sir.

    • so thats your foolish interpretation of scort working with lungu???? you are very dull. any way all of you writing negatives about lungu are very shallow in reasoning. and i dont blame you all but your backgrownds.

    • HH is not God and don’t use God’s word in vain. This is blasphemy. HH will lose hands down as he is no match to EL and the PF.

  3. saulosi, you are right. these upnd are now very apset to see unity in pf. hh is not sleeping any more. people of zambia vote for edga lungu and pf.

    • You are lucky that Guy Scott is a Whiteman, your Vodgar Lungu could have been arrested long before. How many treason charges has been ignored by a good heart Scott?
      That Lungu can’t even give out ministry of defence, not even Justice in fear of getting arrested.
      Tell him to wash Guy Scott’s feet!!

  4. What Development Are U Talking About.Late Payment Of Farmers,firing Of Nurses N Reistate Them B4 Election Period,removing Subsides N Hence High Mealie Meal N Fuel Prices?Pf Has Only Developd Road Sector Bt Failed In All Area.PF Is Now Worried Thats Y They Ar Busy Assassinating HH During Thre Campain.#FlightHH2015

  5. Warning to Guy Scott. remember the issues of the likes of Dora Silica, Austin Liato, Rupiah Banda etc and the police vans and courts after the MMD lost elections? remember Xavier Chungu, Richard Sakala, Attan Shansonga, Prof Mweene, Katele Kalumba etc? that will be you if you allow Edgar to misuse national resources for his campaigns. The writing is on the wall. those rented crowds were there even when Rupiah lost, even when KK lost in 1991. Zambians are resolved this time to bring in a sensible government.

  6. iam sure guy scott gets confused every time he looks at edger vodka lungu . he says he will be loyal to him. when as a minister he organised to fire his boss the acting president of zambia without following lied down procedures . such a man to put in state house, ha, will simple wake up with hangover and say i have fired all opposition mps and introduced one party state .and the nation will be surprised for 5 years. dont make another mistake vote wisely vote hh for 2015

  7. Loyal please don’t lie to us, you only loyal because you desparately to be in state house. Too late now, we know your true colors and Scott too what happened to principles, now we know how you were blackmailed into submission.

    • And the crimes against humanity in Barotseland. The International Criminal Justice Courts will soon deal the likes of Lungu individually and Sata is not here to defend a chakolwa.
      Everything has time, a time for everything and the best is Gods time.
      The Skeleton Key

  8. The people’s President Edgar C. Lungu has once again shown to the masses that he is truelly a forgiving and embracing man!!! This is why Zambians will vote for Edgar!!!


  9. I have no problem with Edgar Lungu, but I am extremely uncomfortable with his pledge to continue with Mr Sata’s “legacy”. I mean how can we continue with such a terrible legacy of dictatorship, inhuman intolerance of others, arrogance, grand corruption, tribalism, nepotism, familism, mediocrity in strategic appointments, and above all the 90 DAYS LIES?

    As for the constitution, Mr Sata did not want the new constitution which he promised Zambians and even mocked everybody with “….animal driven constitution…”. God casts the cobra aside for its sins of lies as in the Garden of Eden, Edgar comes on the scene seeking our votes and promises a new constitution, and yet in the same breath promises to continue the so called “legacy”? How???

  10. Don’t worry folks, it will get worse before it gets better. Even historical empires and states have had times like this. Then out came a Roosevelt, a Churchill, a(n) Obama… take heart. This too shall pass. We shall soon have a good one – let them prevail for now.

    • That’s just wishful thinking and it can never happen. As per your imaginations of crying rivers, it will be PF to do in the history of crying!
      28 days left, PF and its cadres will be lamenting the loss with hangovers because of the intoxication of Lungu. Time has come for Proven Failures (PF) to pack and disappear, never to be heard of ever.
      These are the last kicks of the dying PF!
      Yazanda nkani, yazanda PF lelo, Boza lanu ehh! Lies have short legs and PF is proving it.

  11. There are no permanent enemies in Politics. Guy Scott has just saved his skin. He was treading a dangerous line as whoever were his advisors had completely dislodged and misdirected him. He can attest certainly that he was being held to ransom by the unseen hand that he himself knew. Thank God he has realized. Otherwise he must have started disappointing his fellow muzungus ,white people by his earlier conduct that was culminating into lawlessness.

    • Yes, Saulosi is Katondo boys. He is fond of changing names to mislead himself and PF gullible cadres.
      He disappeared for while because he was busy packing up because PF has 28 days left to mascaraed as a party in power.
      All plunderers will be given justice to exculpate them themselves until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. No stone unturned!

  12. Any other business please? I want to tell all people of Zambia to ignore the hatred and lies that are written every day in one paper , the pesticide, so bitter and writes like it is wise yet with hidden agenda. They don’t sleep at Pf, THEY DONT SLEEP AT Edgar Lungu. lOOKS LIKE EVEN THE RECONCILIATION OF g Scotty has further removed sleep in their heads, Zambians let us be on alert not to belive this pesticide paper. it can cause you or us to buy sand beliving it is sugar. it has sweet talk. it also pretends it is religious.

  13. I must have missed something! Has Guy Scott been reinstated as Vice President of PF, has the “vote of no-confidence” by 14 cabinet ministers been “revoked”, who are Atanga and Kasolo now in the PF hierachy(they were at the reconciliation breakfast)?

  14. It’s like all the online sites are full of bitter people!The world is filled with dumb people. A lot of them have bitterness in them!

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