The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People-Driven Constitution says government has drafted a Constitution Bill 2014 and is in a process of taking it to the National Assembly for enactment.

Below is the Press Statement

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People-Driven Constitution In Zambia is aware that Government has drafted the Constitution Bill 2014 and is in the process of taking it to the National Assembly for enactment.
To this effect, the Grand Coalition is compelled to address this unprecedented move by the Government through a press briefing to be held on Tuesday, 22nd December, 2014 at 09:00hrs at the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC). The press briefing will be addressed by the Grand Coalition Chairperson, Father Leonard Chiti.
The purpose of the briefing is to share the Coalition’s misgivings on the Bill and also Government’s move to take such a route in disregard of its earlier promise to enact a new Constitution after adoption of the final Draft Constitution through a national Referendum.

Issued by:
McDonald Chipenzi
Grand Coalition Spokesperson

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  1. PF: late pymt of farmers; RDA has gone for 3 yrs with board chairman without a board and without any audit & yet it handles transactions that are in billions; unregulated borrowing; high cost of living; high mealie meal prices-one Christopher Mulenga said mealie meal was actually more exp. during MMD period had it not been for subsidies. Well exc rate was K4.5 to USD1.00 during MMD. Now it is K6.50 to USD1.00. Was MMD also subsidizing Kwacha? For 1st time, we had a student committing suicide out of frustration. Yo president is a confirmed mispropriator of client money. Now we Zambians will be his client; is he not going to misappropriate our money & other resources? It is only in Zambia where confirmed & self confessed thieves can vie for high office!


    • GIGO::Voting for Pipo who sold mines teti baba.Reasons
      1.Mutati’s brother sold mines with HH
      2.Mutati stole money at zesco
      3.HH came into politics through tribalsim
      4.MMD wants to be back through UPND and sell Zamtel,Zesco and Finance bank
      5. Musokotwane stole 1000 bicycles
      6.HH is surrounded by finished politicians who said he didn’t want recycled politicians.Therefore HH can’t be trusted.
      7.HH has made a deal with boars in south Africa to buy zambian mines.Boars are brutal and Zambia will regret

      Anyway PF is winning coz we are now happy to be zambians.Viva EL.Bakabolala teti tubabwesha mu power.


  2. PF must be kicked out and the next Government must do a complete audit and bring these thieves to book!

    Internal and external borrowing by Chikwanda is over 11 BILLION US Dollars and they cannot even pay the farmers for their crops?

    Wake up Zambians, this is pure stealing on a massive scale!

    These criminals must not only be jailed, but forced to repay Zambians money they have stolen!


  3. That Outgoing Lairs Party PF now under Kachasu Drunken Master Lungu risks paying these huge borrowed loans through these ‘odious debt’ concept should we put in office a visionary prudent president.Zambia can not develop under these PF corrupt dinosaurs thieves who have manipulated all institutions of good governance including TIZ,Catholic church,& scholars.Everyone is just watching.We really have is huge task as civilised few Zambians to sensitize the majority illiterate voters on the duty & responsibity of a prudent government in their human development endeavour.Zambia will never develop when money meant for development is being corruptly pocketed & no audit is done when tangible evidence is vivid everywhere.I really do not know where we are heading to as a nation.


  4. Guys weather you like it or not PF is continuing in power. I know you might have a chance in 2016 if you stop insulting and concentrate on issue based campaigns.



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