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Grand Coalition Exposes Government’s Maneuvers on the Constitution Making Process

General News Grand Coalition Exposes Government’s Maneuvers on the Constitution Making Process

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People-Driven Constitution says government has drafted a Constitution Bill 2014 and is in a process of taking it to the National Assembly for enactment.

Below is a statement released by Coalition Spokesperson McDonald Chipenzi.

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People-Driven Constitution In Zambia is aware that Government has drafted the Constitution Bill 2014 and is in the process of taking it to the National Assembly for enactment.

To this effect, the Grand Coalition is compelled to address this unprecedented move by the Government through a press briefing to be held on Tuesday, 22nd December, 2014 at 09:00hrs at the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC). The press briefing will be addressed by the Grand Coalition Chairperson, Father Leonard Chiti.

The purpose of the briefing is to share the Coalition’s misgivings on the Bill and also Government’s move to take such a route in disregard of its earlier promise to enact a new Constitution after adoption of the final Draft Constitution through a National Referendum.

Issued by:

McDonald Chipenzi

Grand Coalition Spokesperson

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    • Sakwiba Sikota is very slow and indecisive. why do you think his party couldnt tick? or you think he can only make UPND tick if made president. upto date he doesn’t even know which horse to back and still thinking until things are much clearer-going where the wind blows and not principle.

      The UPND has had conventions where HH was re-elected. Maybe stay less on Mars.

      Who cares which church he goes to? What we are interested in is someone who can lead our national to prosperity not those clueless, spineless, vision less drunkards you are supporting.

      He can be a free Mason if he wants. its his democratic right. After all free masons are ruling the world East, West, North and south.

    • Typical of Chimbwi No Plan PF. OUT, OUT PF. 2015 Zambia will be flying above this confusion like the eagle on our flag with HH and his team. Zambia forward.

  2. If it is true that the govt want to enact the constitution through the national assemble then it is a very good move and govt should be commended for that. We all know that the so called grand coalition is a puppet of upnd, we are very well aware that Mcdonald Chipenzi is related to hh. This man is serving the interest of upnd because hh promised him a of job of an ambassador if he wins the elections. For your own information its alread written in the sky that Edgar lungu has won by 65.3per cent. Mark my words!

    • Which law are you following in your thinking (if at all you have any basis for your argument)? You are better off not involving yourself in some discussions before you expose your ignorance.

    • There are alot of retards in PF.This is true desparation at its cost. Most of the bloggers supporting illegal moves of PF don’t even know the contents of draft constitution.therefore talking without facts will expose people like Monze with high ignorance levels.

  3. It’s difficult to even understand what his actual complaint is!

    It’s good the Edgar Lungu is influencing the enactment surely?

    I mean, haven’t they had the draft for a while now? Referendum? How much will that cost or should we accept money from the West?

    It’s a good move PF are making. HH and his gang have been campaigning on lies. They have been undercut! All they are promising is PF effort.

    It’s really annoying to have all these interest groups and NGOs trying to influence our Democracy by making attacks on one party. Zambian elections for Zambians. Investors and foreign groups should not treat Zambia like a playing field. WE REALLY ARE NOT THAT STUPID.

    • You really are that stupid! PFools have been sitting on the draft constitution for a year. All this rush to do something about the Constitution is after it became clear that Sata was on his deathbed. Vodka Chakolwa Muhammad Lungu is now clutching at every point that HH is making. That jihadist will not reverse the 65 year retirement age, will not enact a new constitution with all the right clauses that people want, will not create real jobs (except for street vending), and will not reduce the cost of food.

  4. Some people’s thinking is really archaic.Do you have a functioning brain inside your hollow head?How do you support such nonsense.The critical issues that are in the draft including the 50% plus 1 will not be included.Running mate and other good clauses will not be included.You are just one blogger who even never submitted to the commission.So many Zambians submitted many clauses that are progressive.To ensure that all these are included, a referendum must be held.You cant be a player and referee at the same time.Politicians have certain interests to protect hence they will not include clauses that put their continued stay in office at a risk.This is nonsense.Now when someone is making a tangible contribution, all you see in tribe.This your F00lish hatred for Tongas will chock you one…

  5. ukamba cost.Nindalama zanyoko?Which is better, to spend money on fattening politicians or do a good consititution for all citizens benefit.The way crooked politicians use the public order act,detaining opponents,to you that is fine.Bakutengela mukazi, bamuchita ati its ok.PF Cadre thinking.That is why Zambia will never develop.Too much illiteracy and low thinking cadres who cant analyse things.

  6. PF must be kicked out and the next Government must do a complete audit and bring these thieves to book!

    Internal and external borrowing by Chikwanda is over 11 BILLION US Dollars and they cannot even pay the farmers for their crops?

    Wake up Zambians, this is pure stealing on a massive scale!

    These criminals must not only be jailed, but forced to repay Zambians money they have stolen!

  7. I will only vote UPND if the following questions are answered to my satisfaction.
    Why was Sakwiba Sikota not allowed to stand at the convention which elected HH following the death of Mazoka?
    When was the last time, UPND held a convention to elect its leaders?
    Does UPND have a constitution? What does the UPND constitution say about holding conventions?
    Which church does HH go to? Yes he claims to be an Adventist but in which church does HH congregate?

    • Please PFoolish mwine munzi just vote for your jihadist. Yours is one vote progressive society does not want.


  9. Some people are very dull;Every ***** idea they support.They dont reason.PF must be kicked out indeed.They have destroyed our country. More kaloba than ever before.11bn USD to be paid back by future generation.90 days lies.Wage freeze.Most expensive fuel.tawakwata nenjinga you are supporting.Mealie meal is expensive.North Western and western province have been sidelined with no minister and in North Western no projects.Yet thats were minerals are coming from.Banabatanila kumodzi na road from chingola.What kind of tribalists are these?Now go to Muchinga and see.Yet some empty brains here say Lungu chabe.If you ask them why they think he can be a good president, they say eo bashilile.kkkkkk.Very low thinking.People should evaluate candidates based on qualities not chimwela.Dull chaps.

  10. No matter how hard you try to tarnish HH God’s favor is with him.Not to bring a person of useless character.Kaminamisa Vodka Lungu from nowhere and say annointed one.The vicious manner in which these chaps are fighting for power at all cost is very frightening.And those cockroaches who tal about freemasons do you even know what freemason is olo mumvela chabe you start saying HH is a freemason?Be issue based not useless propaganda.You are the only one who doesnt know there is a manifesto.What proof do you have that HH stopped Sakwiba?Be ashamed of lies.Even if you dont vote yours is just one vote.give Lungu your messiah program is HH Zambia forward.You will faint when results are announced.Ndipo he is causing you sleepless nights.Why dont you mention Cozmo or his brother Never or Nawakwi?

  11. Chipenzi needs the support of every well meaning Zambian.The work of the grand Coalition is not for the benefit of the church and other civil society.Why do you accuse them of bias when they helped you acsend to power and are only ensuring that the right thing is done.PF are dangerously desperate chaps and should be booted out.Liars liars liars.And some misguided people cant see that.Very embarassing that people cant analyse who they want to give the power to.Kwalola umwela PF they want to continue stealing and contracts.HH is the man.Just vote HH and see before 2016 how things will change.Not these criminals who even sata himself callled useless.

  12. mwine munzi it is very very shallow even to talk about your question upnd is very clean . but can you tell me why should i vote for pf. and which culture where going for nomination one has to visit the graveyards and ask for wisdom from the spirits in a christian nation. is lungu a christian which church does he go to where they mix the dead and god so dont cheat others you are the worst hh for zambia 2015

  13. I am beginning to think most of these PF thugs don’t live in Zambia. In 3 years the kwacha has gone from K4.60 to K6.40, fuel from K6.40 to K10 cement from K38 to k80, mealie meal from k35 to K75. If you are telling me that is development then you must be extremely dull. We are going backwards and it is not HH’s fault he is not in government it is Edgar and his friends. Its simple, why are PF supporters so blind they can’t see. Its support PF until you end up in a ditch.

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