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Miles Sampa says he is likely to form his own party

General News Miles Sampa says he is likely to form his own party

Matero MP Miles Sampa (r) dresses Vice President Dr. Guy Scott (l) a PF scarf on arrival at Kaoma air strip to drum up support ahead of the forthcoming Mangango August 19 2014, Parliamentary bye elections in Kaoma District, Western Province,
Matero MP Miles Sampa (r) dresses Vice President Dr. Guy Scott (l) a PF scarf on arrival at Kaoma air strip to drum up support ahead of the forthcoming Mangango August 19 2014, Parliamentary bye elections in Kaoma District, Western Province,

Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa has disclosed that he is likely to form a party and will announce his position in the next two days.

Sampa who was on Sunday in Kasama to consult with Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, said he refused to attend the Press Conference that was called by Acting President Dr. Guy Scott and PF President Edgar Lungu.

Sampa said he was aggrieved that fundamental issues according to him, were not attended to.

He said he had various options before him that included formation of a political party or reconciliation.

He also hinted that he might form his own party and carry officials to build a party that will contest the 2016 elections.

But he has alleged that no genuine reconciliation had taken place.
Addressing party officials in Kasama, Sampa disclosed that he had a three-hour meeting with Mwine Lubemba, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu on Sunday on 21st December 2014.

But Mwine Lubemba, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu is said to have snubbed the proposal to solicit his help for a formation of the party or the request to support any other.

And former Deputy Secretary General Anthony Kasolo has attacked the General Conference that elected Edgar Lungu as Party President. He claimed that it was a sham since the election was done “by show of hands”.

“Ifyongo mwaumfwile ku Lusaka, amapepala yale mibepa ubufi. Pantu ta batu bweseshe ifi puna. Bushe icilonganino chatushilile bashikulu, General Conference yesu bushye ku imya amaboko? [The noise you heard from Lusaka, newspapers were feeding you on lies] because they didn’t give us back our positions. This [PF] organisation was left to us by our grandfather,” Kasolo said while Sampa was heckling and shouting “kwati mashilu [as if they are lunatics]”.

Kasolo also accused the media of peddling lies and said they would never give up on their cause.

Kasolo also lamented that the reconciliation that was brokered by the Church was meaningless since his position of Deputy Secretary General and that of former Secretary General Bridget Attanga were not restored.

He claimed that when he founded the PF with his “grandfather”, the values being pr active were alien to the party.

“Ubu chenjenshi bwa nkonko, Pungwa tasakamana…[An eagle is never bothered by a chicken’s tricks]”

In an 18 minutes and 42 seconds public recording made available, Miles Sampa has accused the Edgar Lungu camp of punishing his supporters in the party

He said that the PF did not belong to anyone.

“ twa iminine ten (10). Ilyo twabwelele ku Lusaka, natile ati ukuchila icipani cifwe, natu balekele’’. [ We stood 10. When we got back to Lusaka, I said let’s leave them rather than let the party die]

He said the reconciliation was false because it was just a cosmetic show for television and the rest of the media while the party structures allegedly remained divided.

He said as far as he was concerned and before negotiations could conclude, a press conference was held prematurely.

He feared that his supporters were being sidelined and punished for supporting him. He said his supporters in Mazabuka, Mongu and Chipata were being punished.

He said his officials in Chipata were given suspension letters.

“Ine icilenkalipa cha kweba ati abanensu na bakwatako ubuchenjeshi”.[ What hurts me is that our colleagues are not honest]

He alleged that officials that supported him were being replaced by people from the so called parallel structures.

He said he has been consulting the Church, Bishops and other stakeholders and felt that time had come to consult traditional authorities and make his own decision.

He said whatever position he takes whether it was reconciliation or formation of his own political party, he would state the position on his own.

He insisted that he was his own spokesperson and did not need any other person to speak for him.

And supporters told Sampa that they would “follow” whatever position he will take.

Sampa said he will hold a press conference soon and state the country his position.


  1. The way Sampa describes the happenings in PF is really unfortunate to say the least.
    But I really hope that people going to these rallies do a donchi kubeba on PF otherwise they will live to regret. God has been merciful on the Zambians by allowing HH to campaign uninterrupted such that people can listen to his message of Hope and Help. So if people want to listen to PF who are insulting HH during their rallies Zambians will have themselves to blame.

    PF doesn’t have Zambias needs at heart. They forget we have only this country and as long as they can run the country as they please they don’t care about the future of the country.

    We need prayer for our country. God’s intervention. God save Zambia.

    • He claimed that when he founded the PF with his “grandfather”, the values being pr active were alien to the party.

      So in these guys mind , this is a family affair? Sorry guys, PF is not seven Guns and One Crescida. Sounds to you like PF was a bemba party and only a bemba can rule like UPND style, I think PF should just say good riddance. Let these guys go and inherit the 7 guns and a crescida

    • We need prayers indeed. PF is full of confusions and these confusions will escalate to very dangerous levels once they get into power. EL by himself maybe ideal, but the total of them as PF should not be allowed to be in power. We must always take a wholistic and long term view of this issue.

    • PF don’t know their own consitituton let alone understand it. Zambians are very peculiar people in that they have a very short memory span. What happened in PF in Kabwe during the General Conference is not normal. PF have just normalised an illegality by the so called reconciliation. The fact of the matter is that the PF GC failed to yield a PF presidential by-election candidate slated for 20-01-2015. These are alarm bells ringing and alerting the general populace of this naive nation that the PF will do anything to try and remain in power. I would not be voting PF because the GC was a fallacy, the party is divided and right now they have just put powder and mascara to hide the deep wounds. They lied about the constitution, sick president, money in pockets, cost of Nshima etc……


    • Sampa was and has never been a factor at presidential level. He is ahead of his time and needs to mature before he starts a serious campaign for the Presidency. However, the Post Newspaper and ZWD have raised his profile, during this battle for the PF Presidency, and what will matter now is how Sampa carries himself from hereon. The Post will not be backing him as I suspect Kabimba will be their favoured candidate beyond 2015

    • Vote and exercise your right as a citizen to change this govmt. Vote for a safe pair of hands in the name of HH to steer this country which is on it’s knees to a better direction going forward. Zambia is bleeding right now. The divisions in the ruling party are too deep to ignore. Division in a any party means disorder and mass corruption to keep pleasing people. All the democratic values are lost and intimidation takes the best part of all that are jostling for power. Let’s end the greed by showing them the door and booting them out forever! The seeds of hatred, nepotism, favoritism, tribalism and all the bad isms have been planted in our country by the PF and need uprooting and burning before they reproduce. Zambia is bigger than PF. Vote for HH to redeem this country once n 4 all

    • @Pretty you really love the infighting in PF. If you think that is the only way HH will win the election you are right, but what will happen if they truly resolve their differences.? Play your game as UPND coz that’s the only sure way of winning.

      Success is deliberate Pretty not luck.

      Miles can hang, Scott was only using you and you didn’t see it, now that Scott realised he was not going to win he turned his back on you and moved on, he dumped you Sampa, you should have known better not to fight with EL who has the backing of the people.

      Miles please go ahead and start your own party no one will miss you and you will see you are not as famous as you think. Your political career is kaput.


    • Please leave Sosala out of this mess. You failed to sympathize with him when King Cobra dethroned him.
      Can’t you dopolitics in Northern Province without using the name of Chitimukulu?

    • Big L, time will tell if the Scott issue was a hoax.

      Just look at the way HH has been campigning and tell me you don’t see
      divine intervention.

      My God of Abraham is great and mightyl.

    • @pretty yes time will tell and come jan 21 you will see that we were right and you our friends were wrong. Now if you say your God who happens to my God and happens to be the God of Lungu is your side then that’s great but I hope you will concede defeat and accept the results should Lungu win, I hope HH wont say we will make it hard for PF to govern, remember he said this last time.?

      In all this I can only say God has fought battles on behalf of Lungu more than HH… what battle does HH know or has fought.? Ask Lungu the same question he will have to choose from the shelf as he has won many.


    • Yaa that “reconciliation” was indeed horribly forced. People folding arms, and Nsanda was busy telling them as kids to hold hands, and that Pentecostal Bishop forcing parents to sing like secondary school youths.
      I feel sorry for Scott & GBM to be forced in such an embarrassment moment.

    • Sampa go for it. We’re fade up of dinosaurs changing colours every time there’s an election. How can Edgar Lungu go unopposed with 9other candidates wanting to contest? It’s flawed for sure and stick to your principles dear. We need young and ambitious brains to take Zambia forward. Matero, Chunga, Lilanda, Chingwele are behind you and support HH to form a vibrant coalition of the willing with Zambia at heart. Most of the people are jealous of you because of your entrepreneurial initiatives you have. Go Sampa Go.

      Patriotic Front (PF) President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has commenced his provincial campaign tours by beginning with the Northern Province.
      President Lungu is on Tuesday 23rd December 2014 expected to hold two rallies in Chilubi and Luwingu districts.
      He will hold a Rally in Chilubi at 10hrs in the morning, and then travel to Luwingu and hold a rally at 13hrs in the afternoons in Luwingu District.
      On Wednesday 24th December 2014, Hon. Lungu is expected to hold a rally in Mporokoso at 10hrs and hold another public rally in Kasama at 13hrs.
      Acting President Dr. Guy Scott is expected to join President Edgar Lungu’s rally in Kasama.

      2015 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you…..

    • Scared if HH wins. with his only tonga should be upnd president. What will stop implementing things like school bursaries only for tongas

  2. The new constitution should ‘force’ parties to hold National Conventions in order to take part in elections… this is a MUST !!!! Too many jokers around !!!!

    • Well what a brilliant thought there, this definitely must be cast in iron as a prerequisite to participating in any election. We need to learn from the infighting we have witnessed in both PF and MMD where the winners have won by all means necessary meaning, corruption, pangalism, coup etc.

  3. This is the very reason Miles Sampa will never be president of Zambia. How do you expect such people to lead the country who don’t even have a vision for their career? How can you have a vision for the country when you yourself has no vision for your own life? Clearly everyone knows that he can’t win except himself for sure. If l were him, l would have used this opportunity to become a popular figure in the PF and looking ahead to the future. He has clearly demonstrated that he has no character. How do you become a president overnight from deputy minister to president. His uncle MCS spend decades in government and then another decade in opposition before he was elected president. He should start watching American politics may be he will learn something.

  4. But Miles Sampa, just swallow your pride. Ifi fine efyo baipwisha. Tawamufwapo umuntu beta ati General Miyanda? General Miyanda has a party and has supporters but he has no influence on the political front. You are still young, mature in politics first. MATERO is not Zambia. Your own relative Faustina Sinyangwe where is she??

  5. The only way PF can win is if Satan is in charge of Zambia. Evil spirit using the so-called Bishop Chomba. Surely how can he claim that HH is a Satanist & if we vote for him he will be killing Zambians! If legal suits are brought b4 him, is he going to prove his allegations? This man is certainly under the spell of the devil. His PF is so desperate that they are now inventing things against HH. They are claiming that HH can not talk about completing infrastructure they will leave behind on 20th Jan 2015; why shud he not? Wen u marry a woman who already has a small baby, a u going not to support the baby just bcoz u are not the biological father? Well HH will complete those projects under the spirit of “extended family system”. PF u have ruined this country. Pls phase out 20/1/15.

    • Pf has been in power for less than five year and the country has witnessed massive countrywide infrastructure development. Because of tribal thinking you chosen not to see anything but damages. Even if it is political campaigning, don’t you think that is decampaigning yourself. This is how you expose you tribalism


  7. UPND supporters wanted Sampa ooopps agony Edger Lungu on ballot.kiiiki the guys want to run away.Efintu Ni lungu.We bembas have resolved to vote for El.We don’t support tribalism like UPND.UPND supporters thought bembas would support Sampa but always most bembas are clever n don’t support tribalism.Sampa has selfish blood of HH.It’s true the mother comes from the same city where HH comes from.Anyway bemba speaking pipo will never support sampa. Infact we’ll support Mulenga Sata in future when he matures unlike UPND who supports tribalism.For now it’s Edger Lungu baba.Tell them to form a political party coz he doesn’t believe in God.He should know that Pipo want Lungu.Can u imagine pipo supporting him?They are all from non PF areas.Can PF win in SP where miles is receiving…

    • HahahaKikikiki! awe kwena yama Ba Luapula fish mwansekesha saana! Sampa alemona kwati twalamupela support pantu we are Bembas. Iyoo Bembas are not tribal. Sampa aloba ilyauma, nsha monapo umu bemba wa mufimbila nga sampa. Batila Kolwe mwi luungu ushilabengwa enda nafyonona!

  8. UPND should not conderm Bishop Chomba.UPND supporters think they are holy.Do they remember or they have forgotten how they insulted president sata ati Chimbwi no plan.These guys are bitter n shallow in thinking.For them insulting others is ok but when they are attacked they cry like babies.Yessssssss HH is a freemason Man.He doen’t go to church period.which Adventist church he goes to?Which church does he have the membership?UPND cadres please answer these two questions.UPND is party full of bitter pipo who call every station.UPND watchdog now blocks all PF blogger on facebook.Can u call that these pipo can bring democracy?Nooo they too selfish just like some of them behave in companies.Efintu ni lungu. UPND should be level minded when debating issues otherwise they are detracting voters

    • Why has PF blocked watchdog if it is democratic

      Most PF members pretend to be Catholics, but in reality not.

      How many pastors and priests were victimized by PF. Can a normal Christian do that? In the PF rule we saw gay rights coming out strong and almost being accepted. So what are you saying

      HH IS SDA
      Like it or not that is that

    • Batila “ukupoka icinsenda ku nkoko kunakilila”. Indeed the bitterness exhibited by UPND on radio stations leaves so much to be desired! one wanders if wisdom should be expressed by anger of the largest proportions. Finshi ifyo aba bemba balufyanya?

  9. Let lungu rule, I’m Bemba but i don’t support tribalism. I went to bashilubemba to do what. Mr just join lungu if Scott can join the person who was a friend of your father, who are you not to.

  10. They are surprised they did not get their jobs back? Is that serious?

    It is correct that they were cut off, because of their attitude. Frankly relationships would not mend with this group. You can’t have wild people like this in a Party, who think they are entitled because of Sata.

    I am very baffled by all this anger from Sampa. He is the one from the parallel structure. He was elected through Contempt of Court, where is his justice?

    They are declaring war on PF and Edgar. In other countries they would have been sorted by now. It’s very sad to attempt to bring your gov’t down.

    • What Party job is Anthony Kasolo talking about? Does he really understand our Party Constitution? Constitutionally the SG and Deputy SG and are appointed by the President of the Party and in this case it has to be President E. C.Lungu. And in his(Kasolo) case; who gave him the very job he agitating about. I believe Mr Kasolo has been to school but he shouldn’t be behaving worse than primitivity.

  11. Ba Miles! Just opening your mouth shows that u r really immature. Today u say I will support HH. tOMORO NIFIMBI. Who can follow a boy that thinks like this? U r o ova the place. That’s why u r now left alone. Look at u. GBM & Scot have seen that there is more than just fighting fo positions. In every contest there is a winner & a loser. Mature pipo accept defeat & leave to fight another day. Nomba emwe, look at u! No wonder u r still at that level of chasing skirts in every town. GROW UP! Form that party & don’t be surprised when no 1 follows u. Sad Mwaeche ewe!

  12. Yaba its amazing how zambianz have gold fish brains,only recently was so many people throwing there tantrums at pf and sata government and how the general standards of living have gone up due to the uneducated political leaders we have at the helm of the political hierarchy now, almost everyone is supporting this so called Edgar Lungu, who himself was awaken to run for presidency only because of the demise of the so called great leader who left us in so much debt and never listened to anyone anyway.EL has no idea on how he is -planning on running this country he is just a power hungry individual who by the way doesnt even want to let go of his two ministerial positions in the name of it not being in the constitution. Wake up Zambia and stop acting cursed!!!

    • EL can not let go of the 2 ministerial positions because Guy Scott has no powers to appoint any body to fill those ministerial positions. GS has no mandate to appoint any ministers, should EL resign who do you think will be running the 2 ministries, HH?

  13. Young man Sampa,
    you said it before, you don’t have to say it again like a broken record.
    Just go ahead and lose everything you have and form a party.

  14. He can form his own party as long as he doesn’t call it ”Patriotic …………..”
    Next is he should resign his MPship he got from PF. Aleya koswe uyu.

  15. So Miles Sampa thinks he is a factor in Zambian politics? what a joke!!! Let him form his party and see how far it will go. His party will end up being a personal to holder party like those of Miyanda and Nawakwi. Should EL win the elections on 20/01/2015 even Kabimba’s party will end up in the same position like the Heritage party. Kabimba should have waited for the elections to see if the PF will shed some members. Depending on the Post news paper to garner support is no longer enough. The Post news paper is no longer much of a factor in influencing public opinion as evidenced by the Edgar Lungu saga.

  16. the biggest problem with sampa is that he is self centered, all he wants is his argument to be heard, his will to be done, his wish to be done; life is unluckily not like that. if i were him, i would start preparing for 2016 or 2021. iconi nga chipulukuta, kuti chilekelako fye, pantu kuti chakuchena. ngachobe ala chikakubwelela. ba sampa, dont always consult pipo , take time to consult God, you shall never be dissappointed. Chitimukulu and his group are brilliant and very sharp pipo; no politician can manipulate them. ask GBM

  17. The demon in Miles Sampa wont leave his blind heart till he is finished politically.let him form his party or endorse HH then see if he’ll retain his matero seat!this MP looks learned on paper but has a very dull mind!let him ask Faustina Sinyangwe and other former rabel PF MPs who are in poverty(jobless) today after being over confident like Sampa is now!for you Kasolo,Atanga,Masebo plus others you got what you asked for by supporting a spoiler who had no chances of winning!even me if i were Edgar i would fire u all!mass PF voters made Lungu PF president long ago but you all ignored their cries(demands) till God won it for him!so no kind words for such evil leaders!

  18. Edgar Lungu is really scaring. I do not agree that in the contest there is always a Winner and loser when there was no contest. Edgar has ascended to power through crooked ways. Is obtaining an injunction at 01 hrs and intimidating candidates of other supporters at the convention amount to a contest?.

    I shudder what Edgar, Nsanda and Kalaba would do to this country if power was in their hands. Scaring indeed.

    Even Guy or GBM are not so much into this so called reconciliation brokered by fake clergy men. They are in this campaign group just to make up appearances.

    We know that Band of North Mead Assembly greatly stands to benefit from his brother Edgar Lungu if at all he ascends to power.

  19. Sampa please, why are you disrespecting Mr Sata this much? Is it because he is now dead? Where is your loyalty? What really makes you think that you can be Zambia’s President mune? Please do an introspection and come out the box.
    As a person who new you from UNZA, am very very disappointed by your unbecoming behavior.
    You see, once your time comes to rule Zambia, if at it will ever come, you will not miss it! The people will speak for you. For now it appears you are under siege by the underworld forces.

    Swallow you pride and support what the man who gave you that deputy ministerial position stood for, Mr Sata. I respected you not because you are anything but as a colleague from UNZA but you completely lost it, sober up man!!

  20. Sampa very childish. Cant be a leader until 30 years from now. If he stays in PF he has a better chance of scending to power but if he wants to be come another Godfrey Miyanda let him go form Zambia’s 1000th party

  21. Sampa you can’t win an election. Stop deceiving yourself. We know you are just being used and remote controlled by the Cartel to further weaken Pf.You never withdrew the case. It is just that all legal channels were exhausted.Wachepamo !!

  22. One thing for sure is that the UP N down are not happy about the PF reconciliation hence fueling all those Insults and lies. They now know that things are not well with them as the PF will now go in full force doing what they know best.

  23. Naimwe ba Sampa do not think you are a factor in the Zambian politics. You are just a nonentity and if you deny this please test it by forming your party. Do not hesitate do it quickly what you want to do. Further , I think Sampa you are dull as you have no any political strategy. Instead of you strategizing for the future as PF president , you open your toothless mouth wide spitting rubbish. Sampa, you are just a boy who needs to grow in politics. You are a shame indeed.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  24. What a good idea! do it fast, fast maybe you might get a portion of land you can call your own country. You get a chance to taste a bit of the sugar from your uncle and now you think Zambia is your oyster! ati malabishi!!

  25. What is this Miles and Anthony? Please respect the reconciliation brokered by Bishop Banda at great cost. You two really want to see the PF lose the election, don’t you? We won’t allow you to do this.

    • Ba Anthony Kasolo, you were just suffering before your bashikulu felt sorry for you and gave you some money but not a position because of your brother in law’s murder case. Mwalishita ko na ka benz ka white. You even started wearing suits nensapato. Mwalefwala ama slippers. Nomba ati the party you founded!

  26. Ba Anthony naimwe. Mwalecula fye until your bashikulu gave you some money but not a position because is your brother in law’s murdr case. Mashing na ka Benz ka white, you even started wearing smart clothes. Mwalfwala fye makapa. Nomba ati the party you founded. You are lucky you were never thrown in jail so if I were you I would stop fighting.

  27. Spot Sampa, you are absolutely right, even if people are trying to ignore what you saying, but us outside PF, we concluded that it was all lunatics behaviour what happened in Kabwe and now.

  28. Please Sampa form your own party, then you will realize that being 44 is not being youthful. HH was 44 a few yeas ago, he is now 52. Are you saying that you have no backbone because the policies of the PF are what you stood on. Trust me, Matero is not your stronghold, anyone can stand on the PF ticket and win. You are not Given Lubinda. Actually, I dare you to resign from the PF already!
    A lot of people have lost their morals in the death of H.E Sata. Maureen; Sata went to great lengths to praise her husband’s name and she goes in public saying ‘we voted for an old man’. Mutati; Sata backed him tirelessly for the job he holds at Comesa and he goes to state that the PF has failed? Where was he all ths time? We call these FAIR-WEATHER friends. Political vomit, used and dumped!

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