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Nevers Mumba should be cited for fraud-Muhabi Lungu

General News Nevers Mumba should be cited for fraud-Muhabi Lungu

MMD president Nevers Mumba arrives at St Ignatius Parish for the  way of the Cross service
MMD president Nevers Mumba arrives at St Ignatius Parish for the way of the Cross service

FORMER MMD secretary-general Muhabi Lungu has described his expulsion and that of his deputy Chembe Nyangu as null and void and vowed to challenge it in court.

MMD president Nevers Mumba on Friday expelled Mr Lungu and Mr Nyangu, saying he had no choice because it would be very difficult to work with them.

“Dr Mumba, who was reinstated as MMD president, has no powers to expel me and revoking the nominations of the national executive committee (NEC) members,” Mr Lungu said.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Lungu said Dr Mumba should be cited for fraud because of illegally obtaining a certificate of adoption he presented to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Mr Lungu, who maintained that he is still MMD secretary-general, said that the Supreme Court ruling only reinstated Dr Mumba as MMD president but did not make him MMD presidential candidate for the January 20 election.

He also said that it is wrong to insinuate that the MMD has endorsed United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Lungu said the MMD NEC will hold a meeting tomorrow to determine which of the presidential candidates that have so far filed their nominations to support.

He said that as the situation stands, the MMD has not chosen any candidate to support until a NEC meeting is held.

Mr Lungu said it is also not true that some MMD members of Parliament (MPs) have endorsed Mr Hichilema.

Meanwhile, NEC has apologised to former President Rupiah Banda after the Supreme Court could not rule in his favour for him to be the MMD presidential candidate.

Mr Lungu said Mr Banda should not be demonised after the court ruling because it was not his plan to contest the presidential election but the wish of NEC and other MMD members.

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  1. Wait a minute Muhabi, if you claim that the court just reinstated Mumba as MMD president and not as a presidential candidate, while you apologize in the same article to Banda for not being made presidential candidate by the same court, then who is your candidate for MMD? Also, if you claim it’s not true that MMD MPs have endorsed HH, how do you explain Mutati’s presence and active involvement at most of HH campaign rallies? Truth hurts but telling it as it is, is the only homage one can pay to truth. Wake up and be truthful at least to yourself. Being in denial won’t just do.

    • People like Muhabi bring confusion. He will not accept the court’s ruling because he feels he has lost out and won’t benefit from it. His reasons are baseless and false. Indeed why is Mutati, a prominent, respected and dignified member of the MMD (probably the only one) at HH’s rallies.
      However, Mumba should also ask himself why people like Mutati have left MMD? Is it because of the wrangles in the party or do they feel that Mumba is not the right leader.
      If Mumba, as a man of God has forced himself as Presidential candidate he will never be President and he is in no different to PF.

    • @ professional, I think that Mutati is a pure opportunist, we all saw how he positioned himself to be endorsed by the PF when Sata was alive. Now he wants to align himself with HH because he has calculated that the power balance may shift accordingly. Let’s be honest, Mutati, Musokotwane, Pande, and Chituwo have never supported Nevers as MMD president, only at face value, remember some still have the taste of the bitter pill after loosing the presidency bid to Mumba.

      A lot of these guys play politics to eat and get ahead, it seems Mumba maybe introducing a new way of leadership that we infact should embrace. It’s HH who is in trouble, he has opportunists running to him with untested character, people that only want the fastest ticket to power.


  2. MMD you are finishing yourselves off. Something tells me that Nevrs Mumba is not liked by his party. Why? Why do they prefer RB? Is it because the latter is corrupt and the leaders in MMD would benefit financially?

  3. Ka Muhabi leave Nevers alone you traitor. Where is your shame ? Just pack your bags and go, am sure UPND would be too happy to receive you.

  4. Muhabi you have many young Zambians following you down. You are intelligent, articulate yourself very well but why do you always find yourself on the wrong side of history? You are a let down!

  5. The more Muhabi talks, the more he is finishing himself politically. I do not see anyone trusting him politically. He says Mumba was not adopted by NEC. Was Chiluba adopted in 1991 and 1996. He was voted MMD president and automatically became republican presidential candidate. There was no other kangaroo meeting to ‘adopt him’. Shocking even VJ misinterprets the MMD constitution for his personal gain. The only time NEC has adopted anyone is when the incumbent was not available to stand. The case of Chiluba in 2001 and Mwanawasa in 2008.

    Whether Mumba wins or loses – the fact is he is the MMD president. How many times did Sata lose? and how many times has HH lost? MMD is not attractive after losing power and to imagine that anyone will win it back into power in 2015 is a pipe dream.

  6. Muhabi; as chairman of the MMD kangaroo court of power-grab and power-distribution your days of misery and much suffering are just round the corner!

  7. a. Just the picture of this guy disgusts me. Which hole did MMD NEC pull him from?
    b. Not that I support Nevers either, I am full blown MMD but I think that Nevers Mumba is a vote repellant, there is nobody who can vote for him.
    c. MMD leadership has itself to blame, how did they manage to get Nevers elected as president of MMD?

    Anyway, MMD is a lost cause for 2015, let MMD members countrywide shift their votes to HH. Right now the common enemy and the more evil devil is PF.

    Remember how Mr Sata and his PF treated MMD to try and decimate the party? The results are being felt now, with MMD reduced to a headless chicken, headlessed by Nevers Mumba. And you want to vote for PF? THINK AGAIN

  8. You muhabi Lungu are a traitor and a let down. Leave the mmd president alone. You are disturbing mmd. It is you and those fake nec members after chewing rb his money and now you do not know how to repay back. Thus the reason of appologies ka. Why didnt your RB file if dr mumba was freudulent. If you cant beat them join them. Now you see you are suspended because of your mishaps. You cannot useful to your president. Shame on you.. Fighting Nevers at this stage is like fighting God.

  9. Just let the cadres beat up this ka Muhabi Lungu the funny ugly looking chap should just accept that he us fired and finished with MMD period and you the press stop reporting about him.

  10. Total rubbish being said about Muhabi Lungu. Follow the constitution of the MMD and you will see that power really lies in the NEC. Nevers is a weak leader that is why his own MCC did not vote to adopt him and now other MP’s are shifting to UPND as a result of negotiations he initiated but has now pulled out of. This guy enjoys pulling out and is a BIG loser. He will never rule Zambia!! Abash Nevers Mumba, Abash Nevers Mumba

  11. Feel sorry with mutate. For MUHABI, he had it coming, he should not cry foul. those are the benefits of misjudgment in life. He should just humble himself and repent from treachery behavior.

  12. Muhabi, I can not appoint you as my shibukombe, you are a total turn coat, Mumba brought you in and your turned 360 degrees to worship RB, was it because of his money?

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