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Sondashi promises to introduce Barotseland agreement

General News Sondashi promises to introduce Barotseland agreement


Forum for Democratic Alternatives leader (FDA), Rodwig Sondashi, says he will re- introduce the Barotse Land agreement of 1964 once elected president of the Republic of Zambia.

Dr Sondashi stated that immediately his party becomes government, it will engage the Litunga and his Kuta as well as the people of Barotse Land to discuss the way forward with regard to the agreement.

He was speaking during a public rally held at Mulambwa grounds in Mongu on Sunday.
Dr Sondashi promised to release the Linyungandambo people who were arrested over the Barotse Land agreement from prison.

Dr. Sondashi further explained that he will improve the Sondashi Formula 2000 (SF 2000) drug for curing HIV/AIDS and give it to patients free of charge to Zambians in order to eradicate the pandemic.

He said it was sad that the inaction by government has resulted in into many losses of lives in the country since the year 2000 when the medicine was founded.

Dr Sondashi was in Mongu district to seek votes ahead of the January 20, 2015 Presidential by elections following the death of President Michael Sata.

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  1. Okay, so that the people of western province vote, right? Miss! They have learnt from the late King Cobra. Try another one sir.

  2. Take it up Lozis. (In Lozi please). Tell him not to play with your royalty. Like I do, when they try use Ba Mwine Lubemba, Ba Kanabesa in their politicking.

  3. Dr Sondashi also talks about:

    1. Reduction of exessive Presidential powers

    2. Separation of state from government: titular
    president and executive prime minister

    3. Deconcentration and devolution of power to the
    Regions and masses of the people

    4. Rederalism – Autonomous states of Zambia

    5. Restoration of the Barotseland Agreement and
    release of all Barotse political prisoners

    Which candidate offers better a manifesto than Dr Ludwig S Sondashi: all are challenged?

  4. Any Government which comes in should engage sondashi over his fomula, it is worth a try and if succesfull it will enrich Zambia as a country.

  5. if he loses, then those HIV positive people will continue dying.
    SF2000 is just a single therapy and just reduces the load and does not clear the virus. so ba sondashi talk sense not this nonsense

  6. Don’t listen to this fool. How can he take care of us as Zambians when he denied his own flesh and blood( Kapata Sondashi his son) languishing in Mukobeko prison? This man is nothing but a hypocrite

  7. Mr Sondashi dont use the BA64 to be canvassing for votes in WP.

    The BA64 is clearly a divisive issue in the province and country at large and as a senior citizen, some of us expect you to know this.

    We expect politicians like you to be promoting unity and national development not this!

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