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ZAMBIA: The ugly ones are dying but the beautiful ones are still not yet born

Columns ZAMBIA: The ugly ones are dying but the beautiful ones are still...

Babies Jubilees: Group of Zambians who were born at the time of independence in 1964
Babies Jubilees: Group of Zambians who were born at the time of independence in 1964

When one read that, “[President] Guy Scott…refused to authorize government financing of the Patriotic Front campaigns, prompting 14 (out of 19) cabinet ministers to petition for his removal as acting Republican President,” it made an interesting read, especially for Africa. African politics, for the most, have epitomized the concept of “Tyranny of the Majority” for decades now. Democracy is usually only paid lip-service to, and the elites rule by connections, kick-backs and corruption.

The president is usually the cheerleader, who calls the shots, and using government resources and power, dictates through his sycophants when and how he exits out of power.

In Zambia, events of the last few weeks are showing that, after all, the beautiful ones may just be too far from being born. Political thinkers term this uncouth for habit as Neo-Patrimonialism – or the rule by the greedy and power hungry.

Here is how it works, and has worked almost unrestrained in Africa: It takes just one man, so-called president, to rise to power. Under him or her are loyalists, some may call them stalwarts, cadres or any similarly-situated labels. The president anoints a few among the most cantankerous cadres and whom he or she christens as cabinet ministers (usually, and mostly men, but people who have ascended the pedestal neither due to their acumen nor merit, but through sheer rabblerousing scuffles).

The president then drains the national coffers through his impetuous ministers (or patrons) and who meticulously reward them to themselves and to the system bottommost social hierarchy – the clients. The clients then do damage to the opposition – insulting some, beating up others, causing violence and even murdering the unfortunate.

Those who show allegiance are often compensated with bags of mealie meal, chitenge materials or fertilizer, whatever the case may be.

Now you understand what it means when President Scot says, “No more use of government resources.” Hate him or love him, this is unheard of among African presidents. Is it the Rubicon crossed already? But just before we begin to resuscitate the diabolical assertions that only White men can save Africa, wait a minute, just wait! Surely Guy Scot is a White African president. It was not his race or colour that forced him to take this leap, albeit useful to Zambia. It is the squabbles in the Patriotic Front (Pf), and the threat of forcing him to resign the presidency. Not only that Miles Sampa (Scott’s preferred candidate) will not be the Pf’s presidential candidate in the January 2015 presidential by-election. Edgar Lungu’s nomination, and perhaps even winning the election, may prompt a political tsunami the nation has never known before. President Scott knows that too well. The Lungu camp also knows that if Sampa becames the Pf strongman, the wrath of Judas will fall on their necks. The stakes were high either way.

The Zambian people have waited, and prayed, for the beautiful ones to be born. And God is saying that the beautiful ones need not be born; the ugly ones just need to die. It should come to the same thing. The only difference is that when the ugly ones are dying, the opposition is also getting topsy-turvy.

The Pf party, in its current form and shape, cannot develop Zambia, even if it was given another 10-year mandate. Its brand is tainted with corruption, abuse of national resources, and lack of a coherent national vision.

To bring back Zambia to sanity, the Pf should be defeated in an election. A clean, sane and new government, untainted with sycophantic scoundrels should then take charge and require a thorough probing of the way the Pf have managed national resources, especially during the time President Sata was incapacitated. If the opposition front in Zambia were a force to reckon with, one of these two, either Hakiande Hichilema or Nevers Mumba would be president in Zambia come January 2015. If the opposition fail to take this chance, the Pf will destroy the country, not because it will win the elections, but because if it does, vengeance, and not goodwill, will rule Zambia for the next few months. And the result will be, of course, the same old, dirty, unsanitary, poverty-stricken and hopeless nation!

By Charles Mwewa

Author:Legal Aspect of Landlord and Tenant Business (Manuscript); Struggles of My People & Other Books


  1. I totally agree; the PF must be removed from power by all means otherwise we are headed for massive distraction of the country. People of Zambia, we now have a chance to correct the mistakes we made by voting for this tyranny called the PF. We must take responsibility and shape our destiny by voting out this fake government whose ascendancy to power was through lies. They have exposed themselves in the three years they have been in power and now God has given us back the power to teach them a lesson. Lets not make the same mistake; PF must be voted out by all means.

    • Wi latumpa iwe. PF is the best thing that ever happened to Zambia. Pf will continue abeit with no nepotism but as development driven as ever. Muletambako fye

    • The only reason why PF should be dismantled is the way they have mistreated Guy Scott & Christina Kaseba.
      What E. Lungu’s group has grabbed the opportunity is worse than property grabbing from a widow. Scott & Sata worked had to form that PF family, but today he is one getting insulted that “mwaikele shani”.

    • It is difficult not to agree with pretty much everything said in this article. However I cant agree with everything and the 1st would have to be this insinuation that Guy Scott deserves credit for having defended/haulted the use of Govt resources by Lungu’s camp.
      Scott did say this but it lacks merit, as he is a known lair and only did this to “save his face” in the wake of the eminent revolt.
      Equally, in any civilised society, PF would be nowhere near the front row of these Presidential race purely on the basis that they are liars and perpetrators of political violence in Zambia. Somehow the majority of Zambians continue to exhibit dullness and gullibility to an extent that will keep the country struck with the same crookered Politicians including Scott himself

  2. I would like to warn the UPND and HH in particular that the spirit of insults and rigging plus killing the main opponents has now overtaken the PF.

    Information has emerged that the 2015 Presidential Elections will not be defferent from the 2001 which Anderson Mazoka won and Chiluba imposed Mwanawasa. This 2015, HH will win but the Security Agences with the help of Robbert Mugabe will impose Edgar Lungu on the Zambian People.

    Edgar Lungu has been reliably informed that HH is winning the coming elections by 37%, Edgar Lungu by 35%, Nevas Mumba by 12% and Edith Nawakwi by 10% .

    And he has been told to do the following in order to to reverse the impending humiliating defeat:
    1. Make sure that Politics of Insults at HH become the order of the day.

    2. Making sure that ZNBC, TIMES…

    • now you have resorted to Hallucination, please hold you self whole up to 20 January 2015 when you will mourn four a fourth time.

      Lungu is wining this election.

      Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  3. Charles Mwewa, what a lousy piece of work. You call yourself a writer? you are an ugly thing and you need to die for sanity to be restored in the writing profession.

    • Actually an ugly piece of smelly green cow dung this prick is

      Its PF chapwa . Ten years is the barest minimum, but we will go for twenty . Period

  4. The ministers petitioned for the removal of Guy Scott because he wrote a letter to the acting chief justice instructing her not allow Lungu to file in his nomination. You are saying it’s because he refused to allow govt financing of the PF campaigns and that’s wrong. You are not being objective in your article, I therefore refuse to finish such because I am thinking you are just a UPND cadre hating on Lungu….VIVA PF

  5. .New year RESOLUTION. ..
    4.Night Clubbing-DELETED
    5.Sex-DELETION FAILED ?!!..¿¿ file is protected.

    • Iwe Chi Mtonga wansebanya, ubipa ku Chipata…..Lol

      Look at the total percentage for your predicted results:
      PF 75% + HH 48% + NAREP 33% + MMD 22% = 178% W

    • wtf? what sort of stats are these? how do you apportion so many percentages out of 100? U are an embarrassment to the country, after so many years of free education & this is the result?

  6. One very important aspect the author has left out is the critical role the church has played to enable the hyenas and jackals to rule Zambia. In 2011, it was the Catholic Church which helped so much to put Sata into plot 1. The Catholic Church knew very well that Sata had no capacity to rule. They knew very well that he was a devisive and violent tribalist. But they chose him to rule Zambia to bankruptcy. Again this time around, the church through Bishop Banda of North mead Assemblies has facilitated a fake reconciliation amongst the 2 waring factions in PF to brighten their chance of retaining power when he very well knows that Edgar Copycat Lungu has no capacity to rule Zambia to prosperity.

  7. Very dull and un researched article from a fake Mwewa. We know your name is not Mwewa but mweewa. You guys have very hard hearts which cant understand political atmospheres. It is printed in white and black that your under 5 HH is losing for the fourth straight time. Cant you get that? Any way as usual you will say in 2016 HH will win, again in 2016 when he loses you will say in 2021, then finally you will say any way HH will rule after all Christians are taken in haven by Jesus Christ. Kekek kikiki, That’s UPND cadres for you.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  8. we tried a Banda & the result was catastrophic, now we want to go for a Lungu & they are all very unruly with no respect for any civilised way of doing things. we are allowing a Phiri anabwela to reverse even the little human progress we have made in Zambia. These people need to sort out their names first, they are not yet fit to govern!

  9. Hahaha HH cadre failing to make sense. Just say you want HH to win not this mediocre article you have written. Scott is double TT ba charless. Tell you what…HH wont win

  10. What literature is this? The language is so off point. Is it Intellectual or the angst ridden diary of an overgrown baby born 1964?

    The reference to the Ugly old dying while the Beautiful young live is bizarre. One would expect the writer to have more respect for his parents, grandparents who surely are among the ugly dying.

    Zambians usually think everything is bad in Zambia; the grass is always greener elsewhere. It’s a good thing he is not Italian, because their political environment is worse. They fight…..I mean Silvio Berlusconi…..’Mr Bung Bunga,’ makes Sata look like the best politician ever! In Turkey parliamentarians through blows at each other! Silvio owns all the Media, is richer than the whole of Italy………there are worse countries in the West!!

  11. Charles Mwewa listern,”PF was given a 5 year mandate. LET THEM FINISH THE REMAINING YEAR. Anythin short of that is a coupe. boiling beans takes good 5 hours unless you use a pressure cooker. The beans has only boiled for 3hours so far and you cant claim the cook has failed.

  12. Writing things about peoples tribe is un Zambian. What is wrong for someone to be called Banda, Phiri, Chanda or Mweemba. It just show how dull you are. Talk about something else not tribe. Come 20 January 2015 ITS VIVA LUNGU!!!!!!!

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