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ECZ to head to South Africa to print Ballot Papers

General News ECZ to head to South Africa to print Ballot Papers

ECZ Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna
ECZ Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna

With the filing of nominations by all presidential candidates completed, the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) will now proceed to print of Presidential ballot papers in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Commission has met and briefed representatives of political in Lusaka today.

Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna says the Commission has invited representatives of all Political parties, Media houses, the Church and Civil society organisations to monitor the process of printing of Ballot papers in South Africa.

He says some officers from ECZ leave for South Africa today, while the rest will leave on Sunday this week.

Mr Akufuna says others invited are officers from the Zambia Police Service, Anti Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Mr. Akufuna says the ECZ, wants to ensure that there is transparency in the whole process and hopes that ZNBC and other media houses will be updating the nation from South Africa.

And Mr. Akufuna has emphasized that registration of voters starts on Monday next week and will run up to January 3, 2015.

He says there is a list of six hundred centres in all the district and that those who have lost their voters cards need to have their National registration cards and a police report.

Mr. Akufuna has further explained that ECZ will hold four peace concerts in selected parts of the country namely Kitwe, Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone .

He has appealed to all political parties to exercise tolerance, understanding and accommodating each other during campaigns and ensure that they abide by the Electoral code of conduct.


  1. There is no rigging at printing.The rigging takes place at delivery of Ballot Papers to various stations.
    I hope the Ballot Boxes will be the transparent ones to avoid prior stuffing.

    1. HE will come first in eastern, Lusaka,Copperbelt,muchinga,luapula,northern and central. i.e Seven provinces.
    2.He will come second in southern,western and north western province. i.e three provinces.

    if you have knowledge of the distribution of electoral population in Zambia ,following this analysis,you will agree with me that EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU is the 6th president of zambia.

    Even almighty M”membe of bwinjimfumu knows this. he admitted it in one of his editorials .

  3. I know my good lady Ireen Mambilima is behind this!

    My lady will take all precaution, at every step of the way. She is a beacon of integrity still afloat in a compromised judiciary. Go, good lady go!

    That crown is rightly yours.

    (This is so sincere, I won’t even take pot shots at the other one)

  4. OK, PF useless government can go ahead print in Joberg SA.

    For 2016 elections, The responsible UPND government will print ballots from Government Printers, within Zambia.

  5. The PFoolish *****s in 2011 questioned the printing of ballots in SA and pledged to revamp Govt Printers. Clearly that was just another lie by the PFools. Three years later we still print abroad!

  6. ……just another failed promise….while in opposition, PF made a lot of noise on printing of ballots out of the country by MMD govt….’when we form govt, we shall upgrade our govt printers to do the printing….’….it only needed to do away with that last UN trip and that Israel holiday trip….the combined cost of those trips would be enough to upgrade Govt printers……POLITICIANS…

  7. You have built shopping malls, modern stadiums, airports, dodgy roads and now you are telling the nation that Zambia is not capable of printing it’s own ballot papers after 50 years of independence? oh, almost forgot, it’s the South Africans who are putting up the shopping malls and the Chinese are doing the rest so technically Zambians are still in the dark ages. One wonders why these so called politicians can’t even organise a piss up in a brewery.

  8. You guys in the media have duty to inform and remind your readers of inconsistances and hypocrisy by these aspiring leaders. it’s only 3 years ago when PF and FDD differed over printing of ballot papers and yet 3 yrs on what has changed?see link below:


  9. UPND must engage ECZ concerning this involvement of DEC election riggers and must make sure to watch every move. Don’t rule out what the zwd is reporting.

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