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UPND gives Defence Chiefs one day ultimatum

General News UPND gives Defence Chiefs one day ultimatum

UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo gestures during the party's rally in Mandevu
UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo gestures during the party’s rally in Mandevu

The opposition UPND has given Defence Chiefs an ultimatum of up to the end of the day tomorrow December 25th to publicize the details of their recent meeting with acting President Guy Scott.

The opposition political party says much as it has become a well known fact that the Defence Chiefs did meet Dr. Scott at either State House or Government House; they should clear the speculations relating to the agenda of the meeting.

UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo says the UPND is of the view that if what has been speculated in the media is true that the Defence Chiefs did force Dr. Scott to reconcile with PF president Edgar Lungu, they in effect committed a serious crime.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Mr. Nkombo has stated that this crime could also translate into treason if properly interpreted by experts at law.

He says if indeed the Defence Chiefs intervened in a political party issue having had intelligence that there was going to be bloodshed on the day of filing nominations for the PF candidate had Dr. Scott not reconciled with Mr. Lungu, the Defence chiefs have actually acted as political cadres.

The UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament who has not indicated what course of action his party will take if the Defence Chiefs do not respond to the ultimatum, has however hinted that once his party is voted in power in 2015 it will set up a commission of inquiry to establish what the defence chiefs discussed with Dr Scott.

He says the people of Zambia need to know the truth on what transpired during the said meeting which resulted in the reconciliation of rival groups in the ruling party.

And Mr. Nkombo has disclosed that following allegations that the ruling PF is preparing a rigging system ahead of the 2015 presidential election, the UPND is also preparing a counter anti-rigging system.

He says his party will not leave any chance for rigging in the forthcoming presidential election.

Mr. Nkombo media briefing was meant to address seven issues of concerns his party currently has ahead of the forthcoming poll and which among them included ZNBC’s alleged bias coverage, alleged politically inclined Judiciary and clarification on UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s religion.


    • Trust me this is not only reckless call, but too dangerous politics. Keep the Defense and Security out of your frictional politics you people. Acting President has the prerogative of security briefs and debriefs. Under the Zambian Security Act of 1968 and 72, it becomes a criminal conduct to give this briefing to the public. Under what law would they be protected to breach the security act as you wish?

    • UPND are banging right out of Order !! iwe ka Garry !!

      You want the current acting Commander in chief to publicise high level meetings of a National security nature with his commanders to you !!!!!………..What NONSENSE IS THIS!!


    • Garry Nkodo you have cost us so many votes today. You need apologize to Guy Scott too, even if you meant well to him. Seriously this is his opinion and not UPND.
      Even campaign manager Dipak Patel will disown that demand.

    • UPND should not over rate themselves.They should not think they are the only opposition party in this country.Defence Chiefs are answerable to their Commander in Chief who at the moment is Guy Scott.What if Acting President summoned all Defence Chiefs for a security meeting?Should this be a matter for every single Zambian to be briefed before or after such meeting takes place? Since when did UPND start taking Post Newspaper articles seriously? Is this not the same Newspaper that brands UPND as a Regional Party?

    • Spot on my friend! This is playing with fire to gain cheap political points. Demanding that the army publicise what they discussed with the president? Never heard of this before.


    • Useless and hopeless Mazabuka MP, Nkombo should begin to collect the rubbish and cow manure that is all over Mazabuka town, what a hopeless MP this man is, he cant even put pressure on Zambia Sugar to improve the working conditions of the employees …instead he meets behind closed doors and leaves their offices with a huge smile on his ugly face..hopeless and these are the !diots who want to lead Zambia??? What nonsense WHO ARE YOU TO GIVE THE MEN IN UNIFORM AN ULTIMATUM???..Nkombo who gives you authority to question defence chiefs, you are not following protocol as such a request must and only must be made through parliament where you and your wfellow UPND Mps are only there to eat at the expense of your poor constituents..hopeless MP this one is!!!

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015****

    • What ever was discussed between defence chiefs and Scott is not our problem as the will of the people will prevail.

      If the PF rigs and forces them selves into power, they will surely regret the day they planned their schemes to rob the people their victory because, its not the chiefs who normally decide to over throw a regime or not. Its actually the junior officers.

      All coup attempts that rocked KK and Chiluba regime, were as a result of the junior officers being unhappy and decide to send shock waves to the regimes.

      There are a lot of junior officers not happy with the way PF has treated over the three years and are seriously ready take on PF.

      So if PF want to really enjoy their reign, they should play it fair and accept defeat like MMD did for the sake of the country…

    • UPND was behind all the PF fracases and now they have run out of manifesto of prosperity.

      UPND is no longer at peace after PF reconsiliatory news broke out.

      UPND think they have already won the elections

      Stop panicking and concentrate on your lies, and stop sparking divisions in our country.

      Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The other day he is said to have insulted in parliament and today he is giving ultimatums, are these the very highly qualified leaders the UPND members brag about? I would rather have Kambwili than this one.

    • Besides Garry is just exercising his democratic right to ask for information regarding what went on for the sake of healing in the country should anything funny occur.

      Now I understand why, PF is resisting to pass the freedom of
      information bill after promising.


      When people are really fade up with a regime they always rise up and challenge the regime. Unlike Zimbabwe, Zambia has many tribes who are ready to fight and go it alone if other tribes continue to cheat them.

      Its not only the Lozis who feel discontent with the PF regime but all the tribes in Zambia.

      Yugoslavia was torn apart because such kind of dictatorship tendencies. I do not want Zambia to go down that route because we are smart enough to do things right.

      Before PF came into power, Zambia was…

    • Garry is not a coward any more after being brutalised by the PF regime on false accusations he has really toughened up. He is now ready to challenge any body in his country for the sake of peace.

      The mood being painted by all PF bloggers is that if the army took over Zambia today then all PF minions go into exile instead of rising up to challenge the military junta.

      Only the likes of Garry would stand up for mother Zambia against any military tyranny.


      If you kill by sword you die by it. So if Lungu is using defence chiefs to intimidate opponents, the same shall be done to him when people surrounding him decide to replace him . This will happen very soon before 2016.

      People like are men we need in Zambia. They really have balls of steel.

      Ignore my advice at your…

    • Let the army or police abduct Garry and see the uprising that will rock this country.

      If PF and the army are not careful, how they respond to Garry, will be crucial to either break or build the country because people are really fade up with PF ‘s stupid antics.

      Garry is a man with balls of steel.




    • @wanzelu you say your Gary is a man with balls of steel..what lies as usual coming from you but for the sake of other readers lets get things straight! When were you last in Mazabuka??? Have seen the state of the town, the markets and generally the district as a whole, have you not ever heard of the plight of the workers of Mazabuka’s biggest employer that is Illovo/ Zambia Sugar are you aware of the secret meetings with management with serious allegations of bribery being directed at you Gary??? Your dear UPND MP is more concerned with enriching himself from his gratuity and allowances than seeing to it that Mazabuka develops and dont blame the ruling party as an excuse, there are opposition MPs in other towns that have done so much better such as Chipata’s MMD Ruben Phiri.

    • The defence chiefs need to be impartial in their dealings, how can be trust them with our safety if they decide to side with one failed party?

    • Imagine. So its true pnd was happy that pf was fighting. Who deeoes nkombo think he is to give our men in uniforms ultimatum is he not aware that service chiefs have a commander in chief whom whom they report to..? What of government will form if at they will ever form a government.?

      Rigging is a non starter. VJ is on their side so its PF who should be crying foul here not upnd.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • This guy is playing with fire … And these chaps think they can get to State House without proper understanding of the decorums under the Zambia Security Act 1964 and 1972 as revised?

      Under the law none of these minions even carry half the security clearance needed to even mention that wing publicly even as an MP inside parliament how much more at a political rally?

      Ever since the presidential misconduct of a one FTJ revealing State House tunnels because political zeal, the Security Chiefs have since raised the bar.

      Their allegiance is to the republic and don’t ever stoop that low … It’s a matter of National Security and neither hold the right office nor qualifications for debriefs.


    • There is a problem with some people in Zambia.
      Some confessed that wanted to PF problems to continue so that they can win the election. They looked like they were praising out but inside they were despising him.
      For sure is it treason to advice your boss or someone on security matters of the nation. Which every was concerned. HH said was concerned with what was happening in PF what about security officers. Every president is advised on security matters. Starting from Dr Kaunda to Dr Guy Scott they have been advised. Guy is not a ‘mushebwa’ like some people.
      It was people who made him continue allowing squabbles in PF. Each time he says it is finished they push him back. One time he said now the problem is over and HH will hear many foots of campaign – wutu wutu wutu. Following…

    • Garry needs to be censored by his bosses. This is careless talk and which will not take UPND anywhere. What kind of nonsense is this. The Defence chiefs can meet Scott as many times as they want and they do not owe Nkombo or the UPND anything. The meeting with Guy Scott was classified, unless it is Guy Scott feeding Nkombo with such trash.

    • Just continue campaign do not lose hope. You knew from the beginning that these are experienced politician. Work hard because it will be sham if you lose with VJ, Maureen, Felix, Mulupi minus Sosala the Chitimukulu. It will be very painful and for your president of parties (MMD, ADD, UPND) if he loses.

    • I’ve never seen a du11 person like the so called Wanzelu. Wanzelu ch!kopo. I pity you. Whatever you say you get voted down. I wonder if people even read your comments. I’ve your comment to and you never make any sense. You through away all objectivity a long time a ago. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article from 5 years ago where Magande was Rupiah to publicize the RP capital valuation of ZAMTEL and you spoke sense. I wonder where that little sense you has disappeared to. Get back to earth Wanzelu please napapata

    • I agree with the Hon MP. This is a coup d’état. Since when have the military been involved in politics? These three chaps, I mean Mihova, Chimense and Mlange should face a court marshal. If the soldiers fail to take this action against their so called commanders, the International Court of Justice at the Hague should cite them for gross misconduct. This is not Zimbabwe where there are no rules and regulations.

    • I was with Garry Nkombo at UNZA. He was an English major. Therefore, to expect that someone who specialized in studying the English Language would understand the legal definition of “treason” would probably be expecting too much. For him whatever is not known to him must be treason.

  1. THEY ARE PART OF GOVERNMENT….Can ECL employ these people in government so that they learn how government operates before they have their ambitions to be republican leaders.

    • In addition, if there is anything I remember about Garry Nkombo at UNZA were the condoms that were thrown on the ground below the window of his girlfriend’s room in Kafue Hostels which was next to a footpath students used. I just wonder if there is anything much he learned from UNZA apart from studying English.

  2. No No Nkombo leave the PF mess to themselves. And let the defense chiefs be… even if they made a mistake thats ok for now.
    Libongani is our UPND team.

  3. under what law is the ultimatum to the defence chiefs being given? Mr Nkombo take the matter to parliament and the minister of defence will respond on behalf of the defence chiefs. I must admire EL, he has always been ahead of you guys. You were so happy when Guy Scott appeared to be working against EL. Now that EL and GS have reconciled, it is game over for you guys.
    2015 vote EL
    EL for 2015

  4. So if the ‘Defence chiefs’ acted to avoid ‘bloodshed’ at nomination, to you that constitutes an offence ?? Are they not there to prevent bloodshed in the nation ?? It is difficult to fathom the UPND logic. To UPND chaos , bloodshed is what they would have wanted to justify their existence. Too bad. No violence, No bloodshed . That’s the duty of Defence chiefs.
    Just ignore UPND. They are up to no good, if they refuse peace

    • imwe ba fi colour Gary is right

      counter rigging UPND every tight polling tallying centers don’t let these bastards rig .
      Warning all your institutions from DEC ,OP ,ZICTA WE HAVE PIPO THERE.

  5. the courts must be very busy with all these injunctions and whatever they call them. Everyone now in Zambia is becoming a lawyer!!! pulogilamu iweme..

  6. This is the reason why these opposition political parties can not win the Presidency. FDD says PF should stop using Chitenges with Sata’s face…UPND say..we are giving defence Chiefs up to tomorrow to tell the nation what they talked about with the Acting President. The question is what are you going to do when you win the election? And they go like “We are not winning. And then one goes like SAY WHAT?

  7. UPND is confused that PF have reconciled, they wanted to see a fragmented PF but alas it is the opposite that has happened. The PF reconciliation has sent shivers into UPND heads. Garry don’t involve the defense in politics, they are the only non-partisan institution that we have as a country.
    UPND please grow up and stop demanding reckless information that might jeopardise the peace of this great country.

  8. Garry is losing it here. If he has any issues with the defence chiefs, he should ask the Minister of Defence in parliament for clarification. There simply is no way you can ask defence chiefs to respond to political parties. This is not a banana****istan.

    • Bought by who? Nkombo is just a charlatan like some other UPND bloggers on this site e.g. the so-called Wanzelu who goes to defend even the indefensible.

  9. ba nkombo just campaign, its not necesaary. are u their boss? whats your problem, he is the commander in chief and they are his surbodinates. how about you what were u dscussing with …… on saturday evening. tell us, i give you 24 hr ultimatam aswell.

  10. So what happens after your ultimatum expires? you’re a joke! Garry is slowly becoming a pri!ck like (HH). Anyway we cant expect much from people who defecate openly like animals in Chikankata district.

    • If ultimatum expires then ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      So prepare your selves Kudos. Ask why Garry has the guts to say those things?


    • Wanzelu, inform us we dont want to be caught unawares. Why is Garry so bold? what does he know? You seem to have some data i’m not having. I’ve always known you to be the cadre from (HH) sponsored upnd propaganda rumour blog, so dont disappoint by giving us baseless rumours. We are waiting. you have a 12 hour ultimatum

  11. Mr Nkombo we know you are aggrieved and hurt that the PF has succeeded in reconciling therefore dealing a vicious blow to the UPND’s strategy to win an election via the back door.Secondly those men you are trying to talk to like that don’t take orders from civilians and please respect that, these people have a job a do.

  12. He has a point? Why have the Defence Chiefs intervened only in PF and not MMD? They are taking sides and it is not correct! They are not supposed to be biased.


    • Dont worry Garry! You are the next Defence Minister from 21 Jan and all of them will have to go!
      There are no real so called security chiefs to talk about – very old drunkards that lost their way!! We will appoint new and young vibrant progressive chiefs to replace these useless nkalambas!!

  14. Wamene iwe Permalink, ndiye kuti you don’t work, you don’t eat? You are the only one posting on all topics; wen do you eat or work?

  15. What the F#$### is this Garry!!!?? Requests and prayers for reconciliation for the sake of peace in our Country came from all conners of our nation and i can’t Blame out defence chief if indeed they were involved because when stupid politicians like Garry stares up shit it will fall on them to bring peace!!! You know Garry that your Party gained points at the expense of inner fights within the PF and now that there is peace your chances of winning this elations are ruined!

  16. Mr Garry, nothing wl be published by our Defence chiefs, who do you think you are to even give them altimatum….they are not aswerable to you so forget.

  17. Mmmm Garry, now you are running mad . What did you say? Commander in chief should not hold meeting with his defense chiefs? Hey what a dull party is UPND . That’s why Zambians cant vote for you. Yes , you were banking on the confusion in the PF to win the election….no no if that’s the case then you will never win any election in Zambia. Just campaign iwe mambala ala!!!!

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  18. For sure UPND is a party which benefits from confusion!so surely HH wanted confusion to continue in PF for him to win?wanya mambala, unit is back in PF!am told they celebrated Sata’s death together with their fellow tongas in southern!God watches your evil intentions so u cant win!defence chiefs are there to promote peace,so where they see a danger,they’ve to advise the president!you all know that mass zambians wanted Edgar Lungu,so if Scott never listened to intelligence advice,civil war would have happened such that not even your HH would’ve managed to Govern Zambia!JUST ACCEPT THAT YOUR HH CANT DEFEAT PEOPLE’S FAVOURITE EDGAR LUNGU THAN ALARMING THE NATION!NOBODY WILL RESPOND TO YOUR 1 DAY ULTIMATUM!GO PF GO!

  19. This Zambian Cowboy in garish cloth, needs to find a horse and ride out! High Ho Silver!

    Are you serious?!

    Look the benefit that Scott gave to UPND is DONE. START FIGHTING ON YOUR OWN!

    If it is true Scott was given an ultimatum, then that’s also cool, as the result was to remove him under impeachment and that would have caused turmoil in our country….what with having to select another Acting President in a short time.

    It’s kinda good to know that if the President acts like a prick, in the absence of a law to remove him, we can have our top defence men ‘put him right.’

    Scott is really off his trolley, it was a bad project allowing him near power. I hope Zambians have learned not to allow White Zambians near the Office Of The President…ever…again. Especially…

  20. If rigging really happens then PF must rig these elections seriously because we need them to continue in power so that good projects started by hard working Sata can continue!let these cry babies(UPND) with mass voters in southern only keep on crying!i urge riggers if they exist to do a good job in favour of PF in January 2015!Edgar Lungu is the president we need because Sata annoited him and majority zambians have accepted late Sata’s choice!Go EL Go!

  21. UPND has commenced firing shots of fear . PF has regrouped even in yesterday’s radio interview Kabimba acknowledged Lungu as President, moreover even made an attempt at sending overtures.
    UPND has blundered in their campaign strategy by rounding up political spent forces like Maureen Mwanawasa who was carried by the late husband. It’s true that Hon Mutati is an economical heavy weight however please not a politician with influence. His constituency like Hon ABC he appeals to are technocrats and social lites who are in the minority. All this name dropping has yield ZERO has is evident by Hon Nkombo’s rantings. Zambia’s politics are not that sophisticated to accommodate the likes of Hon Mutati and the like and won’t for sometime to come
    Under V

  22. Army Chief: Boss we have it on good authority that if you do not marry ED then there will be blood shed.

    Commander in Chief: What blood?

    Army Chief: Cows will be slaughtered, Boss. Barbecues everywhere across the country. Beef will be sold out. You know who that helps…

    Commander in Chief: Are we now opposed to barbecues?

    Army Chief: Yes Boss, we are now all vegetarians. This mass grazing of beef is unconstitutional.

    Commander in Chief: Which constitution?

    Army Chief: Look in to the barrel of the gun and see the answer you seek.

    Commander in Chief: ED. Will you marry me?

    ED: Would HH marry me?

    Army Chief: Only at gun point, Sir.

  23. what would have happened if the EDGAR LUNGU TEAM and the MILES SAMPA team BOTH TURNED UP at the supreme court on that 20the day of December???? is that what the UPND was looking forward to???? THEN HARD LUCK UPND try that in afghanistan not here in my motherland.

    SOME ONE NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING URGENT ON THE 19TH OF DECEMBER TO AVERT CATASTROPHE AT SUPREME COURT, the defence chiefs, bishop banda and fr.Chilinda did something about it lol.

    if Garry and group are unhappy they can go HUG A TRANSFORMER. KIKIKIKI LOLEST.

      VOTE EL

  24. Well done UPND. Now this is what we call leadership.

    General Mihova, General Chimense, and Lieutenant General Mlange committed mutiny. They should face the wrath of the law for conniving with Chungu to intimidate Dr Guy Scott the Republican President.

    These Generals should be tried for criminal conspiracy to openly intimidate a lawful authority President Scott (the Commander in Chief) they are subject.

    They deliberately disinformed or gave Scott false information to avoid getting caught in an outright lie as they want to secure their jobs.

    These Generals supposed to be the epitomes of military ethical values but they plotted with politicians to spread false information deliberately with intentions of intimidating the president.

    Come 2015, if found guilty of mutiny they…

    • Be careful, my friend. HH is not President nor are you sure that he will win. You also have no proof of your accusations concerning the military and intelligence units. Your leaders and party are becoming very excited and careless. Zambians have not yet decided. Do not decide for us on the media. Have respect for the men and women in uniform. Zambia has a professional military. Once, again just campaign nicely. The Military people are also voters and are very proud of being military people. Do not insult them like this. You need them. Just a friendly advise. Do not get over excited.

    • Marabishi! you call this good leadership. This is being impulsive, impudent and imprudent, if you ask me. Check out for the meanings of these words in your dictionary to understand that Garry Lukombo has no leadership qualities at all.

  25. HH cant win January elections thats why they have started preparing themselves for an exchuse of rigging. PF has performed beyond our expectation lets just tell lungu where he needs to improve

  26. I am really baffled at UP and Down party. first ati ba pf belabomfya ifitenge fyakwa sata. nomba ati defence chiefs should tell them what they discussed na guy scott. muli fipuba. teimwe mwalefwaya ukunoka sata pali degree? asuka umukalamba aya cita imo iyamukampampa ku America. Sata is politically pf property. He died PF. face it. Nabamuka mfwilwa nabo balesoka edgar ati use your own popularity not my husband’s name. uli mukashi wacitumbi? weshilu lyamwanakashi we! Since when did Guy Scott become UPND property? He is PF MP. That is why he is Veep and acting president. He is serving with Edgar in one government which is responsible for the peace and well being of this country. if security briefs are saying guy should hit hands with his surbodnate, what business of yours is it?

  27. Mr Nkombo must surely know by now that Dr Scott is acting Commander in Chief by virtue of being Acting President and he can hold discussions with the Defence Chiefs at will and discuss matters of national concern. These meetings aren’t for public consumption. Mr Nkombo, please take note.

  28. The Service Chiefs will not respond to this attention seeker. What is he going to do about it? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

  29. Just ignore these losers….now they have known that they have lost this election. HH & UPND are so dull as to think defence chiefs will answer to their dull rants.

  30. I am not surprised by this insane Nkombo’s ranting. To those who don’t this guy, he was very dull at UNZA and was nicknamed “walking stick” because he was always trying to move with girls, ask anyone who knew him at campus. The chap passed his final exams through umwembeshi, that is dubbing other people’s assignments just to have good continuous assessment.
    In fact when people call him honorable I just excuse them for their ignorance. And These are the chaps that boast that them and failure HH are highly educated, atase!
    How can this tweet start questioning our noble Defense chiefs’ work?

    Zambians watch out and don’t be cheated.

    Edgar is a very qualified lawyer but never will you hear him boast, no wonder to me he already PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA.

    Viva Edgar

  31. UPND are now seriously in a panicking mode. Just accept that the wrangles are over in PF and you are in deep deep problems. lelolelo lelolelo. yayayayayaya.



    2015 VOTE PF (EDGAR)

    I THANK YOU………

  33. They have sensed another worst defeat and want to have an excuse if the Defense Chiefs react. Am sure our men and women in uniform are so disciplined to take a joker like Nkombo to their ranks.

    Ignore this maggot since because he is lost and doesn’t know how he and HH will pay back the campaign borrowed money. Shame badala

    Viva Edgar

  34. MKUSHI ON FIRE RIGHT NOW. Dr. Guy Scott leads the Park.

    Yes Yes Yes Lets go PF… we now working overtime for mother Zambia

    Kelvin Mutale Sampa,,,,,its PF ALL OVER ZAMBIA

    2015 VOTE PF(Edgar)

    I thank you

  35. ….Nkombo’s demands are off the mark, childish and unwarranted….you may as well give Scott the same ultimatum.. …this is the same as demanding what was discussed in a cabinet meeting….Has Garry run out of what to tell the electorates…?? …. fortnight ago, his boss said they won’t waste time pursuing political opponents with unprofitable commissions of enquiry once they form govt….you are hardly in govt and you are already back peddling….!!!

    • Every official meeting has an agenda and usually the last on the list is AOB…any other business of which the servicemen could have used to persuade Scott to reconcile with the other group in the wake of the security concerned…
      …..in my opinion, there is no way the security chiefs could have threatened or forced the situation, Scott just saw sense in what his security advisors said….

  36. Politicians should not involve the Defense Force in their problems if they have begun to concede defeat even before voting. It would be folly or failing in duty if the defense can sit at the fence at the expense of politicking thereby putting everyone in the nation in fear of the unknown. Mind you, the Defense has duty to intervene where people have become reckless for the sake of peace and unity and that should not be misunderstood by any body. Many a time they have played advisory role in the affairs of the nation. So it would be honorable to respect and trust the defense as all citizens need them. Lets keep away from cheap politicking. When you are in government you will understand better than crying politics.

  37. Fellow country men and women i greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord on this great day.
    The reason i speak to you today is simple—my family and i would like to wish you nothing but love, peace, joy and unity this Christmas, and of course a happy new year.
    I pray to God that you celebrate this Christmas peacefully with your beloved family members and friends. Do not over indulge.
    During this period, please focus on that which you unites our country and not that which divides us.
    To our party members, and sympathizers, i thank you all for the tremendous support you have given us thus far as we step up the campaign for the 2015 presidential elections.
    Let’s us continue to campaign in the same spirit and zeal of oneness
    2015 VOTE PF (EDGAR)

    I THANK YOU…………..

  38. Garry must be very careful with the stuff he is smoking. It isn’t doing him any good. It’s too strong for him. Let him try something less potent.

  39. It is sad to note that people on this blog find blackmailing of the president by the army acceptable. I hope UPND win and help us find out what really transpired. Those who thing this would be a dangerous move are merely being cowardly. It is time the police and army became professional. They are too politicised and pro-government.

  40. It is very sad that UPND has made this serious political blunder by attacking the Service Chiefs with serious accusations of vote rigging and threatening the President. This will make them become very unpopular with the men and women in uniform. EL is Minister of Defence and Scot the Commander-In-Chief, surely, does HH and UPND want to given all the details of what govt is doing, even classified information? This will put UPND in a very bad position if they do not clean up this. HH has no authority nor the power to give ultimatum to the Defence Chiefs. If they do not give him what he wants, what is he going to do? Fight them? this is very dangerous and careless of UPND.

  41. Too late for PF. Even if Michael was still alive of would still have lost elections. What more without him. These guys are done

  42. you know they used to say a toothless bluedog and when you come nearer to it it will ruff you but without teeth . today pf have lost teeth because king cobra is dead . where you find a presidential cadindent asking for vesion from the grave and using a condemned man of god is not straight and will not say such things however let the people decide for themselves

    • You useless man. Do not insult Sata like this. Are you cultured or you never lived among people and was in the bush heading cattle all the time so you do not know how to respect people, even the dead. This traditional. Don’t you have a decent culture or civility and you want to rule Zambia? Forget it. remember the man you are insulting did alot for many people in his short reign. He was not like your thieving HH who stole our cattle from Cold Storage Board and other parastatals during privatisation.

    The certainty of who will win the forthcoming Presidential By-election has become very clear with 107 MPS endorsing the candidature of PF President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
    The MPS are now expected to go into the countryside and embark on a vigorous campaign that might secure the win in the 107 constituencies out of 150 Constituencies in Zambia.
    The 26 MPS are drawn from the 35 MPS from MMD.

    The MPS mostly drawn from constituencies with Zambia’s biggest voting population have provided the clear swing that Edgar Lungu needed.
    PF draws most if it’s support from Copper belt, Luapula, Lusaka and Northern provinces.
    MMD draws it’s support from Eastern Province but has support from Central, Western and Northwestern.

    • Unfortunately, Zambian politics are only about wining elections – never mind what these candidates have to offer people. So far I have not heard anything Lungu has to offer. All we’ve heard are empty promises. If we do not get the new constitution in the remaining 18 moths of this parliament then we will never get it. Instead no one is even talking about the fact that PF failed to deliver this. The same people shouting loudly about Lungu are the one who shouted loudly about Sata. Look what he said: “Stop talking about the constitution. Zambia already has a constitution”.


  45. Please, please, ask for advise before you embarrass yourself bwana MP. Defense Chiefs are there to advise the Commander in Chief on matters pertaining to security of the nation and provide recommendation on how to mitigate threats to peace and security of the nation. In addition, Service Chiefs advises the Commander in Chief of consequences of failing to endorse their recommendations. So bwana MP, if you didn’t know that these senior service Chiefs provides 24/7 security while you are snorling better consult before you disgrace yourself with your petty politics.

    Who told you that state security secrets can be discussed at a rally in Mandevu?

  46. HH and UPND Chairman will this morning issue an unqualified apology to the Defence Chiefs on comments attributed to Hon Garry NKOMBO demanding disclosure of their meeting with Acting President and Commander In Chief Guy Scott saying Hon Nkombo Just sprang from nowhere to say what he said and they did not know he would say that. He is a former Zambia Airways staff who turned to UPND for a job.


  48. There is no wisdom not to see that the defence chiefs acted in the best interest of the nation and only cheap politicians cannot see further than that

    UPND or the Post Newspaper are short of wisdom on this issue and wanted to gain cheap political mileage by the miles sampa case and Edgar Lungu filling

    There was national security at State and the wise acted wisely to ensure peace prevailed

    Democracy does not mean being unwise and blind to the real issues on the ground.

    I am sure the men acted well instead of stepping in to use force to restore order

    UPND and the Post do not seem to see further than the advise given to Guy Scot which in many was correct…


Comments are closed.

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