Director Central Statistical Office Mr. John Kalumbi
Director Central Statistical Office Mr. John Kalumbi

The country has recorded an end year inflation of 7.9 percent way above the government target of 6.5 percent.

December’s inflation of 7.9 percent represents a decrease of 0.2 percent from the November inflation which was recorded at 8.1 percent.

Addressing journalists during the December release of the monthly bulletin this morning, Central Statistical Office Director for Census and Statistics John Kalumbi says the annual food inflation rate for December 2014 was recorded at 7.5 percent compared to 7.3 percent recorded in November 2014.

Mr. Kalumbi says the annual non-food inflation rate for December decreased to 8.4 percent from the 8.9 percent recorded in November 2014.

Mr. Kalumbi says the annual rate of inflation increased for Central, Northern/Muchinga, North Western and Southern Provinces, while the annual rate of inflation decreased for Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka and Western Provinces.

He says North Western Province recorded the highest annual rate of inflation at 9.9 percent, followed by Lusaka and Eastern Provinces at 8.9 percent each, with Central Province recording the lowest annual rate of inflation at 6.2 percent.

And Mr. Kalumbi says Zambia recorded a trade surplus valued at K53.9 million in November 2014 from K68.3 million recorded in October 2014 which means that Zambia exported more than it imported in nominal terms in the month of November 2014.

He says Zambia’s major export products in November 2014 were from the intermediate goods category mainly comprising copper cathodes and sections of refined copper accounting for 80.4 percent.

Mr Kalumbi adds that the major export destination in November 2014 was Switzerland, which accounted for 41.4 percent.

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  1. This reflects an economy that is not doing well. Inflation should be around 5%. The situation will be worse if the kwacha weakens further and performance of the mining sector declines as warned by the Zambia Chamber of Mines. Delayed payment to farmers and delayed distribution of farming inputs worsens the situation! We have tough times ahead! This is a problem of mediocre leadership. What do you expect from Bashi Nono, Wylbur, Chris Yaluma. Mr. Chikwanda is being late down by age (he is way past 65) and not doing CPD.


    • THE PF wouldn’t be divided today if Wynter Kabimba was around, says Lusaka businessman George Mwamba. Mwamba, the younger brother of Kasama PF member of parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, said crooks and the corrupt hounded Kabimba out of PF to safeguard their personal interests, warning that Zambians must not trust the ruling party under Edgar Lungu’s leadership. – The Post Newspaper


  2. Fellow country men and women i greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord on this great day.
    The reason i speak to you today is simple—my family and i would like to wish you nothing but love, peace, joy and unity this Christmas, and of course a happy new year.
    I pray to God that you celebrate this Christmas peacefully with your beloved family members and friends. Do not over indulge.
    During this period, please focus on that which you unites our country and not that which divides us.
    To our party members, and sympathizers, i thank you all for the tremendous support you have given us thus far as we step up the campaign for the 2015 presidential elections.
    Let’s us continue to campaign in the same spirit and zeal of oneness
    2015 VOTE PF (EDGAR)



  3. Next year’s inflation will be in the negatives. PF is on the right track with development. Just vote PF for a Prosperous Future. we’ve all seen that Peaceful Friends (PF) means well for all Zambians. Abash immature, inexperienced leaders. PF for higher GDP output


  4. its not hyper or viral or in double digit its a fair reflection of cost of living for those who are working fairly to make means

    its in tandem to the global norm in interest rates and growth rates in GDP and Zambia pollution trends to GDP

    Its poised to reduce given the measures BOZ have in controlling interest rates indirectly thereby controlling the inflation rates to spar healthy growth

    Lest support good efforts though central statistics need to explain further the component of that calculation and add more measures to report on all statistics relevant for Zambia



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