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Partisan clergymen urged to leave the church

General NewsPartisan clergymen urged to leave the church

A Clergyman in the Eastern province has advised his fellow reverends to hang up their collars if they want to get involved in active politics.

Prophet Kelvin Zulu of Petauke said clergymen who stand on political podiums and stalk ill of other people should stop representing their flock by becoming full politicians.

Speaking in a walk-in interview with ZANIS in Chipata yesterday, Prophet Zulu said the role of the church was to ensure checks and balances and not character assassination.

He was referring to an incident which happened in Kabwe during a Patriotic Front campaign rally for the forthcoming Presidential by-elections where a Bishop referred to an opposition political party leader as a satanist.

“Such men of God should hung up their collars and concentrate on politics if they feel they are politicians. The role of the church is to ensure checks and balances as we have a prophetic voice,” Prophet
Zulu said.

He said clergymen should not side with political parties but be neutral because they are there to offer counsel in times of conflicts among political parties.

Prophet Zulu noted that those that speak during political campaigns should refrain from character assassination and concentrate on real issues.

During the PF rally in Kabwe recently, Bishop Edward Chomba referred to United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema as a satanist.

Acting Republican President Guy Scott has since apologized to the UPND leader saying Bishop Chomba forced himself on the stage to speak without even introducing himself.

Meanwhile, Prophet Zulu has advised people not to be over excited during the Christmas period but reflect on the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

He said Zambians especially politicians should uphold their democratic principles which the country is known for in Africa.


  1. how can Chomba thats Edgar lungu and PF spiritual adviser. No wonder Lungu’s can’t condemn him. It was a planned Gimmick , meanwhile HHhas terrorised their strong he has made serious inroads doing 3 rallies in a day, u can’t manage that with a hungover

    • I am wondering WHY Edgar did not make a public statement distancing himself from the disgraced bishop.

      Oh, it is Edgar Lungu we are talking about, the man who knows WHO KILLED RUTH MBANDU but would not tell. A presidential candidate is obstructing justice, and he’s asking for our vote?

      Not, never!

    • @Siezr Banda,

      You have a point, Lungu said he has information about the death of Ruth Mbandu a true daughter of our beloved Zambia but Edgar has decided to keep it a secret, WHY practicing don’t kubeba on such huge loss to the family & the country at large?

  2. Can someone show me in scripture where God forbids clergy to talk on politics! These men n women of the colar must not shun to inspire people in their countries with the truth. If a political leaders is evil it’s their role to warn the masses and to rebuke such leaders. Samuel rebuked Saul, Nathan rebuked David and John the Baptist rebuked Herod while Jesus rebuked parishes and He talked politics more than anyone else but He declined to politically rule. Bishop Chomba is just an evil malicious sinner who deserves no respect but that doesn’t mean clergy can not side with those they believe can achieve. HH is the most suitable among all others for president. I ll vote for him.

    • I mean Jesus rebuked Pharisees. The clergy can guide their flock to vote for a right candidate. El is a drunkard and a thief how can he make a good president? HH is morally upright and successful. Clergy please guide the nation. Pf is corrupt. They took RB nand Siliya to court but because of elections they have cut deals to flee them. Does Zambia belong to Pf or RB? What are they taking us for? Don’t we think? I will vote for HH BECAUSE pf are shielding and rewarding corruption.

  3. I think the reason they should be neutral is because their congregations will compose of diverse people from a lot of interest groups. Their political leanings usually confuse their congregants who will have no where to go for counsel, should they require advise in line with issues that affect their communities due to politics

  4. I think that prophet BS is.. well… a bunch of BS, period. However I agree with this Kelvin Zulu of Petauke numskull 100% as far as keeping his flock away from the political pulpit. The mixing of politics and religious BS ain’t right. I agree with that absolutely.

  5. Since Lungu knows,the people behind Mbandu’s death. Let the family also take him to task to reveal the offenders. What about the law enforcement agents what are they doing about it?

  6. There is nowhere in the bible where it is stated that clergy can not be partisan. If clergy are well connected with God they can surely lead their flock in accordance with His will. That is why we are always missing God’s will in our elections preferring man’s will because we tell our pastors to shut up even when God is telling them that this is my way in which my people shall be blessed. I sometimes wonder why pastor themselves quickly accept and defend things which are not in the bible. If the clergy can keep quite then evil will prevail. Clergy are also citizens who go through hardships like all others, and it is not fair to silence them. The bible says that if the righteous are in authority the people rejoice but when the evil are people groan.

  7. shoking! Shoking! Now they know about Ruth?!!!!!!!!!OMG and he wants presidency. OMG NOMG. Mbandu family please tackle him. OMG so frightening!!! Poor Ruth what did they do to her? MHSRIP.but justice will be done.revelations are appearing oredi.


  9. Poverty stricken preachers seeking job appointments from politicians. wonder why they didn’t speak against the dead evil dictators misdeeds because they campaigned for him. They can’t even give concrete reason why they are endorsing certain people. Their role is to give guidance in line with the word of God or else come out openly so your flock are not confused..


    Matero Member of Parliament, presidential aspirant and Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Bwalya Emmanuel Sampa has said the PF will only win if they are a united team.
    Speaking on Itezhi Itezhi Radio on Tuesday, Sampa said he had joined the Edgar Lungu campaign.
    He also stated that it was regrettable that the party had spent considerable time with internal disputes.
    “PF can only win the election as a united front. We want to see to it that there is true reconciliation. For now I am in the team”
    Sampa was in the company of Acting President Dr. Guy Scott, PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Deputy Agriculture Minister Greyford Monde Monde



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