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Student’s body condemns MMD MPs for abandoning Nevers Mumba

General News Student’s body condemns MMD MPs for abandoning Nevers Mumba

The Zambia National Students Union has strongly condemned MMD MPs led by party Chairman Kabinga Pande for abandoning the party’s official presidential candidate Dr Nevers Mumba.

ZANASU Vice President Prince Ndoyi said it is regrettable that Mr Pande and his fellow MPs have decided to endorse rival candidates.

Mr Ndoyi told a media briefing Friday morning that the actions of the MMD MPs border on selfishness and immorality by abandoning Dr Mumba.

‘As students from various higher learning institutions, we face various challenges at institutional and academic levels but we feel these challenges should not stop us from commenting on national issues,’ Mr Ndoyi said.

He added, ‘we would like to register and express our disappointment with some rebellious MMD MPs who are wasting their energies in destabilising their own political party, the worst part is that these MPs have voluntarily decided to breach their own constitution and endorse their support to another political party.’

The ZANASU Vice President added, ‘it seems not be a big deal but Zambia ought to ask questions whether these MPs even consult their constituencies and whether the constituents even approve of such immoral and selfish moves, definitely not.’

‘At this stage, we expect all these political parties and less squabbles and less of political prostitution, we expect them to provide their manifesto and what they have to offer to the country.’

And Mr Ndoyi has requested that all presidential candidates must sign social contracts to operationalise the loan scheme for university and college students.

He said students should be empowered with loans as a way of improving education standards in Zambia.

‘All political parties should sign a social contract on the operationalisation of this loan scheme, come and see us at our offices and sign this social contract with us so that every child in Zambia can have a future through education,’ Mr Ndoyi said.

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    • Maureen Mwanawasa meets Fred Mmembe.
      Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa on Friday 26th December 2014, took time to meet Post Editor Fred Mmembe. Maureen who arrived at the Post premises at 15:30 stayed on until 17:15hrs.
      Maureen is suspected to have gone to plead for political space for the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema.
      Maureen was driving a Toyota Hilux ALZ 1096

      2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)


    • So the UPND and those who support them should not start celebrating. The Patriotic Front is certainly weakened but not out of the race. Of course, a lot of work is still required by Edgar and his team to win this election. It is not going to be a walkover. Equally, the UPND needs to do a lot to win, but it is an uphill battle. The time may be too short for them to broaden their support base beyond their Bantustan. Theirs was a region-based political party, with most of its votes coming from Southern Province. To change that pattern overnight, in less than three months, is not going to be easy. Yes, they have assembled a motley assortment of contradictory elements from here and there to try and give them a national character. But the question is: what political clout do those elements they…

    • NON-partisan my foot!
      Be objective for once, imwe ba mukukulu! the tide has shifted on you. Don’t pander to empty rhetoric, fictitious narrative, and innuendos.

  1. These are not party MPs but pure job seekers as well as cadres of their preferred presidential employers.Why bite a finger dat has sent u 2 Parliament honestly???????????

  2. A very touching Chinese story:

    I am already crying.
    Especially that part when she said: ???

  3. Nevers mumba is a problem himself he does not want team work hence being dumped he has to be careful all these MPS will cross to UPND.

  4. Top secret. HH is going to declare Saturday holy Sabath day no shops opening, banks, malls all will be closing on Saturday according to the meeting took place in chisanga between hh and Dr Akombwa of seventh day Adventist.(SDA)

    • @Kalusha

      Have you heard the one about Edgar Lungu mandating that newborns at UTH be given a tablespoon of vodka everyday to strengthen their minds?

      All baby milk will be taken off the shelves and laced with a compound made of solidified vodka. It will make them just as smart as he is.

      Also, hangovers will be legitimized – as in all workers in Zambia can take a paid “Hangover leave’ whenever necessary, especially Mondays.

      SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO MAKE UP STUPID STORIES?? We all can, we’re just too rational and intelligent to listen and propagate such tripe. Sha!!

  5. The truth is that they wanted RB. Mumba was floored by RB only to be served by the courts same like being served by a bell in the ring. What you expect when you stand up.. Shaking.. Will you expect cheers from the spectators?

  6. Suffering students being used again with nothing to say as if PF government has addressed any of their difficulties. Party constitutional issues have nothing to do with students. Failure to elect an enlightened, with proven complex management president will continue to make higher institutional learning vulnerable in Zambia. Do not sell with a piece of silver your chances to elect a president currently offering issue based campaign to the nation than deception of lies heard before.

  7. These Student reps are surely mad, thick headed, extremely dull and without any traces of genuine intellectuality.

    HH is campaigning hard to give them free education and they havent even noticed this very progressive policy and are glued to signatures for loans.

    This is the problem of nowadays where even dunderheads are found in Universities just because their relatives have stolen money from Govt and can pay fees!!
    That Ndoyi in particular – does he have brains at all? HH is promising you FREE EDUCATION – why dont you try him instead of Loans you are crying for?? Student Ars.sewhores!

    • Chilyata, you are a bigger dunderhead for believing that we can have free education up to university. We are failing to have 100% bursary as it is. Where will the money come from?

  8. This is crazy. It has never happened anywhere in the world except in Zed. A leader being ditched by his MPs! The MMD must be the most confused, most clueless, most unfocused politicians in the world

  9. Very dull Ndoyi revise sds at primary school & a bit of civic education on human rights & freedoms.How were you elected to that position with such questionable compulsion s.Anyway as for now there is no statutory instrument in support of your rantings! Tell PF to do what you are dreaming about not disturbing the opposition who are sacrificing to bring order & sanity in Zambia.You are just shooting in the air you *****-direct that to your PF which is in government.This is the problem of undertaking primitive courses in some faculties at tertiary level.Try DS or Law courses Ndoyi to open up & seal your warped unscrewed Grey matter.We want real issues this time around.How do you think some students completed their BAs in difficulty times.

  10. We will play a clean game
    We will present facts
    We will counter lies with truth
    We will engage reasonable opponents in our debates


    We will not lie low to be walked on by those who don’t mean well for all our people
    We will not permit paid agents to poison the fountain of peace from which all Zambians drink


    There is no Tonga Party, there is no Bemba Party
    There is only one Zambia United

    We are Zambians from all ten provinces
    No tribe is more Zambian than the other
    No Province is less Zambian than the other
    One Zambia, One Nation
    One Nation, One People called Zambians

    You can attack us with lies and obscene caricatures
    We can pay you back in your own coin, but we choose not to
    Where you choose acrimony, we choose peace

    We are UPND and we are…

  11. Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander. SOme mps are for hh and some for ECL. Too bad for Mumba, mmd is now “nashala neka party!” Welcome to the docile state of Miyanda, Sondashi and other political jokers. Jump ship and join the Lungu wining party/ Viva ECL!

  12. Dear students, this should be a chance for you to learn that financial I dependence earns you respect and authourity, even St Paul said this in his letter to the Theselonians . Nevers get his rent and upkeep paid from the contributions the MPs give MMD from the parliamentary allowances which obviously makes it difficult to command respect from them.

  13. A few weeks before MMD went for a convention, I met some MMD members and advised them not to vote for Nervous Mumba because generally people’s opinions about him were not positive. I shudder to think of how founding fathers with integrity think of what the MP’s have done. The MP’s should have taken a back role and not support any party. What are they going to tell the villager in 2016 when they try to sell MMD? For heaven sake, each party has their own manifesto, policy and development plan. How does one compromise his position and adopt that of another party. Believe me Ba Maureen the great man must be disappointed, he would have stepped aside like he did when there was too much corruption in MM Ds one compromise his position and adopt that of another party. Believe me Ba Maureen the…

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