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Investing in tourism should not be left to a few foreigners-Guy Scott

Headlines Investing in tourism should not be left to a few foreigners-Guy Scott

Dr Scott with Dr charlotte Scott on holiday
Dr Scott with Dr charlotte Scott on holiday

ACTING President Dr Guy Scott says investing in tourism should not be left to a few foreigners while Zambians just wander around.

Speaking to journalists at the Nyamangwe island in the lower Zambezi national park, Acting President Scott urged Zambians to take keen interest in toursim saying its not something that should be left to foreigners alone.

“If you check around this place, most of these lodges are owned by foreigners. I have not seen much of Zambian investors around this place but just foreigners and that includes even visitors. Let us not leave foreigners to take charge while we wander around. This is our land as Zambians, it does not belong to foreigners. It is part of our heritage. So this long tradition of indigenous Zambians who own this land not visiting places like this must come to an end,” acting President Scott said.

He said Zambia’s tourism potential was far in excess than countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana.

“Even you as journalists, you have not seen much of this country and when you see it, you will really appreciate. Zambia’s potential for tourism is far in excess of Zimbabwe, Botswana and even South Africa but we are just busy mining copper. We just have to keep our house in order. We need to get ourselves organised. We have better national parks so let us develop what we have,” he said.

Acting President Scott wondered why countries like South Africa should be receiving more tourists when parks like the Kruger National park were not as big as what Zambia had.

“We dont talk as Zambians to explain to these tourists what we have kaya timvela manyazi. Of course we need to get some things in place like new airlines coming to Zambia and a lot more things. We have the capacity,” said acting President Scott.

And Dr Charlotte Scott who accompanied the acting President, urged Zambians to take time and visit places like the lower Zambezi National park.

“There is so much we can do in terms of tourism with all this space around. So people should take time to come and see national parks like lower Zambezi,” said Charlotte.

The Lower Zambezi has been a great centre controversy following plans by the Australian Zambezi Resources and its local subsidiary, Mwembeshi Resources,plans to start mining in the area.

A recent report, investigating the proposed Kangaluwi Copper Mine project in the Lower Zambezi National Park, said that the information provided by the company to support their mining project was in fact “fatally flawed.”

Independent mining experts who were consulted in the process of the investigation, have posed harsh questions as to whether the vague and contradictory information presented by the company, was “intentionally misleading, or demonstrated gross incompetence.”

“The documentation Presented by Zambezi Resources suggests a complete disregard for the Zambian legislative process,” says the report, “and questions revolve around the true purpose and scope of the project, given that copper mining appears economically unviable at the site.”

The full recent report on the Lower Zambezi National Park can be downloaded from the link below



Dr Scott puts on Life Jacket
Dr Scott puts on Life Jacket

Dr Scott with Dr charlotte Scott on holiday
Dr Scott with Dr charlotte Scott on holiday

Dr Scott at Nyamangwe Island lower Zambezi national Park
Dr Scott at Nyamangwe Island lower Zambezi national Park

Dr Scott On holiday at Lower Zambezi national park
Dr Scott On holiday at Lower Zambezi national park

Dr Scott on Holiday at Lower ZAmbezi Natioanl Park
Dr Scott on Holiday at Lower ZAmbezi Natioanl Park

Hippo Lower Zambezi National park 9534

Dr Guy Scott On Holiday in the Lower Zambezi National Park
Dr Guy Scott On Holiday in the Lower Zambezi National Park

Royal Zambezi Lodge
Royal Zambezi Lodge

Zambezi sun set
Zambezi sun set

Lower Zambezi Sunset
Lower Zambezi Sunset

Lower Zambezi Natioal park
Lower Zambezi Natioal park

Dr Scott joins in the Dance at Royal Zambezi Lodge
Dr Scott joins in the Dance at Royal Zambezi Lodge

Dr Scott on holiday
Dr Scott on holiday

Dr Scott join in the Dancers at Royal Zambezi Lodge
Dr Scott join in the Dancers at Royal Zambezi Lodge


  1. It doesn’t matter anymore, tired of PF.
    22 days left till PF is democratically kicked off.
    Confusion and violence is what PF knows best and now, its time they tested their Donchi Kubeba concoction.
    22 days left.

    • Well Dr Scott, its because they are indolent! This is the reason gullible cadres of PF are supporting the visionless Lungu so that they continue with drunkenness and without thinking of empowering citizens to invest in tourism.
      PF has destroyed everything and have no time for production but confusion and violence is best for them. However, thanks for not giving Lungu et al Gov’t helicopters, planes and resources. He has failed to make it to northern province due to lack of funds. Had he invested in tourism instead of beer gulleting, he would be there, but alas.
      PF is dead, as dead as it can be.
      All problems are because of visionless PF and Edgar Lungu.
      22 days left till PF is democratically voted out overwhelmingly!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Lusaka Times or the overzealous clueless PF cadres, kindly tell us why the drunk and disgraced lawyer Edgar Lungu failed to go to Northern province yesterday. We are told it is because of logistics, how can some one who fails to plan a trip to Northern province want to be president?

    • Well, I keep saying Scott is a missed opportunity for Zambia. I don’t thinks either EL or HH really understands development.

    • Latest from the Watchdog! I hear Lungu is very sick. Watchdog reports that his health is now failing him. I hope we don’t end up with another state funeral as it happened with Mwanawasa and Sata?

    • ZWD has gone insane. Cooking up stories and hallucinating that HH will ever enter statehouse. More ZWD and kaponyas like Obatala yap, more we are determined to vote for Lungu. More lies ZWD manufactures while its crooked editor, living on German woman, kiddy boy for big mama, Lloyd survives on alms dished out by the German sugar mummy. Blood sucking, sell-out Hickery hockery (HH) is dishing out satanic promises and getting ready to continue white collar crimes he committed during ZPA privatisation, misappropriated LIMA Bank house he is presently living in, Made billions from RAMCOZ while workers were shortchanged, gave the whole frontage of Zambezi River adjacent to Victoria Fall in exchange for 20,000 cattle Rands and chairmanship of Zambezi Sun Hotel. UPND thugs think we will vote for HH

    • Hahahaha

      Scott enjoying himself while a drunk baboon is running around thinking he can win an election

    • Why are these PF *****s following HH where he goes. Why can’t they go to Kasama where Lungu is supposed to go. What ever HH says, they also copy.

      HH ‘s message has been the same even before Sata died. He was against high electricity tariffs, high meali meal prices, high cost of fertilizer and living.

      Luo has taken a group of thugs to destabilise HH’s rallies in Eastern province. PF thugs attacked UPND supporters. Some cadres sustained a deep cut in the head. They wanted to kill him and then accuse UPND to have carried out the attack. Fortunately, when the man raised the alarm, UPND cadres went to stop the rot once and for all, sending Luo’s PF thugs scampering for life.

      HH does not follow them around. Nkandu has just done UPND a big favour in Chipata by exposing PF’s…

    • PF top cadres have started sorting each others out even before election day.

      Nsanda the campaign manager and Lungu the presidential candidate are all reportedly sick. Nsanda has been evacuated to SA for treatment.

      Because of this, Nkandu Luo has now mobilised thugs to follow HH in Eastern province and destabilise his rallies, so that when people don’t turn up, they say HH has no support. However, to Luo’s shock, UPND weighed in and stood their ground not to be intimidated.

    • The villager offered the foreigner fresh fruit juice, sliced paw paw and mango then finished off roasting a selection of meats on his mbaula.

      The foreigner had a quick bath in the pool of warm water scented by leaves from nearby trees then swam in the river next to the hut until the meal was ready, when he joined the villager outside his hut.

      FOREIGNER: The animals have come to drink from the river. The sunset is beautiful. Will you miss it?

      VILLAGER: No Bwana. I have taken your advice. I leave for the city tonight. I will be… civilised in the new one roomed compound house you have built for me in Chawama. I am so happy. Goodbye bwana. Thank you for switching with me.

      The foreigner places an ad renting the newly modernised hut with outdoor spa for $1000 per night…

    • Was that a flashback ba LT ? The time we were under colonialism or recent photos? So shocking in this era.

      Thats is why IFINTU NI LUNGU

  2. Tis the same in Kenya,Tz and Zambia where very few locals own tourist grade establishments.Poor Africans were left to run filthy eateries,kantembas and serving kachasu

    • it may be true but once an African has a lodge then no tourists will visit it because they think everything run by blacks is dirty , look at chunga the zawa camp in the Kafue national park ( south) and compare it with the camp just about 100 meters from chunga which is run by a white ( always full of visitors) . am one of a few proud Zambians who has been going fishing and game viewing in the Kafue. these guys don’t like us but we cook and they eat the food we spit in as chefs!!! they also wire our women.

    • If Zambians themselves enmasse change their attitudes and spend internally then things change. We are too friendly and that`s the problem. Be tactful and all becomes glorious.

  3. The PF should be honest enough to tell the Zambian People that Edgar Lungu is sick.
    Voting for Edgar Lungu amounts to voting for another State Funeral.
    Hon Lungu’s internal organs have collapsed.


    A latest opinion poll conducted by Zambian Eye on it’s Facebook page has again placed United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema ahead of his Closest rival Edgar Lungu of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in what is turning out to be a two-horse race.

    Out of a total of 387 responses, Hichilema amassed a commanding 69.5% (down 4 points from last week’s 73.5%) whereas runner-up Lungu polled 22.7% (up 10 points from last week’s 12.6%). The rest of the candidates only managed a collective vote of less than one percent, while seven percent of the responses where deemed invalid.

    The poll, which ran from 23-26 December, featured nine candidates who have successfully filed in their nomination papers.

    • Not a lot of people use facebook. Out of a population of 5 million voters, the number of facebook users is significantly less. So hold your horses bwana

    • But how can this be indicative in any way. Polls are supposed to be scientific. They target a sample of people from all demographics. In this instance only people with access to social media are targeted. What about a poor person in the village or komboni they don’t have access to TV or social media , yet they are also voters?




  6. Greetings dear Zambians.

    I have comented this late for i am one of the 6 doctors attending to Edgar Lungu.

    I have been with Edgar since he was declared PF President.
    Yes today he did not manage to campaign as he was still being attended to by us 6 medical doctors.

    Starting from tomorrow Edgar will be campaigning.

    But the truth is that the PF Presidential Candidate has very poor healthy, in short our candidate is very sick its only that he is very strong.

    Edgar has also been advised by PF doctors that should he over strain himself during these campaigns, then he might die even b4 2016.

    Iam not decampaigning him in anyway but i am just updating all PF members on the healthy of our candidate.

    What iam saying is that Edgar Lungu doesnt need to contest, he is very sick.

    • A doctor with no ethics then? Please give us a break, you can’t spend more than 7 years of your life and risk your career on such a stupid comment.

    • What will happen to ZWD if HH becomes president? They will stop being wicked

      What will happen to ZWD when EL becomes president ? They will continue being wicked

    • Ironic,now you are insulting doctors.Are these not the same doctors who were involved in denying that Sata was sick?What has changed now?

  7. Mr. Mwamba, personally i am one of the doctors that were attending to Edgar Lungu in many times.
    Let me confirm to you in case you dont know, that Hon Edgar C. Lungu is sick..
    And many doctors have advised him to quit politics so that he can preserve his life.
    To tell you the truth no amount of sugar coating will save Mr. Lungu, Zambians are tired of State Funerals.
    Be carefull Mr. Mwamba dont associate yourself with sick people otherwise people will be thinking that who have poisoned them when they are already sick.
    PF defended the late Sata until his death, and you Mr. Mwamba you are defending Hon Lungu and you will continue until the man bids farewell.

  8. Agreed. Tourism is one area Zambia is under-performing. Under ideal conditions, tourism should not be our lifeline. But truth be told, we are desperate. We should capitalize on whatever we can. We can get some serious mileage in this tourism gig. Honestly. Out our desperation of course. But again, truth be told, we under-perform in areas where we should normally perform above par as well as in areas where our performance is already below-par.

  9. Scott is doing what I would have been doing in his shoes, enjoy rides, tour as many places as possible, vacation, this sweetness does not come so often. I hope Lungu can still keep him as his vice, God forbid, he might act again since Hon is not doing so well. The campaign manager is also having prostate issues, Nsanda, admited in South Africa, this is gonna be rough for PF. Scott is doing a better job than Lungu campaigning, people in villages are thinking that he is on the ballot. Villagers will be looking for a brown cap on the ballot. Guy let us go fishing. Vote wisely.

  10. Anyone forming any form of company must do so jointly with Zambians. That’s simple and straight forward and we shashall see many more local people empowered and they will be in tourism too.

  11. Scott announces to the herd of unquestioning journalists gathered at his holiday lodge on the Zambezi that, ‘This is our land as Zambians, it does not belong to foreigners. It is part of our heritage’.

    He refers here to the Lower Zambezi National Park, the same Park, the same ‘heritage’ which the PF Party insisted on 17 January 2014 should be destroyed by a series of massive open-pit copper mines, overturning the decision of ZEMA and a parliamentary committee that no mining should be allowed there.

    And it was Scott who in February 2014 confirmed that it was the Ministry of Lands who had the right to make decisions on mining in the National Park, and not the Ministry in charge of the Park, the Ministry of Arts and Tourism. And he ignored the fact that Minister Kalaba’s predecessor,…

  12. Simuusa, had admitted that the mining licences had been issued illegally to the Australians, the same OZ plunderers Scott had courted in the Pamodzi – doing nothing about the few Zambians demonstrating outside against the proposed destruction of their ‘heritage’, nor lifting a finger to help them when they were arrested.

    Scott says that, ‘this long tradition of indigenous Zambians who own this land not visiting places like this must come to an end’.

    Yet he and the PF do not recognise the decision made on 18 October 2008, by Chiefs Chiawa, Chipepo, Simamba, Sinadambwe, Mphuka and Mburuma on behalf of 17 chiefdoms of the Zambezi Basin, that no mining in the Zambezi Basin should be allowed; a decision supported by the the Nagoya Protocol on biocultural rights of the Convention on…

  13. Convention on Biological Diversity, a Convention to which Zambia is a signatory.

    How Scott has the effrontery to step into the Park can only be explained by the PF arrogance; but the welcome given him by a lodge he will soon be putting out of business, is perhaps the most shameful of all.

  14. Bloody stupid! The very man responsible for encouraging foreigners to come to Zambia and own land, now takes a holiday among them, telling us we have been shut out of our own industry.

    This is what Zambian politicians think is the way forward, that includes opposition like HH, who on a recent campaign said he would encourage investors to come into the tourism industry to provide us with Lodges and hotels while in return Zambians will be cheap labour!

    I don’t understand this pattern of behaviour by African gov’ts. Giving Land away whilst making indigenous citizens homeless.

    It’s all twisted the way he presents his argument. Guy Scott is a very perverse individual. Somewhere in his head he has forgotten the gifting of blacks to whites.

    • You are a racist. Chiluba and Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda brought these lodge owners and mine owners. When did Scott invite them? You are an ignorant racist

    • So what is stopping you from investing in tourism? You insult the people who are doing very well, who are showcasing our beautiful country to the world and bring in much needed $$$$. The ones you should be afraid of are the miners, who will not only rape the country, but they will destroy the natural environment and way of life for ever, for those who live along the Zambezi river.

  15. Beautiful scenery! Unfortunately “Zambians” like dwelling in concrete jungles than surrounded by nature. They rather build lodges, run taxis( as promised by hh) and praise bazungu. Inferiority complex and shunning serious capital investments has killed this nation. You’ll continue crying of capital flight. I know One ECL can change the pathetic mindset- Pabwato!

  16. There is widespread racism against blacks in most of these lodges operating from the Lower Zambezi. I have experienced it and in different forms. But Scott, like any white, won’t know what I am talking about since his colour resembles that of the oppressor. And to imagine that this is happening in our country and after fifty years of freedom!

    • Scott is the one raising awareness on the very issue you are talking about, but yourself you just sit and complain that Scott is white! The truth is you even need a white man to fight for your own rights as a Zambian, because you only know how to complain, you won’t do anything about it

  17. It is funny that some people are making countdowns when Edgar Lungu will actually win! Prepare yourselves, Edgar Lungu is your next president!

  18. Your friend goes on holiday because he can afford it, you start hating? SMH…disgruntled Zambians!

  19. Edgar is sick, his campaign manager Nsanda is sick, Guy Scott has gone on holiday instead, so who is campaigning for Lungu. This looks like a Technical Knock Out (TKO) by the HH team that is seriously on the ground.

  20. The problem is the bureaucracy in the Government, the ZTB especially…………the banks of Zambia as well they cannot support local entrepreneurships. We need to shift from such ideas of failing the locals, nevertheless, we need to support EL for 2015

  21. The irony lies in having the best natural resources but failing to see our own beauty.

    Encourage the love of our beauty in homes, schools and in our general environment. Beauty has disappeared from our cities. Beauty has disappeared from our streets and buildings. Beauty has disappeared from our works and our creativity has been stunted as entire generations were allowed to think creating beauty is a useless past time.

    Visitors seek our beauty. We failed to see the beauty in our own huts by the river, in our foods, in our life styles and only seek the beauty of the picture embedded in our minds by the colonial of their street and home.

    Well they didn’t have all that when they conned you out of your world and resources and are no longer an acceptable excuse for our failure.

  22. Can barely buy nyama to eat. We’re still struggling for basics, how can we go to a national park on holiday and live in a lodge, let alone buy the lodge?

    Some day maybe, but for now, let’s reduce those electricity tariffs and provide soft loans so people can own the taxis they drive, as per Mr. Hichilema. You have permission to implement this idea too and claim it as your own.

    THEN we might have money to go on holiday and appreciate the beauty of this great country.

    And I commend you Dr. Scott for taking Charlotte away from the affray that is PF. Glad you took my advice.

    • So your point is that Zambians should aspire to be taxi drivers? Maybe they can also be drivers at the lodges in Lower Zambezi National Park.

      I am proud to be one of the many people who thinks Zambians can do more than drive taxis or clean houses. Remind me not to take your taxi… Oh and make sure you pay your servants the minimum wage, HH is not going to be removing it any time soon.

      And using Lusaka Times to try to provide the Acting President with advice on his personal life seems a little weird… Just saying

  23. I like Scott. He says it as it is. What he is saying is that u fo0lish zambians, which we are, wake up and develop your country. Dont rely on foreigners. Be like the Ilas in southern province who are rich out of cattle ranching and are not boastful for nothing.

  24. PF gtvt wanted to spin the mining project here. It has been the most irresponsible gvt zambia has ever had,.Totally corrupt and one would think they hate Zambia by their actions

  25. Dear Dr. Guy Scott, I hope you and your lovely wife are well. What you said is very well put but hides the reality. It was Harry Kalaba who wanted to allow the mining project even though he was informed there were flaws in the reports he went ahead and over turned the ruling. They also wanted to allow a highway in a protected area which UNESCO was to name a world heritage site. This all has PF leadership behind it and would have ruined the very Lower Zambezi National Park you are talking so graciously about. There were world petitions and most conservation groups were arrested in Zambia when all this was going on. I hope you were not part of the people trying to stop them. Also the Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata has lifted the ban on Trophy Hunting. Any thoughts?

    • It’s funny how since the end of the Rhodesian war LZNP is suddenly an issue. There was nothing there but landmines right up to 1997 or somewhere there, because of Ian Smith and his lunatic white supremacist ideals. It makes you think – how on earth did these same Rhodesian people end up on the Zambian side of the river telling government how to run the country?

  26. It’s true what Scott says, we are afraid of our own beautiful wilderness – I have even met people brought up in town areas who have never seen a wild animal their entire life, and they would fear to see one

  27. How this f0olish white man wanted to be president! he created conditions to make Zambians say ok benipofye imwe bene. No Zambians my dear! You think by sabotaging Lungu’s campaign he will lose. He will not!

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