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Matete’s ZAAA faction elect him as Interim President

Sports Matete's ZAAA faction elect him as Interim President

THE leadership struggle in the Zambia Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA) took a new twist yesterday with the Samuel Matete ‘faction’ holding a parallel annual general meeting (AGM) at Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC) in Lusaka where the former world 400 metres hurdles champion was elected interim president.

But Sports Council of Zambia (SCZ) acting general secretary Innocent Chalabesa said the council was not aware of any meeting taking place.
“We are not privy to any ZAAA meeting taking place today (yesterday) because all we know is that there is an injunction in place that will be heard on Wednesday and it’s difficult for us to comment on this,” Chalabesa said.

ZAAA incumbent general secretary Phil Kubombela declined to comment on the matter.

The Lusaka High Court last Wednesday granted Matete and four others, who include Christopher Manda, Carol Mokola, Jonathan Chipalo and Judith Chaoponga and injunction restraining retraining ZAAA from disqualifying them from contesting for any position at the AGM.

The court further demanded that the delegates for the AGM should be drawn from the clubs and area boards listed on the December 2002 register.

This prompted ZAAA, through its international relations and communications manager Davison Mung’ambata, to announce the postponement of the AGM that was set for yesterday on grounds that the association needed to put in place all the demands of the Lusaka High Court.

But the challengers for various positions yesterday went ahead with the meeting with an interim executive committee ushered in office.

Matete was elected president with Manda as vice president while Yona Mwale of Kabwe Rangers was elected general secretary.

Others were Judith Chaoponga as vice general secretary and Davy Manyando was elected for the position of treasurer with four committee members who include Chipoma Mulenga, Carol Mokola, Anderson Katongo and Mathews Chongo.

Speaking in an interview, Manda said the meeting convened after forming a quorum with about 25 clubs out of the 37 affiliates in attendance.
Manda said Chipalo declined to contest for any position because he is Zambia’s coaching coordinator for the International Associations of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

He said the purpose of the interim executive committee was to facilitate the affairs of ZAAA until the elective AGM scheduled for March 2015.

“You aware all aware that the mandate of the Elias Mpondela executive expired on December 4, and so we decided to put in place this committee for the AGM in March and the period this committee be in charge, no cash transactions should be entertained by anyone,” Manda said.

Some of the clubs that were in attendance are Nkana, Mufulira, Chambishi, Konkola, Kalulushi, Power, Roan United, Luanshya United, Ndola United, Ministry of Finance, Road Runners Academy, Albabeto Academy, Young Carol Mokola and Flex Academy


  1. Mpondela this is a different era let your friends also contribute what they know about athletics it’s not a personal thing we need to practice democracy.

  2. I thought the first step should. have been to pass a vote of no confidence in the Mpondela lead executive and then elect an interim committe. Since a quorum was formed they could pass a vote of no confidence in the current executive.

    • The Mpondela executive tenure of office e pired on 4th December 2014 thus rendering any vote of confidence erelrvant. Viva Litete!

  3. You can’t fault these guys. They learnt from the chief confusionists- PF. Next will be suspension letters. The suspended will then seek an injunction where upon the suspender will be fired by the suspended and so on and so forth. ….

  4. It about time for mpondela. The tenure expired on 4th DEC and he knew about. Because of arrogance, stayed put without planning for the AGM. Its not about matete,its lacking or ignoring principles of good governance on the part of mpondela.

  5. ZAAA factions, this is not new to us who are ZAAA as per say we have heard about them such as the Chipalos,Mandas,mention them. I am not for any group here but the so called faction and its team leaves a much to be desired. In all the years that I have been contributing to ZAAA issues my main bone of contention has always been on the NUMBER OF ATHLETES…not fighting anyone but am challenging them all to prove to the nation(1) clubs they are coming from (2) Area Boards they belong to (3) athletes that they have if any or are they just street club officials/coaches.?? You people you must at times feel ashamed of yourselves, how many times are you going to lie to people? Year in year out just fighting each other,one time there came a ZAA.What happened to it no answers can be found.Shame…

    • No wonder u r Chikubabe!! Your level of national sports understanding is very poor and lacks patriotism…. Seriously u can’t see a wrongs the corrupt Mpondela and his minions. Elias rose to the presidency of ZAAA, 16 years ago… Is Elias the only creative Athlete in Zambia to run the affairs of this sport? Think otherwise, Zambia is just too big for one man to cling onto power…. Moreover, he has been unproductive!! Why should we continue with such people…. LOOK AT THE NATION, NOT AT INDIVIDUAL ELIAS!!!

  6. Let Mpondela leave it to others to run ZAAA. Mpondela has been president since I was a kid. why cant he let others also eat the money as well. For we know that both groups are after money for they have performed so poorly.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  7. Its too much of Mpondela; let others take over. We are tired of seeing his face. How can an apparently educated man sink so low to politics of the belly?

  8. At the time I started hearing about Mpondela, I was younger but am now older yet am still hearing about mpondela.
    Even if the faction may not be the best team, let them stay, we don’t want Mpondela enough of him.

  9. Chishimba seem to succumb to Mpondelas pressure.Lungus faction was illegal but u bulldozed…don’t muzzle into ZAAAs business..shame.

  10. Let them and recognize them because they have a diploma from PF on how to elect a leader by show of hands when the other contender and supporters are not there. The Pf way of winning elections!

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