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Don’t provoke a crocodile while your buttocks are still in the river – MMD North

Headlines Don't provoke a crocodile while your buttocks are still in the river...

 File:Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Mumba paying homage to Bemba royal Indunas (Bashulubemba) when the late Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was being royally sent off for burial at shimwalule in Chinsali district  2013
File:Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Mumba paying homage to Bemba royal Indunas (Bashulubemba) when the late Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was being royally sent off for burial at shimwalule in Chinsali district 2013

As MMD North, we would like to make it clear to the nation that we sighed a great sigh of relief with the landmark Supreme Court ruling of 18th December, 2014 which gave back the MMD Presidential candidacy to the rightful owner, Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba.

We wholeheartedly support him to be voted in as in-coming Republican President on 20th January, 2014. We want to assist the nation understand the dynamics of Culture and Politics here in our own region of Northern Province.

Wibala ing’wena elyo amatako yali mu menshi

In icibemba we say “Takalaba wakunyelele” (You can never forget one who defeacated on you) and “Wibala ing’wena elyo amatako yali mu menshi (Don’t provoke a crocodile while your buttocks are still in the river).

The Patriotic Front and Michael Sata, in spite of receiving an overwhelming vote from Northern Province in 2011, turned against us and have humiliated, mocked and insulted our Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala.

The entire chiefdom was undressed to the extent of even sending hundreds of police officers who surrounded him and held him under siege, preventing him from being installed on his throne at the palace. This has resulted in the entire Bemba kingdom failing to hold their beloved annual traditional ceremony of “Ukusefya pa ng’wena” for three years now. Infrastructure development is yet another mockery.

Throughout this period of humiliation, fear and grief, MMD and Dr Mumba fearlessly stood by the people of Northern Province and encouraged the Bembas to be strong, look up to God, and never to kneel down before any politician but only God himself.

The MMD structures braved the armed police and supported the movement of the Paramount Chief from Senior Chief Mwamba to become the Mwine Lubemba. During that time, the people of Northern Province never saw any other leader firmly on their side apart from Dr Mumba who in turn was also harassed by the PF.

Scramble to kneel before the Chitimukulu

Now that it is election time, we have seen every presidential candidate rushing to Northern Province claiming they support us and that they will gazette the Chitimukulu if they win elections. Where were they when we were suffering? Only Dr. Mumba stood with us.

Edgar Lungu kneeling before Henry Sosala
Edgar Lungu kneeling before Henry Sosala

The PF is promising to recognize our one and only Paramount chief only now that there are elections which is a total mockery.
They are insincere and they think that they are dealing with little children who can be easily fooled. This is a message to let them know that we know what we want and we know who has stood by us at the worst possible time.

It is on this basis that we urge the entire Northern Province to give Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba our 100% vote in the coming election. The issue of treacherous Muhabi Lungu and other MPs endorsing different presidential candidates has nothing to do with our already made decisions and if anything, will just boost the votes for Dr Mumba because people are in sympathy with him looking at the way these selfish job seekers and money mongers betrayed him.

Cephas Bwalya

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  1. Well articulated mwana.The lesser votes for PF in bembaland,the higher the chances of a more credible candidate wining the elections. Am going downtown to Lagos now to look out for the duo from Zambia who have come to fundraise by the streetcorners..kekekekeke

    • Who is this chap? NM does not have the capacity to deliver anything, he is just trying to keep himself relevant. He is practically useless & even if the whole NP voted for him, nobody in cities will vote for him. It is just a waste of a vote!

    • What’s about the Chitimukulu so that every presidential candidate wants to meet him. Why isn’t anybody venerating the paramount chief of the Tonga or the Litunga or indeed any other chief of similar status. I’m I wrong to think that the paramount chief of the Bemba is the highest chief in Zambia?

    • “The PF is promising to recognize our one and only Paramount chief only now that there are elections ….”
      This is untrue you are just people like fooling people.
      Chitimukulu has stated that PF and him reconciled before Sata died. Sata told people to even honour him.
      Just accept that you are feeling the PF campaign heat. Mind, Northern Province is not MMD it is the people who stay in this province
      Just urge the entire Northern Province including Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba 100% vote to PF in the coming election.
      Stop saying our own region of Northern Province and infrastructure development is yet another mockery. Because even Muchinga province is under Chitimukulu. When this chief dies will buried in Muchinga province Chinsali where there is Robert Makasa university.
      Shame to…

    • “The PF is promising to recognize our one and only Paramount chief only now that there are elections ….” And Nkwilimba says
      This is untrue you are just fooling people.
      Chitimukulu has stated that PF and him reconciled before Sata died. Sata even told people to even honour him.
      Just accept that you are feeling the PF campaign heat. Mind you, Northern Province is not MMD it is the people who stay in this province
      Just urge the entire Northern Province including Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba to give PF 100% votes in the coming election.
      Stop saying our own region of Northern Province. Because even Muchinga province is under Chitimukulu. And when this chief die will buried in Muchinga province Chinsali where there is Robert Makasa university Although development in this province is a…

    • @Foreigner

      “What’s about the Chitimukulu so that every presidential candidate wants to meet him”.

      The answer to your question:

      Chitimukulu (Kanyanta Henry Sosala) is simply the smartest of all living and dead kings and chiefs in Africa, that’s what. A genius.

    • Please help! I don’t understand this article and the author’s standpoint. Are MMD under Dr Mumba now bigging themselves up on the back of the chitimukulu issue and issuing “amapinda” to align themselves ahead of HH. It won’t work! I think MMD are playing a very dangerous tribal card here and are not being truthful. We have all followed the Heny Kanyata Sosala saga and we all know who made noise in support of Sosala. This is desperation at its worst for votes. I do remember very well how HH fought battles with the PF when he tried to visit Sosala. I find that it was HH who was actually more vocal than Dr Mumba regarding the chitimukulu issue.

  2. Mwebantu Edgar lungu was not the president that time ,he had no powers to influence the late president, lets be fair to each other.The late had his own reasons why he could’t recognise the chief,which we can not transfer to Edgar.

    • @Shambala

      Remember that Edgar has committed to continue with Sata’s legacy which includes refusing to recognize Sosala as Chitimukulu. So by changing the story now,he has entangled himself in a catch 22 situation in the process.Also he was home affairs minister and the deployment of police officers at the palace was under his orders.

    • EL take full responsibilities of all decision which were made around Bashilubemba. He cannot run away from the blame now. He is just covering the bad record, too bad for him. Upyana ……. apyana namabala.

    • This can serve as a lesson to many of you who are chiefs with higher ambitions of becoming paramount chiefs. Embrace all political leaders even if you don’t like them pretend when they visit you,welcome them as your children.Sosala was and he may still be a political cadre of the mmd, hence being treated as one for he was in the political arena. Infumu must stop eating with both hands,imagin if you welcomed them all as your children the number of gifts you would end up getting. All citizens who are better cultured are at least obliged to pay homage to any chief in Zambia ngabakweba fye ati aba ni ba chief Chitunkubwe …awe wala kunkula. So straight thinking Zambians can not even question it if Sata was alive ..may the great leader’s rest in peace..saw him alekunkula before Sosala,….

  3. Hakainde was the first make that announcement of recognising the paramount chief, infact way back in 2012. We all remember how the Pf police and pf cadres blocked his way and beat up some people in his entourage as they were going to see him.

    • Please, for once, do away with fabrications and lies.
      Who was even aware of the Shilubemba stand off in 2012?
      The whole issue started to unravel in 2013 and I do not remember anyone from the UPND (nevermind HH) heading to Northen Province in support of Sosala.
      In fact up until this campaign, I do not recall HH making any political “presence” in Northern Province.
      In as much as Edgar Lungu’s hands were tied due to Sata’s arrogance, he can not simply say “he was not the President during the wrangles”. The collective responsibilities of any political party has to stand in this as well.
      Therefore he will do well to accept and sincerely apologise to the Bembas. He should also drop Nkandu Luo because she is on record disowning Sosala.

    • If PF kolwes are to be believed, they should recognise Chitimukulu long before 20th january as they are the only ones with the power to do so before the election, other aspirants can only do so once elected!! so PF kolwes do it NOW!!!!

    • You are completely right! I thought I was losing my mind when I didn’t see anyone say this in support of HH. Please see my blog @ 1.5

    • Lungu had the power to influence sata as he did to the constitution. Isnt lungu the one who sanctioned the dispatch of police officers to humiliate Ba Sosala and GBM?

    • @ME I disagree with you.Edgar Lunga is compromised by Nkandu Luo who has been pulling strings to have her anti Lombe chibesa kunda to favor Lungu’s court cases against Miles Nsampa .Lungu wanted Wina to be vice but Nkandu luo was to strong on her.Therefore Lungu will never recognize Henry Kanyanta Sosala as para mount Chief.

    • @ME:

      Dont be silly you id.iot! EL could have done something – How come GBM did something descent i.e. disagreed with Satan and resigned – simple.

      Edgar could have disagreed with Satan without having to resign – so he ha to pay the price of choosing Satan at that time!



    • EL is with Nkandu Luo, who issued threats to Sosala. So EL can forget abaut northern. But this Cephas is being tribal. So tribalism is only tribalism if such is said by another tribe. If it was someone else who said this by now everyone would have been singing tribalism! What a rotten country, such are the vices that great men like Mandela fought, supremacy, Cephas everyone is equal in GOD’S EYES.

    • Ba Chilyata and Selfexpression – Didn’t GBM himself tell the nation that he resigned because of Wynter? That is after Wynter was fired by M. Sata!!

  4. Secretary to the Cabinet has released the following program for Inauguration of His Excellency President HH on 24.01.15
    10.00 All invited Guests to be sited
    10.10 Arrival of service chiefs and Diplomats
    10.15 Arrival of Chief Justice 10.20 Arrival of Acting President Dr G.Scott
    10.25 Arrival of President Elect- His Excellency Hichilema H.
    10.26.30 National Athem 10.27 HH takes Oath of Office & Receives Instrument of Power fro G.Scott
    10.30 Speech by His Excellency President Hichilema H.
    11.00 21 Gun Salute & National Athem End of Program
    14.00 President HH Announces his Cabinet and the Kwacha jumps to K2.5/$1 Zambia heads for massive economic, social development under HH for next 11 Years.!

    • Good night mare.Continue dreaming because should you wake up,you might have heart attack to find your HH ON THE TERRACES watching somebody else being installed as President.

  5. One thing I grew up loving about Zambia was the beauty, humour and wisdom of our languages and the oral tradition which continues to transfer knowledge, empowerment and many many chuckles. May we learn to write them down and produce literary evidence for future generations. My favourite campaign headline so far! Big CHUCKLE!!!!

    • A Phiri ana bwe,

      Those are profound points from you, keep it up. Its great that you treasure history but the whole historical connotations of Zambia is distorted. The reason being that, the Zambian gov’t abrogated the Barotseland Agreement 1964, and have continuously done.
      The “union” was never implemented by KK of which Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia created Zambia. Zambia simply refused its birth certificate of its own parents, Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia.
      Tanganyika & Zanzibar are enjoying their 50 years of union ship of Tanzania. Imagine!
      Human beings are nothing without their factual history of who we are.
      Seriously, how could one refuse their own parents? Everything has history but Zambia one is completely distorted.
      History is worth noting.

  6. Just for our vote, politicians have filled church pews, and worn out our mother earth with their knees. This power must be sweeter than honey for how come these insultants have suddenly become hollier than thou and more respectful than even chief’s retainers. Come January 21, 2015, normal service will resume and once again we will become their usual nothings. For the present, let’s enjoy the comedy as we wave our voters’ cards in their ugly faces. If you thought my President Muliokela is a clown, watch these comedians beat him to the game with their new-found faith and counterfeit courtesy. What a bunch of Hypocrites – and bafoons, even may be baboons!

  7. Burial Program for Late PF Party & Government

    Ths’ to Inform all PF Cadres, Thugs, Panga, Machetes,Relatives and Friends tat the Late PF & Unruly Government tat departed us Together with Michael Sata will be put to rest on 20 January 2015 at the Bottom of Sea ( To avoid nightmares Like US did to Bin Laden) as per program below:

    09.00 hrs Mourners gathered at Mortuary & PF being wrapped in dumping black plastic
    09.30 hrs Church Service at Embasy Park to reunite ghost with owner
    10.30 hrs Depart to Sea
    11.00 hrs Committal of Late PF & Government & Lowering into sea
    11.45 hrs Laying of Wreath
    12.00 hrs Life History by -Inonge Wina
    12.10 hrs Speech by Famly Rep-E.Lungu
    12.15 hrs Speech by Govern Rep-Dr.G.Scott
    12.30 Closing Player- Wyinter Kabimba ( as he…

  8. Dr. Nevers Mumba, Please just tell people what you are going to do for them once voted into power. Don’t talk about the Late President Michael Sata, whatever differences he had with the Chief is not something to campaign about.

  9. I once said to a friend that the Bembas are not so duffed as some people think. I said to him that this issue of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s confrontation will be a big issue, negatively affecting the PF as a party and Government. “Don’t provoke a crocodile while your buttocks are still in water” speaks volumes.
    How do you dispute the rightful heir to the throne after the Bashilubemba have endorsed such a one? Are you saying they are duffed?
    Bembas always speaks at the right time after trying to negotiate with whoever. This is final and sealed.
    To those who are promising to gazette the Chitimukulu once they come in power, this is a lesson.

    Bembas are not duffed.

    • For them talking to much and having crooked ways, Bembas have never produced a Zambian president. They stated they wanted nervous a true Bemba to be president last year; proverbs abound, we the Zambian people are not blind.

      Their is only one great leader and King, and that is the Lord God Jehovah. The father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  10. Look does Chitimukulu own our voters cards?recall in 2011 Sata was hated by Mwata Kazembe in Luapula but so many voters there voted for PF and Mwata was embarrassed badly!so stop making noise over nonsense!EVEN GBM WILL BE SHOCKED WITH EDGAR LUNGU’S RESULTS FROM KASAMA CENTRAL!GO PF GO!

    • Well spoken, we shall respect the Cheifs and elders, but we the people hold voters cards. These are the same people that allow thirteen year old girls to be given off into wedlock. That in itself is very wrong and absurd. GBM is a non entity; LAST YEAR HE WAS BEATING HIS WIFE AND EMPLOYEES, WE ALL STOOD TOGETHER, TODAY FOR A VOTE HH IS CLAIMING GBM IS A SAINT. How forgetful some Zambians are, not anymore though. We shall vote wisely and ignore the noise. One Zambia one nation.

  11. @Chilyata 4.3 & @Selfexpressed.

    For sure LUNGU is to blame. He such a DOCILE PERSON among ALL THE CANDIDATES & is going NOWHERE with his PF.

    MMD are DREAMERS TOO its only HH who will redeem Zambia from the shuckles of poverty.

  12. @ME, ati ifintu Ni lungu, selfish chaps looking to loot our resources.

    the only slogan now is “Zambia United”

    Viva HH, iwe tu leku votela- for hope and unity

    Chumbu Mulolwa

    • Saki refuses to rejoin UPND

      By Lambwe Kachali

      Thursday June 19, 2008 [04:00]

      UNITED Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota yesterday said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is not honest in his offer of reconciliation because he has failed to deal with tribalism in the party. Responding to Hichilema who on Tuesday invited him to rejoin UPND in the spirit of national unity and development, Sikota said Hichilema’s offer to the leadership and membership of ULP to rejoin UPND was not genuine and was laced with thorny issues.

      Sikota accused Hichilema of playing to the gallery by using the press without apologising to the people that suffered at the 2006 UPND convention and those who were still affected by the alleged tribalism in the party. He said if Hichilema really wanted…

  13. What ever the case Northern is going to PF and Lungu. This MMD chaps have no following in Northern and they and HH-UPND will fall prostrate before one EL on 21 January 2015.

    Wapya baisa a Lungu and PF.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  14. People should not give false hope to HH and UPND that he is winning. We are not there yet just as any Party should not swell into false hope as anything can happen. You may be surprised Cosmo Mumba party wins even without contesting. Rallies of mammoth have always been unpredictable when it came to actual voting. Wina azalila. I would advise aspirants have in them + or – , meaning can either win or lose. so let not all go to our heads that it is us winning for a vote is secret. Remember the following of late Dean Mungomba, who thought he would lose? Please , let all presidential candidates remain balanced. Witch hunting belongs to the cave.

  15. I feel we hav more important issues than sosala. UPND and MMD do you think giving you 2 universities and new provincial infrustructure in 3 years are mean achievments? Choma (Tongas)and chinsali(Bisas) shud give PF % votes. you have benefited more than other tribes

  16. I like the saying, ‘Don’t provoke a crocodile while your buttocks are still in the river’. Very good warning, you could lose one of them.

    • LT, you have surely become sub standard, you decide to blank-out a word from my thread yet you have the same word in bold letters in your own headline! What kind of editing/censor is this?

  17. A very educative saying.

    But on a lighter note, if your bottom is in water infested with crocodiles, I am not so sure you will be safe by merely NOT provoking the crocodiles as this saying implies. LOL…

  18. ….these adages have been mis-applied…..they do not synchronise with the theme of the story……

    ….. someone bullies and humiliates my father in front of the family….soon after the starter motor on his lorry parks up, the same man comes to beg me and my brothers to push his lorry…..I must be nuts to oblige…..I would borrow Scott’s phrase and tell him to ‘go to hell’….. .
    …after such antagonising…humiliating experience the entire Bemba kingdom went thru in the name of their paramount mwinelubemba….you can have time to welcome and intertain the same bullies sure….??
    …. the results of 20th January will measure how gullible and dumb the northerners are….I have the right to say this because I’m from the east….

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