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Guy Scott pledges continued national development

Economy Guy Scott pledges continued national development

Dr Guy Scott with Chief Mpuka in Luangwa
Dr Guy Scott with Chief Mpuka in Luangwa

Acting President Guy Scott says government will not relent in taking various developmental projects to all parts of the country.

Dr. Scott said the robust infrastructure development Zambians have witnessed in the last three years of the Patriotic Front (PF) being in power is a clear indication of the commitment government attaches to their wellbeing.

He explained that Zambians have in the last three years witnessed unprecedented infrastructure development which has resulted into massive job opportunities.

Dr. Scott said this in Kitwe yesterday shortly after touring the Kitwe/Chingola dual carriage way currently under construction.

And Dr. Scott said once completed, the road will enhance economic development not only on the Copperbelt province but the rest of the country as a whole.

The Acting President was accompanied by Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga, Agriculture Minister Wilbur Simuusa, Youth and Sport Minister Chishimba Kambwili, PF Secretary General Davies Chama and other senior government officials.

Meanwhile Dr. Scott has urged Zambians to vote for the PF candidate Edgar Lungu in the January 20, 2015 presidential election for continuity of development.

Dr. Scott said the PF is the only party that has demonstrated its commitment of uplifting the living conditions of all Zambians especially in rural areas.


  1. 55 flag Katondo boys
    2 hours ago Permalink
    VESSEL PF-EL 2015

    VESSEL PF: “requestdockingcoordinates”

    DOCKING STATION:”look for nearest station and guide the ship.”

    VESSEL PF:” condition preventing docking is in effect”

    DOCKING STATION: “hold-position”

    VESSEL PF:”recalldockinginstructions”

    DOCKING STATION:”all clear approach”

    VESSEL PF:”after fulfilled initial real docking condition,vessel stopped near the docking seat,depth control was used to approach while stern vertical thrusts went all out”


    DOCKING STATION:” good job Captain EL and welcome to State house”

    2015 vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you,,,,,,,

    • PRESIDENT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU has been cautious in his campaign messages. All his promises are feasible and backed by clear steps of what is being done and what the next steps are. He has a well-crafted and realistic development agenda.

      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Katondo boy

      What are the specific promises again?
      Has he stopped parroting after HH?

      I am waiting to hear what he has to say. In Mansa I head him say, “I want all of you to campaign for me. Ubukulu bwa nkoko bane masako.”

      Now that is a powerful message, threaded with promises that are feasible and backed by clear steps of what is being done and the next steps.

      Kwati tikuti ‘weeeeeeeeeeeru!’

    • Sieze Banda

      Edgar is not promising anything ….as for now its just continuity,,,,We still have 18 months to work on 2011 promises and the Zambian Voters have decided to give us another 18 months to finish our Agenda.

      HH is not a threat anymore,,,,,and Edgar is now looking beyond HH and beyond January 20

      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Ba lungu HIV positive , RB is supporting you that his son bandit in South Africa can come back to Zambia . To all Zambians if you vote for PF again then you are to DULL . Zero education .

  2. Maybe it’s true , after God rescued Zambia from SATA , the Bembas with their tribal cousins will yet again confine Zambia to mediocrity and backwardness all on the basis of tribe .

    No employer in his sane mind would employ Edgar over HH. If today there is an opening for a world bank deputy director just for ZambiA no one would select Edgar over HH .
    But tribalist will still project Edgar over HH . It’s
    Unfortunate but true. Perhaps we the people of west of the railway line should break away from these Congolese and show them how a sane country should be run.soon they will be running to north western Zambia for jobs and school just like they do toBotswana and Namibia.

    We are too much quality for them

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