Nevers Mumba promises Referendum for Lozis to decide their destiny


The business jet carrying The MMD New Hope Campaign team which included MMD Presidential candidate Dr. Nevers Mumba, had difficulty landing at Mongu airport due to the multitude of Mongu residents who thronged and scattered over the airport to meet him.

The multitude, led by Western Province Campaign Manager, Mr. Kamwendo Kamuti, who is also MMD NEC Member and Chairman for Transport and Communications, had to be restrained as they jostled and broke out in bursts of shouts as Dr. Mumba alighted from the aircraft. The people had walked to the airport of their own accord and no buses were used to ferry them to receive Dr. Mumba.

He said the Barotseland Agreement is a legally binding document which had been signed between the Barotse Royal Establishment, former President Kenneth Kaunda and the British Government and could not just be swept under the carpet.

After greeting some local dignitaries, local MMD officials and people who included a well-known local resident and son of the late Litunga Ilute Yeta, Andrew, Dr Mumba immediately proceeded to pay an early morning courtesy call on the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko the Second.

Dr. Mumba was received by 15 Indunas and in a humbling gesture, he was hosted by the Litunga at the “Kwandu”, which is reserved only for the Litunga’s very special visitors. Later, the delegation headed for a church service at the Pentecostal Assemblies of God church where Dr. Mumba again received a warm welcome. Later on, he spoke on a live phone-in talk show on Radio Lyambai.

Speaking at a mammoth rally in the afternoon, Dr. Mumba told Mongu residents that as soon as he is elected into power, he will authorize a Referendum to be held on the Barotseland Agreement. He explained that all previous presidents have shied away from confronting this matter squarely and decisively but said the time had now come to resolve the issue once and for all.

Dr. Mumba said that Zambia should learn from other progressive nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom which faced similar situations over Quebec province in 1995 in the case of Canada and recently over Scotland in the case of the United Kingdom. He said the two governments courageously allowed referenda to be held.

In both cases, the ‘NO’ vote against secession prevailed and the nations remained intact. The people were respected and given the freedom to choose their own destiny. As president of a party that is the Mother of Democracy, Dr. Mumba said the people of Western province should be respected and deserve no less.

He said the Barotseland Agreement is a legally binding document which had been signed between the Barotse Royal Establishment, former President Kenneth Kaunda and the British Government and could not just be swept under the carpet. In this Jubilee season, it is hoped that this matter will finally be put to rest.

After his address at the rally, the throngs of people in attendance were so inspired that they remained at the rally grounds for over 40 minutes without leaving after the departure of Dr. Mumba.

The New Hope campaign team left for the airport headed for one last campaign stop in Western Province, Kalabo where the last rally was held the next day before returning to Lusaka.


    • As Mumba he is dreaming. He is using the same tactic which backfired for Sata and PF. Lozis are sharp and good listeners but they know how to deal with you after wards.

      Only HH really knows why Lozis want to secede. He is the only one who understands how to deal with their grievances and he has had high level talks with the Litunga that Barotse land will be part of Zambia if HH wins.

      Its not about Lozis going it alone but sharing the national wealth equally and empowering every one accross the country that Lozis want.

      HH has worked out a formula to share national wealth which is a secret between the Litunga and UPND.

      This formula will benefit every body in all provinces in Zambia

    • This is a biggie Dr Mumba! When did you start planning this? This is a very contentious issue which should not just be uttered in vain.

    • Promises….yes we have gone that route before and this time Zambian voters are not buying any more Promises.sorry!!!!!

      ” ichintu chintu umwene”

      ” a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush”

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

  1. It is the worst cruelty ever.These same directors and managers pay themselves hefty salaries for doing nothing.But a person who does most of the work is paid peanuts.
    The essence of casualisation of work is to devide the voice of the union.Management knows that if workers are many and speak the same voice,they will be defeated.They make sure that the vibrant voice of workers is devided so that they are not held accountable as management.
    Government should do something with this issue of casualisation.There is a lot of exploitation and abuse of workers’ rights.Institutions,like Napsa,cannot fail to employ people on permanent basis.The only problem that is there is wastage and bad management policies.Directors waste a lot of money on trivialities than on welfare of workers.

    • @mbaluso:
      Empty heads like you just yap without facts. Are you a cleaner in US or you work in a fast food restaurant called McDonalds?

      I am sure you are now an expert at frying cheese burgers and chips and I hope you come back with lots of that experience because need tasty and juicy cheese burgers which we dont have in Zambia.

      On another note, I would advise you to keep your awful mouth shut when you dont know anything! In Zambia, the minimum Income Tax Threshold is K3,000 pa and this what your fellow ignorant ***** is wrongly refering to. The minimum and living wages are much below that – about K600 per month and that is alot of money here – thanks to PF more money in your pockets!!

      You see now, you wanted to look clever but you have ended up looking even more stupid!

  2. Hahaha Minimum wage is not 3000 per month. You wish. Its actually less so Napsa have committed no crime. Elo naimwe ba LT you just publish without verification. 3000 is the tax free threshold.

  3. Of course K3,000 is the Pay As You Earn Tax Threshold and anyone earning below that amount is not Taxed.

    The minimum wage and living wages are far much lower than that – ask Shamenda!

    NAPSA have committed no wrong and are in fact paying at least 100% higher than minimum wage! Ubukopo is the problem really with all PF cadres like this one – and we should blame Edgar Lungu for this nonsense!!

    Vote wisely Jan 20 and VOTE HH!!

    • Chilyata, so you are a forward man? Well this is a public forum so tone down your insults, else you will be mistaken for a PF cadre. HH wants to set proper standards of interactions hetween citizens and that includes civilised language. Please dont embarass or disappoint him.


  5. naba reporter balibasunga bwino. balelemba fye kwati baku MMD publicity. Ba Mumba bakatekeshepo mammoth rally? ikaleni fye

  6. If elected nevers will do no such thing. The agreement will cut Zambia in half, which president do you think will preside over such a decision?

  7. Nevers Mumba is taking a risky path to the Presidency. We all know the mind sets of our Lozi Zambians. If you wave gifts of sweets to the children the reaction will be obvious without any thought on the integrity or morality or desperation of provider of the political Father X-mas.

  8. Good idea Nevers, but I think let the big boys take it up from here! As it is, you have receeded to the nevel of NAREP and FDD!

  9. This is the most unrealistic promise i ve ever heard in this race to plot one. Nevers doesnt know that most of the districts in Southern P, Lusaka central business centre. Copperbelt (the mines), Western & North Western Provinces are in Barotseland. This is the trick sata played on us from Barotseland after voting for him he U-turned. If Nevers has nothing to offer Zambia politically let him go back to the pulpit.

  10. Well – if Barotseland includes parts of southern, Copperbelt, :Lusaka and central provinces – then it is not a Lozi story and Mumba’s referendum will close the Barotseland story. The no vote against succession will win the day. Doesn’t Mumba got the answer to close this debate?

  11. Stop talking nonsense ba Busa. Mumba knows he cant win so he is promising heaven and earth-which of course he cant deliver.
    Zambian law doesnt provide for provincial referendums. The whole nation has to be involved if you want a referendum and noone sees Zambians voting for Lozi secession

  12. A referendum would be the best way to solve this issue. However, it should involve all the people in the so called Barotse Land as per the map of the agreement including those in Namibia and Botswana

    • This is just another trick to make this race a tribal race. Mumba has done nothing since announcing his candidature but promote tribalism.

      His first act was to announce his intention to stand by going to Kasama an stating that He has to start from his home base. This was tribal and an acknowledgement that his only claim to the Presidency is ethnicity .
      Chose me not Lungu bcs I am Bemba.

      Now he wants to cheat the lozi once more that they can have a referendum which he knows wil fail . Gullible Lozis may be swayed to vote for him and not HH.

      Ignore this guy in both the North and West, he wants to divide the country in order to win.
      Vote HH and lets start afresh

  13. @ 1.3 katondo boys, surely you can see that you are contradicting yourself and PF. Unless you are a moron, which you are, of course!
    Please thank me for the free advice.

  14. @16. agreed the poor pastor is an attention seeker. His role now is to divide the vote meant for HH, that is why you see him making empty promises in western and northwestern when he knows that he will not even come out third on 20 january 2014. Typical PF tactics.

  15. Nevers uletekanya BSA co was a Business Entity so be careful . The agreement and what lozis believe is a mix of BSA co and The Queen of England signature and what they meant. So its very difficult to even compare this situation to Scotland and Canada.

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