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Kasonde campaigns for Edgar Vubwi Eastern Province

General News Kasonde campaigns for Edgar Vubwi Eastern Province

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde has urged Vubwi residents in the Eastern province to vote for Patriotic Front (PF) presidential aspirant Edgar Lungu in the fourth coming presidential by-elections slated for this month on January, 20, 2015.

Addressing the local people who gathered in Lubonzi ward, Dr Kasonde said Mr Lungu has the capabilities of carrying on the PF developmental agenda that the country is currently enjoying.

He said Mr Lungu is a humble and selfless leader who will serve the interests of the Zambian people for continued peace and stability.

He cautioned the residents to vote wisely in this month’s presidential polls in order to uphold the harmony that Zambia has always championed over the years.

Dr Kasonde was in Eastern Province to check on the developmental projects that the late president Michael Sata initiated in the health sector.

Currently Eastern Province boats of 207 operational health facilities eight of which are eight level one hospitals, one hundred and forty three rural health centres and forty nine health posts.

Zambians go to the polls this month on January 20 to elect a new Republican President following the death of President Sata who died last October.

Eleven Presidential candidates are jostling for Plot One and include Eric Chanda (4R), Elias Chipimo (NAREP), Hakainde Hichilema (UPND), Tilyenji Kaunda (UNIP) and Edgar Lungu of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Others are Godfrey Miyanda (Heritage Party), Nevers Mumba of the MMD, Edith Nawakwi (FDD), Daniel Pule (CDP), Peter Sinkamba (Green Party) and Ludwig Sondashi of the Forum for Democratic Alliance (FDA).


  1. Why report about Kasonde, why is PF so desperately trying to all means to reach at least 20%? And of all people how can Hapunda & Emmanuel be image builders for Edgar Lungu

  2. When this humble guy and his mates go for treatment it won’t be to any of your hospitals, Joey… Sad trend.

  3. PF has started using GRZ resources for campaign in the name of checking developmental projects. Where is opposition to take on ECZ on this clear campaign by old Kasonde using GRZ resources out of my severe and heavy PAYE chopped by government monthly. If it is the project supervision which is good better NOT campaign using donchi kubeba style which pf is used to and drunk with.

      2015 EL CHABE. 2016 EL NAFUTI.

  4. Strategy!!! PF has sent known entities within its establishment to the ends of our country to reach the most rural of our our areas. You are reading of PF operatives campaigning in Vubwi, Shangombo etc!! thats how you win election in Zambia!!

  5. Zambians we never learn…we will again vote for drunkards in govt, then regret when we dont get money for our crops, when there is no medicines for us, when our nurses are fired, when we take investors for granted, etc…

    the only credible leader who can bring some sanity to our disunited country is HH……………………HH…………………………..HH…………………………………….HH…………………..HH…………………………….

    aleisa 2015
    you are forewarned about this………mark my words……..

  6. Weekend Aba ma dizzy is out on his drnkking spree. Guy is on campaign trail Kasonde is busy while Edgar Lungu blackout. Aba ma dizzy. Lol

  7. Why give a job to your neighbour’s son when your own son is also capable. Easterners do not neglect your own son because he is also capable. The late president saw something in your son,why didn’t he choose his own sons,he saw something in Edgar so lets support him as parents.

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