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MMD distances itself from Chitika’s tribal utterances

General News MMD distances itself from Chitika's tribal utterances

The Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has distanced itself from the tribal remarks made recently by the party’s acting National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika- Molobeka during a campaign rally in Kasama.

Mrs Molobeka is reported to have urged the people of Northern province not to be ashamed to vote for MMD presidential candidate Nevers Mumba because he is their son just like the people of Southern Province are not ashamed to vote for their son Hakainde Hichilema.

But Dr Mumba has said in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today that Mrs Molobeka’s remarks did not represent the policy and position of the party.

He has clarified that MMD is a national movement established by Zambians from all provinces by the likes of Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Humphrey Mulemba, Emmanuel Kasonde, Baldwin Nkumbula and Fredrick Chiluba.

Dr Mumba said the diversity of MMD founders confirm the national character of the movement further stating that MMD is the only party that could boast of having been led by presidents from four different provinces and tribes.

He said MMD under his leadership will never go tribal as such a position would compromise his Christian faith and values.

Dr Mumba said politicians who use tribe to affirm themselves are morally bankrupt because tribe should only be used to define diversity which is the bedrock of any healthy society.

“My comment is that Zambians should vote for a capable candidate who is good for Zambia but not based on tribe. People in Southern province should vote for Zambia’s best candidate, just as their counterparts in Northern province should vote for Zambia’s best candidate. Tribe alone is not enough to determine the suitability of a candidate,” he said.


  1. Dr Mumba should have admonished Ms Chitika while she was on stage or better issue a statement condemning her actions soon after the her remarks were reported in media. For his own reasons, Dr Mumba has come only commented on the matter when it’s almost dead. All the best in the campaigns though, I’ve no issues with the man.

  2. What Zambian leaders do not seem to know is that for Obama to speak well the way he does, with carefully chosen phrases and statements, a lot of preparation goes into it. Please learn to prepare to avoid embarrassment and off the cuff remarks. TETI MULE IMAFYE MWA AMBA KULANDA! MWAKULA PONTA FYE LYONSE! Prepare adequately it will be better!

    • This is leadership Dr Mumba. We have seen HH remain mute when his team or members err. When on stage politicians are usually emotions and may sabaila. But it is up to the leaders to state the party position. We heard stories of only a Tonga can rule UPND. HH or any high ranking leader have never clarified or condemned the statement. Recently we have heard about the diminishing ink. The quietness on HH means that this is UPND position against ECZ. Obama came out against those who wanted to campaign on racial basis. I have never heard of EL condemn his cadres. Leadership is the ability to take responsibility and react to issues arising from your overzealous cadres.

  3. Ironic that this woman would be attributed to theses words, when not too long ago a clear contrast when she accused some people of a tribal song. In the earlier message, she says she had never experienced such tribal sentiments while her long political career from UNIP days. Now, one wonders whether she was honest about it, because we all know how government appointees look like in the recent governments. Madam, don’t throw stones if you live a glassy house!

  4. “Dr Mumba said politicians who use tribe to affirm themselves are morally bankrupt because tribe should only be used to define diversity which is the bedrock of any healthy society”

    Ba Mumba are you confirming this lady is morally bankrupt?

  5. Nevers Mumba is clever !

    He has seen tht HH is winning ths ELECTION with a Landslide and avendelela ku UPND. Welcome Mr Mumba just abandon tht MMD PROJECT. There is still space in FLIGHTHH2015. Wahala mudala come over !!!

  6. Too little too late! It just shows the sort of presidency that Zamabia can get from you – very inefficient, laid back and unable to deliver to Zambians!

  7. Nevers is wise and very balanced and impartial in the way he looks at issues. But how is the Southern voting pattern before we condemn Elizabeth??

    • People in Southern province have voted for Chiluba and Rupiah Banda before–it is all about who the best candidate is; who can deliver and in this election, the choice is very clear. The incumbent hails from a party with a very poor track record whereas on the other hand, we have a gentleman with proven economic credentials.

  8. @robin
    Where is the evidence about the song? Chitika-Mulobeka is a liar if she cannot produce evidence of who the singers are. She should be ashamed of herself. She is not worth of being called honourable MP. Nevers Mumba should have issued a statement immediately to repudiate Chitika-Mulobeka’s allegation. To wait a week before commenting on this unfortunate allegation says a lot about Mumba’s leadership style.

  9. Ever since the fracas started in PF before the death of the late Sata, I had not even on one time seen PF leaders discipline one or a group. This show how violent PF are. They are brutal, murderers, rascals, savage wolves who can do anything even to an extent of king without action within themselves, what about me an outsider non PF?

    UNIP was much better than this deadly evil children of Satan. These have migrated from the seed of the giants of satan. Why beating innocent UPND teams? If we said we must not allow them in UPND strongholds will that sound good. Will Lungu not going to come to Northwestern, Western, Southern, Central, and Copper belt?

  10. Dr Mumba shud ask her Ag tresurer to resign…how does a such a senior official make such a statement in plain presence of himself…

  11. Let us check how the voting pertain in northern and luapula provinces. mansa central: PF – 35 000 and UPND – 106 in 2011 presidential election whilst in Livingstone: PF – 13 459 and UPND – 9 800, MMD – 15,600. Which province Practises Tribalism in voting?

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