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Katele Kalumba speaks out on the attack on UPND in Chinsali (video included)

General News Katele Kalumba speaks out on the attack on UPND in Chinsali (video...

The report that a UPND Campaign team was savagely attacked by PF cadres while trying to land in an helicopter in Shiwan’gandu in Chinsali for a scheduled campaign program defines the character of leadership that has pushed many rational Zambians to consider options.

Leadership that relies on violence to reign in support can only give birth to a kakistocracy, a government led by the least able.

Felix Mutati, Maureen Mwanawasa, Patrick Mucheleka, Mutale Nalumango, and Muvi TV crew could have crashed to death on this 2nd January 2015 for pursuing a democratic project. There is no spin-doctoring that can justify this gutter politics.

Men and women of civilized breeding must condemn this. We can exchange hard words but surrendering ourselves to such base instincts in politics is what led to millions of lives in Rwanda and former Biafra to death. The images are still fresh.

Never again. No space in Zambia must allow the death of the freedom song of our founding fathers and mothers to die. If they will, let the PF leaders kill all of us who believe in democracy and the unitary nature of our beloved Zambia. Let us choose a leader without intimidation.

Katele Kalumba
Political Activist

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    • Well you can then safely say the majority Zambians have dead brains for we are voting for Lungu. This is not a myth but a fact and you my friend should treat it as such. As PF we condemn any type of violence regardless of its origin be it from PF, MMD, FDD or UPND. May the those found wanting brought to book, police do your job.

      Come 20 Jan my family and I will cast our votes for our leader Edgar C. Lungu.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Some of us where at one time serious PF supporters but i’m sorry this is not we campaigned for. We know they have borrowed heavily for these elections are they are determined not allow anything nor anyone get in their way but we decent people must show these animals that we will not set this lovely nation on fire for a chakolwa. Bakaponya are in the minority whilst normal decent people are the majority so Edgar has to lose.

    • Sailor: Man overboard

      Passenger: Who? What happened?

      Sailor: Are you Katondo Boys?

      Passenger: Yes Sir

      Sailor: You’re next. We just tossed your idi0t boss over board for having dictatorial tendencies, an over inflated ego and an inability to stop violence in his name. You’re next.

      Passenger: But why me?

      Sailor: For fouling the airwaves with support for a tool. A Phiri ana bwe… says it is so you tell ED the free drink of lake water is on behalf of all Zambians who actually care about their peaceful country. Pass it on.

      Passenger: But…aahhhh

      No chuckle. Sink hard. Sink fast. Stay submerged until you learn civility.

    • Iam not brain dead, but I will vote for EL and so are many right thinking Zambians. Who told you that only those who support HH are intelligent. You have power to declare those who make a choice in a democracy to be brain dead. Your are brain dead yourself to Democracy because you think all those who oppose you do not think. Whom do you think you are? PF is teaching you another political lesson. Keeping insulting and losing. The more you insult, the more you motivate us and other to support EL. The battle is getting tougher, so you discomfort and panicking is understood.

    • Big L
      Edgar might win in Lusaka urban and copperbelt urban but Zambia is bigger and Zambians are getting wiser. Dont underestimate the influence of people like Katele, Mutati, GBM and others that have thrown their weight behind HH. I never thought in a million years that i would ever support HH but i’m wiser and this is no kids play anymore this is about our children’s future. Edgar has said it time and again that he got no vision for Zambia other than just winning the elections and you telling me he’ll win, are you kidding me?

    • @Msana so are you saying we are not wise for supporting PF.? Are you saying you became wiser the moment you started supporting HH just like that.? How come Canisius Banda is still not wise despite being HH’s vice.? So the criteria for a Zambian citizen to become wise is by supporting HH.? That’s a problem right there, I would rather not be considered wise by those who call others fools.

      I will pass this offer am going for Lungu fulustop.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Yebo Nkhosi
      IF you would be kind please give me a few reasons why you are rooting for Edgar. All my mates who support EL have failed to give me any sensible reason why they will vote for him. Being acting President at the time of Sata’s demise isnt a good reason enough. He’s a thief, a crook, a drunk and at the minute instigating violence against defenceless women so why would a normal well brought up human being even entertain a thought of giving their one and only vote to a clueless drunk.

    • Mr Katele Kalumba, those purporting to attack UPND helicopter were hired guns of UPND hitman William Banda.Handover the video to Police and let them do their job. Truth will come out. You like liar UPND politicians are bringing in Rwanda and Nigeria (Biafra) in your release to the press with hidden motive of crying foul when your Elitist Illuminati HH loses elections. Truth prevails and no amount of camouflaging by you and Dipak Patel will change the reality on the ground. EL is a thorough gentleman and so is Mr. Guy Scott. They will not condone such a behavior.

    • I don’t even know what to say. All I can say is that PF is an evil party. Just like it’s it’s fallen leader at embassy park, what remains of this party is following suit at the end of this month when HIS Excellence Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is declared president of the republic of Zambia.
      Talking about violence, this is very sad indeed and any normal PF member will condemn this. I am just waiting for a time when I will be confronted by PF thugs. I will just take out my revolver and open fire at them. It’s an eye for an eye. I was once PF and I know how these m0therfuc.kers operate. I will just blow their sh1t heads off. M0rons.

    • Big L
      Fair enough, that your democratic right to vote anyone. You can vote for Mr Visionless for all i care. I’m surprised alarm bells in your head aint ringing already that this guy you’re into, head first, is a disaster waiting to happen. The manner of his ascension to party Presidency, his insolence towards the acting president, his arrogance when queried about his awols and his source of funds, lights are going off everywhere and you tell me your decision to vote for this dude is pretty much set is stone?

    • As USUAL there will be no comment from Edgar Lungu himself, but his surrogates. This guy keeps disappointing me again and again.

      Ba Lungu please napapata, stand up for something, peace if nothing. Yaba!

    • MULEKOSA, ULEFWAYA LEADERSHIP. Those are the people you’re going to lead if you win, like it or not. PF Too found them. KUKOSA!!

    • I hope this video can be broadcasted on ZNBC TV so that all Zambians

      have a look a the violence being enginered by Edgar Failing lungu.

      Zimbabwe tactics at work.

      I would like to warn all Zambians to expect worse scenes of such nature under Hon. Edgar Lungu.

      When people tell u that Edgar Lungu is an affliated Muslim Member

      of Boko Haram, you take that lightly.

      Edgar Lungu is ready to commit atrocities just to win the presidency,




    • PF is really EVIL, at least one can dispute or deny the cadres in party regalia but how about the Toyota Land Cruiser with Edgar Lungu posters? PF poses a serious threat to the peace of this nation. It is sad to see old women run for their lives and the pilot flying away in fear leaving his passengers behind. PF is Dangerous.

    • I will better be brain dead than voting for HH. I salute you for decampaigning your preferred candidate by calling people deadbrain. Keep it up brother. EL is winning.


    • I know non of us, unless you are a ‘no future’ Kaponya, would employ a thief, a drunk, insolent, arrogant, violent nor a visionless 6ft statue to run our tarven not even a pigsty so am scratching my head as to why Edgar’s name is even on the ballot paper. Open your eyes people, Mr Lungu is a fraud he deserves nothing but consignment to the political rubbish bin after 20th. We need to allow him and Kalaba to go and sort out the debts they accumulating without involving all of us.

    • Ba Maureen politics is not for weaklings like you.

      Mwanawasa petroda money is finished already ?

      He left you a farm ,go and grow some tomatoes. What failed state?

    • Political violence should roundly be condemned always, but we shouldn’t exaggerate. My humble observations:

      1) Political Parties giving half-hearted statements when incidences of violence occur. UPND, MMD and PF have all been culprits on this.

      2) Politicians issuing overly inflated and inflammatory statements that bear little resemblance to reality on the ground—purely a police case not UN!

      3) Media houses who seem comfortable PROSTITUTING themselves to political parties during elections when their mandate should always be to report the TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH without any manipulation.

      4) Just curious; did moviTV edit this footage or was done by UPND sympathisers in the UK? Watch it on Zambian Eye and decide!

      Please give me raw FACTS/NEWS and let me decide!

    • Clearly people of Shiwangandu don’t want HH. Why force yourselves on them iwe Maureen and that preacher woman with you?

    • yes Big L, we know 95% of zambians are brain dead when it comes to political analysis. we know, you just vote without thinking. mukonka the party you are told is winning. if they show you pictures that lungu is winning, you in particular big L will vote for lungu. we know!!! so your sarcasm will not take it away nor freighten us to point it out that zambians are politically dumb!!! thats why till now, mulayumfwa sana when you speak english, an imperialist’s language and we are proud. thats a dumb zambian for you. Yes Big L – You are dumb!!!!

    • brain dead you are. Dont generalize. No one is supporting violence. Take whoever to court for attempted murder, but don’t insult

    • This behavior of violence should be condemned by all law abiding citizens regardless of their political affiliation. This is a fallen state and will fall even deeper if we are not careful. Some of us, unfortunately think that it is a joke but every Zambian’s life is at stake here if PF continues with its violence.
      People of Zambia let us stand up and speak out against violence and its instigators. The video of the violence makes sad viewing. I pray that we will not see it’s like again. We take peace for granted. Look at other countries like Congo and appreciate the peace!

  1. And all those that support this evil without intelligently thinking that at one time them or their relatives will be victims of this sort of violence will go ahead and vote for P.F. A sad story in deed.

    • We are voting for PF. Period. Bye bye HH. Bye bye UPND. Could this be the of the your political road? I believe so. Remember you also have been conducting you own style of violence but insulting whoever support EL and PF. You have called our president so many bad names. This hurts us too. So as you condemn others check your verbal conduct too.

    • In politics most things are not as they appear. these are SUSPECTED PF Cadres; therefore not confirmed PF Cadres. And don’t forget this is politics anyone, MMD can do it too, even UPND can cause this as a tool to discredit the opponent- I am not saying PF did not do it, I am not confirming that they did it either but anything is possible. You cant trust politicians blindly and believe everything they present to your eyes and every story they tell u.

    • I have now and again, just like Msana above asked why should we vote a for a drunk, digressed lawyer who at one time was debarred by LAZ qualify for the presidency? I voted for Sata, Guy Scott and Mulenga Sata in 2011 and that was a wasted vote and I am deeply embarrassed. 20th Jan, I will vote for HH

  2. Illiterates illiterates!! My country is controlled by illiterates.PF this is your last dance on the Zambian stage.Nothing personal but you leak violence and corruption wherever you go.What kind of cowards are you to be so scared of what 2 women had to say that you had to attack them? What a bunch of cowards!!

    • @ex-moma and you badly need the votes of these illiterates on 20 Jan.? from the above statement I can safely say the educated in upnd do not need votes of the uneducated. Best of luck with your HH.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Can you define “illiterate” for me please. You could be illiterate yourself to using incorrect words. Can you prove it that all PF members do not read and write. Iam sure by reading your post and replying is evidence that Iam literate.

    • @Yebo Nkosi I will gladly define illiteracy for you.Pay attention! Zambian illiterates are those who are unable to read the signs that Zambia will sink further down the slop of economic and political stability under PF. Zambian illiterates are those whose writing will not be recorded in the annals of Zambian history because of their irrelevance and lack of positive contribution to the progress of the nation.
      The proverbial writing is on the wall can you read it or are you blinded by emotion and rhetoric?

  3. sad development but stop generalising ati PF PF . those responsible should be brought to face the law. Meanwhile we are voting for Vodka Chakolwa lungu…

  4. UPND chaps are not happy that Dora and RB are on team Lungu they are saying it’s tribalism:

    So its only okay to practice regional politics in upnd but not other parties.? Its okay for southern province to give HH 98% votes cast but not okay for Lungu to get even 78% of votes cast in eastern province.?

    I have asked this question before and I will ask again, how does upnd expect votes from other parts of Zambia but do not want to share the votes in southern province.? The day southern province votes will be shared will be the day upnd will get votes from other parts of the country – simple algebra, until then please calm down and take a seat.

    Viva. EL. Viva. PF.

    • Gents, lets face reality you are condemning PF for what transpired but you are failling to point a finger at MMD. Do you think MMD are happy that their MP’s are supporting HH? It’s the MMD who are behind this not PF awe awe that is not true!! Nevers was in that area not too long ago, and it is possible he told his supporters to deal with the rebel MP’s. Viva PF @ Big L, thumbs up man!!

    • Big Loser or whatever you call yourself are such a wet blanket that you drip.

      How shallow a think can one be?

      Kulemba situlesa, koma kalembedwe.

      I will guarantee your right to an opinion, but man you lack depth for a man flying a Canadian flag!

  5. wao!!!!!! mwanawasa mrs and nalumango ran like chickens being chased by pungwa.aha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice exercise from the two dead.scared women. and you nalumanga you ran away but u still declare that you are ready to fight!!!! funny!!!!!!!.its indeed muvi tv picture of the day!!!!!!

    • Hahahaha jokes aside, may those responsible be brought to book, Mrs Levy saying I hope UN sees this, are you saying this is worse than the mapatizya formula.? are you saying this is worse than what happened in Mungu during Rupiah’s time.? Come on people. That just shows that you are not wanted in Muchinga province.

      Ladies ran for their lives kikikikikikikiki. But we condemn violence.

      Viva PF Viva EL

    • You see how we trivialize situations! This is the ignorance we talk about. No regard or thought for that would have happened. What happened in Muchinga Province is no laughing matter! Grow up and think about issues seriously. This is not entertainment!

  6. A very Sad situation indeed.A sign of poverty among the Pathetic Fools cadres!Acting under the influence of Kachasu the best favourite drink for their Boss,sorry sana!

    • @ Pamponto it’s the MMD because a bunch of them MP’s endorsed HH and yet are still clinging to MMD why? Do not drag PF in this cheap blackmail you bantustans

  7. Well said by an intelligent man. Its greed for power that has destroyed countries and brought suffering to most of Africa.

  8. Having watched the video, i was left terrified to imagine that Zambians can condone this irresponsibilty at the expense of winning elections. I edge every peace loving Zambian to condemn this behavior in its strongest terms regardless of our political affliation.

  9. If ED is running to be President for ALL Zambians then he is making it pretty hard for himself by letting acts such as this happen on his watch.

    Perhaps he will speak out soon with an innocent shrug while he tips his pimp hat and does his Bugs Bunny smile, claiming no knowledge of the incident. That denial will seal his fate as a future leader with no interest in this nation but his own self interests. Perhaps the pay check from benefactors is already enough for him not to care what he does next.

    Or maybe he will stand up and be counted as the humble man of peace, he purports to be. Claiming his hands are clean and sounding apologetic.

    Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. A true leader takes responsibility for anything done in his name. The best ones actually prevent it.

    • I bet you my last penny, One Edgar Lungu will not utter a word about this. Not one. He such a spineless mantis.

      I want a stand up president, not this one that coils back into the cacoon when the going gets rough. It is people like him that give a voice to nonecks like Kambwili. They are just too dull!

    • Your money is safe so far! His people have issued the kind of apology that reminds me why kids should always be taught never to offer an apology with a sentence that contains the word ‘but’…

      Can you imagine the world’s reaction to the wife of a former leader being treated to a potential murder experience if this were in the West? We should not accept this anywhere but especially in a country like ours with the peaceful potential to be an example for others to try and emulate. No idea why the PF leadership cannot stop moving back towards stone age clubbing antics… deniability… cowardice…

  10. Firstly I condemn the violence that occurred in Shiwang’andu.
    However, I must state that I’m extremely disappointed with certain media institutions that deliberately withhold necessary information critical to one’s ability in making an informed analysis, but are quick to dish out what suits them.
    That is being very irresponsible. Are you Rwanda genocide journalists or what?

    We have been told what happened; we haven’t been told how it happened.
    How deed it start?

    • The footage shows Madam M. Mwanawasa and Madam M. Nalubango running towards their helicopter, but when they just reach it, the helicopter lifts, leaving the ladies on the ground—Madam M. Mwanawasa is seen literally ducking away from the helicopter propellers.
      To save the chopper from being destroyed? What about the ladies, not important? They had already reached the chopper for God’s sake!
      Who were inside the chopper when it took off?

    • gbm could have remained behind being former defense minister might have been trained on emergence issues.

  11. And at this point, it was definitely close to impossible for the camera man to shoot any comprehensive footage—there was panic everywhere.
    But there is the beginning, when it was easy to shoot a proper video.
    That footage is not available for the public to view and make informed comments.
    This is a story with an ending but no beginning.
    People, you can do better than this.

    • I’m asking these questions because at this moment I’m in the Copper Belt—the PF strong hold. And UPND have held very successful rallies in big Cities like Ndola and Kitwe. Peacefully.
      How can the nation fail so suddenly: in a village, when all have been well in the big PF strong hold cities—including Lusaka?

      I need answers!

      You have to tell the truth, otherwise expect more questions from the peace loving people of Zambia.

      God bless you and peace to our lovely nation. I love you all.

  12. EkaRiot aka?We have seen worse revolts in western countries. People have rejected you.ChiNalumango chalibutuka with heaving cheeks sweating ati riot! BaMaureen nabo ukusplinter nokusha abanabo, awe yalinisotambe. The best was gbm who defied science with some blitzkrieg speed. The heli almost crashed because your free mason wanted to sacrifice you. Repent and go back to Christianity!Ifintu NiLungu.

  13. Katele is right. But how I wish that voice could have been heard for loss of lives for Richard ngenda(lawyer waba lawyer) and Paul tembo,just to mention the two. Katele must have been in government then. Consistence is a mark of the great.
    Team EL,let under fives campaign in peace. I believe whether violence or not,cash or not,the winner will always win.
    Landing with helicopter in the village,what happened to the grass thatched roofs? People in villages are enlightened. They are not keen on unproven politicians,let alone,those that destroy their home( just wondering)

  14. I can’t stand seeing Zambia going downhill further thus I’ll vote come 20th January for my preferred candidate. After all is over and irrespective of the results I’ll remain with a clear conscience that I had not wasted my vote!

  15. edgar will not win in lusaka. if it will be good, it wll be around 50 50. but i think hh will take lusaka.

    get on a bus, listen to people talk. u will be amazed

  16. Mind u edger is not bemba & it happend in bemba land ,ba gbm ,mutati ,kalumba,nalumango,mus yo popuralit if u can be chesset lyk bankusa in yo land


  18. Can’t see any violence in the clip, it’s just people running up and down. Muvi TV a propaganda tool for UPND. Zambia is not a fallen state ba WIDOW otherwise if it was u can’t even parade ur poor self in front of that camera. Maureen just find some1 to do u service, even a garden boy can do. Change some oil I know it has been long.

    • Spot on. Whose Camera was that? Can we have another footage please. I want to see if I can blame someone. Right now I am failing to see steady images. I can see someone throw something at someone but I don’t still know who is who except politicians.

  19. The report seems incomplete to make a fair analysis of what transpired. How did the whole situation erupt into violence? I have only seen people running and Maureen calling on the UN while others condemning the PF. Do we still think if one is rotten then all are rotten? Please Muvi tv produce a conclusive report about what transpired. Violence must not be tolerated at all. Politicians should not only move with TV crews but also police to provide them with security.

    • Fair comment. Always love your take on things.

      Judging by the comments from the PF team, the footage has already been taken by the UPND team so MUVI are unlikely to produce any more reports than whatever lies in their agreement.

      On the flip side the fact that there is any condemnation coming from PF albeit with excuses at hand, shows something out of the ordinary occurred yesterday.

      Raw footage is helpful. Personally I don’t need to see blood dripping to identify an act of aggression. Imagine you walk out of your door right now and see people running around scared. When they tell you what scared them then you know what made them run. To me the fact they are running IS the problem.

  20. I hope this video can be broadcasted on ZNBC TV so that all Zambians

    have a look a the violence being enginered by Edgar Failing lungu.

    Zimbabwe tactics at work.

    I would like to warn all Zambians to expect worse scenes of such nature under Hon. Edgar Lungu.

    When people tell u that Edgar Lungu is an affliated Muslim Member

    of Boko Haram, you take that lightly.

    Edgar Lungu is ready to commit atrocities just to win the presidency,




  21. HH is the answer.

    Havent you heard that the middle name for Edgar Lungu ‘Chagwa’

    means falling.

    Chagwa in Ngoni, Nsenga and Nyanja means a falling or a failing child.

    Edgar Lungu’s middle name Chagwa is a demonic possesed named and it is responsible for his drunkardness.

    It will be the same name wihich will make him lose elections.

    The same name for Chagwa has made him to despise Christianity and become a Muslim.

    The same name has made him to become Mohammed Lungu.

    The name Chagwa has made him to drink his mind.

    The name Chagwa has made him to eat his client’s money.

    The name Chagwa made him to be going out with Dora Silia at when he was 30 years old.
    The name Chagwa is responsible for him coping HH’s campaign messages.


    Continuing with brutally beating people?
    Continuing with Pangas?
    Continuing with Miss Rule?
    Continuing with Judicial abuse?
    Continuing with NOT paying farmers?
    Continuing with Boko Haram?
    Continuing with Stoning Helicopters?
    Continuing with Police State?
    Continuing with Corruption of the highest order?
    Continuing with no constitution?
    Continuing with the abuse of Public Order Act?
    Continuing with Fake & unfulfilled promises?
    Continuing with Abuse of State Resources?
    Continuing with demolishing people’s houses?
    Continuing with State Funerals?
    Continuing with Muchinga Prov’s lone development?
    Continuing with massive unemployment?
    Continuing with unprecedented violence in Bus Stations?
    Continuing with Politics of Benefits…

  23. @msana i believe you but am sorry you are on the losing side becoz we r actually voting for PF and we find eddy the rite candidate! The way u used to talk about hh n upnd i am surprised you are sayn bad things about pf…anyway these are politics and i can never suppor UPND(unrealistic promises for no development)!

  24. Big L & Yebo nkhosi open your eyes. U hav been challenged to state why u support EL but u are mute.

    Don’t think all is well jst bcoz u managed to get a loan frm the bank n bought a car + a chines phone. You are the only fools on this platform who are following a leader who does’nt know where he is going.

    Wake up bamambala.

    As for you Saviour katewa, your thinkin is like that of a small child. u sound like a sexualy sturved unemployed youth asking silly guestions analysin things in a wrong way… jst keep quiet.

    Dr smash is another stupid fool. Mwana wamunsanga iwe!!!How do u insult elderly women like that? Maureen is not yo class. She is not a widow by choice.

    Pipo lets be serious!!!!

    • I don’t know why some of these bloggers insult people. I agree with Ayebo. Maureen is not a widow through choice. If you have nothing of value to contribute stay out pf the discussion please.

  25. UPND are provocative!they know very well that Edgar Lungu will have political rallies in the same area this weekend then they send their cadres there,why?its funny seeing Maureen,Nalumango running like chickens,hey power is sweet!see how these people fight for our money?mwanya IFINTU NI LUNGU”!TO MY PF FAMILY,PLEASE LETS BE PEACEFUL!GO PF GO!






  27. Politics are getting interesting each day that passes.Even Maureen wants to live and how on earth did the helicopter decide to leave the two ladies.This is gender based violence by the pilot to live the two ladies.Up and down

  28. Maureen wants the UN to move in and calls Zambia a failed state. Maureen for your information I have seen worse protests over service delivery in Soweto and Lenasia. Protests in SA make what I saw on that video clip, child’s play. All I saw on that clip were 2 unfit women trying to out do each other in a 100 meters sprint. If because of one protest, Zambia is a failed country then I wonder what you would term South Africa where protests take place almost every other week. CHECK THE NEWS ON E TV.
    Leaders in UpDn including their supporters have a tendency of insulting leaders in PF day in and day out. In the same clip one of the speakers is heard calling PF as panga family. Does ECZ allow political opponents, to address opposition parties like that? FOR SURE UpDn IS FOR SATANISTS

    • From where we are coming from, when peace and integrity reigned Zambia is a failed state. I suppose standards differ and to you Mwine Munzi everything is hunky dory. Let me shatter your illusions, things are far from good. Things can be much better! But unfortunately they are people like you!

  29. This very fun and interesting video. How come i can only see one PF supporter and the rest UPND because if the person posting this video is sincere we would have seen what they were runing from

  30. This clip is very disturbing to any mature Zambian who values human live and knows the difference between ‘UBUNTU’ and ‘BARBARISM’. Our Country deserves better. This is sick. Very sick.

    • @ Castus,
      By who because when you analyze the video well i can only see the two ladies running away and the helicopter leaving them. Imwe if the riot is as the way they are appearing sure can Maureen run with cadres sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even have time to sit and make an interview.This is all Costa Mwansa from Muvi and he should be careful because he will cause Muvi TV to be closed down and affect the Zambians that watch it

  31. You can say whatever you want but PF is S.H.I.T party. Like someone has already said, you have got to be brain-dead to support EL and PF. But I’m not surprised, that is how fools died in the flood even after being repeatedly warned about the forthcoming flood by NOAH. No matter how clear the signs, there will always be a bunch of fools living in denial and supporting what even the DEVIL is scared of. Right now even the DEVIL is shocked at the foolishness of the bunch of brain-dead supporters of EL. Someone has told you “I don’t have a vision” and you still go ahead to vote for him: how s.t.u.p.i.d is that!

  32. You see MMD has taken over UPND and people from the south are not seeing it.The entire group of former MMD government ministers have taken over UPND.One wonders the morality of HH because all these people were rejected by people in 2010 and i dont know were they have come from

  33. Extremely Sad! Come 20th Jan 2014, Vote wisely. For the sake of mother Zambia, “vote for peace and unity” (Sakala Brothers).

  34. nevers went there to get endorsement. moleen and nalumango immediate past mmd. mutati mp prostitute. then ever mmd could be suspects or just another human sacrifice attempt

  35. It hard to vote for a tribalist. So you must convince the general public that you are no longer tribalists. It has been happening in many institutions that when the so called tribalist is head,only fellow tribesmen enjoy the cake. Even at the university (unza), one tribal man was head,guess what only fellow tribesmen and women were eligible for bassary and yet they claim we are one. What’s the matter with you? Whose sons are you? Oohm the Devil’s sons

  36. I,d rather vote for EL regardless of what you UPND chaps call him than someone who will auction this country to the underworld. All those backing HH are just opportunists and failed polititicians

  37. Ba Katele twamipapata. Uko ku North ni area base ya PF. Chinshi tamuleila ku campaign naku maprovinces nayambi? heh! Ku southern uko, takuli nango umo uleyako, chinshi pantu teti abatonga ba votele umuntu umbi kano HH, so lekeni baivote beka. Ala naifwe, north ni area ya PF twapapata

  38. Maybe what Zambians need is ‘War’ to make us realise that the peace we take for granted comes at a cost. After all most countries perceived as great nations were born out of civil strife and the so called champions of democracy the USA are no exception. Democracy has existed in Africa for many years and our chiefs have exercised this rule to keep harmony and as a way of resolving internal conflicts among their subjects. Zambia today is at crossroads with itself. Our patience is being tested and therefore, one can only hope that from chaos will emerge an even stronger and united nation. We shouldn’t experiment with war, the facts are there in our own back yard. Zambia has offered refuge to many of our neighbours so now ask yourself, is this your vision of Zambia?

  39. Only Katele Kalumba would have survived the crush I.e according to his statement becoz he excludes his name from among those who were on borde. Is confirming what we heard from the media that he has the ability to hide without being seen

  40. This is all Sata’s work, shallow minded folks will think that sata is dead and therefore the violence is caused by his followers. The truth of the matter is, it will take time to take Sata’s kind of politics and thinking out of his cadres’ mind. We have not reached rock bottom yet. This is what happens when you have political leaders who are bent to win stupid votes at any cost. The country started rotting the day we voted for a rude, insolent and violent president shame on us.

  41. Who can believe the HH-UPND who of late have been telling stinking lies and madly alarming the nation. Even this violence they are talking about its themselves who staged it. Zambians have come to know them as a party which can do anything .

  42. Fellow Country men and women, do not just condemn PF remember what HH said in North-western that all the money from there is being taken to Muchinga. You think Muchinga people can welcome UPND with both hands. This is the genesis of all that violence because people are merely reacting to HH’s statements. Let him be careful with his mouth next time or else something worse may happen.. Goodnight

  43. Is this really happening in Zambia? How low can we Zambian get before we realize that we are destroying our own future? This is the most barbaric video I have ever seen of Zambia. Im sorry, but PF must be kicked out by all means, democratically, of course.

    Why are Zambians allowing these guys to hold on to power. I feel bad for my relatives who are still in Zambia. I think Zambia is indeed a failed state. Zambia will only revive when PF is kicked out. This is so pathetic. It breaks my heart to witness such low class barbaric behaviour.

Comments are closed.

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