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Nawakwi promises stiffer punishment of GBV culprits

General News Nawakwi promises stiffer punishment of GBV culprits

FDD  President Edith Nawakwi Speaking at a rally
FDD President Edith Nawakwi Speaking at a rally

FDD President has promised that she will stiffen the punishment for perpetrators of Gender Based Violence when elected Republican President.

Ms. Nawakwi cautioned perpetrators of Gender Based Violence to stop abusing their spouses, adding that under her Government she would never tolerate such behaviour.

“My Government will not allow men to beat up their wives and women beating their husbands. That is unacceptable. We will stiffen the law and ensure that all perpetrators are firmly dealt with for practicing that absurd act,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nawakwi says she will introduce University loans for students and scrap off the current bursary scheme she described as having been “ineffective to solving education challenges the country is faced with”.

Speaking when she addressed residents of Petauke at Kunda grounds in Petauke District, Ms Nawakwi said students will be paying off the loans after getting employed.

“We shall be agreeing with the students such that if a course is five years, Government will offer a student a loan until they graduate,” she said.

Ms. Nawakwi said her Government would also make sure that Members of Parliament stayed in their respective constituencies in order to allow and promote decentralisation.

“MPs are supposed to be leaving with you in your constituencies so that they can fully attend to their duties and not the case at present where they just come visit for few hours and they leave,” she said.

The Forum for Democracy and Development President also told the easterners that PF Government was not a farmer-friendly party following its delay to pay the farmers its resources.

Ms Nawakwi said PF had poor agriculture policies hence the delay to farmers.

And speaking at the same function FDD National Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said people should realise that the country will only move forward when they start making wise decisions when casting their votes.

He said people should stop exchanging their votes for Chitenge materials, salt and soap as that is agreeing to continue suffering and those that give them that always disappear once elected.

He called on the new members who defected from the former ruling party MMD to ensure that they work had as they will be not doing for the president of the party but sacrificing for the feature of their children who deserve better feature.

Meanwhile, the entire Petauke Movement for Multi-Party Democracy Youth Executive has ditched the former ruling party to join the FDD.

Former youth Chairman Sarateyo Mwenda led members from Kapoche, Msanzala and Petauke Central Constituency during a rally today to join the FDD citing poor leadership in the MMD.

“It is with great honour and pleasure to welcome the District Executive Committee members from MMD who have decided to join FDD today. I equally want to thank the MMD District officials from Kapoche and Msanzala who have joined us today.” FDD Leader Edith Nawakwi said as she welcomed them.

Antonio Mwanza Speaking at a rally
Antonio Mwanza Speaking at a rally

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    • Nawakwi has come up with some silent points. MPs should live within their constituencies and that is the only way development will take place. Why do MPS live in Lusaka? Am sure in the past MPs came to Lusaka when Parliament was in session. Now they only visit their constituencies. Their sets are their offices. This trend of living in Lusaka needs to be corrected.

  1. Mushota the lady can’t win at the moment but believe me she is now becoming popular unlike in the past. For she is a mature politian and stable. Ifuntu ni Lungu.

  2. I like her courage and substance. She is a real lady and a Bantu beauty at that, unlike Dora Siliya and this MMD lady Elizabeth Chitika, who thinks tribal talk can get her candidate to State House.

    Nawakwi chooses to soak it out against the bullies in their own wako ni wako territory. That’s what honest people do. She is a “do it yourself” lady. She is also a threat to Mushota

  3. Yes punish perpetrators of GBV since you are one. Remember how you tormented Mrs Humbulo to the extent where a once peaceful home was on fire. This lady is not thinking correctly and probally the worst candidate. she store with Mhatan and FTJ over the carlington maize scandal.
    Please ignore her.
    lets Go Lungu Vote EL 2015.

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