Sunday, July 14, 2024

RB officially endorses PF’s Edgar Lungu



Former Republican President Rupiah Banda has formerly endorsed the candidature of PF President Edgar Lungu in the January 20 Presidential election.

Mr Banda’s support is however on condition that the PF addresses some of the contentious issues affecting the Zambia people once elected into office.

Mr Banda said once ushered into office, Mr Lungu should immediately undertake measures to lower costs of basic goods, stabilize the economy, address issues that might disrupt the country’s peace and deliver a genuine people driven constitution.

He said the MMD decided to endorse the PF presidential candidate because he possesses the qualities of a leader that can be trusted with the responsibilities of the country and had shown to address the contentious issues.

Mr Banda said this during a joint press briefing with Mr Lungu held at Protea hotel in Chipata this afternoon.

“We will measure the commitment of Mr Lungu if he reduces the prices of mealie meal, cement, fertilizer, fuel and others that enable our citizens to achieve sustainability and stabilize the economy by rationalizing public debt and expenditures with more transparency,” he said.

Mr Banda stressed the need to ensure a prudent fiscal management, provision of an attractive and stable domestic and foreign investment, and guarantee payments to farmers on a timely basis.

The former head of state said he could not support any candidate that would seek to eliminate or weaken the MMD.

He stated that the MMD had chosen to endorse a candidate who understood that the MMD should remain intact as an institution opposed to poaching Members of Parliament like a named political party.

“ I have friends even in the UPND but I cannot agree with the approach they have taken of poaching individual MMD members to defect to their camp instead of negotiating openly with the whole part as this strategy ignores the interest of the general MMD membership of the party.” He said.

He stressed the need for continued and stability in the country.

We need stability and continuity not a revolution, where we must rally behind a new leader who has shown the qualities of humility, commitment and unity as we set aside past grievances and accept and trust one another in order to heal and work together to make Zambia a safe place to live in,” he said.

Mr Banda expressed disappointment with the named political party which he said had given money to his son to issue derogatory remarks against him.

“Opasa ndalama bana bayawo kuti awotukwana awusuwao, (they are giving money to children with intent to insult their father) such political leaders are not good leaders,” he said.

And PF president Edgar Lungu thanked the former head of state for his support saying the PF is guaranteed to win the January 20 election with support from the MMD and the former head of state.

He pledged to do everything within his powers to deliver to the people of Zambia.

Mr Lungu rubbished the social contract being advocated by the Grand Coalition saying he had already shown commitment to deliver a people driven constitution by releasing the draft constitution to parliament.

Meanwhile, hundreds of PF and MMD cadres this afternoon gathered at Protea hotel chanting their party slogans and pledging to support the ruling PF in the Presidential election.

Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata
Patriotic Front candidate,Edgar Lungu,former republican president Rupiah Banda and PF National Chairperson Inonge Wina during a media briefing in Chipata


    • PF top executives – you can formally say good bye to the party.

      Just a minute, you can wait abit.
      You are all lucky the HH is winning otherwise RB would have sorted you all.

      This RB think everyone around him is f00lish and can’t see thru all this. Mugabe and RB talked about endorsing EL and RB has laid down conditions for the monetary and immoral support.

      Viva #FlightHH2015.

    • And PF called Masebo all sorts of names. Is Banda any better?
      You even welcoming him with open arms.

      Caucuses within PF are shaking. Too late you have been dribbled at your own game. Can now see a number of of PF Mps endorsing HH before and after the elections. Minority representation is only in peoples heads.

      Count yourselves lucky that HH is winning.

      Viva #FlightHH2015

    • Pretty who is ugly in the heart. Get a life. Why can you do civilized politics like Patriot Abroad who discussions issue and not personalities. It is said big (intelligent) minds discuss ideas but small (dull) minds people. Get over talking about EL and talk issues of how HH can change Zambia if at all he gets the chance. Grow up for once and may God deliver you.

    • @Ugly pretty,

      what bad thing have I said about EL? You come with a preconceived mind and you want to accuse me of speaking ill.

      Unfortunately RB endorsements doesn’t call for discussing UPND policies but rather polical prostitution.

      I know when to discuss what and what. And don’t think you can educate me?

      Viva #FligthHH2015

    • HH will still do great in Eastern Province despite Banda’s endorsement. Banda will be shocked on January 20th and El’s defeat will be more painful than Banda’s loss to Sata. Lungu and Banda will have to pay this money back to Boko Haram and Nigerian con-men. This is why UPND must be vigilant as Banda and Lungu will note go down quietly. There is too much at stake for them and they are really fighting for their lives. UPND must announce the parallel results of the elections as soon as they are known from their Election monitors at the polling stations. Don’t wait for ECZ as there will be back door deals to try to rig the elections. Watchdog and Muvi MUST announce the results as soon as their parallel numbers are known. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE OFFICIAL NUMBERS FROM ECZ.

    • @Ugly pretty, I get it.

      Smelling a GIANT rat is an idiom…

      smell a rat MEANS

      : to suspect that something is wrong; to sense that someone has caused something wrong.

      Source: the free dictionary.

      It has nothing to do with EL as per your accusations. Wow.

      You are so dull.

    • Uko…entire Eastern is PF now. upnd will insult and insult but we understand our brothers its not easy belonging to a losing team.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Revelation of HH defeat and desperation has been re-enforced by the party’s unleashing of their insulting cadres online and in community radio talkshows masquerading with Bemba or Ngoni names. Even their campaign songs are all abandoned Tonga. You come to pick up this desperation on Radios by the accent and struggle to pronounce words properly. One is left wondering if our brothers are just embarrassed with themselves or feel its none selling among the majority Zambians especially in the cosmopolitan constituencies? We ought to be proud of our identity as Zambians. Its not just smart to make it look like all supporters of HH are Bembas and Ngonis/Chewas only with no tonga when the opposite is true. Lets promote politics of co-existence and not self annihilation.

    • How insulting this must be to Nevers Mumba! Is MMD still MMD? or is it now MMD – Movement for Multiple Defections?

    • @ Eddy 7 and Zamcab 11

      RB has done well & will DISGRACE HIM. Thats a good way of retiring from politics and he SHOULD KNOW tht EL is standing on a precarious anthill and soon they will both tumble.

      As UPND we ve CONCENTRATED OUR campaigns in Northern,Muchinga and Eastern and ALL OTHER provinces are in our POCKET. We are not worried. We r winning this election by 68-70% of the votes.

    • Dirty PF campaign money from Nigerian businessmen will now start coming in thanks to RB’s endorsement. How can Zambia have a leader who gets involved in such corruptly dirty activities at the expense of mother Zambia.

      Insert of giving these mineral, oil and gas exploration concessions to Nigerians, offer them to Zambian consortiums because these resources are ours and riches belong to us. It’s high time politicians started empowering local Zambians.

      Viva HH

    • What a low point for a man that has been in service to his country for decades. RB is now sleeping with the enemy. I suppose wako ni wako doctrine has precedence over everything else. What a shame. All respect I had for this man is now gone. Have nothing further to say very disappointing.

      2015 ECL KWAMANA
      2016 ECL NAFUTI

    • UPND just accept you have lost another election.

      RB supports Lungu upnd call him unworthy names. Katele supports HH upnd chaps sing praises and Katele id a saint.
      Dora supports Lungu upnd chaps call her all sorts of names. Masebo supports HH upnd call her a darling they could even share a bed with her.

      Eastern province goes for Lungu…its wako ni wako. Southern province gives HH 98% votes upnd chaps dont see anything wrong with that.

      Tell you what..? UPND is only getting what it always deserves…another loss badala.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • lusaka times why do you tell they people also that RB has become a saint now all charges against him have been dropped he now has immunity???

    • @pretty

      Thanks for educating this school drop out(Uggly pretty aka RB disciple) that us in UPND abhor insulting, but we use words such as stupid, f00lish to refer to people who lack good sense of judgement and those who comment from an ignorant and arrogant perspective.

      Lungu and RB are Muslims who have vowed to met out vengeance to their opponents in PF.

      Lungu sort out his own and RB will finish the rest to cleanse PF of the Bemba hegemony. Lungu has now changed his tone and his latest is he is not promising jobs to any one at all.

      This RB and Dora ‘s endorsement of Lungu should serve as a wake up call to PF top officials. RB and Dora have scores to settle with PF Bemba hegemony.

      Mean while popcorns please as the PF boat gets dismantled into pieces.

    • UPND stil have courage to speak?, maybe 2016, you think out of all peopl they can vote for HH??, if hh was the only candidate, they would rather stay home than seeing a polling station.
      PF only three years in power have done greater than you know including currency rebasing,, so why do you hate PF??

    • Remembering the word of the master of ceremony at the RB endorsement of Mr. Lungu, “RB has brought us his younger brother, we are very lucky as people of Eastern Province to have one of our own being brought here today. We should all make sure that he gets support from his own people to win the presidency of Zambia.”

      I wonder why he didn’t say the presidency of Eastern Province. I heard Muhabi and RB down play those remarks by using One Zambia, One Nation and Zambia must be united but deep down my heart I cried for Zambia when divisive and tribal remarks are said openly practiced. I also wonder why the event didn’t take place in Lusaka, is it Wako ni Wako coming back?

    • If RB wants MMD to remain strong, he should have endorsed Nevers Mumba who is standing on MMD ticket. RB is weakening MMD by endorsing Edgar Lungu. Now MMD is divided into 3 camps

    • Did RB & Edgar Lungu watch the video “Zambian Journey by HH”? It is touching the PF might just decide not to participate in elections.
      RB is a reject of his own party.
      He is acting on tribalism.

    • Pretty, you are petty. Your bad language is a sign of Unprincipled Pack of No Direction. Keep talking in language that your parents taught you. God Bless U!

    • @James Kapata, what bad language have I used, kanshi? Are you also discussing the idiom – smelling a rat?

      This is so not right. There are people using bad language and I doubt you reprimand them. For the record
      I take great exception to your reprimand.

      Anyway, thanks for the blessing. I receive it in Jesus’ name.

      Viva #FlightHH2015

    • Politicians and their parties are like Diapers!
      The more often we change them, the better for this country!
      I am sure all can see that Bwezani wants to take us back! He’ll be calling the shots behind Ilungu! The Panga family is up against a tricky twist in their own camp!

    • I find it strange that Mezeni’s and Rupiah Banda’s endorsement of Lungu is not labeled tribal or Bantustan but Maureen Mwanawasa and VJ’s endorsement of HH is labeled as such. What alarming levels of ldiocy!!

    • RB had the most expensive campaign but lost. One part of the prophecy from Malawi’s Prophet Austin is being fulfilled. Prophet Austin talked about the alliances. Kateka ni HH.

    • Wanzelu, keep hallucinating and typing Dipak Patel’s drafted propaganda against Eastern and inciting Bembas. It has never worked and will never work. Easterners and Northerners are united for generations. They do not fall to bad mouthing and divisive propaganda of Hookers-hules.

  1. If it is true that Lungu is using RB money and not Nsanda that is good news. RB wants to punish the bemba people for the pain he has gone through the last 3 years. All bembas will be fired from top positions, replaced by other tribes as Lungu consolidates his position for 2016, if this is true, Lungu has my back. After all us bembas are one of the lest educated in Zambia, used to stealing and thuggery behavior. I think whoever wins HH or Lungu, the bemba are in trouble this time around. I give Lungu the benefit of doubt but I think if he is dealing with the mature RB who has learned the lesson of how bembas can mistreat you, it will be a nice game. Punish the bembas, he can still win 2016 as bemba is not Zambia, all tribes make up Zambia. At this point go Lungu or HH. Fix my tribe.

    • Just comment on the story at hand or go away with your negative talk on Bemba people. Your words manifest that you cannot be Bemba. You are just pretending and trying to groom hate by spreading propaganda against the Bembas.

      Anyway thank you for being a part of our life because we Bembas are immune to critisim and we know no grudge. We face every challenge with calmness and collected wisdom and harness the power of love.

    • Confirmed defeat of HH and end of UPND on the Zambian political landscape.

      Yes, yes, it’s Edgar Lungu in State House come 20 January 2015.

      Welcome to accelerated and massive development, job creation and lower prices.

      Ifintu NI EDGAR Lungu

    • @carr, I am not fully Bemba being a child of intermarriage. But a word of caution to you that anyone who enters politics or get power with the aim of “punishing” or diminishing the influence of one tribe or another cannot go far! PF was started by Sata ( a Bisa- close to Bemba) and was heavily supported by Bembas to make it a Party it is today! So sidelining them is tantamount to reduce its support base hence its strengthen! Take an example of MMD under Levy and RB,the former once called them stinking Bembas,RB somehow sidelined them.Where is MMD today? Under Nevers Mumba MMD started regaining its place but again some members ganged up in a war against a Bemba -results are there to see!! A question tho,why is that Parties started or driven by Bembas win elections and rule?!

    • Shameless! This is the man who stood as MMD Party President now he endorses PF because the courts awarded the presidency back to Mumba. Is this maturity? RB is complaining about a political party giving money to his son so as to say derogatory remarks about him, the father. Surely RB your son has no respect or common sense. He has always been greedy. A sensible son would not say things about a father he respects. Blame yourself. Obviously your son has no regard for you. And you as the mature person shouldn’t even have brought it to the attention of the public. We are laughing at you!

    • Insults will just confirm your backwardness in UPND though you claim to be “educated”. Hard luck try in 2026.

      Viva Lungu, PF for development.

  2. Wapya muzi!Eastern is now Edgar Lungu’s strongholds due to RB’s support!recall RB got more than 230 000 votes from eastern!he is very loved there!please RB go around eastern with Edgar Lungu campaigning!its 16 days before EL enters state house!THINGS KEEP ON GETTING BETTER AND BETTER FOR EL!GO PF GO!

  3. Kambwili must be dancing with joy. Now he will be playing lieutenant to colnel Banda. I guess we can now officially call the Lungu campaign the UMOZI KUMAWA candidacy. KAMBWILI SALUTE! BWANA BANDA JUST TOOK YOUR PLACE.

  4. Wako NI Wako syndrome will not put on the table for the majority of Zambia. ABandayo shame shame old man no principals. I’m from Petauke and I support HH.

    • wako ni wako? hav u wondered y yo hh has over 95% representation in southern region of Zambia. u tongas are worse than the easterners…u shd grow

  5. Ba up and down,just admit that its painful to see such a huge endorsement go to your opponents.RB is probably the biggest endorsement in the country,that one can get.Its finito for hh.

  6. Wako NI Wako syndrome will not put food on the table for the majority of Zambians. ABandayo shame shame old man no principals. I’m from Petauke and I support HH.

  7. RB is no factor is politics, Lungu will win eastern, share Northern with Nevers, HH will get 30%. Then HH will win other areas with decent margins, overall Flight HH will carry the day. Vote HH for a better Zambia. Zambia has eyes to see what it going on with Lungu, association with crooks from other countries is so risky.

    • Iye iluse mayo, change your leadership style in UPND otherwise am seeing this party going into oblivion seriously.

      PF is here to stay ti 2026

    • @ Chikenda you are right BUT as UPND we want out target to be 70-90% national votes.

      We r vigorously campaigning in Northern,Muchinga and Eastern Provinces other provinces are ALREADY IN OUR POCKET.
      @Mpika you cant beat us my friend moreover your Vodka is FAILING TO HOLD RALLIES. Even for him to get 14% he will be luck. WE want to bring him to a single number of 9% and below.


  8. I was a PF member since 2001 but today I have officially resigned from PF.

    I have resigned from PF because I don’t like RB. We fought so hard with ba Sata to get this corrupt hyena out of power and he is now back.

    Lungu is an ***** that he has allowed RB to hijack the party with boko haram money.

    My vote goes to HH. Viva HH!

    • Ha hahaha ha ha iwe chimbwi, this not a dream but reality. RB and Dora ni pali EDGAR Lungu.

      Let’s start preparing for the inauguration ceremony for Edgar Lungu on 22 January 2015.

      Viva pa BWATOOOOOOO viva Edgar Lungu

  9. I am not surprised at all to hear that RB has joined PF. Typical the ‘sow after washing herself returns to wallow in the mire’. It is selfishness driving RB to do this and with boko haram money he will be calling the shots all the way.

    If Lungu wins, I can assure that it will mark the end of the ‘Bemba’ hegemony and sorry to say that ‘Bembas’ are in deep slumber and cannot see that they are slowly but surely being jettisoned from PF. If the Bemba clique had supported Sampa the story would be different.

    Even the Supreme Court and Chibesakunda look foolish now. They blocked RB but he is back in the driving seat.

    Just wait and see how RB’s underhand will twirl PF and he has the audacity do so because of the huge sums of money he got from boko haram.

  10. In 2011 RB had the most expensive campaign but lost to Sata. RB won in Eastern Province because he had MPs campaigning for him but majority of these MPs are now with HH. RB is not MMD but a corrupt individual facing charges in court.
    Ifintu ni lungu
    Kateka ni HH

  11. @Kayapazed. RB is a politically radioactive endorsement. There not many people that carry that label. It was the hatred for RB that led to the PF coming to power. He might I repeat might help Edgar in the east but the rest of the country can see right through the WAKO NI WAKO, UMOZI KUMAWA show. Banda, Siliya, Muhabi Lungu, Edgar Lungu and Mpezeni. See a pettern? The KUMAWA take over is almost complete.

  12. Mr. Banda, hope you now know when to quit. It is an essential part of the game. Your effort to hijack MMD recently backfired. Now you are out to strangle PF, a party already limping and on is way to ho hum. It won’t serve you any purpose. Good luck!

    • The party now is finished with RB a failure! PF could have done better without this man. Me I still dont want him near the national busket no wonder I voted Sata in the previous election. I cant think of voting for RB never! I know hes the one who will control Lungu no matter what and the man is a die hard in corruption.

      HH this is your time no wonder the enemy has been confused to run around without plans and a vision.

  13. This is a shocker! Late Michael Chilufya Sata must be wobbling and rolling at Embassy Park. No wonder Miles Sampa wanted to stand as PF president to stop Lungu.

    It is a memorable political hijack. People in Northern, Luapula and Muchinga backing Lungu should know that the PF you knew is over. RB has taken over and he will be calling the shorts as he is now bankrolling PF. Why should PF allow RB to fund PF campaigns?
    “Bembas” UKUSHISHITA mwailasha nomba RB is fully in-charge as you already know that Lungu is spineless.

  14. Just like PF reacted harshly to GBM & Masebo ‘crosstitution’, no one expect UNDP cadres to be celebrating RB endorsement of EL. It is normal. The difference is while GBM & Masebo have localised support, RB has some national flavour which may translate into a few votes across the country, not just eastern. So this is a big deal for PF. As we say there is no bad or good votes. We welcome a vote from RB. This is numbers game with the winner (EL) taking ALL.

    • PF MPs are atrocious! These are the guys that collectively voted to remove Mr. Banda’s immunity! What has changed! They are just hypocrites!

  15. Rb has endorsed EL because of 1000% that if it was a bemba rb would have endorsed an easterner i dont support EL due to his flip flopping and why should we be assuming the presidency after the incubents ‘s deaths.(rb and now EL)this is not good for easterners.sata worked hard and he earned it.believe me or not if EL wins he will definitely lose in 2016 just like what happened to Rb.

    • You my brother you are not an easterner but a upnd chap pretending to be an easterner. Now answer me this question UPND will get 98% of votes cast in southern province…to you this is not tribalism.? If the answer is yes…then tell me why Lungu shouldnt get 98% as well in eastern province.

      Get real and accept that this is yet another defeat for you guys.

      Viva EL Viva PF

  16. @panAfricanist. RB has national Flavour? The only thing Zambia has for RB is dislike. RB is politically radioactive he destroys anything he touches. Wactch what happens to PF in the coming Week. Promise you all hell will break loose and Muhabi Lungu will run your party. This my friends is the KUMAWA TAKE OVER.

    • In your dreams panAfricanist, RB carries no political weight in Zambia anymore. Zambians know him for who he really is, a selfish individual who amassed wealth from the country’s national treasures at the expense of Zambians. Do his court cases ring a bell to you???

      Had RB not been so self centered, he would have endorsed Mumba to ensure continuity of MMD, and people would have respected him. Remember, he has created a lot of enemies in MMD too for destroying the party and these are voters too. This will impact PF negatively.

      Easterners are good intelligent people and most of them are seeing through this as a gimmick meant to benefit him only as an individual.

  17. Abanda olila zoona getting his son and using him in a party that is different from his father is being divisive.
    We have to help the old man by voting for PF which will repect gis children

  18. I am shocked. At his age, RB should know that it is very unethical and definitely very unAfrican to talk negatively in public about your own flesh and blood (son) like this. Elders should talk to this man.

    Secondly, by now switching to support EL- PF only weeks after trying to wrestle power from MMD – Nevers Mumba using unethical methods clearly speaks volumes about RB.

    RB has erroneously been given more credit than he deserves.

  19. Lungu has played a smart and strategic campaign…..he has identified and concerntrated on capturing Zambian political power bases.
    The numbers among other things favour him to the point of shocking people like Scott who initially doubted his abilities.
    He makes a good chase player and a good war planner, no wonder Late President Sata favoured him.

  20. On what basis is RB claiming that MMD has endorsed EL and PF? Isn’t RB an ordinary member of the MMD? This should be really irritating for Nervous Mumba as RB has no legal no moral authority to speak on behalf of MMD. RB’s endorsement of EL is nor different from GBM’s or Masebo’s endorsement of HH. They are doing so in their individual capacity. Shame on you RB for bringing so much confusion in MMD. Nervous Mumba should have been left to run this race without your interference.

    • Blabla – Your analysis is very wrong: you cannot equate RB to Masebo or GBM, RB is a former head of state. Love him or hate him, he still has a substantial following in the country. He would have been a very good scoop for UPND also. Encouraging Andrew to disrespect his father in public is a big minus for UPND.

    • Adviser, I think it is VERY HARD to convince anyone, RB has a substantial following given that he LOST the last ELECTION when he was incumbent!!

  21. President of all Zambians leading the way. Rather than look at tribe, look at other things. The major failure of PF was that Sata listened too much to Kabimba, not to forget that obnoxious creep at Bwinjimfumu. Even Sata the dictator that he was, with good advice he would have changed. Arrogance added to Sata’s own natural arrogance = bad governance. Once Sata realized this mistake (albeit too late for his own good health) and sorted out Kabimba, look at the sea change that PF has undergone. The first thing PF did through Edgar was to release the draft constitution, previously called animal driven constitution by one Michael with agreement from Kabimba and bwinjimfumu. The behavior change by PF was done by Sata anointing Edgar as his successor. RB has seen this not tribe bane.

    • Your views are completely mixed up. You should have just gone to church today! Mr. Lungu voted with all PF MPs to lift Mr. Banda’s immunity. Are you now saying Mr. Lungu was forced to vote in the manner he did? They are now accepting endorsement from the same person they believe to be a criminal?

  22. Ladies and gentlemen RB has just confirmed that he plundered our national resources during his term and that pf were right to prosecute him. He is already guilty hence his accepting deal to support EL so that the cases are dropped, his immunity restored and his 100 vehicles returned. This deal between the two is a crime against the Zambian people. Both RB and EL shall be held responsible for fraud. Now RB gets money from Boko Aram and some of you are cheering. Zambians have not forgotten how reckless and irresponsible this old thing is. He is a natural thief and old for nothing. I can assure you that EL will loose because many voters on this news will switch camp, so have I.

  23. HH, no doubt he’s a good entrepreneurial operating as a sole trader as is the testimony of how he has conducted his campaign by being a man band and disguising it with convenient rented crowd.
    Modern politics do not require a sole trader but a team player with a great spirit of a human being like Obama.

  24. I think you Zambians must be very dull and simple minded little people. This is the same Banda whom you prosecuted for stealing and now he comes to support those who arrested and prosecuted him. Shock! Banda is a Buddhist thief and EL is a violent muslim. How can you people in a Christian nation tolerate such ills being perpetuated by your unfaithful leaders. It is known in Mozambique that EL was charmed by a Sangoma that he wins elections. Be careful. It is yet to be seen how Satan’s power will block the power of God to make CEL head of state.

    • @Tembozi

      Come along! This is about voting in an election. All political parties even in Europe connect with ‘Strange Bed fellows!’

      It’s about winning. Edgar Lungu is supreme at being able to convince/influence people. RB comes with supporters so that is cool!

  25. RB is now trying to use Edgar for his oil deals with nigerian moslems

    zambians, wake up.

    The Lord deal with this old man, greedy man.

    i fear for this nation

  26. RB had campaigned hard in 2011 as mmd and state president but lamentably lost to pf and retired and received his retirement package. His return to politics was regionally hatched and supported by the tribal element ‘wako ni wako, umozi ku mawa’, huge sums of money had been paid to enable RB to return to politics. Ever since in his campaigns 2011 in eastern province he categorically told Mpezeni to chase away others frm campaigning there bcoz they dont hail from Eastern province. This year some chiefs refused to meet HH while in EP. RB has killed mmd and now helping to bury pf.

  27. Wait a minute! As far as the PF are concerned, Mr. Rupiah Banda committed serious atrocities against Zambians that is why they removed his immunity and took him to court. All PF MPs, including Mr. Lungu, voted for lifting Mr. Banda’s immunity! As far as PF is concerned he is a serious criminal unless the courts decide otherwise. So why are they accepting his endorsement? It is not adding up! Is it Mr. Sata who was against Mr. Banda? What is going on? I’m seeing a Grand Scheme of deceit! It will be interesting to hear Mmembe’s views on this! Zambians wake up, we have been invaded by BA MUKUKULU! Let’s get our voters cards and stop them on 20 Jan 15!

    • Ba Kasonde – You know very well that it is Mmembe and Kabimba who are after RB and you know very well the current status quo of these men in PF, but you deliberately choose to ignore this. ABC and GBM did not vote to remove RB’s immunity.

    • Exactly. These tuma fake polical alliances will be scattered by God’s fire according to Apostle Austin Liabunya.

      Only the ballot box will send these guys scampering in all directions.

  28. @33 Tembozi, that is where you miss the point. RB is fully cognizant of the persecution that he underwent under PF, but he also knows that Sata was under the spell of Kabimba and the cartel. What you must remember is that Sata and RB come from along way together, political, family ties you name it. Did you really think that Sata persecuted RB of his own volition? No way, that must have been the most painful thing that Sata underwent since he was born. If you doubt me, just look back at the pictures of Sata and RB together at church and other official functions when Sata was President and RB had been defeated soundly. Do you see any animosity between the two? If you can read body language you will not fail to observe the bond between the two. Now in all respects, Edgar is not Kabimba, see?

  29. I hope most right thinking Zambians will see through this disgraceful pathetic so-called ‘endorsement’. A humiliated RB supporting his visionless prior enemy. The ‘mummified’ RB was lucky to have been ‘unearthed’ from the burial grounds of his farm by Mwanawasa. Zambia is doomed with him let to roam about loose with his mouth. Its time to restrain him and place him back into his ‘tomb’ – and this time a larger stone should be rolled onto the entrance.

  30. I was waiting for pronouncements from PF gvmnt over the retirement benefits of RB since he is in active politics…! just saying!

  31. Sorry mwe ba Tonga.if u had supported Saki frm West to inherit Mazoka things would have been better for you. Now u only wanted a Tonga man who is giving you Hart attack.what I can advise is u is convert hh in a member of parliament may be he can put a smile on your face . moreover why have crossed LT instead of watchdog?

  32. Leave RB alone, what would have said had RB chosen to endorse HH instead? It was a choice between two candidates, and RB chose Edgar. Just like we voters will have our choice on 20 January 2015, between the same two persons. One and only one of the two will carry the day, will you call it tribalism or wako in wako? No, cannot be, why, when HH has been endorsed by Andrew Banda, Felix Mutati, Mutale Nalumango, Canissius Banda, Percy Chanda as well as some other tribes, you name them. Edgar also has the admirable Iron Lady Madam Inonge Wina, as well as Emmanuel Chenda, Fackson Shamenda, Wylber Simuusa etc. Why peddle tongaism, ngonism, lozism, bembaism, etc? Tribe is clearly not in the equation in this election, Painful it is but let us all learn to accept fate my man.

  33. The old man rb has completely lost it. He has no direction hence playing politics of the belly. He has a serious amnesia and if you ask him what he said today tomorrow, he will have forgotten.
    Viva zambia united. Viva HH!!!!!!!!! !!!!

  34. Edgar Lungu is for sure zambia’s 6th president!the hand of late Sata who was very loved by mass zambians is helping Edgar Lungu so much!ITS A DONE DEAL!WE’LL JUST CONFIRM ON 20/01/2015 THEN EDGAR LUNGU SHALL BE OFFICIALLY IN STATE HOUSE!hh will cry badly seeing EL BEING called PRESIDENT LUNGU BY ALL ZAMBIANS GMB,MASEBO,HH,M’MEMBE INCLUSIVE!GO PF GO!

  35. These are the fake political alliances Apostle Austin Liabunya talks about in his prophacy in Maravi Post.

    “There will be fake alliances among political parties. They will not win. God will scatter them by fire.”

    Viva #FlightHH2015.

  36. No no no come on this is getting just too ridiculous. RB is not the leader of MMD so how can he endorse? Next we will have Nevers saying he doesn’t accept and RB is suspended…

  37. … help me God….
    …how on earth am I going to trust politicians…??…I really feel for Nevers….
    …the conditions given are the natural conditions every voter is giving who ever he or she wishes to vote for…it could have made sense if he said…on condition that you drop my abuse of office charges….give amnesty to my estranged…fugitive son and finally stop investigating my wife’s sudden acquisition of wealthy…from a mere primary school teacher in 2006 to a multi millionaire(in US dollars) in 2011…

  38. It’s about time RB did make his personal statement.

    We were nervous he might turn around and go with UPND!

    @Ugly Pretty, thanks for the thumbs up. Truth is, you need not worry about these UPND fellows. They are so ‘wrongly’ passionate that they fall over their feet. right now it’s misery time for UPND Cadres.

    Look PF have excellent endorsements and like RB has said PF do it with dignified style. No poaching and turning people against their parties. Nearly all UPND endorsements from other parties have been for revenge, and clearly they feel speaking badly of others will win them votes, but actually it turns people off.

    Twisted Minds. Treat everyone, even your enemies with appropriate respect, but this is wasted advice on UPND. We can only wait to see them ‘skulk’…

  39. people i beg u just take a second and look at the picture, are we really putting the future of our young generation in these peoples hands.

    o i c are 3 very old people that am sure have no touch with what the youth really need and am sorry to say if these are your leaders my future is more secure finding a new passport.

    • @Mwape Mohamed Augustine

      What I see are the respectful citizens of this country who have given their time to lead our country.

      Kids are funny, if you tell them correctly the value of these old people as you call them, they will be okay with it and feel safe.

      I mean Lungu is not that old……..look he is pretty funky too…he has on dayglo green cuffs! Bet all teens are out tomorrow trying that fashion!

    • Yes, photos are funny things…

      You could put a caption/thought bubble there to say something like “HAHAHA we will organize to make sure we continue to chew everything for ever while the rest of you continue to suffer for ever”.

      Or maybe they are just chuckling to themselves with deep satisfaction about how lucky Zambia is to have been gifted with such dedicated “servants” as them…

    • We need younger economically educated leaders look at that grand mother wina, power hungry El and money hungry RB(watch the documentary called stealing africa and then we can talk about what RB did for zambia)| surely out of 14 million pipo this is all we can get i think its pretty sad.

      Non of the candidates deserve our votes the last president in my eyes was his exellency Levy Patrick Mwanawasa MHSRIP the rest are just power hungry looking for good lifes for there families, relatives and friends.


  40. If this RB is not eating the vomit, then I don’t know what to call it. These Eastern Province chaps are like tissue paper only good for the toilet.
    This explains why this old man goes for small girls and makes them sick. The man has no brains apart from the weapon between his legs.
    Mpezeni and his relatives are typical tribalists. Anyway, I think they want to do a don’t ‘kubeba’ on the dull Bembas.

  41. Shame on you RB for selling out to PF panga party to continue their ruin.

    I had respect for you but now…erghhh .HH is now the only hope.

  42. @loadist, the WAKO-PACT is being enforced.

    The reconciliation between Sampa and EL is a skam.

    Neither of them has shown pics from the reconciliation on their facebook. But RB’s endorsement meeting is
    flashed all over. Thought the likes of Guy Scott, Miles SampaWillie Nsanda, Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Malama,
    Nkandu Luo, Jean Kapata wud feature on the pics. Only see Siliya, Wina, Muhabi and others I can’t seem to recognise.

    Ba PF what is going on? 😉
    @Peter, Robin, Gen, Patriot Abroad, Ugly Pretty, sos, eddy can someone answer??


    • Sorry from the RB endorsement funtion. Want pics with high profiles PF officers like Scott, Sampa, Kapata, Luo, Nsanda etc.

  43. I just think RB is a clever fellow though I don’t like him one bit. Before the death of his arc enemy Sata, RB’s inclination was towards HH, for the sole purpose of sorting out Bembas when HH becomes President.

    Upon Sata’s death, RB thought he would have a short cut of the sweet revenge. He hijacked the MMD presidency from Nevers in attempt to expeditiously get to State House. The attempt failed lamentably and now he thinks of taking over the PF at a later stage from EL, you guessed right, to get State to house!
    Remember this is the man who was a UNIPIST who Mwanawasa brought in through the back door,and he took over the MMD!

    Mark my words, PF is being hijacked by Easterners and this is bound to back fire. UPND can exploit this conspiracy.

  44. Underestimate, underrate, dismiss or ignore the real impact of this endorsement to your own peril. UPND andIits supporters would ha loved this endorsement themselves but it has gone to their archrival so they spew all manner if offensive invectives. If the have real analysts they will know that a big chunk of RB’s 230000 eastern province will go ECL’s way. Don’t cheat yourselves RB commands serious respect and influence un the province. So this development puts a good one million paces ahead of his nearest opponents. Chachine ukutangila tekufika…ba HH basebana nafuti nafuti!!!

  45. @36.1 mwine munzi,
    Of course RB’s brain is bigger than mine,that’s why he struggles to think properly. There’ bigger brains and they are called hydrocephalus.Mine is normal and it fits perfectly in my God given skull and that is why I contribute to society by making the right choices to benefit the poor people of Zambia.
    RB tried to grab power from Nevers and it backfired big time. Why has he not endorsed Mumba from MMD if he had genuinely intended to bring back the party into power? Only someone who thinks like he does can abandon his party which is contesting in the presidential elections. So,he can only be MMD if he is running for presidency?

  46. I used to respect RB but no more. Vote HH. it is also a vote for one one Zambia one nation, a vote for development. Don’t vote in thieves.

  47. It seems kind of funny in the above series of pictures how EL first is seen standing in between IW and RB. Then RB is then seen between EL and IW. Then a little later EL is now sitting like a little boy between RB and IW and so on and so forth….

  48. Rupiah Banda is a thief. He is a disgusting old man, even his wife knows.

    It doesn’t make any difference even if he endorses Edgar.

    HH azabapala mamba Yama in a few days time.

    New president 2015 HH .

  49. RB has big insults! He has insulted all our mothers out there by saying, “Musiye RB. nanga ni mwana wa Anyoko ?”
    This is not language befitting RB’s status!
    Expect more insults should EL and RB get what they want!
    Andrew warned us!

  50. So the fat man jumped ship after all. I don’t know why but I’d almost been expecting a story from LT telling us that Bwezani had decided to escape the shame by seeking political asylum in Zimbabwe.

    Anyway! one thing you can count on in Zambian politics is, it’s very very entertaining.

  51. With all due respect RB is not genuinely endorsing Lungu, its barely less than a month when RB was saying PF has not done anything and we are told RB endorses Lungu. What has changed within this space of time has PF reversed the hands of time to work had? I feel its been done with a selfish motive, RB is scared of losing his benefits seriously that’s way he’s doing all this. PF think twice with such supporters.

    • What has changed is that UPND wanted a deal for an alliance with RB on its terms, but the power base of UPND would not allow it. Well, PF listened and managed a deal, and there they have it. That is politics my friends. As they say, there are no permanent enemies in that “profession”, it is about compromise all the time, give and take so to speak. Until UPND learns that one fact, Plot One will remain a fairy tale. You can even compromise a leader in return to keep the party’s ideals, but the likes of UPND and Nevers Mumba will not accept this fact. Note that I still do not mention HH but his party, because I respect the man but not his power base.

  52. Judging from the disparaging comments on social media, UPND must be green with envy at this development.

    They expected everybody to endorse them but people have independent minds.
    We told UPND to enter an alliance with MMD under RB just up to 2016 in order to unseat the PF but the power base of UPND would not hear of it. I say power base because I think that HH as an individual is a sensible man, but he a power base calling the shots. I bet even those Musokotwanes and Mutatis of this world must scratching their necks wondering if they made the right decision. Soldier on boys, this is politics, you lay your bed and you must sleep in it.

  53. Eastern province twatenga imwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are coming and this time umunesu alashitishafye shonse!

  54. I put it across to you that endorsements will be the order of the day going forward. We are paving way and practicing the wildest endorsement paradigm never seen before in the history of our land. You guys haven’t seen the core of it yet. With the enactment of the new constitution, the 50% + 1 clause will heavily encourage this bitter and haunting dispensation of political support. Stop the regional ranting and blame, it was meant to be. Mwanga has endorsed HH, who gives a damn? So damn what?
    Viva RB a.k.a Vasco da Banda! Viva Lungu! By the way Lungu is pulling the wildest crowds! For sure if HH does not pull through, he must hang his gloves.

  55. The sooner we as Zambians realise that we do not deserve or need such type of politics and politician the sooner we will see meaningful development in our country!

  56. No Lucifer’s agent will reign over Zambia. I decree and declare that Zambia is called by the most High’s name, and therefore any one who wants Zambians to scatter in the name of illuminati, will NEVER sit on the throne of Zambia. I decree and declare that only the Chosen one will sit on the throne of Zambia. What is chosen on earth is chosen in heaven.

  57. RB the God father of the Eastern Cartel. His recklessness is gonna cost Zambia one day. Honestly borrwing money from Nigerian muslim is a bad move. So how are the going to pay back? I hope its not with our girl’s.

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