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Military personnel urged to further studies

General News Military personnel urged to further studies

Zambia Army troops marching during the independence day march past in Lusaka
Zambia Army troops marching during the independence day march past in Lusaka

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Hlobotha Nkunika, has encouraged military personal to go back to school and further their studies.
Mr Nkunika says it is important that military improves on capacity building for Zambia to have an educated work force.

The Permanent Secretary said this when he officiated at the Zambia Army Annual Ball in Kasama over the weekend.

Mr Nkunika also urged military personnel to support teachers and their pupils to improve education standard in the province as it has experienced poor results in the past years.

He commended the army in the Northern region for the support and loyalty to the government and especially Northern provincial administration.

Mr Nkunika further urged the officers to lead exemplary life styles in combating the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

He also urged the men in uniform to support the fight against child abuse and gender based violence.

The PS further appealed to the military personnel to avoid partisan politics and keep the vision of Zambia burning.

And Northern Province Deputy Regional Army Comander, Mutale Chilangwa, revealed that a good number of soldiers are going to local and international courses this year.

Lt Col Chilangwa said the men in uniform have continued to show professionalism in the conduct and execution of duty as the country goes for the presidential election.

He urged the military personnel to go and exercise their constitutional right and choose the leader of their choice.

Lt Col Chilangwa further requested the provincial administration to rehabilitate the road to the army clinic as it is in a deplorable state.


    • @Mushota hahahaha sumvela.

      For sure our men and women in Uniforms shouldnt b partisan and should improve more on their skills.


    • why should they further their studies?,
      honestly somone correct me,
      we go to school so that we gaine more competence, so that our knowledge can be put to use and be seen by everyone,
      but look, what will it do for our country when our;
      bridges are done by chines,
      roads by chines, schools by chines, hospitals by chiness, the buildings planed by chines including the one for Engineers Association of Zambia,
      so one tell if the army go further their studies it will be good 4 zambia in practical or in theorie???
      not until ther is a good raisoning as to why we are doing whatever we are doing,, nothing is good no matter how great it appears.

  1. I have lived in the US and much of Europe and the symbiotic relationship their Armed Forces have with their civilian populations is beyond words. The respect and the dependance they have for each other is something African Armies should learn from.

    In Africa, our Armies are heavily politicized and the relationship with their employers (citizens) is below zero. Tribalism and nepotism is in their ranks. Equally, African Governments pay them poorly and do not equip them adequately. We need to improve the condition of service for our armed forces.

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