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Zambia’s Group B opponents in Wednesday action

Sports Zambia's Group B opponents in Wednesday action

Two of Zambia’s 2015 Africa Cup Group B opponents play their first pre-tournament friendlies of the year on Wednesday.

In Yaounde, DR Congo face hosts Cameroon where they have been camped since January 1.

DR Congo will immediately after that match name their final 23-man team for the tournament.

DR Congo will face Zambia in the two sides opening Group B match on January 18.

And in Lisbon on the same day, Cape Verde will take on 2015 Africa Cp hosts Equatorial Guinea.

Both sides have set up pre-2015 Africa Cup training camps in Portugal ahead of the tournament that kicks off on January 17.

Tunisia on the other hand only play on Sunday night when they host Algeria in Rades.



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  6. Ati Janza is failing to announce the final 23 names because there is a tie between chamanga & and mayuka. He doesn’t know who to drop between the two. He claims that chamanga is the bridge between old & young players. What nonsense is this !?!?!? What theory is this? Chamanga has been tested and failed us not just once but many times. Nichekeleko syndrome at its best. Its always difficult to make a decision that goes against a person you have dubiously obtained money from. Sad indeed.

  7. I tend to agree. I think the benefits Janza has received from Chamanga are now haunting him… This is not Janza National team, but rather Zambia National team. Ichindikeni fye ba coach…

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