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Ballot Papers dispatched to O.R Tambo airport for transportation to Lusaka

Headlines Ballot Papers dispatched to O.R Tambo airport for transportation to Lusaka

Ballot papers for the January 20 presidential elections have been dispatched to Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg in readiness for transportation to Zambia.

The ballot paper printing exercise, which started on December 28, 2014, was completed yesterday by a Johannesburg based company, Ren-Form.

This morning, representatives of political parties, civil society and faith based organisations and Electoral Commission of Zambia officials led by Commission chairperson Ireen Mambilima witnessed the dispatching process.

The ballot papers, which are packed in 150 pallets for all the constituencies, will be airlifted to Lusaka on Saturday by a chartered cargo plane.

And representatives of political parties have expressed satisfaction with the monitoring process and the workmanship exhibited by the printing company.

In an interview, Dr. Peter Machungwa of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) said monitoring of the printing process by all the political parties went on well.

“We have been here as political parties and civil society organisations to monitor the printing of ballot papers and I must say everything went well. We have been monitoring as a team,” he said.

Dr. Machungwa has since commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for picking on Ren-Form printing company to print the ballot papers.

“I must say the printer has done a very good and personally I am satisfied with the work they have done,” he said.

Juliet Chileshe, a representative of the Fourth Revolution Party, also echoed Dr. Machungwa’s sentiments saying she was happy with the whole process.

Eleven candidates are contesting the presidential election which fell vacant after the death of President Michael Sata in October last year.

The political parties participating in the presidential poll include the United National Independence Party (UNIP), the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), the United Party for National Development (UPND), Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD), ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and the National Restoration Party (NAREP).

Others are the Heritage Party (HP), Fourth Revolution, Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA), Christian Democratic Party CDP) and Green Party.


  1. These are the ballot papers which will send Edgar Lungu and PF, together with the new Kumawa Party into political extinction.
    12 days left until PF is democratically kicked off!


      PF as a plan to rig this elections ooh
      PF know it can’t win ooh
      PF must be watched well well ooh
      PF as paid government workers to rig this elections ooh
      Pay attention ooh

      I have said my own

  2. PF will change the economy of zambia in 90 days
    More money in the pocket
    New constitution
    Barotse agreement restoredt
    200 percent salary increment

  3. PF will change the economy of zambia in 90 days

    More money in the pocket
    <New constitution
    Barotse agreement restored
    200 percent salary increment

  4. You are the biggest dreamer to think that Zambians can vote for one Mr. Vodka!!! Its time for Zambia to move forward & not back wards!!

  5. @Chanda didnt PF give workers 200% increment?
    They are still working on Barotse agreement
    They are still working on constitution
    They reduced prices of food and fuel
    PF created employment in 2013 and 2014

  6. @90 days

    I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic, but be careful. sometimes sarcasm doesn’t translate very well into written form

  7. Leteni bane tushike PF. Bring them on to our country so that we bury PF forever. We are tired of reading politics and want to focus on AFCON now. Remember Africa cup is starting soon. Lets vote quickly and send PF into oblivion

  8. For all those of us who may think that the Ballot papers may have been tempered with.
    Please lets come with our own pens from home!

  9. Come what may, PF is finishing it term and again 2016! So if you don’t want to give a vote for lungu on the 20 th, better just be home and drink tujilijil!

  10. People are still waiting for more money in their pockets. New constitution, all these within 90 days. I did not know in politics days can be interpreted prophetically. African politicians are too powerful such that citizens can holder them accountable of their promises. They come back to the same people requesting for a vote, give them a vote, they change the language. I even wonder why people don’t learn. We are still far to attain real development. God help us.

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