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Shiwagandu residents accuse their MP of encouraging political violence

General News Shiwagandu residents accuse their MP of encouraging political violence

Residents of Shiwagandu have expressed disappointment with their area MP Stephen Kampyongo for encouraging political violence in there constituency which they say is peaceful.

Speaking when opposition FDD President Edith Nawakwi paid a courtesy call on Chief Mukwikle of Shiwagandu District in Muchinga Province, Vincent Bwalya who represented the Chief who was not present at the time of her visit, said it was saddening that a leader could send party cadres to try and kill opposition leaders.

Mr. Bwalya explained that the cadres who attacked former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa and her counterpart, former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango, when they tried to hold a rally in the area were led by Andrew Kampyongo, young brother of Home Affairs Deputy Minister Mr Kampyongo.

He said Andrew was driving a vehicle which tried to stop the helicopter from landing as he kept driving were it was supposed to land.

The Chief’s Rep wondered how law and order will continue to prevail in the country if the people at the helm of institutions charged with the responsibility of maintaining it are in forefront propagating it.

And Community Crime Prevention Unit officer said he was beaten like a child when he was trying to protect Mrs Mwanawasa from PF cadres who were led by Mr Kampyongo’s young brother Andrew.

“While I was trying to protect UPND officials and their helicopter cadres came and manhandled me as my friends and police officers watched helplessly,” he said.

He said his team was trained to be non partisan and was only trying to maintain peace yet he was attacked by PF cadres.

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  1. How can this Chipyango character hold the people of Shiwangandu hostage when they are poor, impoverished and crying for freedom from poverty as though he will help them.

    He deserves to be sent the Haigue.

    Viva HH

    • This is the problem with our leaders (MPs). They take the electorate for granted. Here is Kampyongo causing problems among the people who voted him in. He is enjoying his status now because of the voters yet he disregards the and is acting like a Demi God. Why hasn’t he been suspended?
      He should be hounded out of Shiwa ngandu.

    • Kapyongo has just earned himself some booing like other MPs have been booed during Lungu and PF rallies.

      He now knows that he is going to be booed during the rally, so he wont even bother to attend when Lungu goes there to hold a rally if he will.

      But for sure HH is going there for his last rallies in the region. People are crying out, and they want to part of the change sweeping the country.

      PF minions as usual will try to compare what happened with GBM ‘s vehicles to Shiwangandu and yet those pangas found in GBM’s vehicle were weapons confiscated from PF cadres who tried to attack the car. One thing is very clear though, pangas were not being used to fight any one at the time of arrest.

      Has the police arrested that Andrew Kapyongo who started the violence that killed a…

    • Another poll done by Zambian eye, has just put HH at 73% an increase from 69% in the last polls. While is at 18% .

      PF should ignore these polls at their peril, because people who take part in these polls have relatives and friends who they discuss these candidates with every where they go be it in bars at work or at home.

      HH is the man of the moment.

    • The popularity of a candidate can be determined from a random sample. To me people in Zambia prefer HH for presidency than EL and in fact HH has won the hearts of million Zambians.

    • @Ndobo, why after elections? This is only chance for PF’s government to show some disciplinary action to win a vote.
      Guy Scott was fired 4 times for indiscipline, but those Kapyongo brothers suddenly becomes the heroes of Edgar Lungu.

    • Simple: Zambians /The people of shiwangandu should go cast their votes against Panga family candidate, if they want no more violence!!

    • Its not enough to just show disgust about PF nauseating behaviour without doing anything. Regardless of where you are living at the moment –home or abroad-, you need to pass a word around that PF’s time is up. Especially us reasonable folk from the north and Luapula if each one of us convinced even 10 of our close relatives and friends to look beyond tribalism and vote for the best candidate that would be fabulous because we need to teach these thugs that we’re 21 century where thuggery won’t be tolerated.

  2. If Andrew Kampyongo was behind the violence in Shiwangandu and evidence is there,then he should be arrested. We want a clean win for Edgar Lungu and nothing else.

  3. Is thi Kapyongo in the same catergory of useless minister. Let him enjoy himself, after 2th January he will see. Dont take things for granted. Brothers & sisiters of Shiwangándu dont vote for EL on 20th Jan 2015 so that slowly we start sorting out this Kapyongo. Tell 2016 kuya bebele. But be careful the way you do it because this chap seems to be a thug.

  4. We want to build Zambia we have been dreaming of. These are the USELESS MINISTERS SATA was talking about. The made him go to the grave early. You guys ve need to pay for your sins. You killed SATA because of your shallow thinking !!

  5. If the MP is encouraging violence in shiwangandu who is encouranging vilonce in western province? What is HH’s comment on pangas found in his vehicle in kasama?

    • @kanabesa

      Small correction, the pangas were found in GBM’s vehicle and he gave some sort of explaination (albeit inadequate). All the same, this violence needs to stop and “leaders” worth their salt should strongly condemn and stop the rot.

    • @Crane big correction: The way you cut across is like you were in GBM’s car! GBM has given an explanation, lets give him the benefit of doubt! Kapyongo also said and at least he was honest- No permission, no-go area!

    • What is worse, finding weapons in GBM’s car or actual violence of attempting to bring down a helicopter and maim innocent opposition members? You need prayers.




  7. For the benefit of educated people like Wanzelu, the residents of Shiwangandu are condemning the violence, which is very good. But what they are saying is that they want the opposition and the ruling party to campaign peacefully because this is their country. What they have not said is that they condemn the violence because they support UPND. In short we cannot conclude that UPND has carried the day in Shiwangandu, voters may still vote for PF or anybody else according to the perception of the candidates, or the parties in general and not based on this incident.

    • Are you real? Before Panga Family ruled Zambia some people didn’t even know what a panga is. The solution is simple get rid of the perpetrators of violence

  8. On Monday the main political parties here in the UK launched their campaigns for the forth-coming general elections. They are addressing issues that affect the well-being of the people of Britain, the main one being the operations of the giant NHS and the reduction of A & E patients’ waiting time. There is no room for violence and hate rhetoric in their campaigns.

    On the contrary in Zambia currently it’s panga-driven campaigns, crisscrossing parties looking for personal gain, father and son calling each other dirty names at rallies, endangering the safety of an air-bourn aircraft by an MP and all sorts of violence imaginable while law enforcement officers look on helplessly. Why, is it lack of civilisation and ignorance of what democracy means? Are these the signs of a failed…

    • @The London Eye

      That is strictly untrue. UK is bracing itself for the potential of having a near far right party in power in the form of UKIP and Nigel Farrage. In fact last night there was a report on how other European countries are also experiencing far right parties influencing choices.

      Not all Parties are focused on one issue. The potential of the far right being in power is causing a massive threat to race relations.

      Why do Zambians abroad have such an inferiority complex. You write with so much pompous stupidity showing how poor your education is. It is not about PhDs. Be aware of real social issues.

    • @Patriot Abroad,
      Your rant actually exposes who you truly are and your background. I will not sink to your level to insult you, never, it is not in my nature. My views are about political violence being experienced in Zambia today. It’s nothing to do with ‘far right parties influencing choices’, even then are the far right parties influencing choices by use of violence? Your ‘advanced education’ is yours and my poor education is mine.

    • @The London Eye

      In no way can you define my calm yet challenging statement of fact as a RANT! You are a little way off there.

      My point was to challenge the perception that Western Politics are as ordered as you say.

      It is a fact that we face great unsettlement in these elections as there is potential to go far right. There will be massive disruptions in race relations and I dare say, people like you will quickly come to change your views on the superiority of Western politics as you will be disenfranchised out of British politics. Your cosy UK lives will become challenged by the grubby whites that want to blame UK citizens of foreign origin for all economic ills.

      Your education is yours, but you clearly put out a wrong perception of UK politics.

    • @London Eye, the Patriot Abroad is just a loser abroad and doesn’t know what he is talking about & the state of the the UK Parties.
      Nearly all MPs are members of political parties. The list below details the current composition of the House of Commons, based on the number of MPs in each party. If an MP is not a member of a political party, they are known as an ‘Independent’.

      Party Seats
      Conservative 303
      Labour 257
      Liberal Democrat 56
      Democratic Unionist 8
      Scottish National 6
      Sinn Fein 5
      Independent 3
      Plaid Cymru 3
      Social Democratic & Labour Party 3
      UK IP 2 (* this is the party he’s on about – Sha!)
      Alliance 1
      Green 1
      Respect 1
      Speaker 1

      Total number of seats 650
      *** Don’t waste your breath and time on…

  9. This report on balance is complete nonsense because it fails to take on board what SK had said earlier in the week. SK had explained that the incidence had been caused by UPND not following required notification notices on its campaign meets. In fact that UPND had been trying to disrupt a properly licensed PF meet. That they clearly were being provocative.

    UPND uses false campaigning and this story is influenced by this. The fact that a helicopter was stoned has overtaken the underlying cause. There was two violence a in this story. One must condemn both the provocative actions of UPND and that of PF stoning the helicopter.

    Stop playing with people’s minds with propaganda for UPND. Be truthful so we elect the correct party.

  10. [email protected] Abroad: You are 100% right. I was in USA for the first time in my life just before the 2011 General Elections. Most Zambians I met based the outcome on what they were reading on the internet: They had Elias Chipimo and HH as front runners followed by RB and MCS in that order. Even now this is happening.

    • @Ndaje Kahks

      Thanks for concurring. The real problem with Zambian politics is that ordinary people are so under attack by interest factions.

      Everyone is bought and paid for that it is usually very difficult to tell what the truth is unless you have a sharp eye and very logical mind to put in order the often bizarre nonsense people put out. Also understanding the Zambian psyche is very important. Everyone thinks everyone is stupid! The more educated they are the more pompous and illogical they are!

    • @Ndaje Kahks & Patriot Abroad – you two make me laugh. I hate the term a blind person leading another blind person but that’s what it is with you two. LOL – a guy goes to USA in 2011 and his eyes open – what a fuss! Look at my post at (16.4) What threat are UKIP to the well being of the minority races in Britain or UK? At the moment they (UKIP) only have 2 seats in parliament and you! – you Ndaje you just follow blindly just because you went to the states for the first time and spoke to 3 drunk, unknowledgeable and unemployed friends? The London Eye beats you to it and like a gentle person he/she is left you to whirl in your own confusion. I promise you one thing! I will take you on any time any place and any topic. So bring it on!bA little education is more dangerous than none

  11. people in diaspora call your families and friends and help the decidedfor president, we enjoy people and calness here coz people have a clean and issues based legacy not the tribal in Zambia . lets help point voters in the right direction and encourage them to go and vote.

  12. @Patriot Abroad

    Interesting reading what you write. My question to you is have you seen any panga wielding political supporters of the various parties in UK? The UKIP you mention will never come anywhere near the seat of power in the UK. They may have 2 members in Parliament but will never have 50 MPs. I can bet on this.

    • @MMHamalambo, thank you! You are a very polite person unlike me. Please see my post at line 16.4 and 18.2. What kind of flipping clowns are Patriot Abroad & Ndaje? They are the ones misleading people. Parties like UKIP and the National Front (NF) will remain fringe parties barking up the wrong tree with no real teeth to bite. PF is mirrored on NF a racist and violent party here in the UK. You want real issues then we’ll teach one or two things boys.

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