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UPND Veep denies being in possession of Edgar Lungu medical report, escapes punishment from MAZ

Headlines UPND Veep denies being in possession of Edgar Lungu medical report, escapes...

Canisius Banda
Canisius Banda

The Medical Association of Zambia (MAZ) says it will not take any disciplinary action against opposition UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda over his recent statement on PF president Edgar Lungu’s health.

Dr. Banda recently disclosed at a media in Lusaka that the UPND has seen a purported medical report indicating that Mr.Lungu suffers from a Kidney problem.

In an interview with Qfm News by telephone, MAZ President Aaron Mujajati has said that his association cannot take disciplinary action against Dr. Banda because he has denied being in possession of the medical report that suggests the PF presidential candidate suffers from a kidney problem.

Dr. Mujajati has disclosed that Dr Banda who is a medical by profession denied this after the Association called him shortly after his revelation was published in the media.

Dr Banda explained that his party was only hearing about the same medical report through the media and not as some media houses had reported that the UPND is actually in possession of a copy of the said medical report

He says Dr Banda explained that his party was only hearing about the same medical report through the media and not as some media houses had reported that the UPND is actually in possession of a copy of the said medical report.

Dr Mujajati however says that had it been proven that Dr. Banda was in possession of the medical report which he spoke about during his recent media briefing, he would have been in breach of medical ethics for which disciplinary action would have been taken against him.

He says the disciplinary action would have however excluded the withdrawal of Dr. Banda’s Doctoral practising license considering that the issuance of such licenses is a preserve of the government.

Dr. Mujajati states that in principal no medical Doctor is allowed to divulge information about a patient without seeking permission from the patient.

He says it is for this reason that his association does not tolerate any of its members who deliberately breaks medical ethics.

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    • Just because Banda doesn’t have the report, it doesn’t mean that Lungu is not sick… the man is sick, thankfully, he is not going to state house, we can’t afford another expensive funeral.

    • Dr can? wil we be wrong to call you incompetent then? how do you hold a press briefing based on a rumour? its like you reporting profits in your annual report based on a contract you heard was signed by one of your group holding partners…

    • Zambian Eye’s latest weekly opinion poll has indicated that opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema would beat the ruling Patriotic Front’s Edgar Lungu by a huge margin if elections were held today.
      The poll, which ran on Zambian Eye’s Facebook page from December 31,2015 to January 4, 2016 and reached people, saw the UPND leader amass 73.6% (up 4 points from last week’s 69.5) while his closest rival Lungu got 18.6% (down 4 points from last week’s 22.5%).
      Nevers Mumba of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) took the third spot at 1.1% while Elias Chipimo of the National Restoration Party (NAREP) and Peter Sinkamba of the Green Party were joint forth at 0.4% apiece. The rest of the candidates collectively got negligible…


    • The truth is that Dr Banda has seen the report but can’t display it before the doubting Thomases because then the next question will be who gave it to him. Then that doctor who disclosed confidential information will be in trouble proferssionally. Truth of the matter is that Edgar is sick and a byelection will be obvious should he win. Another issue is why do you think MAZ will not descipline Dr Banda when it was captured in all newspapers that indeed he said he had seen EL’s mdeical report.? They know the truth and Dr Banda cannot be punished over something that is true.

    • Dr Banda has LEARNED friends (more than educated ) at MAZ who ve come to realise tht he is in-coming Veep of the Republic, why trouble him.

      The RECORD ARE THERE for all to see but “patient confidentiality” is at play here. MAZ have done well. They know their job VERY WELL.

      #FLIGHTHH2015 HAPPY JUBILEE ZAMBIA-(u didnt celebrate it last yr & this is your yr)

    • PF lost yet again. Nolle Prosecu!!!
      PF can’t afford to start losing to UPND so late in second half of the campaign.

    • I still maintain that the onus is on EL to take a wise step. If he knows he is not well,

      1. He should have done himself a favour by not getting involved in this presidential race. His body needs rest. The stress that comes with being a president is taxing and unforgiving.

      2. The people of Zambia do not need a president who rules the country via Facebook and is constantly seeking medical attention. We have learnt lessons already with the passing of our former presidents.

      Zambia needs credible leadership.

    • This is nonsense, The issue here is not about being in possession of the Medical report but disclosing information about a patient without seeking permission from the patient. This is an offense and the poor doc did exactly that. This Mujajati is a UPND cadre. Next…

    • lets not run from the truth, is he the one to be the Vice president if at all??,,even eliens are laughing a zambia fow how low it has become

    • How politics can reduce career persons to garbage. We need a serious political revolution. Better lie about something else and not what undermines your career and integrity. Look at how you are dragging the ethics of the respected medical field into mad. We dont want to reduce our profession to nothing like what lawyers have been doing. The medical association should have done better by getting contents of press briefing were he clearly said it. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue. In any case he has refused and there is nothing the association could do – but a stiffer warning would have been the best remedy. There is also the issue surrounding the printing of ballot papers and electoral commission has summoned him.

    • Folks lets not forget, how Sata ended up at embassy park. ZWD alerted us that Sata had cancer which is eating him quickly, and has been given a few months to live.

      PF propaganda machinery refuted those reports vigorously . Then Sata collapsed and was evacuated to London.

      While in london, I said Sata would not be coming to Zambia alive. Again PF minions insulted me left right and centre.

      Thank God I was vindicated when the truth hit home.

      I have said If Lungu wins, he will not reach up to 2016, because there are competing factions in PF which want to usurp power from him to consolidate their power.

      RB faction will want him dead, the PF factions will also vie for his blood. So Lungu will be caught between a hard place and a rock. Then his rivals will use his health to whack…

    • Intellectual honesty has jail broken some reasonably non-elusive brains here to extent of covering the issue at hand with an end justifying the means. Take for instance Dr. Fact and I quote ….

      “The truth is that Dr Banda has seen the report but can’t display it before the doubting Thomases because then the next question will be who gave it to him.

      Then that doctor who disclosed confidential information will be in trouble proferssionally. Truth of the matter is that Edgar is sick and a byelection will be obvious should he win.”

      That’s not the truth of the matter; Edgar being sick is not the truth of the matter here! Ethics being broken is the “truth” of the matter, Edgar being sick may be the “fact” of the matter. Now facts may change but the truth does not.

    • I would have loved for this case to have been taken to court for most of you to learn. Since it did not, here is a short lecture on Patient-Doctor confidentiality. Take notes.

      Dr. Banda would not have a case to answer even if he was in possession of a medical report on one Edgar Chagwa Lungu unless the named person was Dr. Banda’s patient or was a patient in a healthcare facility where Dr. Banda practiced and accessed the said record in his capacity as a Doctor.

      In the absence of evidence as described above, the case would be thrown out. The reason is simple, there is no confidentiality in clinics and hospitals. It is not unusual for doctors or nurses to interview a patient in an open space in presence of other patience especially in government facilities.

    • Let’s start the “truth” of the matter first. Dr. Banda is smart enough to know that his license could not be revoked since that’s the purview of the issuing authority so he tolls the line to negatively campaign his opponent, EL.

      He also knew what ethics rules entail in such circumstances should a reprimand be required and he knew exactly what the response needed to be for effusive reasons so he shouldn’t be found wanting. That’s white all white-collar criminals do best, covering one’s tracks (CYA).

      Meanwhile, the damage has already been done and a certain number of the electorate buys in as votes switch, that’s the end justifying the means. It becomes a talking point everywhere politics are being discussed but still can’t run away from forensics (CIA) because ethnics where…

    • Now, let’s deal with the “fact” of the matter next. If at all Edgar has a kidney problem then that’s a fact! And I say … If at all. But suppose he does, it then becomes an irrefutable fact.

      If he doesn’t then it’s mere speculation but “truth” of the matter is that irrefutable or speculative or none of the above, his opponent have managed to negatively campaign against him unethically.

      I said earlier that truth is a constant while facts may change. A kidney problem can easily be erased, I personally can be found to be a matching donor and give him one of my healthy kidneys and his supposed illness would vanish.

      My action would change the “fact” of the matter as he would no longer be supposedly sick. The “truth” of matter still remains, ethics were broken and some…

    • In conclusion, I have a strong belief in the fact that most people here are passionate about the country we all dearly love and as the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise, let’s understand that politics is just that …. politics!

      I don’t even care who gets into State House this time around because our democracy is maturing as the smart people of our enterprise are becoming more and more alive to the fact that power resides with them.

      Don’t think for a second that whoever gets in State House would have it easy going forward. Having said that, may the best team win!!! One Zambia One Nation.

      Democracy is a messy enterprise but it’s the closest thing we have to self-rule ~ B R Mumba, Sr

  1. That is my concern with UPND, looks like their campaign is premised on rumour driven information. Why did he hold a press briefing over something which was not a fact but a rumour from the ZWD. Should we also conclude that even the rigging information he said about was also a rumour from ZWD.

    I think this raises serious credibility about the UPND leadership. True leaders have no tolerance for half truths and always seek facts because they have to make big decisions that affect lives. This admittance by this learned medical Doctor that he used rumours to make decisions is very dangerous for someone aspiring for leadership of Zambia

    And this is what makes some of us label UPND as the UNDER 5 party. They need to mature more. I don’t think they are ready to rule Zambia

    • Why do some bloggers go into oblivion and only come to appear when they have gathered a little strength to attack other parties. They are like sick lions only waiting to find the weakest animal amongst others. The fact is EL is sick no matter how you may talk and every one knows that.

    • @MMD Chief boot licker,
      This is one of the most irresponsible comments you can make about your Country. You may be comfortable wherever you are, making ends meet and your children may have good prospects after their tertiary education. But think about where you come from. Your roots. You have cousins and nieces etc… back home who have been denied the basic necessities of live because huge resources have been channelled into medical support of one individual in plot one. So, now are advocating a repeat of that?
      Shouldn’t we all be thankful that this revelation has happened now before the elections, unlike the past two cases where the Country has had to pay very dearly?. Don’t your nieces and nephews matter to you more than one individual in plot one?

    • Do you remember that the same Dr. Banda was asked by Madame to try and help Sata in state house, UPND cried foul and the whole PF machinery declared he was being offered a job but he declared that he had gone to see Mr. Sata as a medical doctor and would not share details. You never clapped for him now that the POST had all the information on Lungu which anyone could use you say Banda and the UPND are bad just lick the wounds of MMD and leave us alone.

    • Musiyeni Dr Banda. he is a revolutionery in a revolution. This is not time to shave, it is time to work. Shaving will come when he is veep.

    • @Chile1
      Why? I think his beard is very appealing. It gives him a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Kinda Bohemian.

      Not everybody needs to be a penguin 6 days of the week! Expand your minds! – there’s beauty in diversity

    • why are you insulting us in mununga? we can ask our forefathers to visit you if you are playing with fire.stop making other people look lilke they are not cilivilised.

  2. This is amusing; the UPND Vice President has just confirmed that he and his party are liars!! What else are they lying about apart from this and the minibus and the Mazda? is this what we should expect from this party IF the Zambian people entrust these chaps with power?

  3. Leave the Doctor alone.You thought he was a fake doc like COSMO or NEVERS.This one is a real medical doctor who passed thru the doors of NS at UNZA before going to medical school.Its not a joke bwana.

    • My dear, even at UNZA, you find all sorts of characters: Liars, thieves, crooks, womanisers, those selling condoms, you name them.


    • Yes we know that it is not a joke but talking s..t isn’t something to tolerate about. He must learn to gather facts before barking to the media.


  4. The dirty season entry point… looks like a dirty campaign trick that flew a little too close to the mark. Why chase around for a medical report when ED says he is 100% fine? You can’t exactly punish a guy for telling a medical lie, right? Because if you can then ED is in trouble…

    That said we can’t seem to punish those who tell the truth either otherwise that Deputy Home Affairs minister and his brother would be behind bars, right?

    Silly season. Expect more. Thankfully it will be over in two weeks…

  5. Typical kabova no brains at all had it not been school this guy would have been something else. This are the chaps who likes very much to memories at no-wonder hes not an intellectual

  6. Dr. Banda is on record saying that UPND (him inclusive) has a copy of the medical report in its possession. Why is he changing the goal posts now? If a medical doctor of Dr. Banda’s standing, and experience, can lie with a straight face, and through his teeth, (and through his beards too), is this the type of person you can trust with running the country? What other lies has he told us together with his president HH? Now, who is a better liar between Dr. Banda and HH? Birds of the same feather flock together. Country men and women; Ifintu ni Lungu. Vote Edgar C. Lungu on 20 Jan 2015 for continued peace and sustained development!!

  7. Such Doctors are a danger to the profession. Beware of such a one. Doctor waso angakunamizile ati udwala ntenda yacikadzi kansi udwala mutu. Awe, why hold a press conference to lie?

    • Why do you have a.nal fixation? are you g.ay? this is not necessary. If u have been suppressing you h.omo tendencies just come out.

    • @Bihhhhhggg Headed

      Absolutely unnecessary you *****!
      There is not need for you to use such vulgar language. Where is your intelligence? You are misusing your freedom expression here buddy which is regrettable.

      Grow up!

  8. he just escaped the punishment ,but he and all of su Zambians no the truth .The truth is Lungu is sick and not fit to be republican president as was the case with Sata.


  9. What a sudden change of goal posts by the Dr!!!!!!!!!! Shows the poeple surrounding HH at the moment a job seekers trying to win him votes thru lies lies lies lies and liessssss!

  10. If you are sick so what.we are all prone to sickness so this should not be an issue you people because there are more important issues affecting the the nation than dwelling on things that won’t take us anywhere,I don’t expect a learned doctor like Dr banda to behave so uncivilzed mwebantu.

    • the thing is, its not ethical for any profession Doctor to circulate the health status of a person without his/her consent , i personally do nt agree with MAZ on this one , they must discipline this unprofessional Doctor based on the ruomour he circulated not because has a report or not , because the damage has already being made. This man has violated the medical code of Conduct by vitue of him publicizing the health of Eddy without his consent and this is a serious crime already. To people suggesting that we dont vote for Eddy because he is a Coffin , am Chewa by tribe by da way were i come from there is a saying ati ” WOKUFA SAZIBIKA” meaning u cant know the pseron that will die , u can shocked that yo health HH may kick the busket die even before Eddy does.

  11. Mwamba if you are reading this comment, please use this article in your campaign to discredit UPND. The whole premise of their campaign is based on lies and half truths. What else have they lied about? The pangas in GMBs van should tell you something. And he has also admitted in his recorded conversation.

    HH is crisscrossing the country lying about what he will do. Where is going to get the money without increasing taxes or cutting some programs? Quite contradictory; he is going to do away with the new mine tax regime and still find enough money to finance education up to University level. And reduce the price of fertilizer, increase the salaries of civil servants…blah blah…Lets get real. They is no way he would achieve what he is promising without pushing the national budget…

  12. Canisius Banda is just too ambitious, just like HH. He’s gone to the extent of holding a press conference based on kachepa. I wouldn’t go to his clinic even if I just want to have my BP checked because the following day, the BP results would be in the press

  13. Yes this Dr. Banda Canicias is fake. I guess he just passed through crooks law at UNZA. Why and how can an educated person hold a press conference to deliver lies to the great nation of Zambia? Now do you think Zambians can vote for UPND a party full of lies ? No no that’s why Zambians are making a very serious decision by voting Edigar Lungu who is simple truthful and humble not this HH-UPND liars. Shame on UPND.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  14. This is the Party of Satanists. They are thirst for blood and want to sacrifice EL.Time will tell. Do you know that the devil comes to kill and destroy?Do not be friends of the devil but seek first the righteousness and kingdom of God and everything will be added unto you.All earthly thing is vanity including the Presidency.What will it profit a man to gain the whole world but looses his soul?





  16. “All of us are sick its just levels of sickness that vary”
    –Dr. Cosmo Mumba–

    Lungu Epulogulamu,

  17. UPND is a party driven by tongas period.u’ll never see a ordinary tonga supporting other candidates.In lusaka all tongas are for HH.But other tribes have seen that and will teach HH a lesson to stop coming into politics through tribalism.UPND had a chance to redeem itself when Mazoka died but it was publicly anounced that UPND can be led by a tonga.Therefore Sakwiba , patrick chinsanga,Shi nono,lubinda and Mtoga resigned fro UPND.No mater what they can do n tell us we can’t vote 4 HH.Copperbelt UPND though would vote 4 UPND imwela naucinja.pipo wanted his money he stole from Ramcoz.He sold mines from kopala.He’ll win in Southern csapwa.vote one zambia one nation.efintu ni lungu

  18. Experience has taught us at great cost, not once but twice, that it is counterproductive to our Country to knowingly put a person with questionable health status into the highest office in our land.

    So, well done Dr. Banda for putting Country first by raising these concerns. Had you failed to raise these genuine concerns, you would have surely been an accomplice to deceiving the citizens of your Country along with Mr. Lungu.

    Remember, for those whom much has been given in terms of education and/or position of responsibility, much is expected. So well done, Dr Banda for putting Country first.

    • @Cactus, I shudder to think that there are likes of you who support unethical dealings just to get power. I really sympathise with UPND and their followers. If that lie had come from the PF camp, I don’t think you would have supported it. You would have been the first one to go after the PF leadership with “guns blazing”.

      Country men and women; Ifintu ni Lungu.
      Vote Edgar C. Lungu on 20 Jan 2015 for continued peace and sustained development!!

    • @27.1 Adopt or die, If by now you have not learnt anything from the death of not one, but two Heads of State, and how much these events cost the Country, and therefore fail to see need to take precautions to avoid similar occurrences again, then you my friend are either a young person with no clue, or you have some serious serious learning difficulties.

  19. This Party of Satanists has paid bloggers to be posting in their favor. Zambia is a Christian nation and we will not allow People of unexplained wealth tom rule us fyakwa ! Ifi myemfu you are the cousin to the devil

    • some people cant just agree to it that UPND is amassed supporters. if its in their favour bloggers are not paid up, the pictures are not fake the polls not fake but to the opposition all is wrong. The truth is that PF kuya BEBELE.

  20. Here is my problem with this. Why did Dr Mujajati think it is a responsibility of the Medical Association of Zambia, a trade union in effect, to handle this matter? This is a matter for the Zambia Medical Council. The accusation here is or should be misconduct. It does not matter whether Dr Banda is in possession or not, but whether he did utter words reported. The issue is whether there is reason to believe that Dr Banda did breach confidentiality, whether the report was in his possession, seen by him or revealed to him by Mr Lungu’s doctors or nurses. Medicine is about responsibility, just as much as it is about practising the science. Clearly Dr Mujajati and his team are out of their depths here.

  21. What surprises me is that these people claim to be the most educated in the political arena but their level of reasoning leaves much to be desired…just how and why should we entrust your party with the instruments of power? It is clear for all to see that you can not be trusted. Self destruction is what you are doing. …

  22. if upnd can start lying now, what more when given a chance? moreover why trust their promises? these guys have proved beyond doubt that they are liars. Zambian beware of wolves in sheep’s skin. there is a big danger here trusting such types of leaders with our lives. viva Zambia

  23. The problem with the politics of this by election is that some parties have a greater need for accountability than others. Take UPND for example, they have to be above board in everything that they do, say, or promise during their campaign. The simple reason is that their rivals PF are known, they may have told some lies, or broken some promises, or committed some improprieties here and there. But it is UPND as a new entrant and an alternative, which is expected to be, and has to be seen and believed by the public to be better than PF on all those scores. The logic is that the public cannot change their voting allegiance to a party which will continue the same bad habits, or even be worse than their known rivals. As they say, the devil you know is better than the one you do not know.

  24. UPND Kaoma campaign in pictures-607 views | 39 comments

    PF Chadiza and Chipata Campaign in Pictures-1,221 views | 102 comments

  25. @MMD Chief boot licker,
    This is one of the most irresponsible comments you can make about your Country. You may be comfortable wherever you are, making ends meet and your children may have good prospects after their tertiary education. But think about where you come from. Your roots. You have cousins and nieces etc… back home who have been denied the basic necessities of live because huge resources have been channelled into medical support of one individual in plot one. So, now are advocating a repeat of that?
    Shouldn’t we all be thankful that this revelation has happened now before the elections, unlike the past two cases where the Country has had to pay very dearly?. Don’t your nieces and nephews matter to you more than one individual in plot one??

  26. If you do not like Edgar Lungu, please put a cross (an X) beside his name on January 20, 2015!


  27. Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) has no authority to discipline any doctor, it is a body/association that is mandated to fight for the rights of the doctors. The body that can discipline a doctor is the body that is mandated to fight for patients’ rights, The Health Professionals Council of Zambia (HPCZ). ZMA is just like a trade union for doctors.

  28. I have a lot of repsect for someone who calls himself a medical Doctor because of the many hours put into studies. Truthfuly speaking Canicius is not any where near that repsect from me. One time it’s about the ink on the ballot papers and another ati I also read from the media…vi ndevu kuipa! You are the id!ots tanishing the image of UPND!

  29. When this very dirty Ng’anga Banda held press briefing HH allowed him and saw the said medical report,so why deny today?ZAMBIANS PLEASE SEE FOR YOURSELVES HOW HH AND HIS TEAM ARE.NEVER VOTE FOR HH!THEY KNOW VERY WELL THAT MAJORITY VOTERS ARE BEHIND EDGAR LUNGU HENCE PANICKING! GO PF GO!

  30. This doctor is s.hit, I can not consult him on anything. Anyways, what do you expect for quack purporting to be medical doctor, the bastard is a herbalist practising from under a tree in monze or some such place.

  31. UPND a party of stupid unethical people. That Banda clearly said he had a report. It is shameful for UPND to conduct itself in this manner.

    Politics aside. You want each party taking part to have the best regardless of whom you back. This matter leaves a nasty taste.

    I really have serious concerns on HH. This man really has been very unpleasant. His methods if using personal propaganda against individual politicians goes beyond normal.

    But once in power what other unethical methods and practices will he apply?

    There is an evil underlying this Party. Disquiet.

  32. I’m a UPND supporter but I do not like the way Banda conducts himself. By the way how many votes does he really bring to table and how many does such conduct take away?

    • People have started doubting the entire UPND team because of one man. He can’t think before talking

  33. These crazy UPND fixations for change just for the sake of it…and PF leaders are sick…and PF is violent…etc are very retrogressive. Clearly, the strategy is ensure that lies are perpetuated throughout the campaign to hoodwink the majority of the poor and those that had high expectations when PF came into power in 2011. THE UPND LIES are 100% clear to all bloggers. Dr. Banda is a LIAR, because he has changed his position after being confronted. HH and his UPND promises will be confronted as well very soon and he will cower down and crawl back in his shell. UPND, ZWD and Post are trying very hard to make PF look very bad, but what goes round comes round. This is one of the greatest onslaughts any political party has faced in the history of Zambia.

  34. All this is however too late because more than 70% of the Zambians have seen the actual developmental projects in motion, and they appreciate this development; only narrow minded people will focus on issues of nshima with no future-eat now and forget about tomorrow-attitude.
    UPND will take us back to the stone age with their tribalism; I have heard most of my Tonga colleagues planning to intimidated and overrun anyone that is non- Tonga speaking when they come into power. They are indeed power hungry…it is our turn to rule…they say. Well all I can say, is prove that you are worthy to the majority without needing to make the others look bad! But I guess you can’t so it is easier to LIE. The funny thing about lies, is that they eventually follow the originator after they fail to stick…

  35. ….Banda could have let the other VP address the contentious issue….it still remains immoral for Banda being a medical doctor to talk about anyone’s medical status in such a manner…..
    it is easier for us laymen to ‘diagnose’ the sick than the healthy…..just leave it up to us to do the medical assrssments

  36. UPND are a bunch liars. They lied about the Shiwang’andu fiasco, they just masterminded it to paint PF black. Maureen and Nalumango were just doing some exercises after sitting for some time in the chopper.

  37. Unless you deliberately dönt want to use your brain and know that if Dr.Banda was sued today he will surely produce this medical report. This report he has it but because medical association of zambia(MAZ) is merely a professional body with no power(authority)to compel him to produce it,so he didnt and there are no penalties to suffer.If you really want to see the report,ask Edgar lungu to sue and you will see the medical report in court.

  38. Why all this commotion about EL being sick or not. It is as if we have run out of burial space in Zambia. If someone dies, like all shall die, just go bury and life continues. The fact is even if HH is 100% healthy now, there is no guarantee that he may not die a week after he is sworn in. So this debate is just a sheer waste of time.

  39. Late president Sata was not sick according to PF.
    Reason: No medical report was available.
    Result: State presidential funeral.
    Law: Zambian law is clear, under PF its flip-flop = Shameful legacy.
    Dr Banda quoted a news media and magnified it to the nation to be worry of voting in sickly people into public office that demand physically fit individuals. Secondly to avoid state funerals that has beset our nation even other countries are wondering about our leader’s health. Lets avoid state funerals, we have a choice.

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