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Farmers in Kasama complain over slow pace of payments by banks

General News Farmers in Kasama complain over slow pace of payments by banks

File Peasant farmers
File Peasant farmers

Farmers in Kasama District have described the method being used by banks to disburse funds to pay farmers who sold their maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) as unfair.

Speaking on behalf of the farmers Mwansa Bwalya said the payment method is unfair as some of the farmers in the various cooperatives will not get their monies.

He said this during an on the spot check by ZANIS at Barclays Bank in Kasama today.

Mr Bwalya complained that government should have paid all the farmers by now but as only a small amount of money has been released and most of the farmers will not get paid.

Mr Bwalya said the queues are long and the payment method is too slow and is an inconvenience to their normal duties.
The farmers have since appealed to government to plan ahead to avoid such delays this year as farmers need time to plan for their next farming season.

However, Kasama District Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya recently confirmed that government released the remaining K16, 000 to pay all farmers in the district.

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  1. I have a relation who is like that. He gets stuff from people, promises to pay them later and then when he eventually pretends to settle the bill… he does it in small bits, using post dated cheques or sending them to see other relations (with no warning)… Grandpa, you need to stop doing that…


  3. the slow means that they cant manage to pay all the farmers immidiately after elections they will stop to look for more funds and pay a bit of you so its up to you to chose to continue with suffering or change and vote upnd with its hh to move you forward. for me and my family it hh chabe

  4. The status quo is not acceptable. PF has to go. How can this be. This ggovernment is making sure they are getting paid and fail to pay poor farmers? To imagine this is going on on the eve of an election which they know they are going to loose. PF is doing this so they make sure HH inherits as bad and messed up a situation as possible. It will take the effort of every zambian and devine intervention to fix this mess. Lets all work together to show the PF that evil can never triumph over good. Lets start by booting the morons out.

  5. i can see that vulnerable youths are the ones who are wet behind their ears becuase they have no knowledge owing to not going to school due to lack of money now how will you learn if you continue elevating ka ediga stupid lungu

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