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God is still number one in my life-Nevers Mumba

Headlines God is still number one in my life-Nevers Mumba

Dr Mumba chats with marketeers at Chilenje Market flanked  by supporters and MMD Acting National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima
Dr Mumba chats with marketeers at Chilenje Market flanked by supporters and MMD Acting National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima

MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba has denied assertions that he abandoned his work as an Evangelist because he wanted to gain political power which was better than working for God.

Dr Mumba denied ever saying that political power was better than serving God saying he is still a committed servant of God leading Victory Ministries International.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Christian Voice’s Chat Back radio programme on Wednesday, Dr Mumba said his statement regarding political power has been twisted by his political enemies to create an impression as if he was abandoning God.

‘I remember I made that statement when I served as Vice President and we had travelled to Eastern Province, I was addressed some people in Omelo Mumba area and I mentioned that I was happy that through my job as a politician, I’m now able to serve the people better and reach areas I never reached as an Evangelist. That statement was not meant to say that politics is better than God,’ Dr Mumba explained.

He said he is still leading his Victory Ministries International, an organisation with 52 Churches and still preaches in Church every Sunday.

‘I cannot abandon my God, God is still my number one and i have in my life and I’m not ashamed to proclaim his name, just because now I’m in politics should not mean that God takes a backseat,’ Dr Mumba stated.

‘Even when i was Vice President I preached whenever Sunday morning found me, I went and found a Church and fellowshipped God and preached to his people. I remember when I was Vice President representing President Mwanawasa in Tanzania at a SADC Summit and they heard that there was a servant of God in the gathering and the following Sunday, they asked me to preach at a big Church in Tanzania and I preached from my belly. I remember that sermon very well, I cried as I preached because of the anointing that was overflowing.’

Dr Mumba said he enter politics to change the way politics are conducted in Zambia and bring about politics of morality.

‘The Bible commands us to be the Salt of the Word. What we are doing is simply salting the world and showing people light. I encourage especially Christians not to shun politics but participate and bring about the change you want,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Mumba took time on Wednesday afternoon to tour Chilenje and Kabwata Markets in Lusaka and interacted with Marketeers drawing a large crowd as he spoke to the traders.

At Kabwata Market, Dr Mumba was mobbed by angry Marketeers who complained to him over the uncollected heaps of garbage at the market.

They asked Dr Mumba to ensure that their trading places are clean when they vote him into as republican President on January 20 2015.

In his response, Dr Mumba said the new MMD is focusing on addressing public health as a key step towards over national development.

‘A few days, we launched our ten point master plan to moving Zambia’s development and one of the key issues we are talking about is public health. We cannot have people trading in this kind of environment. Where is the area MP? These are issues he should be preoccupying himself with because it directly affects local people,’ Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba offers to buy some items at Chilenje Market
Dr Mumba offers to buy some items at Chilenje Market

Dr Mumba speaks to Journalists on the need to address   public health concerns after Marketeers complained of large heaps of   uncollected garbage
Dr Mumba speaks to Journalists on the need to address public health concerns after Marketeers complained of large heaps of uncollected garbage

Dr Mumba tours Chilenje Market in Lusaka
Dr Mumba tours Chilenje Market in Lusaka


  1. I am with you
    You make a better candidate than HH and EL

    Shame you have betrayed by your disciples

    You have won me over


    • @ Mushota, I agree that Nevers Mumba makes a better candidate than EL. But why do you think he makes a better candidate than HH?

    • I think on HH, I am indifferent, I do not dislike him, I don’t think him I know enough of him.
      Is he nbetter than HH, I think so.Is he good enough to lead 14 million people and be a torch bearer, I am not convinced.

      He strikes me as a rich man, who for that reason, ascended to the top. There is no proof and evidence he knows how to lead 100 people in a township and for that matter win an election, let alone lead 14 million people.

      I dont dislike HH, I just dont know much about him to think he makes a good President.

      Is he better than Lungu, right now many people are better than Lungu.

      Lungu if elected would be the worst president in southern Africa.

      People backing him, either dont like UPND or don’t have an alternative.
      He is a joke


    • Yes, Dr Mumba, God is our number one, but when it comes to elections, HH is the most notably the best candidate for president.

    • Apologies with swapping HH and EL, I am typing using my Iphone 6 PLUS which I would be surprised if it has reached zambia at all.Am I the only one with an Iphone 6 PLUS

      This is what life is. I have a channel scarf and burberry top, I am not even boasting at all

      In Zambia you still go to Kamwala market and buy those things from China?



    • The adage that ‘the devil you know is better than an angel you have never seen’ seems to hold water here. I concur that Nevers Mumba was known ages ago even before HH came on the political scene. But his popularity was propelled as a result of him being a religious leader and pastor. Can being a pastor be equated to being a politician? Herein lies the big question. In terms of ethics and morality, he definitely is miles better than RB.

      You gotta admire HH in terms of what he has achieved on a personal level. He came from a humble background to achieve all that education and be employed by well-known organisations. The fact that he is an affluent businessman should afford us some level of comfort that he is here to serve the people and not necessarily capitalise on personal gain.

    • If Dr. Mumba reads his Bible well he will come to understand that Christians are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. That’s the reason he cannot be speaking for the worldly kingdom and God’s Kingdom at the same time. God doesn’t want serious Christians engaging in worldly politics much as Ambassadors are asked to keep away from politics of a country hosting them, but represent the country (Kingdom) they come from.

    • @mushota

      You are certainly forgiven for dumping PF on such a flimsy excuse. Edgar is only a figure head for PF and is chosen to win it for them. He is the only one who can. Much as you liked Sampa, he just is not politically substantial enough at this time, and would not have won it for PF.

      However, for your good since you are still very young, Still 29 ish? I can comment on your sartorial faux pas because Mother went to Italy’s leading Fashion College and graduated in Haute Coutre, proper. When she returned home to Zambia, she opened a boutique AND was featured in The Daily Mail’s Female Page(every Socialite wants to be on this page). I’ve dabbled in Fashion myself and do go to a notable Art College to improve on my hobby.

      A Chanel Scarf ( you’ve two ‘ns’ in ur…

  2. The bible says: you are neither cold nor hot, i will vomit you. and again the bible says: you can not save to masters at the same time, you will please one more than the other. You have lost it Dr nevers the time you left the pupet. God gave you the talent of working for him through preaching but you abandoned him for politcal expedience which is worldly. the kingdom of God is different from the kingdom of this world just as the kingdoms of Pontius Pilate and Herode was different from the kingdom of Christ. I thought that is the reason their is speciallisation.

    • Mushota, you almost made me choke, yes we still go to Kamwala market. now what’s got a I phone 6 got to do with misspelling. You be where ever you staying but we don’t people who left Zambia, to become cotton pickers or work in old people homes, to start having bragging rights just because we are poor. Has anybody told you that your contributions are shallow, at least whilst you there learn to read and write, you disappointing us, i wonder what the people around you think about you, when asked try think of calling yourself a another nationality. what rubbish.

    • I can’t agree with you more on this one. Dr. Mumba has lost it. God demands full allegience. People around Dr. Mumba are not all Christians. How is he going to manage to instil Godly principles. You either serve God or man but not both.

  3. HH has impressed me that he has well-articulated his vision and provided ways in which most of the things on his ‘shopping list’ will be achieved. We don’t have that from EL and I still question the sanity of people still saying ‘ifintu ni Lungu’. Just his (EL) body language says a lot and I worry about the people surrounding him and endorsing him; the likes of RB and Dora Siliya. Where’s the integrity with RB? You want to stand on the MMD ticket and all of a sudden switch to PF? And we call these leaders?!

    • @Reality I want to agree with you.I was a die hard foot sodier for PF and mr sata while at CBU .2yrs down the road I have no job.i can not marry my girlfriend because I have no house to leave and a job.These ministers who were calling us on phone switched of there phones when they went to Lusaka(parliament).
      This time I will vote for HH regadless of tribe .we can not Lungu is even if is my tribe.i don’t need to berg from Lungu but I can benefit from HH’s good policies and live a better life.
      Iam now in the field campaigning for HH its all smiles here in Kitwe.

    • surely you see his vision, I envy you! – HH does not inspire me in anyway. But I might vote for him just because I do not like PF. Otherwise his rhetoric sounds desperate and he tends to remind me of Sata. One thing for sure is he does not know how government works and thinks he can impose his so called vision.

  4. @Mushota.. Then do not make comments against a guy you know nothing about. A few months ago, I had no clue who HH was. Then I decided to research on him to know why he wants to be president and why people are always talking about him… Here is a starting point to help you:

    Then go to the UPND website and read the manifesto, check on wiki about his biography, qualifications, work history, etc. Here are further links to assist you further:

    HH’s profile/CV:

    UPND manifesto summary:

    As for Dr Mumba, he must just campaign without using the Name of the Lord in vain. He let down a lot of believers when he quit Victory…

  5. Mr Mumba should be the last one to talk about God being his number one because that is a lie. Sir, your Victory Ministries church/TV program was the best thing that ever happened to Zambia and Africa at large. I was young then and I was still living in Zambia. You inspired a lot of young believers with your “Zambia Shall be Saved” sermons.

    Zambia would have been saved a long time ago had you carried on with your preaching, which in my opinion, was the best at the time. You probably thought that Zambia shall be saved by you being in politics. Zambia shall be saved for real, but through a young “David” and not King Saul that has been rejected. Those that understand the scriptures know what im saying. You cant even read the times to know that you were deleted a long time ago. Just…

    • @ 5 Mr Intelligent

      Like Demas of old, who fell in love with this present world and forsook Paul, Nevers Mumba got lured away from the faith in pursuit of a worldly ambition. Let him just focus on becoming Zambia’s next Republican President, that is his ambition and dream.

  6. Pepani a Nevers koma pa ioneka monga ni HH olo EL…! imwe mungopelekeza anzanu. Koma mwai suzibika, tiyeni nayo malume!

  7. “HH is rich educated and came from humble background.” I doubt if these are the reasons people think he qualifies to rule this nation. Oprah would have ruled the USA, and so would have Bill Gates.

    For me a president should have the leadership qualities that inspire and steers the nation forward. He should be of sound knowledge and sober mobiliser of human capital for the growth of the nation. If these are the qualities that HH has – I will vote for him. But I will not vote for him because of his riches and education. There are lots of Zambians who are well educated and stinking rich.

    • That has been my observation as well.

      Well put sir.

      I dont hate him atll, as a matter of fact at face of value he appears better than EL

      But I am not sure if people think by default of being rich then you can look after people.

      Not buying it sorry


    • You are entitled to your own opinion.The reason people are voting for HH is not about his riches.For the past decade,his messages have been consistent and inspiring.We Zambians have never really reflected on this because of the prejudice of of the tribal tag.Yes he has his strong hold in Southern province and yes someone uttered the unfortunate words of a UPND president being a tonga only.
      The mood currently in the country is that of change and that is what is going to happen, CHANGE!

  8. Of course it is shallow thinking to equate leadership with riches. Otherwise Carlos Slim or Bill Gates would have been presidents of their respective countries. However, with developing nations, it is a different story. A number of people want to assume occupancy of the most top job in government with personal agendas. We need someone who is educated, has already achieved much and just wants to serve the masses. Out of the well accomplished people in Zambia, how many have stood to lead the country? Would you vote for GBM because he is rich? Humility doesn’t put food on your table. Nor does it improve the economy!


    28 August 2012

    Prof. Chirwa vindicates PF – GBM

    The revelations by Professor Clive Chirwa that Hakainde Hichilema’s attacks on President Michael Sata are derived from bitterness and envy do not surprise, but rather vindicate us as the PF. We have stated before, and state here again, that Mr. Hichilema has no ounce of care for this country and all his criticisms and machinations to sabotage the work of the PF government are a result of anger, bitterness, hatred and shameless envy of PF’s meteoric rise.

    Professor Chirwa is speaking with the full insight and knowledge of someone who has worked closely with Mr. Hichilema and his comments must be taken with the seriousness and respect they deserve because, having been inside the UPND, the Professor has watched with…

    • HH will one day be leader of PF. That’s principles of politics in Zambia or lack of them. Look at RB former leader of MMD now allegedly bank-rolling PF which he vehemently once criticised. The party that kicked him out of power and made him cry. What a difference three years make in politics! Professor Chirwa is another very interesting man. I wonder what is happening to him now. He is a chameleon that went through transformation. He treid to launch his own scheme in London to be President after Mwanawasa, then championed PF-UPND pact.He then served PF’s interests at ZRL and now on charges of corruption. It’s been a long road for him. How about a political party led by GBM and deputised by Prof. Chirwa. New vision,new direction, new symbols (or a mixture of all symbols).

    • Another criminal has resurfaced from hell so that he can buy his way out , oh dear it never rain but pours.

    • Prof chirwa is not a factor in Zambia’s politics and his opinion is not devoid of tribalism.Chirwa is in court and there for he should concentrate on the court cases.Sata fired him just like we had predicted.He is not a wise man .HH is far smart than the prof.HH adviced Chirwa never to join PF.

  10. Nervous Mumba can make a good president that HH and EL.
    I urge all Zambian’s to think twice wen time comes to vote.

    • Rita, maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong the tragedy is that we will never find out because the battle is between EL and HH.

    • @ rita: I disagree. Dr Mumba is living a double-standard life. I appears christian to Christians and worldly to the people of the world. That is the worst type of life. He must just choose and leave the Lord out of his campaigns to woo believers.

  11. Nevers Mumba is very calculative devil.He betrayed Mazoka and christone Tembo when they sent him to negotiate with Mwanawasa in 2001.He went and fought for his position as vice president,the position which was supposed to be for Mazoka under a government of national unit ask Maureen Mwanawasa she is alive to this fact.He is still in court over the Canadian Embasy scandle.HH has never been in court for stealing.Nevers has a girlfriend in Chilanga do you know that.Any way let me end here.

    • What an uninformed chap you are. everything you have said is pure lies. Are you an agent of the devil by any chance?

  12. Nowadays when Mumba is called to preach he preaches politics. You were called to preach when you were vice president you just boasted at how after the vice presidency you were going to do a new thing. Do you remember that day at new life in ndola? a day before sata died you were in kitwe. you were called to preach at your church again it was just about yourself. the God who got you from bulimbo village will make you president. according to that boasting, he is supposed to make you president this year! we are waiting. let me show you what Christianity is. people will do bad things to you. its not God’s job to come and punish them all the time. But with you ‘God will judge rupiah harshly!’ Give us a break with your unchristian ‘back to sender!’

  13. The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged that the Patriotic Front’s (PF) ending will be the worst in the history of the Zambian politics.
    UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who is also a renowned Freemason says the time is near when the PF will answer to the charges of abuse of office and for promising lies to Zambian people. The UPND leader did not however specify which provision of the Law the PF has abrogated for making what he termed fake promises.

    Mr. Hichilema in typical Morgan Tswangirai way of politics has called upon the international community to come and effect sanctions on Zambia as the case is in Zimbabwe, this according to him will rescue the people who have been subjected to suffering under the PF regime

    He adds that though people have…

  14. Nevers is a childish fella. He had the best leadership ever. Far better than that of being president of this Zambia. God had given him all the abilities and I still remember his “Zambia shall be saved” slogan. Whenever I listened to him preaching on radio, I could feel the spirit moving in my heart. He surely contributed to the level of Christianity that I have these days. However, mainly for selfish reasons, he decided do forsake God and enter into the stupid politics. He will not be able to save two masters. Hence the reason why I say he is childish and all his wisdom has gone away. you can imagine he has started telling lies started wring thinking such as he will raze down UTH. He has become a laughing stork.


    About 308 election staffs is afternoon took the ECZ Accountant to task over the K200 which each of the staffs are paid per day which they claim was not uniform across the country. The named polling agent asked the accountant to clarify whether the ECZ’s rates were varying from districts to districts as other polling assistants in other districts such as Mporokoso are receiving K250 as sitting allowance plus snacks while those from other Nakonde District were being paid K200.
    The seemingly confused accountant tried to explain to the polling staffs but failed to convince them.
    But what annoyed the 308 Election Poling Staffs was when one of the named local ECZ Official told tho

  16. Nevers the crooked clergyman is still trying to have it both ways. Coveting and salivating over plot 1 while courting the church choir vote.

  17. Whoever is saying dat EL is worse than that cow dang HH is an embecile cz yo HH hs never bn a ward chairman, jst coz he is rich doesn’t convince me dat he cn mek a gud president.Atleast EL hs acted b4.

  18. @Mushota

    A Chanel Scarf ( you’ve two ‘ns’ in ur spelling), should preferably be worn with a little black dress (LBD), for those in the know, because Chanel falls into a different brand to Burberry in that Chanel is proper Haute Couture whereas Burberry is really what euros call Sportif wear. The Thesaurus gives various antonyms for Sportif, the best being ‘dressy,’ ‘informal.’ You know white, tie black tie stuff. Karl Lagerfield would be a bit sniffly upset with you, for wearing Coco Chanels scarf with Burberry, they are just 2 high end products in a different class, although both high end.

    But a Socialite who has done the Debs season at 16, 17 years would be looking at you with a one high brow curious as to you in knowledge.

    Nip over to 160grams (dot) com…

    • This posted in the wrong place. I was trying to discipline @Mushota for naughty boasting. The beginning which should have stayed with this went like….You are certainly forgiven for dumping PF on such a flimsy excuse. Edgar is only a figure head for PF and is chosen to win it for them. He is the only one who can. Much as you liked Sampa, he just is not politically substantial enough at this time, and would not have won it for PF.

      However, for your good since you are still very young, Still 29 ish? I can comment on your sartorial faux pas because Mother went to Italy’s leading Fashion College and graduated in Haute Coutre, proper. When she returned home to Zambia, she opened a boutique AND was featured in The Daily Mail’s Female Page(every Socialite wants to be on this page).

    • On Mumba…….boring politician. Nothing new, just mixing Christianity with politics to grab the Christian vote. Christians should realise it would be a wasted vote. We need properly contested elections and all voters should turn up at polling stations.

      If I have one advice, is that by now it should be clear, Lungu and HH are the real contenders. I would have liked Nawakwi to bring in the ‘Female Hope’ vote but unfortunately on this occasion she has not prepared well. As a result she is using unseemly attacks on her fellow candidates, especially Lungu as she appears to harbour ill feelings to him.

      The bottom line is we should be encouraging voters NOT to waste their votes on the ‘also runs.’ Strategically, now voters should be watching EL and HH, and choose Lungu!

  19. Those of us that put issues before popularity have only good things to say about Nevers Mumba. No one is perfect but all personalities running for presidency considered, he stands out. He is articulate, experienced (diplomat, VP, acting President etc.) and above all, a man of God. He will not promise you anything he cannot achieve just to excite you to vote for him but knows what he needs to do by the grace of God to make a difference. I believe we need to listen to him and give him the vote. How befitting it would be to start the next jubilee as a christian nation with a man of God full of integrity at the helm.

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