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HH demands Government drops fuel prices immediately

Economy HH demands Government drops fuel prices immediately


Government must drop fuel prices immediately

As oil prices have continued to plummet on international markets, I demand on behalf of the Zambian people, that the PF government should within one week from today drop the price of fuel.

Zambians are suffering and local businesses are struggling so we cannot delay any longer.

A serious reduction in prices has been due for some time but the situation by now has become ridiculous. How can oil prices be at a third of their highs and still we are paying a very high price in Zambia?

This is another example of how poor leadership is failing to manage the economy for the benefit of Zambians.

High fuel prices are driving up food and transport costs for Zambians across the country. They are also making it harder for local businesses to grow, flourish and create much needed jobs. It also raises the question of how we can hope to export Zambian crops and products across the region when the cost of transporting them is so high.

During my campaign I have committed to lowering the price of fuel but I call on government to oversee a reduction immediately so that the pressure can be eased on a number of Zambians who have struggled to meet the rising cost.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President
UPND Information (PI Dept)


  1. YES.

    It’s soooo cheap here in the US at the mo. In fact the world over, so why hasn’t it happened in Zambia?

    Thank you for lighting a fire under their you-know-whats.

    • I we it has only gone down by a Dollar. And USA is not Zambia – It also has its own fuel. You think you know more

    • HH has vast investments in the oil related industry, so he knows and understands how bulk purchases work. Who you are you to question his judgement?

      How will the depots loose when next time they will be stocking up, they will only pay half of the price they paid previously?. All they need to do is remove the current profit margin for the current stock.Surely a 20% reduction is reasonable because it will boost the economy in many ways.

      Some of PF minions boast to know more economics than HH and yet they have totally nothing to show for it. You are still beggars for political favours. Its no wonder the mention of HH makes U tremble with fear of losing your politically created jobs.

      You must really be that dull not to understand HH ‘s premise to reduce fuel prices immediately.

    • Your reasoning PF minions explains why there are so many economists or graduates out there but only a few use their knowledge properly to Identify business opportunity where others are to blind to see despite their eyes being peeled wide open.

      Of course I do not expect you PF minions to see an opportunity in what HH is saying because you have made political bootlicking your careers.

      HH is feeling for the majority Zambians. If he wanted to be selfish he can an Island for himself and his family and live there happily without coming into contact with poor people.

      If HH loses, us in UPND are already self sufficient regarding the means of earning income.

      How ever for you PF minions, a loss for PF and Lungu, will spell end of the road. Most of you will cry, together with RB and…

    • He knows that they about to reduce it further then he comes and say ‘He demands’ so that when it is reduced he says it is because of him..Credit lover even where he doesn’t deserve it. Just shut up and let the government reduce fuel prices which they are about to do whether HH says it or not.

    • Fuel is traded on futures.. and in Zambia just face it, its one of the biggest revenue earners for the government… touch that and you are off life support… PF talked about dropping oil prices once in government, when they went in government they saw the real problems in ZAMBIA.. TALK IS CHEAP .

    • PF cadres and bloggers stop embarrassing your self by commenting on things you can not understand.The fuel price world went down again yesterday.In south Africa fuel prices have been reduced three times in recent days.Zambia is not an exception.PF government should reduce fuel this can be very good campaign strategy but because they are greed people they still want to collect as much tax to fund there campaigns.Shame on PF.VIVA President HH.

    • Zambia signed a contract for the supply of crude oil when the prices were more than $100/barrel.

      The first question is: Has Zambia benefited from the current price reduction of oil on the market? if so by how much? if not why not?

      I believe the country has benefited from drop in crude oil prices and this benefit should be passed on to the consumers.

      While i agree that govt considers to reduce the pump price of fuel, i disagree with the highly politicized ultimatum lacking in economic considerations issued by Akainde as a desperate attempt to win votes.

      Huyu Hena Hawe Hakakota Halelusa.

    • @Robin I thought you Educated and live abroad kanshi ulifye Chinangwa,PF Kabova with no knowledge of the word economic trends.You don’t know that yesterday oil reduced to its lowest price.All countries including south Africa has reduced fuel.Mu PF mwalisula ifiso so.

    • HH knows the govt will further reduce fuel prices before 20th Jan. When it happens, he wants to come and say the govt is dancing to his tune! HH’s last chance is lost again. Too bad bro

    • I blame once again the remnants of the MMD govt that the PF did not get rid of, these bloated technocrats with their latest Hilux, Landcruisers and 4 bedroom villas in areas such as Ibex Hill are the cockroaches that are letting the good works and best intentions of PF down..however Zambians are not fools and they know these matters are being addressed and will be addressed by the PF govt..lets not forget the roads that PF are striving to construct for a better Zambia, lets not forget the freedom of expression PF has maintained and even encouraged, lets not forget dear Civil servants the improved conditions of service in govt that 5 to 10 years ago seemed impossible..yes the fuel price is an issue which the PF govt is aware of and is working day and night to resolve.

    • You mean do not know the that USA produces some of its oil mainly in Texas, as compared to Zambia that imports all its oil

    • @Gen

      If PF signed a deal to buy crude oil at a fixed of $100/ barrel and this is the reason why it cannot reduce the price of fuel, then you have just confirmed how useless PF is as whole in terms of managing the resources of the country.

      If what you are saying in your defence is true, then PF got a terrible deal for poor Zambians, but for who ‘s benefit if not themselves.

      Thats why Zambians needs people like HH to negotiate good deals so that Zambians do not have to suffer as a result useless fixed crude oil price deals.

      HH is aware of the price Zambia bought crude oil. All he is asking for is for PF remove the profit margin and cut the price for the current stock a bit more because the next stock will be 50% cheaper. The importers will still make a huge profit.

      Vote HH

    • If a barrel cost $100 today.
      The importer sells it at $130 to the Zambian public for profit of $30/barrel.

      Now if it happens that the whole sale price suddenly drops to $50/barrel the next day.

      A reasonable trader would reduce the retail price by $30 and sell it at $100 /barrel to the public.

      The fact that next time when goes to order new stock he will pay only $50 / barrel, means that he will still make a profit of $50 slightly more than he would have made in the first place.

      This is simple arithmetic which is eluding PF minions because they believe in extortion and stealing from the poor people .

      Sure the simple analysis I have given above is no rocket science at all.

      In future Zambia needs to open the petroleum trade to more competitors so Zambians can get a good…

  2. HH please you are an educated man and must know how things operate. We all have access to media. In Kenya it is the same thing. In the USA it is reducing day by day. Besides fuel was already paid for in advance therefore GRZ must ensure they donot lose out just to please politics.

    • ????????????????????????




    • What shall we do with this HH. If we reduce people will say we listened to him. If we do not they will say we do not care and are not capable of running government. Kikiki

  4. I am heaping praises on anyone who demands sanity… Bloomberg is having a discussion at the moment where they think the price is going to hit $40 a barrel. In the meantime in Zed we’re still behaving like it’s $100 a barrel. Shows there are oily fingers that never expected this particular cookie jar to be so exposed… oh oh oh … how many greasy percentages will it go down by… Let me guess… something large close to election day. Chuckle.

    • Hey Jess! I tried looking but those deep dark files are in very murky depths…

      In the meantime, I am enjoying your posts and I can see your Temptress gloves are working over time. I am betting Guy loves you for saying what he can’t…

      Chuck EL… that’s for you Jess. I know you see it.

    • @A Phiri

      yes I am rather tireless in giving Guy a helping hand. I’m on my knees to him to come forth….

      A Phiri, what will we blog about when the right government is finally in?

    • Are you kidding? The opposition, of course! You know it will be like repubs and Obama all over again!

    • You know that is a sure sign you’ve been eyeing up your ‘Roopy’ again. How long do you give it before he brings out his Grand Mufti or do you think he’s likely to ease him in to the campaign unnoticed?


  6. True GRZ please reduce the fuel price. In RSA, petrol now costs $0.95 from $1.40 in September 2014, while pa Zed its $1.65.

  7. Yesterday South Africa reduced fuel price by over a rand Third time in 3 months Somebody is pulling a fast one on Zambians

  8. @deja vu

    It’s gone down a dollar PER GALLON! That’s a lot. Also it has a domino effect on industry – they pay less for transporting goods to you!!

    Stop trying to pretend that paying a dollar less per gallon is nothing to you because you have so much money! Sha!

  9. The fuel prices have been falling since august last year 2014. The political campaigns rhetoric have been insensitive on fuel economics in Zambia. The reductions in prices on fuel are insignificant and stupid. It has left me wondering why political campaigns were not highlighting this issue which affects every Zambia. I am relieved that HH is talking about it. The ERB regulation board must be dissolved and Zambia must have a dynamic import pricing model for fuel if we have to survive in this global village. KLM airlines have pulled out of Zambia because of poor policy on fuel inclusive of jet fuel.

    • That’s why we Zambians need to unite and remove these PF *****s.The Kwacha has fallen down again and economic indicators are showing that Zambia’s economy will be on its knees this year.we can not eat Lungu,copper prices has gone down therefore Agriculture shall be the engine of industrial growth and Economic development.we need HH a farmer,an economist and a business manager to in charge at state house working 16hrs per day to control and change this gloomy Economic picture for Zambia.

  10. I just bought diesel at £1.13. So Wanzelu and A Phiri ana bwe where are you buying your fuel cheaper here in the UK? Please let’s stop this cheap politicking

    • George Osbourne has just tweeted about the very same issue while the four supermarkets are just announcing they are edging closer to £1… the world over those prices have to go down so instead of jumping down our throats why don’t you add your voice to the empowerment of all. Zed fuel prices are outrageous. When was the last time you were there? It’s painful and something has to give…

    • Chancellor George Osborne has warned it is “vital” for the fall in oil prices to be passed to consumers.

      Mr Osborne tweeted that they should feel the benefit not only in pump prices but utility bills, heating oil and airline tickets.

      Ministers said they would watch the industry “like a hawk” as Treasury officials study whether companies are passing on the fall in oil prices.

      Industry body Energy UK said price cuts were already being passed on.

      The price of Brent Crude oil fell more than a dollar to $49.92 a barrel in early trading on Wednesday before edging back above the $50 mark.

      It was the first time it had gone below $50 a barrel since May 2009.

      Source: BBC

    • @A Phiri ana bwe. I was in Zambia last week for a month long holiday and the price of fuel there is comparable to here! So don’t cheat people on this blog. The point is you just don’t wake up tomorrow morning and reduce the pump price because the wholesale price has gone down today! I hope you understand my point.

    • Okay Stella I get it. You just want to pick a fight and selected a couple of names. Point out where I am cheating anyone Stella. Are the wages of people on average also comparable to ‘here’? If not then perhaps you get my point. Fuel prices need to go down.

      Now if you wish to actually comment on my post the order is as follows:

      I stated I was praising anyone who demanded sanity, then I quoted a discussion on Bloomberg and then made a statement about fingers in oil pies (I am sure you’re not naive) so how do we get to the UK pump. Turn on your TV if you’re in the UK and it is the same discussion every hour… or maybe you’ve been away… no one wants high prices at the pump.

    • @Stella

      Diesel was £1.20 and petrol £1.15 just last week here in the UK.

      Today filled my 4×4 with diesel at £1.12 /litre.

      So its continuously going down to levels it was in 2010.

      This is not politicking but reality on the ground every where.

      Its just you PF minions disagree with anything HH says because you chose to wear blinkers.

    • @stella

      Are you aware that the true pump price of diesel here in the UK is actually £0.60per litre. The rest is government tax.

      Comparing fuel price here with fuel price in Zambia does not make sense at all because here the government adds a lot of taxes on it for the mere fact that people can afford it.

      Per week I will now be filling up my car for £70 , and what is £70 compared to what I get every week? Just tiny fraction.

      So you should NOT compare the affordability of fuel here with that in Zambia where wages are really low.

      What you are doing otherwise is comparing Kapenta with tilapia. They are all fish but totally different.

  11. @stella you are not in UK ,stop insulting our intelligency.you fool.Dull PF cader.go to hell with your Chikwandanomics of old UNIP.

    • Chizungu bosses! Dont be misled by the flag on my last comment bwana. I live and work in the UK and don’t support PF. Next time try to be a bit more civilised and put your point across without insulting who knows you just might sound intelligent

    • @Stella
      Thank God! I’d hate to think you’re here in the US of A, where everyone is celebrating this good thing. May the ocean forever separate us!

  12. Benefit of reducing fuel .1 .increase pdn of agric produce and will lead 2 lower prices.2 pdn nd transpotation cost of melie meal lower nd cost of living will be lower.3 horticulture pdn cost will be lower nd lead 2 mass pdn nd wil benefit on export earnings. 4.inter trade will improve e.g btw Mazabuka and monze and other surroundng twns. pls ba pf look at these benefits to the Country.

  13. HH is a lunatic.

    HH is a lunatic

    HH is a lunatic. Who the hell does he think he is. You have not paid your farm workers their salaries for seven months, you do not even pay them the minimum wage, you do not buy your cattle herders simple gumboots for them to wear when they take your cattle in the bush to feed,, yet in stand there and demand on behalf of Zambians for fuel prices to be reduced. You are a heartless man.

  14. @?MUSANKHWA kwena ulichipuba !! ! ! ! ! ! Very irritating Please think before vomiting your trash

    Atase , Ubupuba ! ! ! ! !

    • What is your problem? A man is demonstrating his opinion and you puke like that? Chill, if you can react like this, what will happen on 21st January? Ukaikulika.

  15. I agree with you 100%. So if HH is not paying the farm workers and cattle herders, they should have left him a long time ago. Besides, HH would never have gotten so rich with such methods. Or may be you are talking from experience, are you one of the cattle herders with a laptop in the bush?

  16. Imbecility is normal in (HH)’s brain. so by next week if government doesn’t reduce the prices what will you do bantu stan yok*?

    • If by next week they don’t heed Mr. Hichilema’s call, they’ll have demonstrated what everyone knows: PF are enriching themselves and are not interested in serving the ordinary Zambian.

      He won’t have to do anything. 5 days later the people will speak.

  17. This is the president we have been waiting to hear from,
    The man with the knowledge and understanding , what is going on around the world, not abatutuma ngatabanwene.
    Flight HH 2015 about to land in few days, aleisa aleisa

  18. Musakwa, whatever they call you, you are big fool.
    Just shut up, don’t open your mouth, if you have nothing of substance to write. Leave our president HH, alone, he is fighting for mother Zambia to reduce the prices of fuel, what wrong did he do in asking whoever, is in power to do that. It’s you who is lunatic.

  19. There is the need to reduce the price of fuel, true. But you must understand pricing considers several factors. When barrels are selling at $50 today, it doesn’t mean that Zambia will buy it today and reach pumps the same day. Actually a country buys in bulk for months and they have to consider several factors. HH is just taking advantage of people’s ignorance.

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