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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Government condemns political violence

General News Government condemns political violence

Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,
Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,

Government has condemned in the strongest terms, incidents of violence reported in some parts of the country in the ongoing campaigns for the January 20 presidential election.

Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema in a statement to QFM says it is unfortunate, unZambian and unacceptable, that violence wants to rear its ugly face in a peaceful and democratic country in which everyone has a right to associate with a party of their choice.

Dr Katema has stressed that violence has no place in Zambia’s flourishing democracy which provides for diversity in views and political persuasions.

He says the ongoing campaigns should be about ideas on how each political party wishes to improve people’s lives and not physical confrontation, devoid of logic and tolerance.

Dr Katema has since urged all political cadres to be law abiding and avoid acts of provocation against each other in the ongoing campaigns.

He reiterates that Government does not condone acts of criminality under the guise of campaigning and that perpetrators of violence are warned that they will face the wrath of the law.

Dr Katema who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister says Government renews its commitment to ensuring that the forthcoming Presidential election is held in a peaceful environment devoid of any acts of violence.

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  1. Lip service. Hot air. No will to resolve. All talk and no action. A day late and a dollar short is still short changing those you swore to protect.

    • Do not talk of provocation. It’s like you are justifying and saying if one is provoked they should use violence. Ones maturity, wisdom and tolerance is judged by how they react to provocation. Those who react by being violent are immature, intolerant, unwise and should not be allowed to run government. PF is such a party. Too much violence because of the founder who believed in use of violence.

  2. Young HH I hope is listening. By the way, why is that Kabova on ZNBC UPND advert having one eye? One eye is a masonic symbol. I hope it is fashion and not anything else

  3. Young HH I hope is listening. By the way, why is that Kabova on ZNBC UPND advert having one eye? One eye is a masonic symbol. I hope it is fashion and not anything else.

    • You just don;t have anything to say.Another said the hand is also a masonic symbol.By the way do you know that a clenched fist is a symbol of rebellion against God?
      By the way ,I have been asking for a link to the masonic register showing HH membership

  4. As a government in power and and as pf political party, please update us on what you have done so far with those pf thugs on shiwangandu or mongu or upnd if at all your are forcefully dealing with this problem. Condeming without action or shilding wrong doers does and will not reflect well to a country that once used to be peaceful

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