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Don’t politicize Sondashi formula – Lizu

Health Don’t politicize Sondashi formula - Lizu

National coordinator for the Sondashi Formula Stanfford Lizu has advised Zambians to stop denouncing the Sondashi formula due to lack of knowledge.

Mr Lizu says it is disheartening to see people doubting the Sondashi formula when there are so many people who have been healed from the dreaded HIV and AIDS disease in this country.

He told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview in Lusaka yesterday .

Mr Lizu further said people should not politicise the formula just because the nation will be going to the polls in the few weeks remaining .

He expressed that many foreign nationals are already benefiting from Sondashi formula, citing nationals from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and some notable Zambians in the country.

Mr Lizu also called on government to fund the Sondashi formula in order to serve many lives of Zambians suffering from HIV and AIDS.

He said the formula works despite government’s failure to recognize it for the benefit of masses effected with the disease.

Mr Lizu stated that although people are denouncing the formula, the truth is that it is working and that a lot of people in the country and other countries have greatly benefited a lot.

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  1. It is the the same Dr Sondashi who has politicised it. How can he blackmail us that only we vote r him will he give us for free. You see don’t accuse us.

  2. My dear this is not true and please don’t mislead the Zambians. This Sondashi formula does not work and I have 2 family friends who stopped ARVS on the advise of their doctors and switched to SF and almost died after 6 months and they had to revert back to ARVS. What was happening was that after they started taking SF, every time they would go for CD4 count, it would show a drastic decline and started having those opportunistic infections until they were advised to stop and revert back to ARVS. Doesn’t Prof Tiang ring a bell. That Chinese Lusaka Herbalist who swindled a lot of Zambians in the 90s by claiming that his herbs cured Aids and yet people were dying enmass and yet chi color was getting mula

  3. When I was in Ndola, one of the sons of our Chifubu MP (name withheld) in the early 90s had the virus and the father really spent money on Prof Tiang”s Herbs but he was not improving and Tiang was the talk of town in those days and he used to frequently appear on ZNBC where he would boost about the efficacy of his herbs and how in China no one had AIDs and we gullible Zambians listened and accepted. What saved this man was the arrival of ARVS that was being accessed from SA and as am writing this , the gentleman is very okay upto this day. Please for Gods sake don’t mislead people.

  4. If Ludwig is really serious about that nonsense he is talking about let him subject it to proper WHO scrutiny.
    It is a pity that no matter how educated some people are deep down lies a true ***** that cannot be eradicated.

  5. After amassing millions from his victims who he prematurely sends to their graves , he is now using the same money for his political campaigns and uses the same fake drug as a bait!! this old crook is sick to the core. What is so disheartening is the attitude of government that should regulate drugs in Zambia. The entire national is a big human guinea pig laboratory where fanatics can do as they wish on these sensitive human subjects!!

  6. Sondashi lost a son and daughter in law to this fimo fimo.How come he could not cure him.its a useless formula meant to enrich him.ARVs are free.So waste time on this useless thing.

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