A HEAP of uncollected garbage behind a shopping mall in Choma
A HEAP of uncollected garbage behind a shopping mall in Choma

Choma Municipal Council has cautioned traders to stop using undesignated trading places as the trend is a danger to public health.

Choma Municipal Council (CMC), Public Relations Officer Ramona Phiri says designated trading places have good sanitation, which include
functional toilet facilities.

ZANIS reports that speaking in an interview in Choma today, Ms. Phiri explained, that her council was concerned on the continued trading in undesignated places by some traders in the provincial capital.

Ms. Phiri nearly all the council ran markets namely Macha road market, Shampande market, Batoka Market, Kalukungu and Makalanguzu market were posing a health risk to both marketeers and the general public at large.

“The sanitary situation in most of these markets is ok, the council has built toilets and provided water supply, except for Shampande market which is still under rehabilitation and will soon be fully
operational,” she said.

She noted that, it is in the interest of the community that traders make use of the facilities and refrain from trading in undesignated areas to help keep Choma clean.

Ms. Phiri pointed out that the council has been working relentlessly to provide trading facilities to traders in Choma, as can be seen by the new market being built in Kalukungu and the rehabilitation of Shampande market.

She disclosed however that the council will soon engage all traders through a stakeholders meeting with the bid to sensitize them on the issue of not operating from undesignated areas and the use of
available trading facilities.

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    • This is what I have been talking about all along..compare Choma council with say Chipata council..both have opposition representation in Parliament through whom they are able to access funds through CDF and please to the opposers YES I KNOW PARLIAMENT IS PRIMARILY A LAW MAKING BODY, however a good MP or Congressman for you American based bloggers takes an active role in development of his constituency..the point I’m making here is UPND’s style of management has failed its own people in Southern Province and no amount of putting blame on the national government carries any water here..how has Chipata despite having an opposition MP managed to keep that town clean, orderly and attractive to investors??? This is why I have a problem with UPND and why I see beyond their smoke screen!!!


  1. Good work Choma Council!

    Those rogue traders in us designated places have been promised to stay put while you and the people try to provide a healthy environment for all.

    Vote Lungu, PF for common sense and positive solutions.



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