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Muvi TV opinion poll fraud, threat to security, says Mulusa

General News Muvi TV opinion poll fraud, threat to security, says Mulusa

Lucky Mulusa using his smart phone to capture pictures during the press conference where Rupiah Banda announced his support for Edgar Lungu in the January 20, 2015 elections
Lucky Mulusa

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Winston Chibwe has welcomed the opinion poll conducted by Muvi television which shows that Hakainde Hichilema of UPND would win the elections by 83 percent.

Mr. Chibwe said although the results of the opinion polls may not be concrete, it was quiet encouraging.

He said the opinion poll was a call for the opposition party to work even harder in all angles if they were to win the forthcoming presidential election.

But former MMD Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Luckson Mulusa, who has endorsed party president Nevers Mumba, said authorities must take a step and stop Muvi TV from conducting such polls because they were dangerous to the security of the country.

Mr. Mulusa said such polls do not meet the minimum standards because one person can vote three or four times.

He said it was not easy to tell who was a registered voter among those people who take part in the opinion poll.

He further said there was no geographical identification of people who do the opinion poll noting that actual voting will take part in all the 10 provinces of the country.

Mr. Mulusa added that no one has ever won an election with such a margin, adding that it was dangerous for Muvi TV to continue such polls because they were fraud and dangerous to national security.

He said when some political parties lose the January 20 election, they will think results have been rigid and this can bring about violence.

And Forum for Democratic and Development (FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda refused to comment but said such opinion polls were only speculations.

Meanwhile, United National Independence Party (UNIP) said opinion polls were not consistent because the samples do not represent the voter population.

UNIP vice president Njekwa Anamela told ZANIS that no comparisons were made with other media houses adding that they were not done in a professional manner.

Efforts to get seven other contesting political parties failed by press time.

The latest opinion poll indicates that opposition UPND candidate, Mr. Hichilema would win the presidency if elections were conducted today, beating all the ten other candidates contesting in the elections.


  1. What country is Muvit conducting their polls in? 83% really,is this obama standing in a zambian election.Anyways,they are paid to please the payer.

    • Check the post poll. Its also indicating that the opposition has a chance of winning these elections by 76% while the ruling party has only 26% as of this evening.

      All the other polls are indicating that HH is way ahead of Lungu.

      Without or without rigging, HH is winning these elections.

      What ever rigging machinery PF has in place will be in disarray as a result of the “TOWER OF BABEL EFFECT” controlling the PF.

      Viva HH

      Vote HH.

    • Threat to national security?! MY FOOT! What is a threat to national security is borrowing money from Boko HARAM and hacking innocent citizens by the Panga family when the police cadres are watching instead of protecting the tax payers(citizens). Foolish Mulusa… neshinaline tells it all. Loser! Oh 8 days to go!!!

    • Ummm….EXACTLY….how is an opinion poll a threat to national security? The words “because of…chakuti..chakuti” are very scarce with some of our..umm…servers.
      Humour us by conducting a other live ones by other stations and media.
      Humour us.

    • When Muvi TV conducted polls that indicated Mr. Lungu would win by a large margin during the PF general conference, PF praised them and even advertised the poll results in newspapers but now the polls are a danger to PF… hehehe. PF wawa!

    • This opinion poll and the the Post’s (the most biased paper ever in Zambia’s history) if at all they did one are clearly biased towards the party that they favour which in this case is UPND.. its a NO BRAINER..WOULD SOMEONE AS BIASED AS A UPND SYMPATHIZER EVER SAY PF WILL WIN DESPITE THE OBVIOUS THAT PF WILL INFACT WIN???

      I prefer Kalaki’s personal opinion ..this “musungu wa mano” gives Edgar the thumbs up..anyway we all know EL is winning…

      January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

      January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

      By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****


    • @Wanzelu, can any normal person ever expect Mmembe to calculate percentages? What is 76%+26%? I find it so painful that in Zambia the standard of everything has really gone down – even that of liars! Today’s liars don’t even know that the best lie is one that’s as close as possible to the truth. They just dream figures of things they don’t understand. So don’t cry when Edgar THUMPS you on Tuesday…

    • Beware of Muvi TV survey. The program used by Muvi TV is keeping your full details, Name, telephone number, who you voted for, when you voted for, which Internet service provider you used, which country you voted from etc. I did a random check and can confirm that over 90% of the respondents are not based in Zambia. Sample data results are as under-
      Total votes 397. HH got 204 (186 were from countries like Indonesia, Dubai, Australia, Canada, USA,Netherlands, UK , South Africa, Kenya, Namibia etc.) El 173 votes (157 from outside Zambia) EN 6 (5 from outside Zambia, all from the UK), NM 3(1 from outside Zambia), Gen. Miyanda 1(Zambia). Now you know the risks. Gentleman from a Water Company in copperbelt and 2 gentlemen from Solwezi are conspicuous.

    • Contd.. All those who voted from within Zambia are Lusaka based except for 2 gentlemen from Solwezi and one from a water company in Copperbelt. Solwezi was tied between HH and EL. Water company gentleman voted for HH.
      Pipos, Avoid voting for online surveys. Muvi TV is saving all information. The risks are obvious, before and after elections. If you feel that I am scaring you because Muvi TV survey is favouring HH, just go and ask Muvi TV the following questions- IP address is shown on the individual response or not? From IP address one can easily get the name of the owner of that IP address, physical address, telephone numbers etc. of the person who responded. In any case, survey results are useless as majority of the participants are based out of Zambia and concentrated within Lusaka.

    • Correction, and a few who voted from within Zambia are under 10% of total respondents and are concentrated in Lusaka.

  2. What scientific method are they using? MOVI TV are liars even last time they predicted RB would win but lost. This election is clear that HH is losing by wide margin. Let MOVI TV continue telling lies to HH but Zambians know that HH will mourn come 20 January.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • But why are you worried? Nanga HH nimwana wanyoko? If he loses, it’s his problem. What scientific method are you using yourself to judge that he will lose? Marabishi bati!

    • Here is a method for you.
      hello…yes…what do you think?..ok.
      Or here is another “scientific” one..the science being the IT involved….Please indicate by clicking or otherwise liking accordingly based on the question or scenario given. There you go. Polls are not scientific unless thats what you think scientific means.

    • This Mulusa begger ,power hungry ,selfish he blindfolded pipo into thinking hes a somebody kanshi hes just a NOBODY njala yalimwikata,was trashed into a bin in Solwezi .
      Jst finish RB’s money you fool your fellow fool .

  3. Read the disclaimer always. Most of you discrediting muvi tv are not researchers. Muvi tv have repeatedly said that the opinion poll is for those subscribers on muvi tv bouquet and does not represent the general populace. Ever heard of limitations and generalisation in research?

    • Ine Wine, yes we do read the disclaimers. If MUVI TV knows that the opinion polls it conducts does not represent the general population, then what is their motivation in conducting such polls. Is it money or the promised poltical positions as we hear? Yes, we know of limitations and generalisation in research. It then appears that the MUVI polls are full of limitations and over-generalisations making them useless. It is therefore amazing that a party like UPND can begin to declare that it has won based on these polls that lack credibility. Then HH and his team are not serious, no wonder they continue to lose election. They live on fantasy island. They need a boat to rescue them and take to the land of realities.

    • @Iwe wine, what Mulusa is simply saying is that any research or opinion poll sample should be REPRESENTATIVE of the ACTUAL pool from which voters will come, and that is all the 10 provinces. Even then you still need to capture the divergent aspirations of voters in each of those 10 provinces and not what your mind wants.

  4. Ba Mulusa, the best you can do for now is to shut up and continue mourning your loss to UPND in the last by election in Solwezi. Sometimes you should have even a bit of shame as a human being ba Mulusa. An opinion poll is simply that, an opinion poll. So if people express their opinions in a poll, there is no need to solicit anyone to stop them from expressing their opinion.

  5. Do you know that mosses of that time did not reach canan? if the Bible is truthful even the mosses wanomba HH will not go to state house

    • Thank God HH is not Moses but Mosses. Do you know what Mosses are iwe? Consult your biology books. You need free education of HH

  6. Even if this poll was in favor of EL, I would still question how in our current political setting that one candidate can win 83% of the vote especially considering that there are 11 candidates on the ballot, granted some a weak, but will still garner some support, might be negligible but it still remains impossible for this result to happen. HH has a good chance of winning, will he win with 83% of the vote – I don’t think so. Will he win with 50% of the vote – even that is challenging given the potential vote splitting that is likely to happen. For as long as the 50+1 remains a pipe dream and not adopted in the constitution, we will always have Presidents who will rule with less than half of the population giving them the mandate.

  7. Haleisa and uyu eobalefya. someone can come but as long as teo balefwaya they will not vote for him. All eleven candidates have come but NILUNGU BALEFWAYA

  8. Mwanawasa had a legitimate mandate with only 38% of the vote in favor of him, even Sata, at the height of his popularity that brought him into power in 2011 did not get over 50% of the vote. Let us learn to be objective, the Muvi Poll maybe an indication of the orientation of the coming election, but credibility of results is very much linked to methodology used and other factors. None of the opinion polls conducted so far lend themselves to giving credibility. Neither polls in favor of PF or those that favor UPND.

  9. It does not really matter whatever, who would vote for PF thieves, come on people be realistic, see what is going on with farmers, CBU students, nurses etc you call that good governance? Zambia is a joke. I would rather vote for a flog than those chickens. At this point an alternative rather than PF would make sense, Sata left nothing for Zambia except miserly, MHSRIP.

    • Musul 0be CBU has done what the prblem of u people too much depending on govnment for evry u want de govnment to pay for ur girl frends expences havn children month than 10 in de name of govnment will take care of them u tonga I’di.ots

  10. MUVI TV is UPND TV station. The station has become a tool for the UPND! Whatever is reported about any other party apart from UPND, more especially PF, is negative. MUVI grow up before we start shunning your station as we used to do to ZNBC at the time of MMD. Your news has become unbalanced, grow up!!!

  11. A lot of people are in favour of HH though they are not coming out in the open for fear of being clobbered by PF thugs. The opinion polls is an indication that HH is winning this elections period.

    Viva HH

    • Your thugs are beating and harassing people from other parties in Mazabuka. This makes you provincial party even more worse. The nation is watching as you make you point clear that UPND is a SP party and no other party has voice there. Stay with your provincial Party, we do not need it. We will vote for parties that have a national following. You may win 100% in SP but you will badly nation wide. You arrogance and munziship is making you lose hagain.

    • I have a voters card and green nrc. My vote? HH.

      Even in 2016 its HH. So dont try to convince me otherwise cos my brains on HH are cast like concrete and default to only one and one only: HH.

      HH for national unity and united Zambia.

      In the meantime, i love my ka lchinsali bemba chick…..i do love her with my whole heart. And boy or boy…….manone nakuli yesu!!!

  12. If the opinion poll favored his preferred candidate, Mulusa’s views would have been different. Now because the opinion poll favors HH, Mulusa is furious. Hate him or like him, HH is the next President!

  13. Is this MULUSA who thought he owned the pipo of solwezi central but only to lose to a novice.He is an intelligent guy as I’m but he likes overrating himself.If only he can sober up,he can make a good leader.


    PF has invited it’s sister organisation Boko Haram to monitor the elections on January 20th. Boko Haram will be leading a 15 man delegation. Kalaba will meet the delegation at KK international airport on Friday January 16th at 17:30 hours. According to the PF media campaign team, the delegation has also been invited to Vodka’s inauguration ceremony.

  15. It does not stack up.

    Looking at the crowds at PF, and other party rallies, I am confident PF will win.

    The Post and Muvi are not credible. One is an entertainment outlet and the other a newspaper embroiled in a war with PF. They are not without reasons for undermining PF.

  16. What threat to security and which security Iwe Mulusa? An opinion poll being a threat and not the PF PANGAS? The opinion poll is a reflection of the views of the respondents. The Post opinion poll is in excess of 70% in favor of the opposition wining this election. Are you saying that even the opinion by the Post is manipulated and another threat to security? Continue being in denial, people are saying no to PANGAS. So they are voting HH for a fresh start!

  17. How can Mulusa view Pangas as a threat? To him, democracy and free press is a threat. Pangas which is consistent with Boko Haram’s doctrine of violence is fine with Mulusa. He has to do everything to please the financiers by not condemning violence but embracing it while attacking free press. Mulusa is on the wrong side of history. Anyway, these guys will be flying to Nigeria after January 20th.

  18. This senseless Mulusa very dry and broke. He has become a disgrace to his family and friends. He doesn’t know what to do anymore. He thinks by following rupiah Banda, he might beg Lungu on his behalf so that at least he can become a councillor. He has become like a hungry dog following a child who could not use tissue in the toilet. What Banda will tell him, he will do. He is so desperate, he is prepared to do anything. Unfortunately Banda already has too many body guards and he cannot employ Mulusa. He was trounced by a you man who does not even have any work experience. Shame Mulusa. The Edgar will never look at you!!!

    • Itimesweb, Yes, people who support Lungu and very sane and honest to the nation. What makes you think everyone else in the country is mad apart from supporters of HH. This points to a serious disease that you UPND guys are suffering from. Has HH satanism hypotenised all of you to think that the rest of Zambia are not sane. think carefully, it could you needing treatment. You will completely go bananas as you lose on 20th.

  19. The truth is painful, kindly accept the opinion pall. If it was in favour of mr lungu it would be accepted and would be heavily publicised but mow that its not in mr lungu’s favourits regarded dangerous. Come on mr mulusa, thats why uza luza.

    • Sulwe, yes, even MUVI had conducted such rubbish polls in favour of Lungu, we would have thrown it into rubbish bin. That is the difference between UPND and PF, UPND will accept any rubbish as long it HH’s name on it. The do not question the content of the package whether it has maggots, they do not care. Is this how you intend to govern this country, we say to your HH then. Let him continue to president for MUVI TV. EL will be President for Zambia. See the difference Sulwe?

  20. Yebo Nkhosi…..Are you honest bwana. Didnt you use the same muvi tv polls in your own thurgish party? Lets be honesty friends. I heard that even among thieves there is honer.

    • Max, my friend, if you consider the way UPND has taken this MUVI polls you will think HH has truly won. Sometimes when we talk like this, it is help you guys reflect and so that you do not take things for granted. These media houses want money and they will do whatever it take to get money. Actually what such polls do is to gulvanise the other side more. Your MUVI polls are helping PF more than UPND if you do not know. It makes PF to ensure that your relaying on these polls is rented worthless by intensifying campaigns. This what the EL is doing just now while HH has gone on holiday. Maybe he is tired and has gone to the easy spot, Southern province. Definitely the odds are against HH now. UPND is hacking people in Mazabuka is this not thugerism or maybe UPND has immunity?

  21. Whether you like it or not, opinion poll or not, mulusa or no mulusa, boko haram or no boko haram, rigging or not, hh is winning, period.

  22. I was not myself when I read the opinion polls showing upnd winning again. They have brought me so down. Upnd is my enemy. I don’t like them. But upnd is winning that is why Iam not at easy. Otherwise hh is my mbuya and cannot take me seriously so the rest should not hate upnd. Vote for hh not my losing mmd or pf.

  23. All losers usually find solace in one or two media’s. Upnd has been crying on zwd and muvi’s shoulders. Now they’re massaging their ego through fake polls- please come down to earth! Just coz you’re supported by ‘former husband snatchers, drug barons,biased ethnic trumpeters and you think you can have a national support. Forget it! Lungu has won it already and PF will rule until 2021. These guys are working and the results are there for all to SEE! ECL chabe!

    • Dream on dream on. I will tell you why upnd will win this election and with easy and perharps thats when you will realise that you should have taken these newspaper and radio and online polls seriously. And for a start, doesnt it tickle your mind that hh is winning in all polls ranging from radios all the way to post newspaper, mwebantu media(which called the opinion MOTHER OF ALL OPINION POLLS) etc???????????? Look, in 2011, most of upnd supporters, even card carrying members voted for Sata because they believed hh could not win the election so to change govt they voted for the most likely to win candidate. I was one of them though i have no card. Even in hh strongholds they didnt give him the maximum vote possible. This time its different… I rest my case…

  24. The most unrealistic supporters are upnd sympathisers. How can normal people really support Hacker tribalist/mason? Voting for him will be endorsing ungodly traits! I DECREE that no atheist shall get closer to the national instruments of power!God Bless ECL and PF.

  25. I will tell you why upnd will win this election and with easy and perharps thats when you will realise that you should have taken these newspaper and radio and online polls seriously. And for a start, doesnt it tickle your mind that hh is winning in all polls ranging from radios all the way to post newspaper, mwebantu media(which called the opinion MOTHER OF ALL OPINION POLLS) etc???????????? Look, in 2011, most of upnd supporters, even card carrying members voted for Sata because they believed hh could not win the election so to change govt they voted for the most likely to win candidate. I was one of them though i have no card. Even in hh strongholds they didnt give him the maximum vote possible. This time its different… I rest my case.

  26. Now see who is commenting; not this Mulusa. The man has become a thorn even in his own trousers.
    If I were Mulusa, I would just shut my mouth and concentrate on bonking and then use the Solwezi Sondashi formula. This Edgar will not nominate you as an MP, he has RB relatives to consider. So shut that unwashed mouth; this was just a poll for the MUVI viewers

  27. Its sickness to show the world those numbers. They will never take us serious in maths despite bosting of UNZA and CBU. Any mad person can realise that even an angel can never get that much %. Even if you want to win think about statistics you are teaching your kids at home. Bukopo ubu

  28. Not even HH himself can believe that nonsense from Muvi TV!!! Nobody can get 83% in this election.NOT EVEN POPULAR EDGAR LUNGU WILL GET ABOVE 50%!!ITS VERY CLEAR THAT PF WILL WIN IN 6 OR 7 PROVINCES WHILE HH MAY WIN IN 3 OR 4.SO FROM WHERE WILL HH GET 83% VOTES?Muvi Tv please cheat HH objectively!! ONLY A LUNATIC CAN BELIEVE MUVI TV’S NONSENSE!!! 2011’S VOTING SET UP WONT CHANGE MUCH FOR PF AND UPND!!!

  29. What threat to security …these dull ***** job seekers. That is why the wise, keep away from zed politics as it is full of cramp. If you are waiting on EL or HH to redeem you out of your pathetic misery, then you have another thing coming. What zambia lacks is credible leadership. Only late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa had the heart for the people. LPM had even quit from MMD citing corruption and mismanagement…that is my kind of leader. aku luweni bapopi….ba chimbwe no plan…….waste go waste your valueable time on January 20th, 2015.

  30. I used to have respect for Mulusa but now i am sorry. this is the same chap that was walking from Chingola to Solwezi against PF and now he has turned around like RB, another disgraced person. no wonder he is a Mulusa, always losing.

  31. My worry is that going by these morons recent misconduct, we may have problem when HH loses. This pole have mislead them

  32. Continue panicking you Poor Failures (PF).

    Opinion polls are excellent for they give a picture of who is oing to win the forthcoming elections.

    But for the Panga Family, you can commit suicide together with you embasy park eying man.

    The truth is that the PF will the shortest serving party in Zambia.


  33. with or without polls

    EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU will win the 20th January, 2015 elections by landslide margin…

    He will get between 65-90% in the following provinces:
    1. CB
    2. Lusaka
    6. Eastern province

    In the remaining 4 provinces he will score between 32-55%, the least being in Southern province for obvious reasons (TRIBAL) then get better score in Central province.

    If hh gets 22% in this by election, that’s furthest he can get.
    In case you forgot:

    hh got around 19% in 2008, 18% in 2011…compared to pf who got close to 40% in 2008 & over 40% in 2011.

    Given that 2011 register will be used for 20/01/15 elections…

    Why waste your precious time to vote for the party with limited following?


  34. I don’t see why opinion polls this year should rise eyebrows when they have always been there. please filewama konse konse mwe bena Zambia, NISHANI?

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