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Education Curriculum lacking, it’s the reason for high unemployment – Nawakwi

General News Education Curriculum lacking, it's the reason for high unemployment - Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi Speaking at a rally
FDD President Edith Nawakwi Speaking at a rally

Opposition Forum Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith
Nawakwi says the country’s education Curriculum needs to be revisited to include financial and entrepreneurial education.

Ms. Nawakwi says the current Curriculum does not encourage learners to think “out side the box” and to have enterprising skills to use after they leave school.

She observes that the current education system encourages and teaches children to only aspire for white collar jobs in government as opposed to making money through innovative means were they can even became employers.

Ms. Nawakwi said challenges of unemployment will continue to be the
order of the day in the country as long the education curriculum remains the same.

She notes that the country needs to start imparting financial management and entrepreneurial skills in children at a tender age so as to make them understand that they too can make it by being innovative and not only aspire to work in government or for someone.

“Colleges and Universities will continue to offload graduates on the streets but there are limited jobs on the market. There is need to find a lasting solution hinges on changing the school curriculum to include entrepreneur education and skills.” She said.

The opposition leader added that with adequate support from government, College and University graduates will no longer queue up looking for main stream jobs but will be looking for capital to start up their own businesses.

And the opposition leader has called on voters to guard against politicians going to them with empty promises.

Ms. Nawakwi said presidential candidates promising things such as reducing the price of mealie meal with in two weeks and paying farmers when they failed to do so when they had a chance are just lying to the so that they can secure votes.

She urged voters to see through such political gimmicks as voting for such people will only disappoint them as has been the case in previous elections were electorates voted for individuals based on “sugar coated promises” without scrutinizing the candidates to determine if the were capable of fulfilling their promises.

She appealed to voters in Eastern Province to vote for her because
she was not promising the impossible like other candidates but because
she had the best long term solution for the country.

Ms. Nawakwi completed her campaign tour of Eastern Province on Sunday
were she held several meetings including a rally in Chipata.

She has since moved to North Western Province as she continues canvassing for votes in a presidential race with 10 out the 11 candidates being male.


  1. I think she is objective and makes a lot of sense,our education curriculum is all about looking for employment when one completes training as opposed to be being an enterpreneur,so as to create emoloyment even for others.

    • @Joseph, What she is talking about was implemented 15 years ago. Please google ‘Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) of the Republic of Zambia’.

  2. even if you improve the curriculum, it will not add any value as no one will follow it. Nowadays students pa zed do not study but just get leakages.

  3. Edith Nawakwi was part of Govt and knows very well that Technical Education, Vocational and ENTREPRENEURSHIP Training Authority (TEVETA) of the Republic of Zambia was established by an act of Parliament in 1998. They have a website, just google it and you find all the information you want.

    So, what is she talking about exactly now?

    She misspoke again? Just as she misspoke when she said no Country in the World can offer free education?

    • She was referring to primary, secondary and University curriculums. The honest truth is that we have known about this for decades but we don’t have the businessmen and political will to change these cirriulums. Teachers, doctors,EngineersEngineers and accountabts are all studying for jobs in Government and not to setup their own business.

  4. This shameless stone age whore has nothing to offer as it knows that it is a loser.
    This whore should have researched on the current education system and talk about its flaws. Very ignorant she. It is just there to decampaign others with good ideas.
    The pf has also failed to deliver on the new curriculum text(instructional books) books. There are no Teacher’s Guides and Pupil’s books for grades 2, 5 and 6. How are pupils going to learn? It is this failure making Nawakwi start farting anyhow.
    Provision of skills should go with capital for youths to start their businesses. Stop talking about things you do not know like stranded Nawakwi.
    By the way who services her?
    Does she visit the online media? We will meet one day. She is just good pa bed for nkotizos like RB.

  5. Surely madam Nawakwi has no endorsements? Why? Iam also afraid to endorse her. Limbi katani kamayo aka? How can she continue walking alone? Fellow men let us stop being unfair to her.
    I want to try. My wife has run away from my John pretending to persue some studies in London.
    Let this lonely she invite me and she will never walk alone if she knows the game.
    I can only vote for her if she … Me. Why is she wasting money on lost elections instead of finding a reliable dick? But this is true of her. Men folk let us help her.

  6. Ms Nawakwi is right. Our eduction system requires a complete overhaul done in phases. In its present form it is failing to deliver the skills needed by industry. The earlier we acknowledge this the better!

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