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Fastjet closes in on Zambia launch

Economy Fastjet closes in on Zambia launch

Fastjet has completed the first phase of its Zambian air operator’s certificate (AOC) application, taking the group a small step closer to realizing its pan-African ambitions.

African low-cost carrier fastjet launched in 2012, but its plan to establish a network of fastjet-branded operations across Africa has been stilted by regulatory hurdles.

After two years, it has only established operations out of Tanzania, despite identifying major growth opportunities in Kenya, South Africa and Zambia.
In November, fastjet secured its Zambian air and has since announced it has cleared the first phase of the AOC process.

“The process to obtain permission to operate in Zambia is proceeding extremely well. We have an excellent team in Zambia, who are working positively with the local authorities to complete the approval process as efficiently as possible,” fastjet interim chairman and CEO Ed Winter said, adding that the next stage is already “well underway.”

The Zambian authorities will now evaluate fastjet Zambia’s planned company structure and its operational plan.

The airline is aiming to serve various destinations in East and Southern Africa.

Fastjet has already secured Ugandan fifth freedom rights, allowing it to deploy fastjet Tanzania aircraft between Uganda and third countries.

The group has also applied for a Kenyan Air Service License, but its international expansion plans will require further funding.


  1. Pity our own local attempts have not managed to develop and expand cheaper options. We should probably focus on building airports and capitalising on our unique geographical advantage to start to build in to a regional hub. Deal with the aviation fuel costs first though.

    • Tired of hh’s noise. Umuntu tabapo nangu bu councillor … alefwaya bu president. Oweee!!!!!! twanaka ne fyongo. Voteleni EL pakuti hh akabe retired early. Is he not 55years alefwaya retirement age? Ifwe EL nipa 65 years ..to retire.

      VIVA Edie Lungu

  2. Uummmm… this is the beginning of Proflight’s long death. If it will cost in the region of $50 to fly Lusaka-Livingstone why jump on a bus when flying is so affordable?

  3. Although it is exciting my fellow Zambians, be warned that cheap airlines easily fold in tough financial times. Learn from previous examples where several low cost airlines in Europe left passengers stranded when companies collapsed. My foot, I wouldn’t risk flying on untested Fastjet because they are cheap, I will keep on supporting my local Proflight.

  4. It should be renamed FastCrash airlines bcoz it will go out of business quickly due to competition from KQ,Proflight or SAA.

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