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Government condemns hooliganism among cadres

General News Government condemns hooliganism among cadres

Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,
Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,

Government has expressed concern at the levels of indiscipline among political party cadres in the country.

Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema said it was saddening that some political party cadres were committing acts of criminality under the guise of vigilance and in total disregard of the rule of law.

Dr. Katema, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said the country has law enforcement agencies in place and therefore any suspicion of criminal activities must be reported to these institutions which all Zambians must trust and respect.

He was referring to United Party for National Development (UPND) cadre who yesterday weekend allegedly assumed the role of enforcement officers by impounding trucks carrying materials for the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)

In a statement issued to media in Lusaka yesterday, Dr. Katema said the behaviour exhibited by the UPND cadres was unacceptable and amounts to anarchy and was a total disregard for the law

He has since warned all political party cadres that government shall not condone mischief and hooliganism adding that people involved in such rumour mongering will be dealt with by the law.

And Dr. Katema said the law will be firmly applied on all those who instil fear in the citizens by making dangerous and unsubstantiated claims that have the potential to cause political unrest in the country.

He advised political party leaders to restrain their supporters from actions that can plunge the country into chaos.

Meanwhile, Dr. Katema has implored law enforcement agencies to assume their roles and not to be intimidated by hooligans.

He said the police and other law enforcement agencies should ensure that they nip indiscipline and hooliganism indiscriminately and without fear
Dr. Katema said government was determined to ensure that all Zambian people exercise their right to vote in a free and peaceful atmosphere.

On the other hand, Mr. Katema said government is disappointed with the reported verbal and physical harassment of a ZNBC crew that had gone to interview UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema by his supporters.

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    • This is truly sad, when an educated man is lowed so low to lie between his teeth just because he needs two coins in his pocket-PF is busy beating up people and using pangas right in the full view of the law enforcement offices-right inside a police post AND THIS MAN SAYS NOTHING, AND THAT ITS THE OTHER GUYS BREAKING THE LAW????????????


      I am tired of this nonsense of false prophets. Every prediction I have heard so far is carefully manufactured… It is like the flying witches. Seriously speaking if I could fly at night I would not be a broke old woman in the village not when I can do a fast journey to say Dubai or New York, no customs no passports. Instead it is always old women mentally confused found wondering around in a disoriented state who are claimed to have fallen from the sky.
      As for the so called healers. I have a challenge which I want to be met. I want one of these so called miracle healers to re-attach or regrow a limb that was amputated or regrow an eye that was removed. Live on TV no excuses.

    • Dear Reader,

      They rob and steal from the people. They speak lies and utter vain prophecies and visions, leading people astray. They draw people to themselves, claiming to have a special relationship with God, but they lie and deceive the people.They claim to know everything about you but they lie, and know nothing! They sleep with married women and break the hearts of single women. They destroy homes and families. They destroy marriages, businesses and destinies. They are mere diviners and sorcerers and are no prophets of God at all.
      The problem of false prophets and pastors is not peculiar to Africa alone, but is all over the world. Many false prophets and pastors have infiltrated the church of Jesus Christ and are causing a great deal of havoc, destroying souls, families, marriages,…

    • ..businesses, and worse of all, faith in God.
      Many of them will be exposed and are being exposed
      It is time to expose these wolves in sheep’s clothing and people should have no fear or regard for them at all because they are ordinary criminals and should be treated as such. I need to sound a special warning to our women, many of whom are so easily deceived by these rogues.

      They are deceived by the so called prophecies and miracles and some of them end up sleeping with these criminals and godless fellows. Indeed, some of our women have so much regard for these stupid men than they have for their own husbands and this nonsense must stop! Wake up, African woman!!!! Your false prophet or pastor is not your husband. It is the husband who is the head of the wife and not the pastor or false…

  1. fuseki! When your stupid cadres did the same in 2008 what was it called? Was it in order! So ba mbuli imwe unless ndimwe mwavicita! when u do it its not wrong unless the opposition does it! .

  2. Very sickening trash,

    Start with yr PF first, then, maybe can try listen to you before can reason with you and probably agree with you.

    HH Forward.

  3. What about the PF cadres who nearly brought a UPND chopper down? What did you say? Mukazimvela ko nsoni ngati mukamba vau galu. Ala!

  4. Wow. This guy surprises me.

    Makes me realize that there are people who really do bear false witness with a straight face.

    People like this can kill you, and smile at you the whole time they are doing it. It’s not as if this was a crucial statement he had to make. There was an alternative – Be quiet rather than lie.

    I’m guessing there is a rush to show you are also a stone-thrower-for-Edgar, so he won’t forget you when it comes to sharing the spoils as they’ve previously done.

    Joseph Katema you are not a man of principle.

  5. This minister does not mean what he is saying. How can a government of kaponyas condemn hooliganism. Does a hooligan have the sense of condemning the culture of hooliganism? Certainly not. Go tell it to the birds.

  6. Is this a cadre or minister talking? Ministers have been reduced to party spokesperson in zambia. The least I expect from Dr Katema is to implore the police to deal with anyone bringing trouble. Now the police are even more scared to handle PF cadres because up to now, according to the minister, theve behaved very well. So if they want to bring down a chopper it’s okay wow. Dr. Katema for you. I miss MCS mwe he called no wonder he used to call such people useful (I don’t want to use the word he used to say because these men are older than me)

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