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Mineral royalty tax for benefit of Zambians – Dr Scott

Economy Mineral royalty tax for benefit of Zambians – Dr Scott

Dr Guy Scott delegation meets at Lumwana Mine with Mr Bill MacNevin General Manager and Mr Mr Brain Grebech Global Copper Business oparation director Africa and MiddleEast at Lumwana mine in Solwezi on Saturday Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza.
Dr Guy Scott delegation meets at Lumwana Mine with Mr Bill MacNevin General Manager and Mr Mr Brain Grebech Global Copper Business oparation director Africa and MiddleEast at Lumwana mine in Solwezi on Saturday Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza.

Acting President Guy Scott says government introduced new mineral royalty tax to ensure Zambians get a fair share of the inflow of copper revenue.

He says Zambians are entitled to an equitable share of the country’s mineral wealth.

Dr Scott also said government will not close its doors but will allow dialogue with the mines.

He said this when he appeared on Kabanga Banga a local radio station in Solwezi on Saturday.

Dr Scott who has since concluded his inspection of developmental projects in Northwestern Province was accompanied by PF secretary General Davies Chama and Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda.

And PF Secretary General Davies Chama who accompanied the acting President to the radio station said it was not the wish of government to see any worker lose employment.

He said the mining companies should dialogue with government and not threaten to pull out until all avenues of dialogue are exhausted.

Meanwhile, the church has issued its support to the Government over the tax. Below is the full church statement

9th January, 2015

The Minister of Mines
Ministry of Mines
Government Complex

Dear Hon. C. Yaluma,


Greetings and sincere regards to you from the Council of Churches in Zambia.

The Council of Churches in Zambia has been following issues that have been raised by various stakeholders since the government revised the mineral royalties as indicated in the 2015 national budget.

As you may be aware, the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has been concerned about the inadequate benefits by citizens from the mineral wealth that the country has been endowed with and therefore the revision of the mineral royalties is good news for us.

While we note the criticisms and threats, especially by mining companies, we would like to bring to your attention that we recognise the stance that you have taken to protect the interests of the people of Zambia.

We therefore fully support the stance that you have taken and we encourage you to continue putting the interests of the people of Zambia first, especially with regards to benefits from the mining sector which should be the largest contributor to the national treasury at the moment.

Please be mindful that as you dialogue with the mining companies regarding the mineral royalties, you have our full support as long as you continue to prioritise the interests of the people of Zambia and ensuring that there is responsible investment in the mining industry.

Love, Joy and Peace
Council of Churches in Zambia

Rev. Suzanne Membe-Matale
General Secretary

Cc: CCZ President
Cc: Media Houses

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    • There has hardly been any real benefit for the ordinary Zambian when it comes to our mineral wealth. But a lot is available when you are fortunate to be “connected” in the mines.
      So such is always the propaganda we get when it matter when infact it will be a few that will benefit through increased allowances, MP’s pay, improved conditions and of course foreign travels at Govt expense.

  1. Have to agree with number 1. Like a school master knowing the pupils need a Victorian style caning but having to deliver a 21st century diplomatic approach to power drunk and errant school boys and girls. Bet he wished he could have expelled the whole lot but even suspension was impossible. Chuckle.

    • We were greater than Europe long before Missionaries and the scramble for Africa happened. We knew God and Christ ages ago. All we need is prudence. Be blessed and stand strong and free.

    • Thanks for the blessing. We were indeed greater until we started to let errant school boys and girls pretend to work on our behalves. I like Guy because he’s caught between a rock and a hard place and surviving NOT because he’s white – if that’s your implication, Boss. I spend a lot of time with Zambians who have thrown away their flags but suddenly want to call themselves Zambian again, so they can show off their white president. Those are the ones you should worry about…

  2. But what is the Cadre Davis Chama doing in such meetings, when he is not a government official – party and its government????? I thought he should have been coordinating the PF campaign somewhere, somehow, if not accompanying Mr “Mee Tooo”. Because he is just quiet in these meetings; maybe he is underreported by the online media!

    • @KBM totally agree with you! What is that moroon Chama doing there in a corporate office instead of being underground seeing how copper is processed!

  3. Guy Scott would have been the best person in PF to stand as president . He talks normal things then those bandits nsanda and lungu

    • Let him be president of your house. If you do not know how ancient and great the continent of Africa is, it is best you keep quiet. Davies Chama even in silence learn’t that he can stand up for what is right and just for every Zambian; a share of our mineral deposits.

  4. Really? Well, should not it be true that the Host-nation ‘own’ the minerals within the borders, that resource for which they are willing and able to defend and further collect a royalty that at a minimum pays for 100% of the government agencies responsible for defending the natural rights of the people; workers or abutters.

    Above that minimum, the royalty income should then be used to pay for 100% of the government and the tax upon the people reduced to near-zero in the process.

    Replacing the tax on individuals must be the goal. People with a little money will be able to use it for their own benefit, which is exactly what it should be.

    P.S. 100% of the government does not include useless government jobs, but in fact, that in practice is what becomes of tax moneyh.

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