The Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST) has challenged all candidates for the January 20 presidential election to come up with the road policy that will protect every road user.

ZRST board chairman Daniel Mwaba said the trust was concerned that no presidential candidate has so far committed to the policy of reducing road traffic accidents in the country.

Mr. Mwaba said candidates should set out their actions of reducing road accidents saying the ultimate responsibility will lie with the new president and his government.

He said the trust was concerned with the unprecedented killings of road users through road crashes which to a large extent have continued to go unchallenged.

He said the new road transport policy should take into account the current increase in vehicle accidents and the new roads.

Mr. Mwaba further said the new road transport policy should include a strong focus on improving the safety of people on foot and bicycles in order to enable more people walk and cycle in safety.

He said the current road policy has failed to provide a robust long term vision as it lacks a realistic and an ambition national road casualty reduction targets.

This is contained in an open letter addressed to all the presidential candidates and made available to media in Lusaka yesterday.

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  1. Policy is to restructure Rtsa and ensuring that corruption is eliminated in the system for licensing and testing roadworthiness of vehicles! Speed limits and roadblocks can’t work, because they are unsustainable/unmanageable!


  2. Iwe KBM, you have some incorrect analysis. Who told you that Speed limits can’t work? I live in a nation where deaths caused by speeding have almost been eliminated. Yes RTSA need to to be free of unqualifiedd staff and corruption. Yes no need for permanent roadblocks because they are there for corruption.



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