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HH warns UPND members against engaging in violence

General News HH warns UPND members against engaging in violence

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has warned UPND members that the party will not take kindly to any member resorting to violence.

Mr Hichilema in a statement availed to QFM News says reports suggesting that the UPND is causing any form of violence in some parts of the country are regrettable and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Mr Hichilema says the UPND recognizes the need for all political parties to learn to co-exist.

He says political parties instigating and causing violence must be condemned in the strongest terms and that Police must arrest perpetrators.

Mr Hichilema has appealed to UPND members to preach peace and love to one another even in the face of extreme provocation from those in the ruling party.

The UPND leaders states that his party is aware of a ploy by the ruling party to allegedly instigate fear and panic among citizens before and after elections, tactics they have allegedly learnt from a neighboring country known for political violence in the face of a looming shocking defeat in next week’s presidential election.

Mr Hichilema says the UPND calls upon political parties to take responsibility and ensure that they restrain their cadres from perpetrating any acts of violence in order to protect property and lives of innocent Zambians.

He has further called on the Zambia Police not to remain mute and put a blind eye to those inciting and committing these election crimes.
Mr Hichilema adds that it is not too late for the Zambia Police Service to ban all offensive weapons like pangas and knifes from being sold on the streets until after the elections.

He says Police must come down very strongly on those using these weapons, and has also called for an amnesty and withdraw of all offensive weapons from those carrying them.

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    • This is serious leadership unlike Edgar Chagwa Kale Lungu who is encouraging his militia to perpetrate violent acts against UPND cadres.

    • love is the ultimate quintessence of our humanity. it transcend above everything else as it exemplifies and epitomizes the positive character and wisdom of what a leader must be. Edgar Lungu falls into this catagory

      Hakainde is a definitive example of a narcissistic, conceited, self absorbed, vain egotistic and elitist without any element of connectivity to ordinary people.

      HH represents a nauseating, repugnant repulsive force embellished in satanic freemason

    • One is able to see that this man is speaking with authority, power, and all that comes with an above-board leader. That is how a president should speak.

      Hate or like HH; it does not change what he has proved that violence can never be the best way to recoup our peace and freedom from the Panga Family.

      We all know that non-violence is a rougher path to freedom and peace many Zambians today are yearning for.

      HH’s appeal for non-violence does not mean succumbing to the Panga Family militia; it is a plea to stand our ground in the face of Panga Family violence without resorting to violence.

      In other words, if the militia is to be defeated, the force of us all noble citizens should come from our craving for peace and freedom, our numbers and higher principles; not pangas…

    • Lungu “umwaice balamubala no kumuma ba muma (a child is normally provoked by an adult and he still ends up being beaten).” Lungu threatened to wipe out UPND cadres and its president Hakainde Hichilema through violent means because the law was against them.

      HH – Warned UPND members that the party will not take kindly to any member resorting to violence.
      Mr Hichilema says the UPND recognizes the need for all political parties to learn to co-exist.


    • @Sara


    • These are true leadership qualities we need.HH is a true democrat,even in Mongu he re strained his cadres from hitting back .We need peace in Zambia.

    • flaunted by the Panga Family.

      Simply put, it is a request to overcome evil with good not with more evil. Ha, this guy is presidential material.

  1. Why is pf government running the country in a reactive manner to what HH says,,today they have released the constitutional roadmap after hh released his. This is a copy and paste govt…just vote HH…these pf guys are simply CNPs

    • HH stole the draft the real owners of the process just came forward to get what is theirs…thieves should not be left alone to busk in the glory of things which were never theirs in the first place… again UPND aloba ilyauma

  2. this is a surprise, hh condeming violent to his cadres im sure God is transforming him and his party. If u continue with the same attitude zambians can change and give u a chance. this is the right way to go, ignore the tribal remarks fr yo fellows and embrace everyone & pipo wil hav trust in you

  3. Its too too late mr HH!
    You can now see that the sun is going down, and you are now under pressure. i can see it in your eyes.

    Remove the tribo tage in your party, and be real!

  4. You guys, JOXER and FRANK, open your eyes and see the good bigger side of PF, and stop your evil look at your friends.

    Please help HH to remove the TRIBO TAG on your party, if you really want to rule Zambia.
    We are not fools, and you Tonga be good! if you keep this on yourselves, mark my words you never rule Zambia. This country is not Southern Province, Southern Province is just a very small part of it, and infact it very very few mineral resources in it. So keep on bosting about UPND and you see its hell soon. Remember RAINBALL is coming, coming with power!!

    • You re a joker and can this kind of thinking exist in a normal person. I personally think there is a serious problem with you other than your thinking. You will die with your grudge.

    • Did you read any tribal remark in the article? Awe mulibalwele tata. Chainama is not yet full. There is space for one more person like you. Read again before you expose your tribal inclinations.

  5. UPND is violent through and through. Yesterday they burnt the PF campaign boat, imagine. They are frustrated because they thought the boat will sink but have continued to see it afloat and are severely envious. HH says, …’in the face of looming shocking defeat in next week’s…..’ yet this will be his fourth defeat and the most painful one because of the false confidence he has acquired so far. I hope he will wilfully concede defeat to Lungu.
    Reasonable people
    Vote for E.C Lungu
    And the PF
    On 20.01.2015

    • Reasonable people can never vote for a visionless leader. Lungu has achieved nothing in his life apart from appointments based on patronage. Never in my life will I ever waste my vote on such a dry branch. I would rather lose with my visionary leader than follow the masses to the grave.

    • #checha,Is UPND the only opposition party?In the last elections MMD was clashing with panga family.Is pf united as we speak?
      If UPND cadres were seen burning the boat,where were the police?
      Think before you write.

    • How can they be normal when their master has never been normal any single day. He drunken state makes him violent to the point killing people. He must learn that time is catching up with him. He will not escape the bloodshed.

    • Are you normal yourself?If you cannot realise that HH will not win then you are not normal.I went to Northwest Province,apparently one of UPND’s strong holds and what I saw was very disappointing.There is a primary school about 20km from Chief Sailunga’s village.The roof of this school was blown off many years back and now it looks like a chicken run.The building itself is falling apart and will collapse anytime.If HH can fail to use his money to help in repairs of such structures in his strong hold what guarantee do we have that he can run the government?Surely the people who are supporting HH are not normal or are deliberately blind to the truth. HH is a selfish dictator and if Zambians make a mistake to vote for HH the all country will collapse!!HH is a bomb waiting to explode!!

  6. HH is in for a rude shock …..anyway with his history of belonging to that cult it could also that we has been misled ib believing that his hour has come neglecting a fundamental issue of incapacitated vehicle (UPND) that is carring him and lacks the numbers has it’s (without fear of contradiction, fear or favour) it bores down to.
    HH understood this numbers game when he employed individuals in every province he presumed to be a gatekeepers (the strategy was good however the rent human capital was a spent force and in many respect just simply wrong people politically). An example Late Sata maintained Munkombwe for no other reason but because he was politically a correct gatekeeper in the Tongaland. What value would Dipak Patel add to the UPND and HH campaign in term of NUMBERS

  7. leave nyati, u know wat pipo who a not normal dont see sense in anything or in good pipo, they a self centred and selfish no wonder they have bn an hinderance to hh plot one and God cant allow such a hate and tribal party to take over government

  8. HH Iam sure you know the UPND thugs that burnt the PF boat at Cross roads mall.You must lead by example by taking these thugs to the police so that we know you are serious about what you are saying.

    • Yesterday in Kapiri EVL said “umwana kumubala elyo no kumuma wamuma.” In this statement of Admission EVL is saying PF burnt their own boat so that they can use it as an excuse to increase their violence on UPND.

      Shame on you.

  9. Good Morning Sir (sit down Lungu)!

    Spoken like the true uniting statesman that you are.

    Regarding the people making those blanket statements about tribal groups I just feel it’s not even worth debating.

    I just wish that level of stupidity was terminal.

  10. When Late Chiluba told late Mazoka that he can never be a President notwithstanding all his personal strength. Chiluba being a political strategist appreciated Mazoka’s political short coming it be that like HH was the accepted candidate for the business sector however politic especially third world politics are propelled by different dynamics, where for instance a DJ can be a President all because he has the numbers regardless. This trend by no means only unique to Zambia alone.
    Zambia history has shown that what permitted Mwanawasa to accidentally land as a President was because of the numbers. The ascendancy and fall from the Presidency was influenced by numbers. For the 10yrs Sata was in opposition he mustered numbers overtaking the MMD which was smeared like UPND a regional party.

  11. Zambians, Lungu is nephew to late president Sata.
    Mulenga Sata’s mother and Edgar Lungu’s mother are direct sisters.
    Lungu who had contributed nothing to PF was hand picked by Sata and Mulenga Sata quietly conceded to his brother EVL.
    That is the conundrum of EVL rising to power through underhand methods of late Sata’s tribal and cronyism.

    Vote HH, vote one Zambia one nation.

    • Lungu is a product of corruption and tribalism from the sata family since he is a nephew .Rupiah Banda and Dora only cemented the tribal strategy.This however will work well for the thieves and not the Bembas in rural areas.the country will continue facing extreme poverty and high level corruption coupled with Nepotisim.Wako ni wako and umodzi kumawa.Mbuya uzalila Lungu will be like mwanawasa don’t think Bembas you will be safe.

    • @st Mary Magadalena,read the profile of Edgar Lungu and you will realiase that he was once a memeber of UPND but he left the party because he saw no future in the UPND.Edgar Lungu is also a trained soldier and a lawyer.He realised too early that the UPND is a regional tribal party and he left.He joined the PF at the time the PF was just a baby.He saw the vision that Sata had unlike what is happening in UPND where there is no vision.This is why you have even starting stealing classified government documents. Ubukopo bwalifulisha in UPND.Ubukopo ngabwafula people start stealing information from those they know have the right answers!Its a shame really! You guys cannot see beyond your noses,all you see is Tonga!!This is very retrogressive!

  12. Violence is bad and no one should cherish it.Tell your people because if they continue, Police Cells will be filled with your members next week after you lose. Condolences for your coming loss. You are experienced in losing.

  13. Why should it be an issue when street kids burn that stinking pf boat when PF thugs are every day tearing down UPND campaign posters ?

  14. GOODBYE HH….well fought but not enough. You are genius.
    At least you had a chance to visit some parts of Zambia.

    VOTE ECL on Tuesday.


  16. Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s civilized world, we need to appreciate other people not based on their culture,tribe or color but on the qualities of each individual person. Every tribe has got good and bad people. It is very wrong to discredit someone because of their tribe. I am neither Bemba nor Tonga but I have learnt to respect people for who they are. I have had very good friend even better than my own tribe. Tribalism is an evil seed which needs to be uprooted and totally destroyed. Those advocating tribalism are very wicked and should not be entertained.
    I cannot say that all Bembas are bad because of the wickedness of one Michael Sata. Let us embrace unity in diversity. We all belong to one country, mother Zambia. Therefore let a better leader rule and that leader is HH.

  17. There is no doubt that Michael Sata was a tribalist. This is a fact. He planted an evil seed of tribalism and a weed of vigilantelism. I fact,he was a vigilante and not a leader. This does not mean that all the people from his tribe are the same. Miles Sampa could have made a better leader than his wicked uncle. My brother in law came from the same village as Sata( Chitulika). He was a womanizer but that did not make all men from Chitulika village womanisers. Let all Zambians arise and condemn this evil seed of tribalism which Michael Sata planted. We need a president who shall develop Zambia for us all. A Zambia we will be proud to call home whether, Bemba, lamba, Nkoya, Tonga etc. where all people will receive equal opportunities. What is good for a Bemba should good for.

  18. Having said all this, the problems for Edgar Lungu are, drunkenness, he is not sober minded, he has no will power, he has no vision. He likes to follow in other peoples foot steps, hence his new name ” Me Too”. For how long will he allow Banda, Inonge and Luo to be controlling him. Inonge took him to the Litunga, he was given a walking stick which he was seen using for some time. Now Banda came and told him to throw it away, he took him to Nigeria where he was bathed at a shrine of an Ibo high priest and given a different stick and they started calling him Igwe Lungu. What manner of president would he be if he cannot make decisions on his own? Wise people need not waiste their vote on such a man. One day you will wake up that Boko haram has taken over state house. Oh poor Lungu!!!!!

  19. truly hh is a Christian and god will never disappoint him. May God bless you with a chance to rule this nation so that sanity is restored to our great mother Zambia. Those who hate hh will not prevail god the almighty is on his side. A sensible advice from you . Thank you we love you and we will vote for you from all corners of this country.

  20. Well okay Mr President, but just thought a comment from you on old Daniel’s tribal sentiments at your recent rally could calm unnecessary discomfort that has been created about our super party UPND? Old Daniel’s statement is far more hurtful than the interparty violence between PF and UPND. Yes we have heard from Comrade Dipak disowning the old man, but a comment from yourself would not be hurtful at all, no? And why not?

  21. Livingstone has come to a standstill, HH is addressing a sea of people. Am part of the crowd and proud to give you a first hand account of what is happening. The crowd is twice larger than the one Vodka addressed in his home town Chipata. Wina azalila. Pics will follow later.

  22. Why do bembas hate Tongas?bcoz every comment or word uttered by a bemba it should have tonga in it,do they see tongas as threats to their quest to dominate Zambia? yes surely we are the second largest tribe in Zambia and by a small margin but we have helped you enough eg (1)when we failed to defeat the colonial masters individually we combined and we gave you the presidency
    (2) The first political party in our quest for independence was formed by Nkumbula(ANC)(tonga)where KK was groomed as a secretary general and UNIP was headed by Mainza Chona(tonga) when KK was arrested until KK came back we handed back
    (3)you were unable to finance the fight for independence Tongas did finance the fight through cattle sales.only to be paid back with insults,but Now we strongly feel enough is enough…

  23. Yes bro how do they dominate Tongas when we almost equal their numbers Every day Tongas this!Tongas that! do you even sleep without dreaming about Tongas we are tired of this,you will not succeed just know that we are shareholders otherwise will kick you out of bantu-botatwe land(Livings to Kabwe) back to N/Luapula

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