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Road projects to cost $31bn-Sichinga

EconomyRoad projects to cost $31bn-Sichinga
Commerce Trade, and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga gives out cash to AMICO employee Brian Ndalama as Luapula Province Minister Benson Kapaya looks on
Commerce Trade, and Industry
Minister Bob Sichinga gives out cash to AMICO employee Brian Ndalama
as Luapula Province Minister Benson Kapaya looks on

THE Link Zambia 8000 road infrastructure project will cost about US$31.42 billion, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Robert Sichinga has said.

Mr Sichinga said the development and upgrading of transportation infrastructure through the Link Zambia 8000, Pave Zambia 2000 and the L-400 projects has increased local participation in economic activities.

Mr Sichinga said so far, works are underway to cover 2,260 km of roads valued at K10.7 billion under the Link Zambia 8000 project with the upgrading of border infrastructure at Nakonde and Katima Mulilo also taking shape.

He said this in a presentation to heads of parastatals and the media on the 2014 economic performance and selected indicators affecting the business environment in Lusaka yesterday.

He said that Government has completed some road works in Northern, Western and North-Western provinces.

“Similarly, the urban and feeder roads also need urgent attention. For example Lusaka’s L-400 project requires an investment of US$348 million to construct 408 km of paved roads, of which 87km has been completed,” he said.

Mr Sichinga said development is not an event which quickly passes but is an on-going process.

He said it is not possible for massive capital expenditure that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government is undertaking to be sourced from annual budgets.


    • I think I am reading archives. Is this news reported on the last ass Wednesday of PF? Where is Sichinga decided to de-campaign PF & its campaign manager road project manager Nsanda?
      Edgar need to stand-up and defend his party… after suffering so much in rains, and someone just mess-up all campaigns by throwing out billions of lies!!?

    • You cannot even copy and paste the correct figure and you expect people to take your question serious, let alone answer it.

  1. This is the only minister deserving a government salary because he is in the office working while others are in the field pleading for votes for Vodka in the far flung areas.

  2. 10% is your comission for pf cadaz. And dont forget bitumen roads require mentainance. Are you fxing toll gates. $31 sounds steep. This will push exchange rate because bitumen needs dollar

  3. i was in zambia during holidays,its a pity most of our pipo dont travel or learn from other countries,the roads mentioned here costing that much are just far from below average,its poor quality to them as long as a road looks black then its fine,what a shame.

  4. Ba humanity where do you stay? Do you even get to know how much a road costs in that country? You are just a number there dear! here we are human beings.

    • @dika see the road grinacker made from livingstone to monze and see the quality of the road,come on that mentality wont take you anywhere,its pathetic look how makeni chilanga road is messed up,roundabouts no longer exist in modern road networks,ifiko ba dika,give me your phone number i lecture you,pf has just been stealing,in zambia pipo are looking after the government instead of the government looking after its pipo,i mean a police station without stationery just a plain paper,we are a laughing stock.

    • @Humanity, am not really sure you know what you are talking about. The best is to visit us at RDA or our friends from Department of Housing and Infrastructure development and get more insight on Infrastructure development in Zambia. Lets criticise were necessary, but avoid making sweeping statements.

  5. Wille nanda stole half the money . BA PF are you buying back your money your stole ? While the end is now sorry bandits but you are going to Jail even RB you to old bandit see you in prison soon . All that violence in Zambia happening now and people vote for PF again then education is ZERO .

  6. This fool is a lie, which road in NWP has been completed or even started? this kind of political rhetoric is not only bad but a danger to the people affected by this unequal government…………it cost nothing to just say that all roads in muchinga have been done instead of insulting us like you care

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